Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video Game - Teaser Trailer

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Critters Out the Wazooh

Yo guys, here’s a bunch of those Taiser companions I keep blabbing on about to probably no one.

Putting them altogether has me kind like mehh, I don’t think there’s enough variety? (Their toes are all the same almost nuuu, I tried so hard tho I swear. Not like my anatomy in general is that great ahah.)

Anyways, I’d love some opinions/crits so I can fix these up a little bit!

Things I know I need to fix already;;

bottom right’s back left leg, bottom left’s neck/mane thing to look more like a mane thing, top left’s legs in general, and top center’s neck-shoulder area. Maybe give bottom right not lazy asf wings if I feel like it.

-shamelessly self advertises-

I have this weird looking species that I recently started, and decided to hold an artist competition. Since I know you guys tend to like these, I figured I’d post it here.

(and on a side note, if you happen to like these guys, adopt like crazy! At the moment I haven’t set up an adoption limit, so get as many as you want before I dooooo)