The Funassyi Fan Meeting at the 2016 Taipei International Comics and Animation Festival was a big success. Funassyi was there mainly to promote his anime series, Funassyi no Funafunafu na Biyori, which is airing in Taiwan - the red vest he’s wearing in the second photo above has promotional things on it for the anime. He also expressed his concern and support for the victims of the recent earthquake in Tainan. He’s been encouraging people to donate to help them, especially since Taiwan gave lots of aid and support to Japan after the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The Pear also helped to open the festival - he’s with a bunch of dignitaries at the opening ceremony in the third photo.

One really nice touch is that Funassyi’s name tag, which normally says ふなっしー in hiragana, says 船梨精, which is Funassyi in Chinese. 

Here are some articles (in Chinese) about his visit: - this one has a video, plus several photos. - more photos!

And here’s a news clip about the festival, which leads off with a very energetic Funassyi dancing his puriketsu off. 

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Taipei , Taiwan

台北 , 台湾

海外モデルとしてすでに先行販売していたKawasaki Z125PRO。







Designed as a theatre for coffee, this Starbucks store in Taipei’s Longmen building features a Reserve Bar that acts as center stage. Centrally located, the bar is visible all throughout the store. Artwork in the store includes a marquetry, made with natural grain, different textures and colors inspired by the world’s coffee belt.