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After fighting for 30 years, Taiwan’s gay rights crusader senses victory for marriage equality
In 1986 when Taiwan was under military rule, Chi Chia-wei came out publicly as gay and spent 162 days in prison.

Fascinating look at the life of Chi Chia-wei, whose case it was that led to the Taiwanese court declaring bans on same sex marriage unconstitutional. 

He’s been fighting for LGBTQ rights for 30 years. He was the first person to publicly come out in Taiwan in 1986, during a time when the country was under martial law. When he submitted a request for gay marriage to be recognized, he was imprisoned.

Still, through immense passion and dedication, Taiwan is immensely close to marriage equality. The public largely says yes, and now so too do the judges.

“I never tire,” Chi said. “Every morning when I wake up, it’s like my first day of doing this 30 years ago.”

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Omg I love the way you give aph girls so much love!!! Specially liked Taiwan in your pairing project. I admire Vietnam a lot, and ship her with Taiwan.... Would you mind doing Viet in c8 and Tai in d8? Sorry if that's too much, you don't have to do both. Have a great day!

(Awe thank you so much anon, you’re too kind! ;;

I went with APH Taiwan in D8, just cus she’s a cutie and I love drawing her ^^)


(Please don’t send in more requests!)

160214 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 2: Moments to remember~

Members wore the dinosaur costume. Kangheeteuk sang while playing on the stage with the costume on. Looks like they really enjoy dinosaur riding :) 

Kangin’s quick transformation into a cute dinosaur rider ^^


Yesung’s face while Kyu riding dinosaur ㅋㅋㅋ 

Album covers from 1jib to 7jib

Kyuhyun saw the fanproject and said “No At Gwanghwamun?” :)

5882 또 535 - 오빠 빨리 또 오세요 - oppa please come again soon

변하지 않을게 기다릴게 - we will not change (our heart) we will wait


★ Teuk wanna ask whether releasing album in 2017 will be good, KyuWook said but won’t have them. Kyu asked “Can I ask for 2018?” Then tarot person asked, for 2017 or 2018? and hyungs said 2017! And the result is good! Super junior 8th album will be daebak. But 8th album will be without Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. So KyuWook hugged like this lmao  (for video)

★ SJ asked how the luck of the group will be after 2 years. Answer was “It will be very good, a new beginning!”

★ The card Wook picked was black with old man on it, Hee snatched and laughed saying Wook will only have girlfriend when he’s 80. Wook asked if he will date this year, person said Wook really wants girlfriend but won’t have because girls feel he don’t need so won’t come close. Then Wook dejectedly went to sit on the floor at the side looking unhappy :)

★ Kyu chose tarot cards and his eyes lit up after being told he will be rich after 2 years xD This graceysan really spoil mood. Talking about Kyu’s cute reactions and she suddenly went “But for him to be richer means we become poorer :) (for video)

★ Kyuhyun asked “When I go back from the army, will the member accept me again?  He got a card in which a man is working and with lots of money. It means the member will welcome him, but even though he solo, he will also make a lot of money. His love luck will be very good too. After hearing that Kyuhyun was very happy he said “I am rich hahahaha” Heechul got angry because he will only get a chance in 2017 :)

★ Kangin kissed the tarot person’s hand and asked if he can release a solo album. The fortune teller said “As long as you fund yorelf, you can.” :) But Kangin got a good card. Got many other niche areas that he can pursue.

★ Heechul said he prefers girls in games and anime than in reality and asks when he can date a girl.


During the paper kiss game Kyuhyun looks like he didn’t want to do it at all :) And of the game Kyu got tired of life because of Kangin and Leeteuk xD  (for poor Kyuhyun’s video)  

Heechul complained that Leeteuk stick out his tongue during the paper kissing game… look at the hole…  


One of the games was dancing with random song. Ryeowook can pick two members and he picked Kyuhyun and Heechul. While the rest (Leeteuk, Kangin and Yesung) are the opposite team. Leeteuk’s team seems not good at this game as they all forgot about the dance. And Ryewook’s team turn, the song they had is Bonomana. Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Heechul did a great job and didn’t forget about the steps. Leeteu’s team again, the song was Devil, Mamacita SPY. They all forget about it and gets mad xD

★ Ryewook said he doesn’t want to talk about army because it’ll feel like he’ll leave soon. Kyuhyun said “Don’t worry we’re all here.”  

★ The Little Prince, At Gwanghwamun and It Has To Be You remix ver by Heechul~ :) (for video)

★ Kyu team won the song game. Members signed Ferrero Rocher chocolates for fans. (for video) Then Kyu ran to 2nd floor to give a fan a signed chocolate box. 

★ Kangin sneaked out again like yesterday when MC introduced the boys :)

★ Wook wears hae’s magic mv clothesss :) 

★ Kangin banana, Kyu apple, Yesung pineapple, Wook kiwi, Teuk orange, Hee papaya. Kangin exchanged with Yesung.

★ Kangin kept eating the pineapple after the game ended lol he also fed teuk some.  

★ Kyu goes to the second floor to give fans chocolate ㅠㅠ Even high five with some fans. On a chocolate box which Kyu gave to fan, he wrote ‘wo xi huan ni’ (I like you)

★ Kyu asked if members will accept him when he returns from army, members immediately crossed their arms meaning “NO” from behind :)

★ Kyuhyun shook his butt dance as his present for Elf on valentine’s day (for video)

★ Kangin getting violent towards Heechul :) (for video)★ Teuk said once currently enlisted members return they’ll release 8jib.

Kyuhyun: Let me tell you a secret. I like you.

★ Kangin said he wants to be together everyday, asked everyone to like only him.

Kyuhyun: Did you sleep well? 
ELF: No 
Kyuhyun: Why? 
Fans: Thinking of you! 
Kyuhyun: Me too. 

Little hearts from KangTeuk for ELF :) Leeteuk said “Feeling good to be with beloved ELF. He then took out the heart from Kangin’s pocket ^^

Leeteuk: We often question whether our current path is right when we are very tired, but seeing fans while on stage, you all give me strength. These 11 years you’ve given us many presents, thank you. 

Sapphire Blue Ocean from Super Camp Taiwan Day 2 ♥

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 160213 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 1: Moments to remember 

Aokuro illustration for Aomine Birthday Celebration Project 2014 (Taiwan)

site: http://blueholicindestiny.wix.com/hbtoaominedaiki


Random theme: 59-scored exam (means “F” in Chinese Education system)

BTW Kuroko got 95 >////////<

thank you for inviting me participating in this project! Hope we can celebrate Aomine’s birthday with more people next year, next next year and forever! :) We Love Aokuro ><!!

160213 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 1: Moments to remember~

The MC asked Kyuhyun if he can go back to the past, when would be the moment? Kyu replied he wanted to go back to the date he first debuted, because he can perform and work together with all the members. Now all his hyungs are in their 30′s except him. Sometimes he cannot understand why hyungs kept saying they are feeling tired, and hyungs are not willing to tell him the reason. Now he is turning 30 soon, and slowly get to understand why they are feeling tired. Because they all want to have a good performance on stage.

When members choose a favorite song of them Kangin chose ‘Marry U’. Then he was asked:

Q: “Who do you want to get married with?”
Kangin: But I don’t want to get married.
ELF: Leeteuk~
MC: The man you want to get married with the most, will you choose him (Leeteuk) ?
Kangin: He is cleaner than girls.
MC: Then what about Heechul?
Kangin: He is more beautiful than girls.
After nitpicking then he asked Teuk if he wants to get married with him, but Teuk is not allowed to be on his bed.
Leeteuk: Then when can I slepp on your bed?
Heechul: You guys husband and wife, go backstage and fight there, okay?

* Finally…Kangin chose Leeteuk :)

Super Junior riding dinosaurs :) troublesomes~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan Project:

우리 같이 사랑연습할래요 - Let us practice love together  

뽀뽀부터 해주세요..녜? - How about starting from kiss?

Kyuhyun saw that fan project then said:  pervert aiiiii insane!

When they choose what kind of super power they want to have:

Leeteuk: The one who controls time! (imitating Running Man)
Kangin: The one who controls space! (imitating Running Man)
Heechul: The one who controls ELF (cutely psing with two V)

Another Fan Project: 

After Donghae and Hyukjae’s vcr ELF did  012 ♥ 846 - FOREVER LOVE YOU 

012 - Forever / 486 - I Love You   |  for vcrs: (Hyukjae) (Donghae)


Heechul started chanting “Sarang Haeyo Kim Heechul” and fans chanted the next line.

Whey they choose a fav song out of 8

Heechul: I want to choose the only 1. I did not take part in, Sexy, Free and Single.


Heechul: In future the camp should be held in wilderness, cuz we love fans so much. Tic price around 60 billion.

Members kept singing the little prince ^^

Heechul thinks that Yesung is the sexiest xD

Leeteuk: I always tell everyone I want to get a girlfriend. I want an overseas girlfriend. Do you all want to date me?

Heechul gave chocolate to a fan who was holding a 83 banner ^^ 


Fans played charades with SJ. Question was monkey. Heechul answered “Eunhyuk”


While playing charades answer was ELF. All members knew the answer but kept playing. When it was Kyu’s turn he said: “My wives… Ah~~ no I am too shy to say it.”

Q: What will you do if you strike lottery?
Ryeowook: I will buy all your hearts.

Kyuhyun: Our fanmeet has ended.
ELF and MC: Not yet!
Kyuhyun: Be careful on yur way home~ happy new year~ may you get rich~

He was walking to backstage while saying this and accidentally kicked the prop and almost fell.

Leeteuk: This time it’s “Super Camp”, next time we’ll try “Super Spa” xD   

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The Sanzhi UFO Houses were built in New Taipei City, Taiwan, in the late 1970s. The houses were meant for US military officials in Taiwan temporarily, but the project was never completed due to financial losses and several deaths during construction. The houses were abandoned for almost thirty years, but sadly were demolished in the the late 2000s.

I PRESENT YOU TAIWANESE EXOSTANS (p.s:im not one of them)

140711 The Lost Planet in Taipei Day 1

“WE ARE ONE” Slogan Project

140712 The Lost Planet in Taipei Day 2

“Our Love Will Never End” Project

And at the ending of TLP in Taipei Day 2 (after Lucky) the last fan project was to throw silver ribbons.

And the members…

“Exo members were really surprised and amazed at the confetti arrangement planned by the fans.”

Taipei fans also sang “Don’t Go” before encore on Day 1, and they sang “Angel” before encore on Day 2.


I have so many things to say to Taiwanese fans, because all of these projects are really amazing, you guys have worked hard, the members must be so proud of you even chanyeol almost cry… I bet yesterday and today will be really unforgettable for exo… and for the whole fandom too cuz all of these are so…

I’m not even there…I only saw it from my computer screen… but all of the intl fans can feel it… I’m just amaze… to the one who gave the ideas for the projects, man you’re so creative ur parents must so proud of you lol

Once again… Thank you so much guys for making EXO really really happy~


I hope the projects in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia, Thailand, and maybe Philippines will be as amazing as Taipei’s haha because we are one~ We all need to make EXO’s mouths and eyes open so wide so they can’t close them again

wait wtf

Let’s just support all of our fandom projects~


You guys are the best and each of you deserve a medal.


this fandom also have many good sides you know

SS6 Taiwan Day 2-Fan Projects:

1.A banner with a QR code -“ Oppa Are you curious? just scan (the QR code) to find out ” (vid link: [x] )

2.‘islands’- two hearts in 1st floor that change color

3.'Evanesce’ - " ♥ Let’s go on forever ♥ “

4." ♥ we have to go on forever ♥ ” [The Fan project was green light. Kyu said can you change colour? Immediately all words changed to red XD]

5.“Hope we can stop time right here ”

6.“ Oppa… we’ll be waiting for you, promise”.



Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPmakebelieve

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