Happy Pride Month from NHFC and ANHFC!
I decided to use this special to answer a question I’m legitimately surprised nobody’s ever asked me before:
If Cousin’s androgynous, why do everyone and their Aunt Margaret keep referring to them using male pronouns in the comic?
The answer to that question is, well… They really don’t care WHAT people call them, as long as it’s not derogatory. Don’t get me wrong, Cousin’s still androgynous. Always have been, always will be. They just don’t put a whole lot of stock in pronouns because, for them, it doesn’t matter whether people see them as a boy or a girl or neither. To them, all that really matters is that people see them as, well… Cousin.
At least that’s my interpretation. ; )
So, whether you’re androgynous like Cousin or fall somewhere else on the LGBTQ spectrum, have a wonderful Pride Month, and above all else:
Be true to yourself!
‘Cause in the end, isn’t that what this month is all about? : )
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This totally happened...

Kishimoto: Come on Kenji! You can’t still be mad with me. I have enough with my wife complaining about NaruSaku not happening, my bedroom’s a battlefield since chapter 700 was released.

Taira: Talk to the hand… by the way, SasuSaku makes far more sense than NaruSaku; at least you did something right.

Kishimoto: I haven’t revealed who Metal Lee’s mother is, so there’s still a chance TenTen…

Taira: STOP TOYING WITH MY FEELINGS, YOU SCUM!!! You knew LeeTen was my OTP… now let me finish this chapter, I still have to draw 5 panels of Karin drolling and another 8 of Suigetsu calling everybody else an idiot.

Kishimoto: Your Sasuke spin-off is funny.

Taira: Whatever…

Kishimoto: I’ve been receiving complains about how the new Boruto manga is doing. Fans wanted you to draw it because your full body art-style looks symilar to mine. How about you start drawing a spin-off with chibi characters?

Taira: Can I make jokes about how silly Sarada’s new outfit is? My daughteru deserves better.

Kishimoto: Deal



Kishimoto: Here we have the preview!

Mrs. Kishimoto: Like I care about that SasuSaku piece of sh&t. I never found his spin-offs funny to begin with.

Kishimoto: Don’t be like that, sweety. Let’s see… it’s going to be settled in the academy and Sarada is shouting at Boruto. Hehe, so Boruto is going to be a clown so Sarada can act as the straight-man; good old comedy we have here.

Mrs. Kishimoto: It kinda reminds me of how he portrayed Lee and TenTen in his first spin-off, don’t you agree?… Masashi? Are you okay? Masashi, your face is completely pale!

Kishimoto: No… please God no! NOT AGAIN!


Taira: “ Sarada and Boruto sitting in the tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby Rikudou in the baby carriage, With a rinnengan, he’s shouting rasengan! Doing the hokage, hokage dance! “

Cinder, Kaijin, Ash from the Ember, Dust in the Wind, Descendant of the Peiji
   Though the Peiji clan went to its end after Genpei War, a member from it, Taira no Yorimori didn’t follow. Minamoto no Yoritomo spared his life for saving him before the war, letting him keep his land. In exchange, he and his descendant must send a family member who expert in fighting every 10 years to serve the Shogunate, which was, joining Hazama Gundan.
   Centuries after, the ruler of Shogunate changed, yet this contract went on. A Yorimori girl, who bear the hatred of her ancestors, now serve Hazama Gundan. She abandoned her real name, giving herself a new one: Kaijin, namely Cinder.
   "祇園精舎の鐘の聲、諸行無常の響き有り。 沙羅雙樹の花の色、盛者必衰の理を顯す。 驕れる者も久しからず、唯春の夜の夢の如し。 猛き者も遂には滅びぬ、偏に風の前の塵に同じ
   (The sound of the Gion Shōja bells echoes the impermanence of all things; the color of the sāla flowers reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline. The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night; the mighty fall at last, they are as dust before the wind.) The Tale of the Heike, Story of the Peiji.
   She didn’t like the idea of dust. Her clan’s houses were destroyed by God-borns, with the power of Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, thus, were burned down, so, Kaijin, or Cinder, she named herself.
   She mastered archery, in respect of an ancient Chinese archer Hou Yi, who shot down 8 Jin-wus, the Golden Ravens in Chinese, avatars of the Suns, from the sky; she mastered the power of fire, so when she face God-borns, she could send the pain of her long destroyed clan.
   She’s ready to revenge.

Hazama Gundan: Corps of the Rift
   The order to setup Gundans(軍団, Corps in Japanese) was issued under Taihō Code, requested by Mikado Monmu, at 703 AD, to levy citizens into defense forces for each kuni(namely Country, actually manors of Lords. Be noted the concept of Daimyo had not appeared yet at the time), including several hundreds to thousands of men. They were disbanded during the 11th century, with one exception.
   Hazama Gundan, unlike any other normal gundans, it didn’t recruit from normal citizens, but hand-picked from battlefields right after battles, for it was not established to protect kunis, but the Holy Palace, as an extra aid to Royal Guards.
   It was however destroyed during the Genpei War during the siege of Kyoto.
   After the war, Minamoto no Yoritomo had foreseen the Mikado might one day unleash the strength from his God lineage to reclaim his power, so, soon after Shogunate established, the new Hazama Gundan followed.
    The composition and purpose of Hazama Gundan had changed. It no more protect the Mikado, but protect from him. To do so, it involved individuals with supernatural powers or supreme combat skills. Sometimes, it involved more than just human. When the Mikado raise, Hazama Gundan was expected to put him and his followers down.


Happy Day Before April Fools’ Day from NHFC and ANHFC!
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Remarkable Japanese Timber Structures

  • House of Japanese Cedar by Suga Shotaro / Suga Atelier 
  • Center Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban Architects Europe
  • Kitazawa Kenchiku Factor by Fumiko Misawa + Masahiro Inayama
  • Sea-Folk Museum by Naito Architect & Associates
  • Church Sun-pu by Taira Nishizawa
  • Sumika Pavilion by Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
  • Final Wooden House by Sou Fujimoto Architects
  • Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum by Kengo Kuma and Associates 
  • Woods Of Net by Takaharu + Yui Tezuka / Tezuka Architects 
  • Mokuzai Kaikan by Tomohiko Yamanashi / Nikken Sekkei + Takeyuki Katsuya / NSD    

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(All sprites/backgrounds belong to their original owners.)
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