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What is bubble milk tea?

It’s a bubble tea with milk. Bubble tea is a popular Taiwanese tea-based drink mixed with fruit or milk and it contains tapioca pearls and/or jelly. 


Moments in Munich: A Food and Travel Guide

Random person’s travel video. She’s from Malaysia and living and working in Germany. Learn more about her and why she’s in Germany here.

“Here I present you highly recommended places to eat and see in Munich City. If you are doing a sightseeing trip to Munich, be sure to check out these locations as they are all conveniently located in the city center. Places featured in the video: Rathaus (city hall) at Marienplatz - City gate at Karlsplatz, one entrance to the main shopping district of Munich - Englischer Garten: A big park with small rivers and ponds. An ideal place to take a walk with your dog or do sports. During summer, you can also enjoy a hearty meal of grilled chicken or pork knuckle outdoors at the Chinesischer Turm. Many will also come here to lie under the sun. - The street where you find all the branded and expensive fashion goods is called Maximilianstraße. Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dior are all located here. - If you feel like having a classic European brunch, go to the Vorstadt Café. As it is located very close the the university, you will find many young and fashionable people eating here. The price is very fair. It is open every day from 8 AM to 1AM into the night. - Alter Peter is the premiere destination in Munich to see the city from the top. There is a small entrance at a corner of the church from where you can start your journey higher. Entrance fee is 1.50 EUR. Make sure that you have enough stamina to climb the 306 stairs up (and back down again). - Viktualienmarkt is the best place to get fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, or wines directly from the farmers and immediate retailers. - Lou Lan Cha is a new bubble tea boutique specially tailored for the Taiwanese. Besides drinks, you will find lots of original and self-made snacks that you would otherwise only find in Taiwan. They have a variety of new things coming each time, so stay updated on their Facebook page. - Once you feel like enjoying a traditionally Bavarian dish, come to the very crowded Hofbräuhaus for a Sauerbraten or Schweinshaxe. Located nearby the Marienplatz, it is easy to find. Here you can find the menu which Germany’s cuisine is famous for. - The Glockenspiel Café has various cakes and drinks. Grab a seat near the window to enjoy the unique view on the Rathaus while sipping your warm cappuccino on a cold and snowy evening.”


Back in Hong Kong and continuing to catch up with friends, I met up with Jacky and Jenny at 茶木‧台式休閒餐廳 (TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe & Restaurant) in 朗豪坊 (Langham Place) for afternoon tea. Even though I had just returned from Taiwan, who can tire of Taiwanese desserts and drinks like  芒果香草蜜糖磚塊 (mango vanilla honey toast), 綜合水果茶 (mixed fruit tea), or 菲芒冰沙 (mango shaved ice)?


[BTS interview @ Taiwan]

To facilitate your understanding.. 😹😹:

At first they were asked to give a pose to the camera and they can’t repeat the poses & then was taught some Taiwanese by the MC. One of it is “Noona is pretty” and RM said its meant for Jungkook ㅋㅋ

They were given Taiwanese drink/bento and they focused on eating instead of the interview HAHA Jungkook was saying that the salted duck egg shell was white & Jin was telling him that it’s inedible and he wanted to say smth but he went blank (qt)

the game they played is that they have to guess their own song with the small clip played and only those who guessed correctly can continue eating!!

Anyways a lot of cute things happened but I shouldn’t spoilt it for you ;; it’s such a short and sweet interview and the MC/staffs were really happy and impressed hahahah)