【黒子のバスケ】 Re_Basketball 【静止画MAD】

  • Otsubo: I'm so done with Midorima and his lucky items.
  • Imayoshi: At least he turns up at practices and doesn't skip games. Aomine has skipped 14 games and missed the entire year of practice.
  • Kasamatsu Yukio: Yeah yeah, at least you guys get to concentrate during practice. Kise is just pure annoying. Every single practice session he brings a whole crowd of fan girls who just crowd around him and scream every time he makes a move. How the hell are we supposed to play with so much screaming?
  • Okamura Kenichi: Try dealing with Murasakibara who litters the entire court with crumbs it's so disgusting and we have to spent half a session cleaning the court so that we can train.
  • Hyūga Junpei: This is all nothing in comparison to Kuroko's sudden appearances. My heart can no longer take those surprises and we can never ever seem to find him. Never ever.
  • Otsubo Taisuke: Midorima is the worst, he leaves his stupid lucky items every where and the entire team has at least tripped over 2 of his bloody lucky items. And that's not all, he is so selfish so we allow him 3 selfish whims each day. He uses all up before practice even begins. How am I supposed to not kill him?
  • Hideki Ishida: Well, at least none of them are as horrible as Haizak, he is so rude to his senpais he doesn't even care if he injures us, that prideful, arrogant idiot.
  • Akashi Seijuro: I have dealt with all 6 of them before and experienced everything you have. All you are experiencing is 1/6 of my pain. Shut up. You are in no place to complain.
  • Nijimura Shūzō: Oh please, I have dealt with all of them plus you Akashi. Don't think you were easy to deal with, you were so irritating. None of you get to complain.
  • Kise: Geez... Senpai sure is harsh...
  • Aomine: It's your own fault.
  • Midorima: Don't talk like this doesn't concern you, Ahomine.
  • Aomine: Huh? Didn't you just hear Otsubo called your lucky items 'bloody'? It concerns you too, Midorimama.
  • Murasakibara: Shut up, you all are so nosiy. *crunch*
  • Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun should really stop eating. You dirty the courts too much.
  • Kise: Woah Kurokocchi, not so sudden ya know. My heart is pretty fragile.
  • Kuroko: I apologise, Kise-kun
  • Haizaki: What is wrong with all of you?
  • Midorima: I could ask you the same question, nanodayo.
  • Akashi: Seriously, shut up. You give everyone a damn headache.