taj art

I imagine had Ariel grown up without becoming human via sea witch contract she’d probably keep progressively becoming more of a rebellious little shit, continuously sneaking off whenever she pleases, modifying her clothing with human netting, using ropes and metal rings and other various knickknacks from the sunken ships to accessorise with because her dad haaaates it

she has a much bigger, more secret grotto for her human trinkets now, and she’s moved on from simply collecting them to examining them, figuring out their purpose and how they work, she’s been pushing to start using some of their more interesting creations within their underwater society and to finally connect with the humans and communicate with them

her dad obviously Does Not like this idea, but it doesn’t stop her from secretly swimming to the shore and studying the people who walk upon the sand, and maybe there’s a fellow she saved some years ago who comes out to the beach every day, and maybe she leaves gifts for him, maybe they leave gifts for each other, until Ariel decides once and for all that rules are made to be broken, and so breaks the biggest rule of them all

she swims right up to the human sitting on the shore and singlehandedly makes the first official contact between humans and merfolk

there was one of those tattoo nightmares shows on tv and a guy said he wanted a tattoo of a woman with flowers for hair, this was the image that immediately popped into my mind, he got something entirely different but I like this interpretation better ~

I don’t use my good markers often so this turned out a lot better than I assumed it would