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[RUMOURED/UPDATED] Produce 101 season 2 trainee list

So I made a list of Produce 101 Season 2 trainees, including their backgrounds (not all trainees)

*sorry for the mistakes I may had made because I gathered it from a few sources, explains why my heading is *RUMOURED*. Hence, this list is not 100% confirmed (in fact nothing is confirmed). Please tell me if there are mistakes and I would correct it immediately to avoid misunderstanding. Thank u! ✌

✌ = confirmed joining; otherwise, everything else is almost rumored.

BIG 3 (JYP, SM, YG) and notable company’s ex-trainees

Jung Jinhyeong: Ex-YG trainee, participant of Mix and Match, the survival show that created iKON, and quitted the show at last due to the termination of contract with YG entertainment.

✌ Lee Daehwi: Ex-JYP trainee, representing Brand New Music now, 2001 liner

Park Youngju: Ex-SM trainee under smrookies, participant of Super Idol (unsure)

Seoh Daehwan: Ex-SM trainee

Ex-Idol participants

Shin Dongjin: Ex-pledis trainee (prepared to debut with SVT), 2000 liner

Lee Insoo (stage name Jaguar): Ex-member of A6P, participant of BOYS24, 1996 liner

Jung Wonchul: Ex-member of A6P, currently Happy Face Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

Samuel (stage name Punch): Ex-1punch member, currently Brave Entertainment trainee, 2002 liner

Kim Yongjin: Ex-Underdog member, currently Wings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

*some of them may not have left their groups, I’m not very sure. 

Idol participants

Im Joonhyuk: Ex-Day6 member, Member of Be-blossomed, 1993 liner

Kim Sanggyun (stage name A-tom): Member of ToppDogg, 1995 liner.

Lee Woojin: Maknae and vocal of TheEastLight, child actor, 2003 liner

Chan Yul (stage name Yul): Former member of A.T.O, Current member of JJCC, 1992 liner

Choi Hadon (stage name Sangchung): Member of JJCC, 1993 liner

✌ Son Dongmyung: Member of M.A.S.0094, 2000 liner

Seokyu: Member of Pure Boy (IT Entertainment), 1998 liner

Choi Minki (stage name Ren): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Kim Jonghyun (stage name JR): Member of NU’EST 1995 liner

Kang Dongho (stage name Baekho): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Hwang Minhyun: Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

No Taehyun (stage name Kid Monster): Member of Hotshot, 1993 liner

Ha Sungwoon: Member of Hotshot, 1994 liner

Joo En: Member of AFOS (The Rebel Entertainment), 1996 liner

Jung Dongsoo: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1991 liner        

Kim Namhyung: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1994 liner

Well-known participants

✌ Lee Gwanghyun: Boys24 participant Unit White, eliminated from the show, 1998 liner

Kim Taedong: Boys24 participant Unit Blue, eliminated from the show, 1997 liner

Yoon Yongbin: Could potentially made his debut with EXO but rejected SM, participant of I Can See Your Voice, representing Banana Culture Entertainment (EXID’s label), 1995 liner.

Kwon Hyunbin: YG model, 1997 liner

Lee Hoo Lim: YG model and trainee

✌ Jung Sewon: Kpop Star contestant, Starship trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Jang Moonbok: Superstar K contestant, ONO entertainment trainee, 1995 liner

Jung Shihyun: EXO next door actor, GNI Entertainment trainee

✌ Park Jihoon: AKA the boy who winked in the Pick Me video, Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Kim Donghan: Former member of D.O.B (not the FNC survival program, it’s a dance cover group), 1998 liner.

✌ Byun Hyunmin: Popular online dance cover group K-tigers member, 1999 liner

✌ Kim Donghyun: Brand New Music trainee, Son of South Korean MC Kim Gura

Others (trainees)

✌ Lee Eui Woong: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner

✌ Lai Guan Lin: Cube Entertainment trainee, Taiwanese, 2001 liner.

✌ Kang Daniel: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

✌ Joo Jinwoo: MMO Entertainment trainee, –

✌ Choi Taewoong: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1992 liner

Yoon Jisung: B2M Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Im Woohyuk: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1994 liner

Yoo Jinwoo: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Yeo Hwanwoong: RBW Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner

✌ Choi Jaewoo: RBW Entertainment trainee, –

Kim Taewoo: Narda Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Choi Seunghyuk: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Jungjung: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1995 liner (?)

✌ Ahn Hyungseob: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

Park Sungwoo: HIM Entertainment trainee, 1988 liner

✌ Park Woojin: Brand New Music trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Im Youngmin: Brand New Music trainee, 1995 liner (?)

Kim Taemin: Hanahreum Company trainee, 1995 liner

Hong Eunki: Makestar Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Han Jongyeon: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

✌ Kwon Hyub: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner (?)

✌ Bae Jinyoung: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner (?)

Takada Kenta: Not much known, 1995 liner.

✌ Joo Hak Nyeon: Cre.ker Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Ong Sungwoo: Fantagio trainee

Lee Yoojin: Namoo Actors trainee

✌ Justin: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, Chinese

Zhu Zheng Tian: Not much known, but reported from Fujian, China.

anonymous asked:

Despite being Chinese (from the US..,) I'm quite new to the world of cpop, cdramas, ect. I'm looking for recommendations for mandarin music artists, dramas, movies, and tv shows. I wouldn't mind a long list because I'm open to nearly any genre of music/movie/whatever. Take your time responding! Thank you for looking at my message. ^-^

NOTE: this is STRICTLY based on my personal opinion. Also, i totally blanked out on everything so i’m 100% sure i missed a lot of things. LOL 

but here it is.. My Taiwanese/Chinese Entertainment Master post. 

My Top 5 Male Artists:

  • Show Luo 羅志祥: all-rounded artist who excels in singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing. not afraid to take off his idol image for a comedic effect. has worked hard and earned every bit of his fame by himself. love his personality more than his music
  • Jay Chou 周杰倫: a musical genius. also a well rounded artist who composes his own songs and directs his own MVs. has surpassed the definition of “idol”. also has starred in Hollywood movies. generally dislikes paparazzi and media, but is a really great person.
  • Leehom Wang 王力宏: music genius. music man. he has worked with the most respected artists around the world, and is a very highly looked upon artist himself. American born Chinese, great personality although quite awkward on TV shows (it’s cute though), SO talented. no reason to dislike him tbh.
  • JJ Lin 林俊傑: super talented, so cute. you’ll love him after one music video. SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY with EQUALLY GREAT MUSIC. i’ve never heard one song from him that i actually disliked. really friendly and cute personality
  • Will Pan 潘瑋柏: not a super big fan of his singing, but def love his acting, dancing, and his PERSONALITY IS A+. has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry (which is really rare) which means he’s an amazing person on and off screen. REALLY hard worker, great comedian

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Super Junior 10th Anniversary, Part 2: The Records Speak For Themselves – "The Dignity of Kings"

K-pop group Super Junior will release a special album, titled “Devil,” in time to usher in their special 10th year since debut. Prior to that, the group held their concert “Super Show 6” for two days this past weekend on the 11th and 12th at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium as a prelude to their brilliant 10th anniversary celebration. Just how did Super Junior manage to to acscend from a rotational group to the Kings of Hallyu? Super Junior has revealed the dignity of kings while earning the titles of first and largest over the course of their ten years of activities. This is their legacy.

# The First, The Largest Global Records That Super Junior Set

Super Junior’s ten years of promotions speak of firsts and largests. They’ve set important records, including the first group with more than ten members, the first attempt at unit promotions in Korea, the first attempt by a Korean artist at a concert brand with their Super Show, the first group to achieve 100 shows of their concert, and so forth. Super Junior KRY was the first attempt at a unit concert in Korea and subsequently sold out, and unit group overseas tours alone have shown just how popular Super Junior really is.

Super Junior have also made enormous achievements overseas, as well. They were the first Korean group to have a performance at Oxford University, the first idol singer to have been chosen to run the Olympic Torch at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the first foreign male artists to win a triple crown on Japan’s weekly Oricon chart, and the first Korean singers to appear in Japanese commercial adverts. They were the first Asian singers who won “Best Artist From the World” at the 2014 MTV Awards, the first Korean group to hold a solo concert in France, and the first group in China to earn two consecutive 1st place wins on CCTV’s “Music Charts” show. They have left in their wake reams upon reams of records.

They’ve also set an incredible number of “largest” records as well. Super Junior’s Siwon has the largest number of followers in all of South Korea, they set the record for largest number of physical album sales four years running from 2009 to 2012, they set the record in Singapore for the largest gathering of fans at a local venue, as well as the first foreign artist to hold three concerts in Thailand as well as drawing record numbers to their concerts. The number of records that Super Junior has set would fill countless A4* sized pages in the blink of an eye.

(*Note: A4 paper is about 21 cm x 30 cm, or 8.2 in x 12 in)

#The Opening Act of the Kings of Hallyu: The Worldwide Hit “Sorry Sorry”

The expansion of Super Junior’s popularity into the global market is due in large part to the release of their 3rd studio album, “Sorry Sorry,” which is widely regarded as a worldwide hit. “Sorry Sorry” surpassed Korea in Taiwan with 36 consective weeks at number one on the KKBOX chart, and closed out at “Asia’s 2009 #1 hit” on Thai station Channel V’s Asian TOP 50 Year End 2009. It was also number one on Taiwan’s Hit FM “Top 100 Singles of 2009” chart, as well as the first Korean artist to earn gold status in album sales in the Philippines. It was through these records that Super Junior quite literally swept through all of Asia. The cover craze of “Sorry Sorry” began to sweep across the globe through YouTube.

Super Junior’s popularity in Taiwan was absolute. After the release of “Sorry Sorry” came the fourth studio album “BONAMANA,” the fifth album “Mr. Simple,” and the sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single,” all of which earned Super Junior 121 consecutive weeks at the number one spot on KKBOX’s weekly chart, setting a new record for the longest streak in KKBOX history. It is a phenomenal achievement that they held the record for a staggering two straight years, especially as Hallyu had a rough start in Taiwan. Super Junior broke through those barriers and gained great popularity whilst selling out their Taiwan concert in record time and made Taiwanese entertainment history for being the first foreign artist to sell out all four of their concert dates.

#Demonstrating Global Popularity: The Great Success of the “Super Show” World Tour

Super Junior’s concert brand “Super Show” took root in the global popularity that began with “Sorry Sorry.” Starting with their third Asia tour in 2008, Super Junior has set the record for a total of 120 concert shows and an accumulative 1.8 million attendees not only in Seoul, but in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Macau and other major cities in Asia. They’ve even gone as far as holding performances in Europe and Latin and South America, such as London, Sao Paolo, Buenes Aires, Santiago, Lima, and Mexico City. Super Junior has displayed their ticketing power in that they’ve sold out every venue they’ve gone to. The more they held concerts, the more upgraded the stages became and the more Super Junior’s dazzling inviduality has earned them much love through increasingly enthralling performances. 

Super Show remains the secret that has guided Super Junior through 10 years of success. Through strongly addicting songs and the intense performances that have supported them, the performances only seen at Super Show and the members’ artistic talents have made their concerts more enjoyable. From the charisma onstage to the familiarity shown on entertainment programs, Super Junior is the full-coverage deal. Before we knew it, they’d even gone on to hold their sixth Super Show. Every time another number was added onto the name “Super Show,” the concert and Super Junior themselves evolved. Not settling for just popularity, hasn’t Super Junior become the Kings of Hallyu who intend to spend an enjoyable time with their audience? As of last September, Super Junior has flown 415,832 kilometers and held concerts around the world. That’s enough to circle the Earth ten times over. How many more times will Super Junior circle the Earth in the future?

source: (1)

Please credit sjtranslations for the translation if you intend to share/remove/translate the article. Also, please let me know if you spot any typos so I can fix them as soon as possible.


Aaron Yan Event | Insomnia Concert Asia Tour - Malaysia (20140125) final concert stop

Aaron’s Insomnia Concert Asia Tour officially came to a close on 25th January 2014, with the last stop held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 4th May 2013, Aaron has brought Insomnia to 10 different destinations within Asia, including: Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Kuala Lumpur. Altogether, Insomnia has been held 12 times with a 2-night concert in Taipei as well as a 2-night concert in Tokyo.

“The reason why this concert is called Insomnia is because many of you will go on to Facebook or weibo and will leave me comments like //Aaron, I cannot get to sleep!// So I thought, wow there are so many insomniacs and I started to wonder whether it was my fault because you know… sometimes I update my weibo like 2am in the morning. I am so sorry, I have caused you all to have developed dark eye circles!” - Aaron Yan (Taipei Insomnia Concert 20130504)

I feel so happy for him to have successfully chased another dream of his life. I cannot describe in words of how much he loves singing, needless to say his passion for music. Back in the days, when Aaron was still studying for his Journalism degree in Chinese Culture University, he has always had this serious thought of entering the entertainment industry due to his love for music. His favourable appearance and natural talents of being able to play the piano and flute further reinforce the fact that he is a valuable addition to the Taiwanese music/entertainment industry. I wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and he will definitely continue to inspire each and every one of us with his music as well as his positive attitudes.

Please click below to recap Aaron’s final Insomnia Concert held in Kuala Lumpur (fancams).

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