The Strongest Magic

A little dark castle fluff for taintednightstar because she’s a cutie. Belle is being sneaky. also this may count as day 2 of christmas fics. we shall see >_>


Rumpelstiltskin was paranoid, to be sure, but he knew he wasn’t just being paranoid this time. Not only was Belle ignoring him, but she was actively avoiding him to the point where the tea tray was starting to arrive at his table without her. Rumpelstiltskin couldn’t decide if he was hurt or annoyed.

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I’ve never fully forgiven Snape for all of the bad things he’s done but from a writer’s perspective he is an amazing character and a challenge to write. He’s my favourite because of how complex his life, motives and personality are. Snape is the reason I experiment with my characters and give them crazy back stories/quirks because if I can create a character that stirs up as many emotions as Snape does then I know I’ve done something right. So just because I love Snape doesn’t mean that you should think less of me.

Fic: (D is for) Dinosaur

Title: (D is for) Dinosaur
Summary: Belle is conflicted.
A/N: This is BY FAR the fluffiest thing I have ever written. Many thanks to taintednightstar for the prompt! 


Rumpelstiltskin in his his shop, going over his ledger, when the bell over his door jangles and Belle marches inside, a thick binder clutched against her ever-growing belly. 

“I’ve figured it out,” she announces, making her way over to him with a gleam of satisfaction in her eye. 

“What’s that, my dear?” he asks, watching as she weaves through his shop and wincing a little when her stomach almost topples an antique globe he’s got sitting on a small table near the main aisle.

“The theme for the nursery,” she says, practically bouncing with excitement. Belle sets the binder down next to his ledger and opens it, handing him a small swatch of decorative paper.

“Dragons?” he asks skeptically. It’s not that he has anything against dragons, of course – their hides make for wonderful clothes – but it seems a rather odd choice for an infant girl’s nursery.

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Noble Sacrifices

Taintednightstar prompted: FTL: If Belle has opened the door to find Gaston instead of Rumpe. As usual, I got carried away. Dark Castle Fluff. 950 words.

For this prompt, I have moved the betrothed/hero/etc conversation to before Gaston knocks. Because reasons.


“Sit,” Belle said, hopping off the table at the booming knock. “I’m your housekeeper—it’s my job to get the door.”

Rumpelstiltskin wanted to argue, because the people who usually knocked on his door would have turned Belle to dust without a second’s thought, but after that conversation, he couldn’t just tell her that he didn’t think she would be okay to answer a door. The shy smile she flashed him before walking off cemented the idea, and so he waited until she had left the room before silencing his footsteps and following her.

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taintednightstar  asked:

Develle arranged marriage prompt: Danny tries to fix things/does something nice for belle

Now that Belle had made the first move in trying to fix their marriage, Danny knew it was his turn to make the second. Their acceptance of each other was still tentative–spending two weeks ignoring someone would do that–and Danny was determined to make this right without ever having to talk about why he went off on her. And then, subsequently, without her ever noticing his stiffies again.

He didn’t know what to do though, other than invite her to watch a film with him, but he felt that copying her methods would not be well received. His bartender, thus, had suggested he try cooking.

Fuck cooking. How the fuck was he supposed to know when this cake was done? The box said 40 minutes, but that seemed like a long time, and then it didn’t really look like a cake when he checked on it then.

It was possible that he forgot about it, after that. Maybe he should have set a timer, but the box hadn’t told him to and he hadn’t thought about it, and football was on, so he didn’t even notice the smell until Belle walked in the door and screeched about the fire extinguisher.

Women were so dramatic.

taintednightstar  asked:

Belle starts being secretive + Gold's speculations

I made this in IF-verse because reasons, so i hope that is what you wanted xD


“Hello, sweetheart.” Gold slid his arms around Belle’s waist from behind, setting his chin on her shoulder and turning to kiss her ear. “Ready?”

Belle jumped, almost dropping her phone, and hastened to exit whatever she was doing before stuffing it in her purse. He frowned. She’d never been so concerned about her phone before.

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