Being a tourist @ Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan, a toilet themed restaurant.

We got hotpot out of a toilet bowl instead of the traditional curry LOL.

Of course we also got poo ice cream out of a squatter.

Note the attention to detail with the poo lamp.


My favorite Thai food restaurant in Taipei is called 泰國小館 and its located in 公館 (gongguan) near NTU.

The most expensive things on the menu are 250NTD(around 8USD) while the majority of items on the menu are 150NTD (around 5USD)

the two items shown above are 150NTD . The top picture is spicy red curry pork with green beans. The bottom picture is coconut milk curry with chicken :D



Taipei, Taiwan

This restaurant is small and the menu is printed on the wall only in Chinese. I am a Chinese American here on holiday when a white man in his 20s comes in. He starts looking at the menu.

Waitress: No English.

Customer: (in Mandarin) No problem, I can read that and I speak Mandarin.

Waitress: Oh, really? You’re good.

Customer: Yes, I’m very fluent.

They speak in Mandarin for a while and chat while he eats. Later they speak in Taiwanese, which I didn’t understand but the waitress later said he’s also very fluent.. The guy then tries Cantonese but the waitress doesn’t speak it. I do, a bit. And his Cantonese is way better than mine. He then tries Shanghainese, which none of us understood but I assume he’s fluent as well.

The waitress was so impressed he got his meal free.