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This isn't fandom related so feel free to just ignore it, but you've been to Taiwan? What's it like? I'm studying Chinese and will probably be studying abroad in Taiwan next year (and I'm a nervous wreck about it HA), so I'm curious

!! yep I’ve been there before!! A couple of times actually! 

and o h b o y do I have a lot to talk about !

  • Okay so Taiwan is a really nice place! Its full of a lot of really nice people, and its generally a really nice place to visit honestly
  • I’m not sure which city you’re going to, but there are places where its urban and rural, and I’ve been to both. Cities like Taipei are pretty urban, and its sort of like Manhattan in NY! I would highly suggest visiting Taipei 101 if you ever get the time, I remember there being a really nice plush and toy shop there! 
  • It’ll be a bit crowded in the streets though, so be careful if you’re ever driving or walking across a street
  • Nightlife in the city is amazing. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the night market before, but I’d suggest going to the night markets there in Taiwan! I believe they’re in pretty much any city, and you’ll know what it is when you smell food and the chattering of the crowd nearby! 
  • On the topic of food, please try the food there!!! Everything tastes amazing, even in small restaurants there! Also: the milk there tastes amazing as well!! There also happens to be a cow farm in Taiwan. I believe its in Hualien? Anyways however I’d suggest visitng there if you ever have the time to! (there’s also ostriches on the farm too aha)
  • Okay please go to a 7 11 store. Its not like the ones in the U.S, and they’re so much better. In pretty much any convinence store they have these, and they taste so good. I’d really recommend trying them!!
  • For (somewhat) rural places like Hualien (where my mother comes from!), its pretty nice there too, and there aren’t as much buildings. There are however, these shopping areas where it looks like you’re in the city if I remember correctly aha
  • A word of warning. If you’re going in the summer there (more specifically like around August or so), its going to be hot. Very hot. Pretty humid as well. The rain there can fall really hard there too, so be wary of incoming typhoons if you’re ever caught in one. They can be really big
  • When you get to Taiwan, make sure to bring/buy mosquito repellent. This is one of the first things you need when you go there. Before you know it you’ll be covered with itchy mosquito bites
  • You can also find merchandise there, on the topic of fandom aha. And they’re very cheap too, I once got a snk keychain there for only a few coins from a machine! Online they’d be like 12 USD 
  • All in all, I wouldn’t be too worried when you go there :] However, Taiwan mainly uses traditional Chinese characters, unlike how China uses simplified, if I remember correctly. Also, the dialects you hear in Taiwan will be pretty different from the Chinese in China, so just a little heads up.