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Now, Now, Sweetheart! Put The Gun Down. [Victor Zsasz x Reader]

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[Anon request: Victor Zsasz / ‘Now, now, sweetheart! Put the gun down.] 

Warnings: None.

You had learned a lot having worked for Don Carmine Falcone in the past. It had ought you many things, of course, but one of the most important skills was the ability to know if there was someone else in your house that was not supposed to be there.

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look we all know by now that healing and purification spells do damage to the undead so i am not sure why it is even a question, of course unicorns win against zombies.

and i’ve lost my light, a pydia playlist

gorgeous nightmare - escape the fate / a little death - the neighbourhood / kiss with a fist - florence + the machine / devil’s backbone - the civil wars / tainted love - marilyn manson / zombie - natalia kills / biting down - lorde / all of you - riz mc ft. aruba red & plan b / make me wanna die - the pretty reckless / lose control - evanescence / power & control - marina & the diamonds / i put a spell on you - willy moon / rev 22:20 - puscifer / demons - imagine dragons / big bad handsome man - imelda may / dirty work - halestorm / gods & monsters - lana del rey / fresh blood - eels / criminal - zz ward / the horror of our love - ludo