My Twenty One Pilots experience in Taiwan (cancelled show)

I’ve posted a lot about this. But this just needs to be said Tyler was so sick he couldn’t even talk, he was strongly advised by doctors to go back to have a rest (told by Josh) but he still came out to say hi to the fans. Josh even said that Tyler went to the hospital 3 times . 

 Despite Josh’s social anxiety he went out in front of the crowd to talk to them, constantly apologising. He was clearly nervous but he still did it and even answered questions from fans. Tyler left early to go have a rest and Josh stayed to take a photo with every single fan that went. 

The staff/management told the fans that there will absolutely be no signings that night but Josh still went outside the venue to sign stuff for the fans that were still there 

 If that’s not enough of a reason to love them I don’t know what is and this is what they did in one night. There are countless amount of things that they have done. I will forever appreciate and love them for this.