Meet ‘Princess’ BB: A Pampered Bird Who Loves Her Humans

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Hello, world! It’s time for today’s #WeeklyFluff. BB (@birdbee0705) is a Japanese white-eye bird who was rescued off the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, when she was just a baby. True to her nickname “Princess,” BB loves getting pampered — especially when she’s massaged or brushed. “We don’t cage her, so she can fly around in our house all day,” explains BB’s human. “No matter which room we go to in our house, she always follows us like a tiny flying puppy.”


Tehching Hsieh -

Jump Piece, 1973.


Tehching Hsieh jumped from the second floor window of his house, recording his leap on Super 8 film and through a series of photographs. Hsieh dropped approximately fifteen feet onto a concrete floor, breaking both of his ankles. He subsequently destroyed the film of this singular, unrepeatable act, but its serial photographs remain. At the time, Hsieh was unaware of Bas Jan Ader’s now widely known Fall performances (1970-1971) and Yves Klein’s infamous photomontage Leap into the Void (1960). Klein’s manipulated photograph was a theatrical evocation of momentary freedom. In contrast, Hsieh’s fall is not imbued with the ecstatic possibilities of flight or transcendence, but traumatically resonates – through his life and ours – with the brutal facts of gravity, concrete and splintered bones.