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Hetalia !! For that anime thing whancnkdevkvk ::"0

Ah, yes, Hetalia.  I remember being more interested in the characters than the actual show.  I did watch some of the beginning episodes when they aired, though (how many years has it been?!). 

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

fav characters: Taiwan and America, likely because those are the two countries I’m most attached to.  I also really liked France.
least fav characters: All of the characters were great in their own way.  I can’t really choose a “least favorite”.
fav relationship: France and England certainly have an interesting relationship.  As do America and England.
fav moment: I remember really liking the Chibitalia episodes.  And any moment with America in it.
headcanons/theories: n/a
unpopular opinion: Not sure how unpopular this is, but I was a bit skeptical about how stereotypes of countries could potentially be handled.
how’d you find it: my sister found it on the internet, somehow.  We used to watch anime together when we were younger (think middle/high school aged).
random thoughts: As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was more interested in the characters than the actual show. I’m sure the actual show would fit a lot of peoples’ tastes, but I never really made it past the first…10-20 episodes.  However, Hetalia did spark my interest in history, and I do credit my love for world history to this show.  Perhaps I should pick it up again since I might be able to pick up more historical references!

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