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some monsters from Taiwanese folk stories

From top left :

芒神(魔神仔)Moo-Sin-A, evil creatures appear in the wild or mountains who love to prank ppl.

貓鬼 Cat ghost. They sneak inside the house and kill one month old babies. That’s why some old ppl believe we need to hang died cats on the trees to avoid they become this kind of ghost.

竹篙鬼 The bamboo ghost which will kill ppl or steal ppl’s spirit.

海中毛人 The fluffy monster lives in the sea, who points directions and creates winds for sailors

地牛 The underground cow which will cause earthquakes when she turns her body over.


Cheng-Tsung Feng. 筌屋 Fish Trap House. Sun Moon Lake, Ita Thao. Nantou. Taiwan. photos: Chong Sheng HSU

Learn the methods for making a traditional fish trap from an elder of the indigenous Thao tribe (bamboo trap for river fishing). Then, apply these techniques to the creation of an art installation (jointly constructed by more than 20 people). Pass on and share the beauty of ancient wisdom. ( text : Cheng-Tsung Feng )