tait mckenzie


Some greenery along the way to Tait Mckenzie Gym, York University. The campus is well integrated with natural views and greenery! This is just a glimpse of more to come! Notice the little black squirrel, this is a perfect example of how the modern buildings are well integrated with the natural landscape that the small animals feel free to roam around having their own adventures! Please keep in mind the photos have been taken with a phone and have not been edited in anyway! Stay tuned for a greater coverage of the campus landscape and view people! Till next time! :)

Tait Mckenzie @ York University: Things to know

If you’re going to Tait Mckenzie for the first time this year there are a few things you gotta know :

1. You need a student card and a membership. Ask the front desk personnel for help if you don’t.

2. The turnstiles at the front door lag a bit. After swiping your student card, you need to wait about 2 seconds before walking through. And always make sure green light flashes on the machine after you swipe.

3. Peak hours are between the hours of 1pm - 6pm. Try to avoid these times if you can for a faster, and more efficient workout where most things are available. I usually go in the morning around 9 or 10, and it’s a lot emptier.

4. The staff in the fitness center can help a lot. If you need certain equipment like a skipping rope don’t be afraid to ask.

5. If you get hurt, check out the sports clinic right down the hallway from the fitness center. If you’re still lost, just ask the staff.


Hopefully these tips help!


Just a glimpse of the York U fitness centre! Lots of equipment! A load
Of students working out each day! It’s inspiring to see how many people are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and to their bodies! Best part of my day! The hours the spend at the gym! One of the best decisions of my life! Hope this inspires a few to pay a visit to the gym every once in a while! :)