taiwan birds

script for a hetalia comic im gonna do, set after the end of the high school trilogy. for reference, they’re on a picnic outing in the summer to cram as much time in together as possible before going to college or whatnot. 

Gil: Gilbert (Prussia, mysteriously attracts birds) 
Mei: Taiwan 
Al: Alfred (America) 
Matt: Matthew (Canada) 
Herc: Hercules (Greece) 
Kiku: Japan 
Francis: France 
Arthur: England 
Toni: Antonio (Spain) 
Lovi: Lovino (South Italy) 
Feli: Feliciano (North Italy) 
Ludwig: Germany 


Formosan Blue Magpie | Source

January 6, 2016 - Taiwan Blue Magpie, Taiwan Magpie, or Formosan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea)

This member of the crow family is found in the mountains of Taiwan. Their diets include reptiles, including snakes, as well as small mammals, insects, plants, fruit, and seeds. Living in groups of six or more, they follow one another closely in flight, forming a line in the air. Monogamous cooperative breeders, the females incubate the eggs and the males assist with nest building and feeding the chicks. Older chicks often assist the parents. They strongly defend their nesting area and attack intruders relentlessly until they retreat.


Daily drawings: This week I was given a bike and cycled to work (& was pretty nervous about it). Turns out the crane sighting was not auspicious enough to prevent me from getting very lost.. On my way back home I stopped to draw some birds with excellent beaks ‘ < ‘ <3