Taisroan Questions idea.

So one thing I’m trying to think of is how to phrase questions in Taisroan.

I’m thinking that there would be a particle or some kind of question marker. Something like “か” in Japanese or “est-ce que” in French. For yes and no questions that is enough. I’m not sure what the actual particle would be, I’d have to figure out what sounds the best. I’ll fill with /kæ/ for now. “Are you from Kirinoh?” could be like

“ca gán kirino ká?” or “ká ca gán kirino?

There’s another main type of question which is basically a “fill in the blank” kind of thing. For these I came up with something, there are some words for vague things, such as “someone” “somewhere” “something”. They’d all have the root of /saŋ/, which itself would just be a filler if the type of thing being asked would not need to be specified. But the examples I gave would be saqkuśa, saqefem, saqgova respectively. Now, if these are used in a question, they become the “blank” of the sentence. They are also word ordered in the same way they would be answered, as if it is literally a fill-in-the-blank statement.

“What is your name?” “My name is Kotyr” would be

“cano mobe saq þal ká?” “hano mobe Kotýr þal.”

Still have to figure out what exactly i want the ask particle to be. I’d feel too much like i’m ripping off japanese if it was just “ká”

anonymous asked:

what are some taisroan names for colors?

there’s actually a very intricate system for colors that I’m still working out.

Based on positions on a wheel and ratios and such. 

Some I’m sure won’t change are “kotýr”, which means pure blue.

Then the grayscale colors, “lou” black, “ruo” white, “géŋ” dark gray, “géŋso” for silver or light gray, and “chímétu” which means “skin” for neutral gray.

the rest i’m going to overhaul.