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Broduce 101: Episode 8 (Quick Livestream Recap)

This post contains spoilers.

Alright, I missed a bit of the first half which must have been fanservice, because I was tossed into eliminations straight up.

I recapped the first half here!

  • It was pretty awful, with the boys talking about their dreams and hopes with the elimination sword swinging above their heads. They keep talking about Jihoon and his number one rank. It was not entertaining.
  • What was entertaining, however, was the little segment they prepared with Hwiseung and to do that punching strength machine thing.
  • Kim Dongbin started it off and did surprisingly well. 
  • Minki expanded his shoulders to go try knock him off the #1 chair. He’s really so good at variety, strutting and playing himself up, but his score wasn’t even near enough to beat Dongbin’s surprising 917.
  • Sunghyuk, the muscled dark horse topped it easily.
  • Of course Ong-ssi had to come be casually confident. He snorted derisively at the score, and went to the back of the hall to charge up his power run before punching the machine and….did not reach the 900s. He said sheepishly said he’ll try to be humble.
  • BNM are embarrassed of their Donghyun hyung and his gags, but the guy outpunched Sunghyuk easy.
  • A lot of the other trainees tried and got close, until Manly Man Real Oppa Sexy Bandit was hyped and brought on. He gets nervous about the burden before punching the machine hard.
  • Samuel: OH. MY GOD.
  • He tied with Donghyun. They both face off, Donhyun got 949 and Sexy Bandit punched to a cool 950. He did a shy little Nayana victory chant.
  • Thank god BoA is back. She’s perfunctory but not annoying. She’s also really bad at acting to build anticipation so it’s endearing.
  • Mnet doesn’t clean their audio very well. I keep hearing background audio from floor mics when they walk to their seats.
  • Yehyun got in in the early 30s (!!!!)
  • Kwon Hyunbin is in. He said some stuff about working hard (cut to shots of Jonghyun and Auntie Jisung), looking a lot like the Monsta X rapper with pink hair. BoA asked if he’s been working hard and the trainees said yes, because they’re polite kids. 
  • I’m not sure if they’re trying to Brohye him, but he does have his own section of fans. I believe there were rumours some fans are buying spots for him from voters, but its uncertain how far his looks will carry him even with the helpful edits and apologies. 
  • Jang Moonbok dropped to a petty 32. He looked beautiful though, they’ve started to style his hair instead of lazily flat ironing it. He had a half ponytail and large gold rimmed glasses. So pretty. His thank you speech was humble, he said he’ll work slow and steady like a tortoise to earn his spot. He’s actually good with his words, his raps mimic his speaking style a lot.
  • Kenta made it at 31! It’s a risk spot, but lowkey incredible how little screentime he gets. 
  • RBW Lee Gunhee who was the Amazing Kiss main vocal, BoA points out, and he had the 110,00 vote benefit. His label mate, Hwanwoong, did not :|
  • Brand New Music Donhyun made it at 29! I was  worried about him too! 
  • BNW Park Woojin, who’s been getting really popular lately, was 14. He didn’t see Youngmin trying to congratulate him and ran up as though he was ignoring him and then had to run back to hug his hyung properly lol 
  • God that awful music library with the mournful instrumentals.
  • Park Woodam made it at 28. He hugged his fellow HF trainee, Woo Jinyoung, whose face started settling into resignation as the numbers went up.
  • Noona killer Hunus Kim Sanggyun made it!!!! 
  • Baby maknae Lee Woojin was safe too.
  • FNC Yoo Hwiseung was not, as handsome as he looked that day. It was awful because he kept smiling and playing around with the camera when it swung past him. I’m really going to miss him, he reminds me of Nam Woohyun so much at some angles too. When will Infinite comeback.
  • Ardor and Able Ha Sungwoon made it too, thank fucking god. He’s blond now. 
  • I’m not as excited about that. Please don’t keep the frizzy bleach.
  • WH Creative Seo Sunghyuk, my unintentional meme boy, has been gaining traction and was safe. He cried a little at his rapid, unexpected rise through the ranks. Even the trainees were a bit surprised at his rank.
  • Yuehua Lee Euiwoong made it in the early 20s. Ahn Hyunbseob was in at 20, he thanked Woojin and gave him a heart, while also thanking the voters. 
  • The Chinese Yuehua boys, Jung Jung and Justin, were eliminated. It’s a shame, they were definitely idol material. I’m keen to see what Yuehua has planned with the boys, hopefully after a few more vocal classes.
  • The Vibe Label Kim Tadeong, the vampire flower boy from SoY was in, along with his teammate Noh Taehyun, who was a rank above at 21.
  • Pledis Minki made it at 20
  • Brave Samuel’s dropped to 16 though they mentioned he had one of the highest views on his fancam (Auntie Jisung gave him that reassuring thumbs up). Samuel, thankfully, has gone back to chocolate brown hair.
  • Chun Arctic Fox Kim Yongguk was safe, so was Bae Jinyoung.
  • Starship Jung Sewoon dropped to 17, and clarified that he was not scared of Dongho (’Yes, well done!’ piped in Baekho, as he spoke) but Gwanghyun didn’t make it, my poor baby :(
  • MMO Yoon Jisung made it at 15 and all the trainees hugged him and called him an ajhumeoni lol. His weird clapping thing has become a gag for real.
  • I love you, Auntie Jisung, the only ray of sunshine in this mess.
  • Cube Yoo Seonho was 13. Baby Chick knew he was going to be safe, making BoA laugh. He chestbumped his hyungs on stage and called Guanlin a superstar, saying he knew the lower ranked Cube trainee was going to be him lol
  • Pledis’ “Power Sexy” Baekho was 11. He smiled like a big baby, even though everyone thinks he’s sexy and rough. BoA made him do aegyo and I, his noona, approve. 
  • He sat down on his 11 chair and said, very cutely, ‘Wow, it’s so high.’
  • Cre.Ker Joo Haknyeon was 10.
  • Jaehwan was 9, he got embarrassed seeing his face on the big screen and said he’ll work hard to become a worthy vocal. BoA asked him to sing Sorry, Sorry to fill broadcast time.
  • MMO Kang Daniel dropped to 8. His wrist seems to be injured. Since he thanked his noonas in Busan satoori last time, he thanked his dongsaengs in Seoul accent this time lol
  • Ong Sungwoo was in at 7, and apparently he has predominately male fans (Yoo Seonho: I’m a fan too). He did an extra little thank you and reenacted his high note gag from the Get Ugly performance
  • Pledis Minhyun was 6. Everyone was shook by how handsome he is on that big screen. He picked Jaehwan as someone he wants to debut with.
  • BNM Im Youngmin was at 5 - he was trending the last few weeks but it’s been found out that he had a girlfriend this week, so it’s safe to assume he’s going to drop rapidly now. 
  • He did his alpaca dance to celebrate his entrance to top 11. Cute.
  • BNM Lee Daehwi was 4, which is a relief. After being cyber bullied, he’s being very careful with his words, not revealing his ambition for being number 1. He thanked his mum in America and bounced to his seat, clearly relieved.
  • Lai Guanlin got ready to stand up as she spoke about handsomeness lol but Park Jihoon was number 3. He thanked his fans and said he loved his mum. We got an unnecessary peek into his journey like he’s being eliminated or something. He only dropped 2 ranks, geez. 
  • Taiwanese baby chick Lai Guanlin shot all the way up to 2. He feels the burden of being a six month trainee, which means he’s self aware if nothing else because this is a disproportionate and totally unwarranted rise. They can’t actually debut this kid yet along the likes of Jaehwan, Daehwi and Ong-ssi, as much as I like him and think he has potential.
  • Hilariously though, he asked his CEO to buy them delicious food.
  • Nation’s Leader Angel GodJonghyun maintains his number 1. Good on you, Wartortle!! 
  • He did his pose as a victory ceremony and apologised to Jihoon. Aw, he’s scared as much as he’s happy, he said.
  • OUI Kim Donghan was saved by the skin of his teeth at 35. The anticipation to have to wait till the end and the guilt made him cry (Kenta teared up instantly of course).
  • HIM Park Sungwoo, aka Tip Toe Oppa, was eliminated. He’s handsome but there wasn’t much to back up his hype, I guess.
  • Wings’ Kim Youngjin and Kiwi Media Kim Dongbin, who survived the last elims on the back of pity votes, were cut. Dongbin dropped to last after that embarrassing rap position battle mission, while Youngjin, who I think showed actual improvement, was eliminated while he was ahead.
  • Hong Eunki, Lee Insoo, Sangbin, S.How Namhyun, Yoon Heeseok were eliminated. 
  • So were Kiwon, The Vibe Jaechan and my man K-Tigers’ Byun Hyunmin. 
  • There shall be no more acrobatics.
  • MMO Joo Jinwoo was eliminated too. I mean, I’m thankful he made it as far as he did, but he was so handsome and such a good singer. I hope he gets to debut when MMO prepares their group :(
  • My poor boy Kim Seonglee too. His voice really was one of my favourites. It had real resonance, and he sounded so well trained, fully in control of his lovely tone. I truly believe he’s too good for this show. I mean, it didn’t even get him any screen time or hype of any sort.
  • I wonder how FNC will ruin Yoo Hwiseung’s potential idol career for me. He was another person I think could have made it to top 22 at least with more screentime.
  • Dongsu made everyone cry as he was eliminated at 36. The S.How boys have had a hard time in this industry.
  • All the tears. Far out.
  • Woo Jinyoung, he really deserved better, that boy was such a good rapper. Woodam sobbed as they hugged. I almost cried too, but my tears were of sheer bitterness and resentment.
  • Nation’s Leader GodJonghyun led the bowing to the national producers, with next week (re)splitting the trainees for concept evals. 
  • It’s going to be interesting to see the rankings shift from now. There’s talk of a 2-trainee per voter shift for the system. It’ll throw off the rankings considerably, going off how turbulent this season’s been.
  • Below’s a comprehensive top 11 from this week’s ranking.
  1. Kim Jonghyun 
  2. Lai Guanlin 
  3. Park Jihoon 
  4. Lee Daehwi 
  5. Im Youngmin 
  6. Hwang Minhyun
  7. Ong Sungwoo 
  8. Kang Daniel 
  9. Kim Jaehwan 
  10. Joo Haknyeon 
  11. Kang Dongho  

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any questions!

KDramas, A review

Hi friends, I watch a lot of kdramas so I thought i would review them if anyone was interested in watching some. (These are my opinions plz don’t destroy me)

She Was Pretty

Main girl used to be pretty and knew a fat boi when they were younger. They meet up later in life when she is ugly and he’s hot, so she has her hot bff pretend to be her to meet him. Things get complicated. Love triangles everywhere.

Took like 9 fucking episodes to get main girl to not act like an idiot. Plot line and main girl was kinda annoying. Couldn’t finish it. Decent but not my fave.

Originally posted by koredizivefilmseverler

Chicago Typewriter

The plot alternates between modern day and the 1930s when Korea was colonized by Japan. It follows a group of liberation fighters in the 1930s, and in modern time a famous/grouchy writer, his number one fan and a hot ghost from the past. The modern day group is the reincarnation of the freedom fighter group. Travel through time with them as they discover their past together and how they died.

WOW this one was amazing. Has a lot of literary references, especially with Stephen King. Discusses the nuances of what it means to be a writer. Discusses plagiarism, censorship, mental health and freedom. Has a love triangle, but the love plot isn’t exactly the whole plot of the story. Main girl is kind of a call back to the other characters of the right thing to do and represents many things throughout the show. A must watch.

Originally posted by ohdongu

Weightlifting Fairy

YAS QUEEN! A girl struggles with society’s ideals of what makes a woman beautiful, her career as a weightlifter, and a one-sided love affair. REALLY REALLY cute romance. A very healthy romantic relationship. A must watch. SO CUTE. SO GOOD. WATCH IT.

Originally posted by shakiraorietha

The Man in our House

Vastly underrated. Main gurl comes home after her mother dies to find a dude younger than her saying he was married to her mom and owns the house/property. She must figure out his intentions. Cute story about redemption, grief, supporting loved ones and romance. Has action moments, romance and legal elements.

Originally posted by sleepingtide

Kill Me, Heal Me

A man struggling with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) tries to keep his mental health struggles a secret and meets a cute/smart Lady who happens to be a psychiatrist and has her help him. The history between these characters and personalities are more complex than any of them can imagine.

OMG this drama gave me so many feels. It made me laugh out loud and cry for days. It talks about mental health in a beautiful and intelligent way. All the little things in this drama matter and come back later on. Mystery, mental health, family, and love are the major themes of this one. A MUST WATCH.

Originally posted by 810118

Fight My Way

A group of four friends slowly realize that they haven’t fought hard enough to realize their dreams, and work towards their life goals even though they are older now. Inspirational and cute. Some moments are a little annoying but a solid ok drama.

Originally posted by changru

You’re All Surrounded

Follows a group of detectives solving an old case that has to do with one of the detective’s dark childhood (mom got murdered in front of him). Great. Unpredictable in the best way. Keeps you on your toes. Cute romance. (The main girl is homeless???) but it’s chill. Would watch again. A solid drama. Crime thriller, romance, melodrama.

Originally posted by k-is-for-korea

Hyde Jekyll, Me

Another dissociative identity disorder one. Kill me heal me is better. A rich Boi was traumatized as a kid and has DID. A cute GURL falls in love with one of his personalities. Mystery, romance and such. I’d give it a 5 out of 10. I did cry.

Originally posted by jinwow01


(Taiwanese) Dear baby Jesus this one was so cheesy and awful but I LOVE IT. Gender bender. Gurl has to pretend to be a boi and falls in love with her friend-bro (a rich BOI). But rich Boi isn’t a jerk in this one (surprising right? His fam is nice too). The side character plot story is REALLY REALLY good. Like they should have been their own show. Bff of rich boi falls in love with a girl with cancer in remission, you can see where this is going… Gender bender, cute, so cheesy that you’ll laugh, gets you with the feels, romance.

Absolute Boyfriend

(Taiwanese) HOLY HELL THIS ONE IS BAD. Like so bad. Gurl makes a robot boyfriend as a joke but ends up actually receiving the robot boyfriend. Neighbor boi is in love with her. She has to hide the fact that robot boyfriend is a robot. It’s bad fam. I still cried at the end though. If you’re looking for a gawd awful drama to watch to make you laugh at how bad it is, watch this one… but also I did cry…

Originally posted by youmakemefeelgiddy

Coffee Prince

Oh man. Genderbender. Poor Gurl pretends to be a boi to get jobs that pay better (I feel you gurl), ends up working with a rich BOI in an all-male coffee shop. Rich BOI falls in love with male her and has a panic attack. Lots of love triangles. The beginning is slow, but worth it to get to the good stuff. Cheesy but really enjoyed this one. SOBBED LIKE A BABY at one point. Worth it watching.

(did i mention the main boi is in goblin??)

Originally posted by randomkoreandramaquotes

Secret Garden

Jerky rich Boi and stunt woman Gurl switch bodies. Gurl is a badass bitch I love her. Takes a while to get to the main plot. Love triangles (what drama doesn’t have one). A solid drama. Cute.

Originally posted by arsenicandglamour

Descendants of the Sun

OMG SO SO SO GOOD. My absolute favorite!!! Doctor Lady and Special operations military Boi fall in love. Often separated b/c of their jobs. Both end up in a (fictional) war-torn place called Erk. Very seriously discusses what it means to be/the morality of a soldier and a doctor. CRIED SO HARD OMG. This drama will change your life. Really well made, writing was amazing. OST is amazing! One of those dramas where the little things come back later on. Everything has purpose and meaning. The two main characters got married in real life!!! 10/10. SO good.

(the main boi legit broke his arm during filming)

Originally posted by min-hom

Boys over Flowers

Why has everyone seen this one? This is a trash can disguised as a drama. Cheesy, stupid plots, poor communication between the characters that makes you want to scream at them. Yet I couldn’t stop watching it??

Four rich BOIs are the rich SKOOL hot bullies. Poor Gurl comes and ~changes everything~. Leader of the Bois is a jerk-face and of course they fall in love. Love triangles of course. A trash can. An actual trash can. Strangely really long. You must have will power to make it to the end. Watch it, it is a rite of passage.

Originally posted by dreameri-in-a-unrealistic-world

To the Beautiful You

Korean Hana Kimi for those familiar with the books. Doesn’t follow the books super well but still really good. (So much better than the mess that was the Japanese and Taiwanese versions). It’s really cute and lovely just like the books. Min Ho from Shinee is Sano. He’s a cutie.

Gurl pretends to be a boi and goes to an all bois (college I think? might be high school) to meet her high jumping idol. They end up being roommates and then good friends (and maybe more????). Love triangles. The real OG genderbender. Gay panics. Gay acceptance. An aloof doctor. A cute dog. One of my faves. Plz watch.

Originally posted by chimx2-taex2

You’re Beautiful

Both the Taiwanese and the Korean versions are literally the same scene for scene line for line so just pick one. Gender bender, love triangles. A nun (yes a fucking NUN) Gurl has to pretend to be her twin brother in a band with 3 bois. Can she keep her secret? Will she fall in love with the jerk leader boi and not the other nice boi? Watch to find out. Not the best. Cheesy. Watch if you have nothing else to do or want to laugh at something. Entertaining though.

Originally posted by asian-stuffs

Moon River

I had such high hopes for this one but it was more of a trash can than Boys over Flowers. Basically the same plot as Boys over Flowers. SO SO BAD. A few redeeming scenes. Not even bad in the way that it’s funny to watch, just bad. Don’t waste your time. I couldn’t even finish this one. 3/10 don’t watch.

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Crossing Hero

(Taiwanese) I had a Jiro Wang phase and he directed this one. It’s quirky and cheesy and terrible but I love it. Main boi travels through time to modern day. The two side heroes follow after him into modern day and don’t know how to cope with modern day. The squad gets involved with a reporter and a detective and solve a ~huge~ crime plot. Jiro, our main BOI, just stops showing up in his own drama like halfway through it?? and the side characters become the main characters, which is weird but fine b/c they’re cool.

Horrendously cheesy. Weird. But still good, especially once Jiro stops showing up. Wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of the To Watch List though. Watch it if you want something totally out of the ordinary.

Originally posted by literallyadramaqueen

Oh my Ghostess!

A young virgin ghost possess the body of an extremely shy chef girl to try to bang the head chef and go to Nirvana. The main Gurl getting possessed can actually see ghosts so things get complicated. What happens when main Gurl and main ghost gurl both get the feels for head chef? Will ghost gurl figure out how she died?

Has mystery/crime thriller, spoopy/supernatural, sweet, romance, family, grief and friendship element/themes. Thought this one would be bad but was really surprised at how good it was. Solid drama.

Originally posted by ramenandsoju

Bring it on Ghost! / Let’s Fight Ghost!

A friend-less boi can see ghosts and fights off ghosts for people for money. Meets a cute high schooler ghost that ends up helping him. Gains two weird ghost obsessed friends (against his will). Will the budding romance between a living boi and a cute ghost gurl ever work out?

Originally posted by elleacloud

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

YAS QUEEN! A gurl born with super strength is wary of losing her powers and hides them. A serial kidnapper/killer with a creepy baby mask. Crime and mystery drama. A really cute drama. A sweet romance, funny mixed with some sad, decently feministic drama. Great. Watch it.

Originally posted by denose

Suspicious Partner

A lawyer gurl is framed for murdering her ex. A cute prosecutor is caught between doing what is right and trying to not get fired. An unlikely alliance/romance between two people who understand how it feels to be cheated on. Discussion about when the justice system fails, at what point and extent should you take matters into your own hands. Crime thriller, mystery, revenge, law and justice, heartbreak, romance and forgiveness.This one is full of twists and turns. Really good one! Watch it!

Originally posted by kdramastuff

ok fam, that’s all of my reviews! Thanks for reading!!!