taitetsu unno

True Giving

‘According to Buddhism, true giving involves the awareness that there is no giver, no gift, and no receiver. Attachments of any kind - whether it be to the self as the benefactor, the value of the gift, or the acknowledgment by the receiver - nullify the pure act of giving.’

- Taitetsu Unno, Three Grapefruits.

Dharma has several connotations in South Asian religions, but in Buddhism it has two basic, interrelated meanings: dharma as ‘teaching’ as found in the expression Buddha Dharma, and dharma as 'reality-as-is’ (abhigama-dharma). The teaching is a verbal expression of reality-as-is that consists of two aspects–the subject that realizes and the object that is realized. Together they constitute 'reality-as-is;’ if either aspect is lacking, it is not reality-as-is. This sense of dharma or reality-as-is is also called suchness (tathata) or thatness (tattva) in Buddhism.

Taitetsu Unno, River of Fire, River of Water

My once answer to the question: What is dhamma?