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Zhok - Virus Effect Test.

You have a map? Of how much? You don’t understand. Since I left STF I don’t have access to their resources. Whatever you know is more than I do. You’re actually valuable…

The last voice test I did for this character was calm. That is one side of his personality, but I figured for a bit more effect wonkiness I’d show off how he gets when he’s angry and overloaded.

This is him talking to a network worm who’s invaded his architecture.

I thought of mixing this like game clips. The first part would be like his lines of a cutscene, the rest would be things you’d hear throughout a level or something.


First part of a few things I wanted to draw for Case. I read a bunch of stuff from a story he’s constructing (I think most of it is tagged as Taisroa if you wanna give it a read) and I really wanted to do some character drawings. Taisroans tend to have more silvery hues for skin tones, and I have a soft spot for monochrome and my lovely grayscale markers~

@Case: Nothing’s really solid yet, but how’s this look for Muualak? Also I just went and drew the digi legs without knowing much about them, so I don’t even know if those will hold him up, eheh. Lemme know any changes that should be made ouo

I should do Mutenek next but I’m tempted to doodle Aster o__o 

Shit my browser crashed just before I posted this thank God I didn’t lose all that typing.  

I tend to like my OCs with a bit of mental instability.

He turns away in the middle of his laugh and slams his fist on the door, freezing in place. “What’s wrong? You were smiling just a second ago.” He turns slowly, gulping and looking over his shoulder, but avoiding eye contact.“I’m happy.” He creaks, “I scare myself whenever I feel happy.”

I can’t say too much about what this is for, but it’s certainly a character I’m working on.

tyjoh-deactivated20160820  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to come by and say that your songs are an inspiration to me, and also share a theory about The Astrocartographer. After listening to the song for many times, I get the vibe that the first verse is supposed to be The Signless (cont)

(cont) singing to Karkat about how he did everything for him in hope that he can do better with it, and the 2nd and 3rd verses are Karkat singing similarly to John because he failed his ancestor and wants John to go on. Is this what you aimed for?

The Astrocartographer was a pretty early song, I think I wrote it sometime in 2010? It’s about a character of mine named “Mutenek” and a deity named “The Astrocartographer”, which literally means “star charter”.

The whole idea in the mythos is that there are gods that put spawns of theirs on  mortal planets and that those spawns would have to ultimately live eight lives and overcome their greatest challenges to become the best version of theirself they can be, and when they’re killed their soul and body are frozen the moment they die and transferred into godhood. There’s eight of these minor gods, all based on “universal elements”, forces of nature present in each universe. 

Aster is the god of the stars. Mutenek is one incarnation of Aster.

The song itself is Aster warning Mutenek of the dangers to come.

I had some writeups about this a while before i put that album out. I should dig them up…

Color glyphs?

Languages commonly have glyphs for sounds and glyphs for numbers.

Something I liked about D'ni is that it had glyphs for colors, which were adjustable depending on hue.

What if I gave Taisroan an adjustable glyph system for colors?

I’d have to think long and hard about what they’d look like.

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As he stripped away the objects that bound him to this universe, he also stripped away the barrier between hearing and understanding. The rumbling growls of his adversary were not intelligible to him, but he understood. “Welcome to the dark.”

Was messing around with some effects, to make demonic voices more layered, figured I should do some mythos-y things. 

anonymous asked:

I was looking through your worldbuilding tag and you said that color is an important thing to your conculture. Does that seep into other writings you do? In other worldbuilding and writing do you give special value to colors?

I love colors and color dynamics and I like writing like that.

I think about color schemes and shit a lot, like my thing is that i don’t really have favorite colors, i have favorite color schemes and i tend to spread those across my characters (Oh the joys of having anthro characters).

I think color symbolism is cool and a cool thing to use. Humans associate colors with things so it lends to being able to either play into or contradict feelings evoked from certain colors. Associating characters with specific colors can lead to interesting symbolism as well. 

It’s also good for theming. I like to have characters represent either different parts of color schemes, or give them color schemes related to other things.

For instance, in that one thing that pops up on my blog from time to time, all the characters are types of metal. From valuable or precious ones to harder industrial ones. 

It’s like 2 step symbolism.

Another reason I like writing with colors is because I kind of want the characters to have an “impressionist character design” that gets across. Like you never want to have a character that’s all DECKED IN BRIGHT REDS BLUES YELLOW AND PURPLE AND GREEN. (a problem among furries and others)

As a reader looking into imagery, i do not want to be fucking blinded by the image of character being put into my head. 


paigefillyr  asked:

Mythos!!!! You said you liked Egypt- are there any parallels between their pantheon and yours?

I wouldn’t say so. My whole deity thing is more elemental.

There’s light/life, dark/death, then fire, stone, water, wind.

There’s also guardian gods, which double as deities for “universal elements”, basically facets of reality. These are Order, Spectra, Instance, Morph, Variance, Null, and Fusion. (( the gods of Morph, Null, and Fusion are major characters of mine.))

The basic elemental gods are part of a greater realm and exist in a dimension outside of time, and have always been. The Guardian gods are specifically chosen individuals who are reborn once in each universe, accomplish the goals the last one failed to do in their life, grow to meet their potential completely, and then ascend to godhood to serve an eternity as their deity form. They also have versions that are post-deity, “Oracle” forms that are immortal, unaging Taisroan bodies. 

None of them are related or are offspring of any other, but they are sometimes depicted in certain ways, usually how their last form looked when they died. The GG of Fusion is seen as a torn up corpse with bleeding eyes and open wounds, the GG of Null is depicted (not really in his own universe, he’s not too popular there) as a young, dignified horned beast, as was common in the universe he died in. The GG of Morph looked more normal as her last form was poisoned and she died in a rather tame universe.

I spiel'd about my mythos, because I'm insane.

I have this mythos, and I’m working on it in a few different forms of media. Mainly writing a book, but to get it out of my head (where it’s dwelled and evolved for over a decade), I wanted to spill a lot of it out in text. I call it the “Taisroa-Sphere” mythos, but I’m going to focus on the “Taisroan” half of it for now. If you feel like going insane, feel free to read, I just wanted to put this somewhere.

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I had a lot of ground work done on another mythos project of mine, PAD, set in January-May 8426, before deciding that all the story and setting i came up with would be much better told as expositive backstory. 

But here, have a peek at some things that mean basically jack shit without story context. These may be things you see in future/current projects of mine.

Including a writing project that takes place in the second half of 8426, immediately after the events of this one…

Taisroan Questions idea.

So one thing I’m trying to think of is how to phrase questions in Taisroan.

I’m thinking that there would be a particle or some kind of question marker. Something like “か” in Japanese or “est-ce que” in French. For yes and no questions that is enough. I’m not sure what the actual particle would be, I’d have to figure out what sounds the best. I’ll fill with /kæ/ for now. “Are you from Kirinoh?” could be like

“ca gán kirino ká?” or “ká ca gán kirino?

There’s another main type of question which is basically a “fill in the blank” kind of thing. For these I came up with something, there are some words for vague things, such as “someone” “somewhere” “something”. They’d all have the root of /saŋ/, which itself would just be a filler if the type of thing being asked would not need to be specified. But the examples I gave would be saqkuśa, saqefem, saqgova respectively. Now, if these are used in a question, they become the “blank” of the sentence. They are also word ordered in the same way they would be answered, as if it is literally a fill-in-the-blank statement.

“What is your name?” “My name is Kotyr” would be

“cano mobe saq þal ká?” “hano mobe Kotýr þal.”

Still have to figure out what exactly i want the ask particle to be. I’d feel too much like i’m ripping off japanese if it was just “ká”

So I have a mythos

A full scale, 8 universe setup that deals with a lot of interdimensional and time travel. 

One of them I’m trying to flesh out to write a novel in. Universe 8. All of its planets are habitable by those from other universes, and as such it is a limitless afterlife void and those planets are used to house the souls of the dead.

Read more for incessant babbling.

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anonymous asked:

what are some taisroan names for colors?

there’s actually a very intricate system for colors that I’m still working out.

Based on positions on a wheel and ratios and such. 

Some I’m sure won’t change are “kotýr”, which means pure blue.

Then the grayscale colors, “lou” black, “ruo” white, “géŋ” dark gray, “géŋso” for silver or light gray, and “chímétu” which means “skin” for neutral gray.

the rest i’m going to overhaul.