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AAA appearance on the Taiwan variety show “我愛偶像” 

AAA speaking chinese is really fun to watch! XD

Source:  Emily

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Just look at 04:00 and tell me how close Sungmin is with the fan with the Ryeowook banner LAKSDJSLKFHSFKJHDSJFHA

I always wonder how trainees who debut in a big group feel. They have to work extra hard to get noticed in the group and the pay must be pretty insubstantial. I’m no expert on how salaries work but I do know that in Taiwan, variety shows pay a set amount (1350 TWD) to anyone who comes to their show for promotional reasons no matter how famous. If it’s a band, they have to split the pay. I don’t know if it works that way in Korea but splitting such a small amount between 8-14 people must suck.