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hi yes hello what is this taishou mebiusline and is it translated? ?


okay let me start this off by saying that no, it is not translated at all (only a written translation of the common route). and i dont know how long or if it would ever even be translated really, considering the nature of the Japanese in the game is accurate to the Taishou Era, thus it is incredibly hard to translate (even native speakers have a hard time reading this VN sometimes). 

BUT that isn’t to discourage you okay! While it is a shame that it’d be easy to miss certain details, you can very much enjoy the story with Visual Novel Reader (i dont want to get into the messy details of that, but if you want more info about it feel free to send an ask~) 

I dont read any Japanese and i still thoroughly enjoy it so its possible~


Okay so, basically summary with as little spoilers as possible (i hope), Mebius is about a new college student (Hiiragi Kyouichirou) who has just recently moved to the Imperial Capital to study, Years before, due to an illness, after recovering from it, he was able to see spirits of the dead, which haunt him for years. 

Soon after arriving however, he becomes involved in a conflict between the Imperial Army and the Gohongatana (Five Sword) Clan. And now he must deal with the reality of what is to come of his country, and the secrets about his sword passed down to him from his father and everyone around him (depending on the route) 

so basically, kyou gets into a fuck ton of shit, I’ve only done one route so far (Shigure - aka the Gohongatana POV) but MAN IT IS AMAZING SO FAR…. the storytelling is immersive and incredibly involved with the times (it takes place during 1923, so this is the time between the first and second World Wars, which explains the attitude of that time). The art is wonderful, the music is AMAZING AND ATMOSPHERIC (i cant stop listening to it), and overall the route can be long but the pacing so far is so good…. i’ve cried so much for his route alone (and it is the “happiest” route according to others). 

Mebius will tear your heart out, thats all i can say.

In Shigure’s route alone theres 9 endings (2 good ends, 7 bad ends), so this game has a LOT of endings (but most of the bad endings are short so thats easy!), and there is a true route that you can only get to (and finish) upon completing the other 3 routes (Shigure, Tatebayashi, and Senge). 

Please just… play it… it is a genuinely good game, you wont regret it (and the memes are A+ just saying, i’ve been screaming on twitter about it, pls join the hype) 

Anyways i think that just about covers it!

have fun playing if you choose to play~ 
(//coughs download link/walkthough to install, VNR download (I’d be more than happy to send the aggregator and ITH i use~) and a route guide )


Onee-sama to Boku + Tsuioku no Fiancé

Mitsuhana just announced two upcoming situation drama CDs along with a second volume for Kyouai Catharsis! All these works are R-18. “Onee-sama to Boku” is set in the Taishou era and is about the romantic relationship between you and a younger lover. You are the young mistress of a noble family, and you have a servant named Ichi who takes care of you. As you spend time together, you and Ichi grow more intimate and push the master-servant relationship to its limits… The second work, “Tsuioku no Fiancé”, is a “black gothic story” about how you (a princess of a kingdom) have lost your marriage partner and are made to marry his younger brother, Rihito for the sake of the country. The both of you are joined in body but not in love, and the CD portrays the dilemmas of this bittersweet relationship.  

Information on the cast, dates of release and preorder are not announced yet. Will update when they are available! 

Kurabu oshiroi クラブ白粉 (Club face powder) advertising poster (1920s) from the exhibition Nakayama Taiyou-dou no Taishou jidai「中山太陽堂の大正時代」"Taishou era of Nakayama Taiyou-dou" - Osaka 大阪 - April to May 2012