A Taiwan Wedding   This weekend we went to a neighbor’s wedding banquet.  Here in Taiwan the actual wedding and the banquet/reception may be on different days.  Our neighbors were married on Wednesday and the banquet was on Saturday.

One of the highlights for me was the live band (a singer, singer/guitarist, keyboard player and saxophone player).  Interestingly, the band consisted of three women and one man. No “hokey pokey” or “chicken dance,” but lots of music to entertain the guests.  There was also no dancing but the band worked hard.  The band participated as emcees and provided background music for the speakers and the toasts.

As you might expect there was too much to eat and drink.  As is the custom here, many people left with bags of food or bottles of wine.  The banquet hall actually provides plastic bags to take the food home in.

There were about 40 tables of guests (400 people) so the wedding banquet was large.  You can see an example of the wedding banquet company’s style at the link below.  There are many photos there and if you click on any photo it should take you to that specific wedding banquet’s pictures.