tainted visions

I think what we can surmise
From HIMYM is that Ted is the most unreliable of narrators. He is telling his kids this elaborate tale about his life and how he met there mother. I’m guessing only half of the things in the show happened in real life and not always the way he told it. Barney was not this terrible womanizing Monster with schemes and sleeping with over 200 women, but he probably did sleep around often and was very bro-like. Lily was not some crazy lunatic who manipulated everyone, but maybe she did do it once and it forever tainted Ted’s vision of her. Robin was probably not as emotionless as she comes off as sometimes, she was just a little emotionally unavailable at times and that’s how he sees her sometimes. Marshall isn’t as wacky and “whipped” as he is on the show but to ted, Marshall and lily had a relationship he wanted and didn’t want to admit it so he made him out to not be perfect.


You walk in on Dally cheating on you…

You looked at the sight before you and you cringed, tears welling up in your eyes as Dally hopped off the random skank he had managed to find. 

“Y/N, wait… I can explain” He bent down to pick up his jeans and put them on hurriedly.

“Don’t bother, Dallas.” You turned to exit the room… only to turn back around to face him. “You break my heart, Dal.”

He reached out to touch you and you flinched… it felt as if you had been burnt by boiling hot coals. Your hand snapped forward, socking him in the jaw. 

He groaned out in pain as he clutched at his nose that began to pour out with blood, you didn’t spare him a single look as you fled the room. You stumbled down a few steps in the process as your vision was tainted by the tears in your eyes.

I’m Not Your Conquest;


       [There’re seldom things that make him flinch any more. He’d had his period of fear, his time to self-deprecate and damage himself until he’d been stripped raw and forced to rebuild himself in his own image rather than somebody else’s. A desperate desire to be accepted had been followed by a lingering feeling of depression before it had slowly given way to indifference, a lack of care creeping in at the seams and tainting his vision black. The bullying had been brutal, his loss of faith even more so. But nothing could compare to the stony stare that he’d acquired in his years of torment, the unimpressed curl of his lips, the disdainful approach to his waking days when surrounded by people… it’s not something that becomes easier to accept. He’s just gotten used to it.]

       [Still, when he sees the all-too-familiar persona standing outside of his dorm door, JOE feels a sensation akin to a prickle that travels down the back of his neck relentlessly. It’s sharp, jagged, like claws that don’t dig in; the ghost of danger riding the fine hairs along your arms before disappearing and leaving you in breathless apprehension. He doesn’t know what to do.]


       [–the college student speaks up, voice steady. Salvatore Vulcano, the young man who’d earned a name for himself by being as rambunctious as possible. Oh yes, he knows plenty about him, either from girls he’s wooed or guys he’s fought (or sometimes even the former), from the professor’s tired exhalations whenever they read out his name on the register only to receive no answer. As usual. The general air of distrust everybody seems to house towards the young man is understandable - who wants somebody who’s there to disturb the order?]

                                      “I kind’a need to get into my dorm room. You’re in the way.”

Neptune and Socialism ☭

Socialism represents a political and personal ideal, an ideal that is shaped by Neptune vision. Rather than a matter of policies and ideology stemming from left or right wing, it explores the concept of world views coloured with delirium and model fantasies. We have the expression of Neptune in right wing ideology, a sort of delusional devotion to an evangelical God, regulation masked as compassion, the righteousness of theology infiltrating policy. On the other spectrum, Neptune paints socialism with romantic and idyllic concepts, it embodies the victim and the savior, humanity together to disperse funds and resources to the collective. The socialist vision is tainted in the Neptune longing, an emptying out, a reunion. This archetypal urge, to reunite soul with father God is powerful in Neptune, and played out through all her songs. And so maybe this urge to reunite, like a child conceives the government as being a loving parent, such as through welfare and social support. Personal responsibility is obliterated, funds are deceivingly recycled back to the usurpers and not the poor, and the red tape of bureaucracy become a maze. Socialism, in its elevated Neptune sense relies on the notion that every person in the nation thinks and feels the same. Socialism requires at the least, honesty in government. And Neptune the deceiver is never renowned for honesty.



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