“I will not be censored by the brevity of weaker minds, nor will I be bartered by a coward’s inhibition. We will not crawl on bloody knuckles for the favor of fools or the folly of man. This blood is but my own, and by the box with which they kept me, I have shed it for my freedom. And should they long to lick the bone, that tainted tongue with which they lie will taste but splinters of that cursed coffin they call “freedom”; Lest its truer name be “Fear”. And whilst the masses masquerade in makeshift mirrors made from fallen stars, I, the sleeping giant, am arisen. Thus when I speak, the world may tremble all as cowards do, but to the frightened and the few who choose to follow in my footsteps; Fear not, I will deliver us.”

​-Damien Wong

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

They went with Bone Tomahawk because Taint Axe doesn’t look as good on the poster.

Interesting film, but the look was really weird. Looks really modern, but almost no extra. But who doesn’t love conversations about tinctures of opium, people eaters and scalpels. I bet Jack From Lost wishes he never left that island. Dynamite performance from him, though.


The princess whirled around as she heard the water seraph’s familiar voice. There was something odd about both his tonality and word choice, however. As her bright green eyes locked with his majestic purple ones, she steeled herself, as those familiar eyes were not filled with the same softness she was familiar with. She refused to draw her lance, however.

“Mikleo…” she called out worriedly. “You know very well I have no wish to fight you. Please, tell me what has happened?”

If the seraph had somehow been tainted by malevolence, then there was likely only one reason why- something must have happened to Sorey. Something terrible.

Lithe digits curl, ivory teeth clench at her words. The kind of person she was — honest, caring, and empathetic — but no, she wouldn’t understand. These ties with people like her; red strings of fate that he would forcefully rip apart if need be, he had to destroy it. This was no longer a time where he could deal with former comrades who disagreed with his actions or pitied him. Breaking bonds between even those he was most kindred with — it had to be done, even to someone like Alisha. A relentless storm brewed within him, a typhoon of anguish and darkness that was still boiling a nauseous sensation that made it hard to breathe. His staff is already in his hands. If she refused to fight, he would still kick her down.

            “ This isn’t a matter of what happened.
            Should I repeat myself? Draw your weapon. ”