tainted in sin

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prompt: the disciple who loves Jesus arrives at the tomb of his beloved

if the light touches him,
it does so like this: gently.

if he touches the rock
that covers the cave mouth,
he does so like this: gently.

judas presses one damp cheek
to the warm limestone, & then
both of his blistered
rivermud-stained palms.

mere nights ago, a thousand
lifetimes ago, yeshua had held
those hands in his own,
under a moon-kissed fig tree
in gethsemane while the others
had slept unknowing.

you must do this, yeshua
whispered through trembling
lips, do this for me.

judas thinks of dark thorns,
iron nails, the soft flesh broken
open. he thinks of how he hid
himself in the faraway rushes so
he wouldn’t hear anything but
the water & his own heart roiling.

judas did this for him
but his soul still howls,
his mouth still aches.

they’ll call me betrayer. he stumbles
over the words of his prayer.
whether this is true or not,
i’ve still killed you. my laughing
poet king. my armored starlight.

my blood’s tainted with the sins
of skin, silver, destruction.
should it be that hell exists, find me
there & say i am forgiven.

silence. then suddenly
winds sing past him,
& in the distance a host
of dust-colored sparrows
tears into flight.

You were saved by grace. Grace came down and gave His life for you. Why oh why, would you ever abuse that grace by tainting it with sin. 

Grace is not an excuse to sin. 

Do you straighten your hair so you can go stand in the rain? Do you sweep the floor so you can walk muddy boots through? Do you pay to get your phone repaired so you can throw it against a wall?

Ephesians 2:8 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” 

Grace is not an excuse to sin. It is the very reason that you can turn from your sin to righteousness. Don’t abuse it. Embrace it.

It was only a matter of time before I wrote a filk inspired by The Last Mabelcorn. Don’t let the unicorns get you down.


The unicorn smiled when she saw you approaching her fountain
“Just one little test” she demanded and shot you a grin
“Just prove that your heart is as pure as the dew on the snowdrops
You’ll foul my glade if you’re wicked and tainted with sin.”

Don’t fall for the lies of those cruel unicorns
You’ve been messy and mortal since the day you were born
If you try to be perfect it’s just gonna tear you apart.
They want you to break yourself down till you shatter
They’ll say that you’re selfish for knowing you matter
So be brave and tenacious and loving and joyful and smart
              But forget pure of heart.

“My lady,” you said, “I can’t claim that my spirit is blameless,
But I try to do good and to help in the ways I know how
My heart’s filled with love for myself and the people around me
And I’ll strive to do more and be better and stronger, I vow!”


The unicorn scoffed and she drew back her head with a shudder.
“I knew it! You arrogant mortals have never been pure!
Perhaps if you’re humble enough you may gain some forgiveness
But you’ll never be perfect. You’re sullied, and I have no cure!”


“Well, what have you done then?” you said as you stood up and faced her
“Just sit in this glade telling people the things they can’t do.
There isn’t a deed or a person who’s ever been perfect
And I may not be pure but I’ve damn well done more good than you!”


If you’re careful you’ll notice that unicorns live all around us
You can tell by the smugly superior look in their eyes.
They’ll enumerate each of your flaws with distain in their voices.
They’ll all tell you you have to be perfect; they’ll all tell you lies!

Don’t fall for the lies of those cruel unicorns
We’ve been messy and mortal since the day we were born
If we try to be perfect it’s just gonna tear us apart.
I won’t let the world break me down till I shatter
I’d rather be selfish than think I don’t matter!
I’m brave and tenacious and loving and joyful and smart
               But I’m not pure of heart.

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Hunk and lance bonding part 2: the content no one asked for.

Me:*scrolling through the empty hance tag* I can’t believe I have to save the hance tag by mySELF.

(This could be seen as platonic or romantically)

- they love shows like face off so both try and learn special effects make up. Unfortunately when they did scary makeup lance got punched in the face by pidge. He still hasn’t learned his lesson.

-they’re both oh so homesick so when one or the other feels really bad on a certain day Thur have a special “homesick survival kit” which includes baking, skin care, movies, and telling each other their family stories and what they’ll do when they get back home. 

 - they both love finding space pets even if it’s for one day. They found one that resembles to morph from treasure planet and both started gushing.

 - speaking of treasure planet. Lance and hunk have an inside joke that Keith is Actually Jim Hawkins and call him jimbo sometimes.

 -“what the fock is a jimbo" 

 - “dude I know Keith is a real life version of Jim but 1since he’s half galra what if his alien genetics kick in and he looks like captain Amelia”

 - “dUUUUDE" 

 - they definitely bond over singing. During the Garrison days they used to sneak to town and go do karaoke together. Y'all know that vine of Aaron chewning and Christine singing bring me to life?? That’s them

 - fuck man if hunk and lance did vlogs they’re basically Christine and Elijah.

 - Both are vintage boys. They love those 80s cheesy movies. 

 -BAD MOVIES. They’ve both seen the room and troll 2 more times than they’ll like to admit 

 - sometimes they get into small arguments and one of them will dramatically go "LISA YOU ARE TEARING ME APART”  

- “i wonder what Tommy Wiseau” “me too bud” “ I miss him” *softly voice cracking* “I know”

 - also last time I mentioned that they like theatre and they both Live for be more chill. They can’t decide on whose michael and Jeremy so they just say that they’re just them. 

 -“we are literally michael and Jeremy” “Yeah we are 100%!!!” “…..so would you leave me behind to be more popular…” “ NOOOO BUDDY NEVER”

 - someone (bless your soul) on my last post tagged it as both loving moana AND YESS THEY LOVE MOANA. They both sing to all the songs but when shiny comes on it’s a performance of a lifetime. 

 - they both love the goofy movies and they both tried to recreate the powerline costume and dance moves


 - one time before a mind melding session they consulted each other in what to imagine. *during mind melding session*

 -shiro, pidge, and Keith: *doing nothing wrong in their lives to deserve this*

 -hunk and lance: >:3c

 - *a video of a CGI Skeleton from Michael Jackson’s ghost appears and all you hear is the echoing Michael Jackson scream not only that scream but also Shiro’s internal scream.*

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

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What was the point?

What was the relevance of having the days follow each other when you were immortal, destined to live until the end of time itself?

Why was it a big deal that I didn’t do His task on time when there were so many that could have done it instead of me?

I had so many brothers and sisters up there that I was just a tiny drop in a rainstorm.

When Father created time, I was in charge of making it go by for the mortals.

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I carved a space between my ribs,
I named it Jerusalem, a holy city.
wings ripped out from my unholy flesh,
ragged bleeding gashes.

I cried as I poured holy water over the newly formed hollow bone.
I cried as I carved scripture between my two shoulder bones.

There is a hole between my ribs,
were my heart used to be,
before it turned to fire and burned itself free.
Chambers beat in time with this earth anger.

I can feel it in my wings,
a desolate angelic attempt,
My human flesh rejects this divine intervention.

I watch blisters bubble around the growing wings,
as I light fire to my skin.
I burn the impurities out.

I can see it in the mirror,
empty eyes, and a burning crucifix.
My thin bones jutting out from paper skin.
I was not made for the light,
and the fire burns my veins up.

Fuck, who knew being an angel eats you up so much inside?
It’s no wonder icarus burned up, then down down down
into ocean eyes, seething waves.
Sea foam eats empty.

I just wanted to be celestial,
I just wanted to be whole,
Not ripped apart by a thousand year war.
This is my diaspora.
My body is no longer my home.

Fuck, I want to be broken.
I urge for fresh bruises to
bloom poppy bright beneath skin.
Broken blood vessels scream holy,
new blood on untouched ground.
Taint me with your sin.

Fuck, I want all my light leached out
It does me no good,
I jump off the cliff, but God won’t let me sink.
I drown in holy water.
I wish I was free.

Bruises form on my back in the shape of wings,
and I stand in my bathroom.
Studying my soaking wet form in the mirror,
twin bruises on my arms, from when Gabriel drew me up from the water.
Is my body just a vessel for  angelic interference?

I used to be human, half at least,
half something other than
half fucked and half damned.

I carved a space between my ribs,
I named it Jerusalem, a holy city.

I forgot it’s history,
tainted by angelic bloodlust.
tainted by human wars and human needs.

I used to be something other than holy.

—  a prophet with blind eyes and shaking hands told my parents to drown me in a river when I was young. Why didn’t they listen?

So I did a thing. And this was the result. Enjoy this horribly angst filled piece, because lets face it, I’m angst trash and always will be.

Warning: This deals with the idea of rape. If that subject affects you in any way, please read at your own risk.

The rope dug relentlessly into her burning wrists, and the voice that whispered into her ear was menacing and hoarse, sending chills down Astrid’s spine as she gasped desperately for more air that she couldn’t seem to get. “Yer mine now, lass.” The words came as a whisper to her ears, the man’s hot breath enveloping the side of her face. She fought desperately against the restraints that held her to the wall, hoping she could just manage to twist a hand out so she could find a way to get the hell out of there. Desperate, frustrated tears stung at the corners of her eyes, and a fiendish laugh came from her left.

She was always the alert one, and she valued that fact of herself. Always on her toes, and looking over her shoulder had just become second nature. And all the while, she had managed to get herself captured, by one of Vigo’s men of all. Hiccup always referred to her as the bravest person he knew; staring fear in the eye as if it were nothing, as if it didn’t faze her in the slightest.  Yet, she had never fathomed the idea of being caught in this kind of predicament, and she would be lying to herself if she said that she wasn’t scared. Because now it was actually happening, and she was helpless in the hands of her captor. And now that she was staring straight into the eyes of her newly surfacing fears?

She wasn’t brave.

She was terrified

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Glitched: Part 2 - Save Him

Author’s Note: Going to say exactly what I said on my last post - this entire fanfiction is going to be quite dark. This chapter in particular is dark and does contain a bit of a disturbing part near the ending. This is an angst-filled horror story. So if you’re looking to have a happy fun time, this is not for you. There WILL be feels. You have been warned…..Enjoy!

Also, listen to this playlist while reading :)

Was he alive? Was he truly actually alive?

His heart was beating at a slow, stuttering pace; the rush of stale blood deafening to his ears. Raspy labored breathing – inhaling and exhaling, struggling to get the air he so desperately needed.

Yes, he was alive. Just barely.

He was growing weak, he knew this. It seemed the longer he remained here in this prison, the more drained and dead he felt. He didn’t know what it was that was causing this. Was this all a result of that wretched demon trying to take control of him? One thing he was certain of: if he didn’t get out of here soon, he would die, whether it by Anti’s own hands or by suffocation of this hell.

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did isayama really call armin pure and innocent?

@megumegufire posted a translation of that post here. I have an idea where you got the translation from but that’s simply taking shortcuts here.

Isayama’s entry describes the smile Armin made at this moment:

Or more accurately, the draft of this page:

Armin and Mikasa smiling at each other - Ch. 90

…Which was erased because apparently Armin was too dazzled like in a commercial. It’s hard to tell because this is a draft, but Armin’s seemingly grinning on the draft instead of keeping his mouth open. Having Armin grinning would make his reaction towards Mikasa’s enjoyment more gleeful, like a child who got what he wanted.

He then proceeds to compare Armin to an old friend, as this guy who didn’t let age beat him down and went on collecting what he wanted since his childhood, when Isayama mostly moved on. He’s talking specifically of that part of him that stays “pure and innocent”, never corrupted by someone’s growth.

That purity of his is something that was supposed to be incredibly important to us – it’s the sensitivity we once had that we leave behind as we get older.

And I think that’s normal for everyone. It’s normal to gradually kill off your old self like that, without even knowing it.

But he hasn’t killed his old self at all. In other words, you could consider him sinless and pure.

Think of him as that friend who’s all happy to go on safaris because they loved wildlife so much as a child.

He then goes out at the end of the commentary by describing Armin as that “part of him he killed a long time ago”, meaning his childhood self. Seeing that in Armin would mean a childish but ambitious kid who would share his joy with the others. This is where the points in ANSWERS come into play.

Armin has a dream about discovering the unknown, the unexplored territory, which is one of the main reason why he joined the Survey Corps. It’s not to say he dedicated his life only to explore the curiosities of the world, but he also agreed to sacrifice himself for the sake of Humanity, where he’d rather die than be a burden. In chapter 82, he was ready to renounce to his dream and his life in order to defeat Bertolt, so the SC could advance.

Problem being: he came back at the price of two lives, one the SC mustn’t be allowed to lose. He unconsciously devoured an shifter to become one, which is labeled as a sin. There’s a reason why Eldians hide the truth about the origins of the titans, since they’re part of Ymir’s curse. By becoming a shifter, Amrin stepped outside the path of a “normal” human; he can turn into one of these monsters humans fear, can grow his limbs back and is either fated to pass his curse to some random Eldian baby 13 years later or be devoured.

By saving Jean’s life while killing another person, Armin lost a part of himself because the experience was so painful. 

Sources: Armin’s tainted innocence, sinning and turning into a shifter, Armin’s dream.

That explains why he’s not immediately splashing in the ocean alongside Jean, Sasha and Connie or shouting about him finding a shell like Hange did with sea cucumbers.

Jean, Sasha and Connie splashing themselves and Hange finding sea cucumbers - Ch. 90

That would explain why his expression was more relief when Mikasa was smiling at him, because he remembered why he wanted to find the ocean so badly, he remembered his joy about finding it with Eren and Mikasa, since he kept talking about it to him. He was hoping Eren kept an interest in it since he previously described the sea as a giant lake with water that stretches to the horizon with an amount of salt so big no merchant could collect it in a lifetime, and his theory was confirmed. He even wanted Eren to show him what’s called a “seashell”…

…But Eren’s having none of it. 


I really really really liked @naptillmorning ‘s Akumatized!Adrien AU so I started scribbling some stuff and bam! My sinning hands got the better of me! I’m so sorry I butchered the au so much but idk I just… asdflkjsdoafihslkdaf 

(I’m horrible I know <3)

Any who \(; u ; \) Enjoy~


The Numbers of My Sins

Soulmate AU: Red tallies on their arms.

Also available on AO3 and FFN

His arm has always been clean.

Even when he’s reached the age of seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and so on, it’s still clean.

Living in the world of shinobi, where conflicts happen almost daily, where every second can be any person’s last breath, it’s sometimes jarring to see a shinobi’s arm being clean.

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"Be One Of Us Tonight." (Sirius Black x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary/Prompt: “Be one of us tonight.”

Word count: 1211 (might be one of the longest I’ve ever done??)

Notes: I didn’t really like how this one turned out, and I think it could have been a lot better tbh. But, a reliable source told me they’d strangle me if I didn’t post it, so I decided to anyways. Enjoy!

Request here!

“Come on Y/N, you can’t spend your whole life studying.” whined James. “Besides, it’ll do you good to get outside and get some fresh air!”

“I’m too busy to be caught illegally broom flying at two in the morning Prongs.” you said, rolling your eyes. “I have a reputation to uphold.”

“I swear, you’re no fun since you became a prefect.” he pouted, flopping down on the sofa next to you.

You didn’t reply, only continued with your Anicent Runes homework, furrowing your brows in concentration as your quill glided smoothly over the parchment. It wasn’t long before James huffed in annoyance at your stubbornness and left, disappearing up into the boys dorm. Soon he was replaced by Sirius, whom you interrupted before he’d even opened his mouth.

“I’m not coming with you Sirius.”

“Why not? Can’t you live a little Y/N?”

“No, I can’t Sirius.” you hissed, slamming your quill down onto the table and turning to face him. “Unlike you and James and Remus, I actually have to study to get top grades. I’m not ridiculously talented like you guys, I actually have to work to get what I want!”

“Bullshit Y/N, of course you’re talented, you’re the best at potions by a mile. Slughorn practically worships you.” laughed Sirius.

“I’m not coming with you okay? And that’s final.” you snapped, turning back to your work.

“Please Y/N. Be one of us tonight.”

*eight hours later, two in the morning*

“This is by far the worst idea I’ve ever had.” you grumbled, throwing your broom down onto the grass. “Why in Merlin’s name did I let you convince me to do this?”

“Lighten up a little Y/N!” exclaimed James. “You’re here to have some fun. Remember that word? ‘Fun’?”

You growled and shot a couple of mild stinging hexes at him, which he deflected easily, laughing as he did so.

“Why didn’t you drag Remus out here?” you whined, mounting your broom.

“He’s on patrol tonight.” called Sirius, swooping gracefully through the air above you.

Sighing, you decided that as long as you were out here, you’d better make the most of it, as you would most likely have to pull an all nighter tomorrow in order to make up for the lost study time. As you rose into the air, you marvelled at how you never ceased to feel that rush of adrenaline you got from flying, no matter how many times you’d done it.

“Y/N, coming your way!” shouted James, as he threw a ball towards you.

Considering the fact that he was a well built Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the ball came at you with much more force and speed than you had expected, nearly knocking you clean of your broom as you caught it.

“What the hell Prongs, you try a kill me or something?” you laughed, righting yourself quickly. “Heads up Pads!”

The next hour was spent with the three of you simply throwing a ball around on your brooms, chasing each other, and narrowly missing hexes when someone aimed the ball at someone else’s head. Pretty soon, you all crashed to the ground, exhausted from laughing. James produced his invisibility cloak and grinned at the both of you.

“I’m going to the kitchens to see if I can find some food, I’ll be right back. Please don’t maim each other too seriously whilst I’m gone.”

And before either of you could say anything, he was gone, sprinting across the field towards the castle. That left you and Sirius, surrounded by the cold night air, content in each other’s company.

“Come here.” said Sirius, noticing you begin to shiver and holding his arms out.

You crawled towards his, basking in his warmth as his strong arms wrapped around you, and you heard him mutter a wandless heating charm that quickly surrounded the both of you.

“Better?” he asked.

“Much.” you replied quietly, and once again everything was quiet.

“Y/N, I’m about to say something crazy, and I need you to hear me out and not say anything till I’m done okay?” said Sirius, and you detected a hint of nervousness in his usually confident voice that you’d never heard before.

“Okay, I’m listening.” you whispered, wriggling around slightly to look at him.

“Fuck, this is such a bad idea… I like you Y/N, properly like you. Not in a ‘she’s-really-hot-and-I’m-Sirius-Black-so-I’m-gonna-ask-her-out-and-ditch-her-three-days-later’ kind of way either. And this is really weird, because I’ve never liked a girl like I like you, so I’ve never had to ask a girl out like this before. So here I am, asking you, with no winking or smirking or anything like that. Will you go on a date with me Y/N?”

You simply sat, eyebrows raised in shock at the words that just hit you.

Sirius Black liked you?

Sirius Black, heartthrob of Hogwarts among witches and wizards alike, liked you enough to ask you on a proper date?

You’d been so wrapped up in your thoughts, it took you a second to even process the fact that Sirius had started speaking again.

“I mean, I know it was stupid to think that you liked me back, but I figured that-”

“Shut up you tosser, of course I’ll go out with you.” you laughed, watching as his shoulders slumped in relief.

“Well thank Merlin for that, I thought I’d made a right pratt of myself for a second there.” said Sirius, slapping your knee in mock anger.

“So do I get a kiss or what?” you asked, raising one eyebrow at his smirk.

“Of course, I should be happy to oblige.” he said, and at once his lips were on yours, and the only thing going through your mind was ‘more, more, more’.

Before long you were both lying down in the grass, surrounded by the heating charm, hands tangled in each other’s hair, bodies pressed together, bathing in the moonlight. You hands slid up underneath Sirius’ shirt, before you were interrupted by a cry of anguish.

“My eyes! My beautiful virgin eyes!” yelled James, standing three feet away, weighed down by food. “I leave the two of you alone for five minutes and I come back to see you making out in the middle of the Quidditch feild!”

You stood up quickly, smoothing out your hair and pulling down your t shirt, as Sirius stood text to you and wrapped his arm around you.

“You’ve been nagging me for months to grow a pair and ask her out you prick, and now you’re yelling at me for it?” laughed Sirius, as James rolled his eyes.

“I guess I brought that upon myself. Now, I’d like to enjoy my midnight feast without being tainted by your sinning, so could you two sit at least six feet apart please?” asked James, laying out the food he’d brought.

With that, you looked him straight in the eye, and plonked yourself down onto Sirius’ lap, pecking him on the lips for good measure. James sighed dramatically, flopping down onto the grass, and Sirius just nuzzled his face into your hair, whispering,

“That’s my girl.”

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Immaculate conception doesn't mean virgin birth! They're completely different points of Catholic doctrine! I'm not Catholic, I know you aren't either, and I don't think the original anon is, but I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL.

I actually know that because Rowdy’s Catholic, but I figured I’d let it pass.

anyway, let it be known: immaculate conception means that Mary was born without the taint of Original Sin, and is not the same thing as Jesus being conceived without sex

pedantry achieved.

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How can you be INTP and Christian? Not anything against you, please don't get me wrong. But to have complete faith in something not tangible and to not need concrete facts, something INTPs often search for and rely on, is beyond me. I don't understand it, but I would nice if you wanted to share

That’s a legitimate question, and I’m actually really glad you asked (because it’s fun to talk about).

So, first of all, it would appear that you’re starting from the premise that Christians are merely following a blind, somewhat superstitious faith with no evidence to back it up other than stories that at the very least verge on the mythical, and probably are only hyperbolic tales based on faded historical characters. This would be a fair assumption if you had been taught that Christianity is a religion. Because that’s what religions seem to be based on.

However, Bible-based Christianity is not a religion. This is something that not enough people know, I think. Those of us who take the Bible as the sole authority for our faith do not look at Christianity as a religion at all.

Let me define my terms, just so we’re all on the same page here. Religion, for the purposes of this conversation, is a system whereby a man can find God and know God, usually to the betterment of himself, especially in the afterlife. 

But Biblical Christianity doesn’t actually fit this. That’s because instead of humans doing the work, God actually approaches people and wants to save them. Christianity is not about man finding God; it’s about God being glorified. Rather than centering on our good works and our efforts to find God and get to Heaven, we’re actually saved by God through no self-effort because He loves us.

This is a hard-ish concept to grasp, because, humanly speaking, there’s something within us that looks for justice. We have to balance out our bad works with good, right? But, according to the Bible, that’s impossible. We actually are way too evil to ever do that. And what is the evil we commit?

Well, a lot of people think it’s individual sins. And, actually, that’s only partly true. Yes, individual sins are evil, and they offend a holy God. But the real evil, the real depravity of each and every human is that he’s trying to live life apart from God.

We were not created for this purpose. God specifically created humanity so that He could have friends. He wanted a close relationship with people, and He literally created us in His own image. Meaning we have thoughts, emotions, and a will. Meaning we have the choice to do what we want. God had to give us the choice to try to live apart from Him, because a relationship, a true friendship, can’t work unless the option to NOT be in the relationship is available. There has to be a willingness.

And the first woman, Eve, was tricked into choosing to reject that friendship. She thought God was holding out on her. Her husband, Adam, was not tricked. He knew that disobeying God was wrong, but he loved Eve more than he loved God. So, he chose to fall with her.

Because of this, humanity began a path separate from God. But, you see, that’s not what we were made for. And sin, the evil and pain and wickedness you see in the world, is simply the result of man trying to live apart from his Creator. 

Now, God still loves us. What He decided to do was give humanity a chance to renew the relationship. Now, the result of living independently of God is death. And only God is holy enough to change that. So, God sent Jesus, who is fully God and yet fully man. Only a human could die for humanity. But only God is holy enough to live without being tainted by the sin that is over the whole world. Jesus was both. That’s why He came to earth. He came to reopen the relationship with God that no man could ever reopen.

After He was crucified, Jesus was buried for three days and then rose again. Now, I assume that this is one of the things that you are wondering at my blind belief in. Well, I would like to suggest that there is actually an overwhelmingly large amount of evidence for the resurrection of Christ. I would highly recommend Josh McDowell’s book Evidence that Demands a Verdict, which deals with this subject. For a super short intro to the subject, here’s a video that also addresses the resurrection. There are plenty of others, if you want to dig deeper, but this one is fairly succinct.

So, basically, all God asks is that a person accepts Christ’s death as a substitute for their own. They’ll still have to die physically, because we are still tainted with that sin that’s over everything. But because we have chosen to reenter that relationship with God, we will not be separated from him forever in Hell, which is the natural end of people who try to live independently from God. Rather, we are able to live as God created us to, in a perfect relationship and dependence on Him.

Now, here are a few things that I’d say most INTPs (most people, in fact) find hard to understand about this.

1. The dependency on God. We have a problem with being dependent. The thing is, as humans, we have a superiority complex. It’s just a little unpalatable to us that we have to depend on a higher being for anything. 

2. The inferiority of humanity. And this is the real stumbling-block for an INTP, I think. We have a hard time thinking of ourselves as not the pinnacle of all things. Oh, sure, we admit that we don’t know everything. We admit that we are small in comparison with the universe. But in action, our theory goes out the window. If we don’t know everything, then in that class of Things We Can’t Empirically Prove, God and the truths of the Bible are a distinct possibility. And who are we to say that our minds have to comprehend everything? Christianity would actually make very little sense if we could comprehend it. God is supposed to be greater than mankind, right? So, logically, there have to be things about God and the ways He works that mere human logic cannot explain. Otherwise, anyone could claim that God was just a fabrication of the human mind. We have to be inferior for Christianity to work, and for someone like your average INTP, who loves logic, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

3. The necessity of faith. One of the most important things about Christianity is the necessity of faith. Remember, God’s relationship with us is meant to be perfect. And in every relationship, there must be an element of trust. It is necessary for every healthy human relationship, and it’s necessary for a relationship with God, too. God proves Himself to a person after they begin to trust Him. Not before. He gives you all that is necessary for you to trust, but think about it. He’s the Creator of the universe. He owes you nothing. The fact that He loves you and is giving you the opportunity to be His friend, even His own child, is something way beyond anything we even have a right to expect. So, you actually have no right to demand that God give you anything. But here’s the thing. I am absolutely, positively certain that I am a child of God. This is crazy to someone who hasn’t experienced it. But God confirmed it after I put my faith in Him. Why would He confirm it before? What sense would that make? What if He said, “I’m real. I made you and love you and want you to be my child.” Well, Adam and Eve knew He was real and rejected Him anyway. Knowing the evidence doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to follow God. That’s why faith is so important here. And that’s where it’s a pitfall to a lot of INTPs. 

In reality, I believe that Christianity is actually quite rational. It’s one of the few things that can make sense of the world. Unfortunately, it’s misrepresented and misunderstood by a lot of people (Not a surprise, actually. The Bible says this will happen.) If you ask me, as someone who has studied it and pretty much knows what she’s talking about here, the only “problem” with it is that it requires human humility, and a lot of people don’t really like that idea. 

So hopefully I’ve explained myself well enough. If you have any further questions, I’d love to talk, but I’d really appreciate it if you would address them to @saltedkate, which is my blog focusing on Christianity. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.


I completely blame the Arthurian chat for this – 

Myrddin, Merlin’s magus/modern verse, is a ghost hunter. Never paying attention to her studies in school, she instead day dreamed about catching a spirit on camera – filming herself in basements with homemade equipment and posting it on youtube and submitting it to travel channels in hopes she would get her own show, or rise to internet fame. Completely enthralled with the concept of the paranormal, she will drag her servant around and make them hunt spirits with her -  along with the occasional hunt for beings like mothman or bigfoot - before realizing that, ho shit, her servant also qualifies as a spooky ghost. Trying to catch them doing grand feats on film, she uploads it all to her youtube channel - unknowingly realizing parts of the grail war to the world. Probably gets hunted for it at some point, but you know what? Worth it for the 1mil views. I

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something angsty with tsuna, dino and enma (they are my boys thanks to you guys!!) with s/o


~Okay, you guys, if your stomachs are too weak for violence against the pregnant then stay out of Dino’s story. Sorry but you have been warned. I felt pretty terrible writing his that way but my muse wouldn’t listen to me. Sorry in advance. (-_-;)

-admin Adelheid


Tsuna took a healthy swig of the bottle of tequila he had had sent over from the cellar earlier. Around his feet were several bottles of other different liquor but he didn’t mind them all.

He didn’t care for the expensive carpet being stained by the alcohol at his feet. He couldn’t give a fuck about the expensive paintings and furniture that lay around him. Nothing mattered. The world was empty. As empty as his heart…

He rose from his chair and swayed. Gokudera tried to catch him but he shoved the man aside violently.

“Go ‘way…” he muttered in a voice that lost it’s smoothness, burned away by the alcohol. Swaying as he walked out the door. “Wanna be alone…”


“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Tsuna yelled, grabbing a gun from the holster he kept on his chest and randomly shot at his right hand man, missing Gokudera by inches in his drunken effort. Emptying the barrel as you did so much to the bomber’s relief.

No one dared stop him afterward.

Tsuna swayed towards the hall like a ghost and every single denizen of the Vongola mansion made sure they were well out of his way even as the sunken look on his face and the circles under his eyes aroused their pity.

Yes, it was that time of the day again.

Tsuna noticed nothing.

His feet acted as though on auto pilot and led him to the gardens. Crossing through the rose laden arcs and lilac scented blooms. The chilly night gave the scents an ethereal feeling of being somewhere ethereal. Like a beautiful dream.

Just like you…

He trudged forward until he reached the hill that held your headstone. Covered in your beautiful white and red roses. It’s almost as though the very ground itself was embracing you. Holding you away from him and keeping you safe.

He threw the bottle right at it, the glass breaking into a thousand million pieces when it hit a corner of your grave.

And then Tsuna laughed.

And sobbed.

And cried.

On the very edge of madness.

Has it really been six months? Six months since that cancer killed you?  Has it really been six months since you asked him to hold you in his arms as you sat on this very same spot, watching as the sun went down? You have always loved sunsets. You said it was romantic. And somewhere deep inside where the remnants of his childhood lay Tsuna agreed with you.

Has it really been six months since he last heard you say, ‘I love you…’? Has it really been that long since he held you close as your hand lay limp in his palm and felt your heart stop beating as he held you close?

No it can’t be.

It already feels like forever.

Breaking down he knelt on the ground and embraced your headstone, watering it with his tears. Uncaring of the thorns the flowers pricked him with. Uncaring of the blood that seeped through his skin.

What sense was being the most powerful Mafia Boss in the world bring when he can’t even save you? What good was all this power if he can’t even get you to stay by his side?


It was all for nothing without you…


“No. No I will not allow it!”

“You can’t stop me, Father, I’ve made up my mind!”

“You’re too young! You have no idea what you want, boy! Cease and desist this instant!”

“I’m sorry, Father, but I love her. I need her. I want her to be by my side for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t do this. You are my heir. You can’t just go out into the world and live the life of a civilian just for this girl! I’ll accept her into the family if that’s what you want but stay here for God’s sake! I can keep you both safe!”

“She deserves better than that! She doesn’t belong in this world! In our world! I won’t let her be tainted by your sins! I won’t let the Mafia touch her!”

“Do you really think it’s that simple to get away from the Cosa Nostra?! This world is the womb that gave birth to you! No matter how far you go, no matter how well you hide it will find you. And when it does it will swallow you whole!”

“I don’t care! This is what I want. This is the life I’ll live. Go ahead and wallow in this darkness. I’m choosing to live in the light.”

“Even outside the Mafia the world is not a safe place! Please, let me protect you!”

“I’m sorry, Father. Goodbye.”

It would be the last time Dino would speak to his father for the next three years…

Dino had been so young back then. So innocent. Barely even out of short pants.

And yet he was sure he loved you.

All he knew was that he was in love and nothing was going to stop him from being with you. You didn’t want him to break his father’s heart; but neither could you change his mind. You were the only one who looked back as Dino pulled you away from the mansion.

He ignored his legacy, he ignored his Family and he ignored his father’s love. Because you made him feel like he was more than just the heir to a Mafia legacy. You made him see a future that contained more than just blood and hate and shame. For you he was willing to refuse all the wealth and power his father had accumulated in his lifetime to hand over to him someday because your existence, your way of life gave him a choice. Like he was more than he was meant to be.

Dino moved with you in a country across the ocean. He took a series of different, menial jobs here and there while you studied. He ignored every single one of his father’s messages begging him to come home.

Happily, Dino had lived through those years. They were the best years of his life. No burden of a legacy full of bad karma. No darkness hovering over the horizon demanding he belonged to it. No blood on his hands someday… Soon he forgot about that world and settled into this new one. He was so happy when you told him about the baby a couple of years later. Despite your disappointment that your studies would be put on hold you were excited as well.

Dino knew you tried to keep it a secret but he knew you were sending his father pictures of him and your ultrasound results in an effort to reconcile them; such was the kind of person you were. He didn’t mind. Despite failing him he loved his father very much and you knew that. And from the few letters he had managed to find it seemed his father had forgiven him and was wishing him well in this new life he had chosen. Dino was looking forward to a long and happy future with you and the baby…

And then one night, Dino came back.

Old Don Cavallone had been shaken awake by Romario and he had hastily donned a house robe over himself, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste to get to his child. It would be the first time in three years that he would see Dino again and his heart beat excitedly in his chest at such a happy occasion.

But he stopped in his tracks when he caught a glimpse of his son’s face. His heart pounded in dread when he saw Reborn’s face before the hitman pulled his fedora down and left his son’s side as silent as a shadow.

Gone was the soft roundness of Dino’s happy youth. Where was the face of the happily married man in the photographs on his desk? Before him was a man who looked like he had been through hell and back and more.

Dino’s eyes were chips of ice, his cheeks like chiseled granite. A cut marred the once smooth skin of his left cheek. He had wounds and bruises all over. Covered in swathes of bandages that even covered one eye. In that one moment Don Cavallone thought that his son didn’t look like a civilian at all. Dino looked like a veteran of war.


“I’m sorry, Father,” Don Cavallone and Romario held their breath at the sound of Dino’s voice. Even his voice sounded cold, hard. Like a stone grating on asphalt. The fury simmering underneath it was unmistakable. The heart that had once shone from his eyes torn away from his chest. Gone was the youth. Gone was the innocence. In three years, Dino had turned into a man who had seen what the bottom of a barrel looked like. “You were right. You were right all along. No matter how far I ran, no matter how well I hid it still found me. It swallowed me whole and made me see hell. I… was never meant to be free of this darkness.”

Don Cavallone could do nothing but wrap Dino up in his embrace, in which his boy broke down and sobbed just like he did when he was small and had scraped his knee. It broke the Cavallone don’s heart to see his foal so wounded. It wasn’t until Romario had investigated that they found out that you and your baby had been murdered by ordinary burglars on an ordinary night. Of how the murderers held Dino down and made him watch as they violated you and made you lose your child…

And that the only reason why the Cavallone heir was still alive was because Reborn came over, curious about the Mafia heir who threw away his legacy for anyone. He was there just in time to witness the awakening of the Dying Will Flame that killed killed the animals who had killed you right before they shot Dino between the eyes as he knelt on the floor of their little house staring at your dead and violated body, a sea of Flames around him.

Dino shed the last of his tears that day, hiding the man he had become behind a bright smile and a carefree nature. Hiding the lesson of life that he had learned the hard way. The one fact that he will never forget…

…That the light was never his to truly hold…


He had loved you for years.

Following every move you made.

His eyes tracing your cheeks a hundred times. His lips kissing yours for a million more… He didn’t even know how many countless dreams he had of you writhing under his touch. Panting beneath his body.

Whenever you were around too busy to even notice him all Enma could do was watch you with half parted lips and bated breath, struggling to record your every move and sound so he could take it back with him in his bed. So he could pretend to know what it would feel like for you to moan out his name.

And yet you never looked his way. No, never his way. Your eyes only ever turned to one direction and it was always where Tsuna was.

Tsuna was his best friend. Enma would take a bullet for him. But every time you looked at the man’s way he struggled to get behind the brunette so he could pretend you were looking at him with such longing in your eyes.

Oh the nights when he would touch himself just imagining you looking at him like that. Like he was heaven and hell and everything in between. God he wanted you so much. Each time he came hard calling out your name. Sometimes biting into his pillow so no one would hear.

It would have been so simple if it just ended like that. If he could curl into a ball and sleep the want away. But he would stay awake hours after his release pretending you were there beside him, looking back at him with satiated eyes. Smiling sweetly with eyes that told him you loved him. Telling him about what you did today and what your plans were tomorrow.

In the mornings he would wake up. His dreams of you so real he would reach out to you to hold you close by his side only to clutch empty air. And for a bit he would bury his cries in his pillows begging your absent self to want him. Just want him.

Even if it was just for a bit.

Even if it was just a lie…

Forcing you was out of the question. Even though Tsuna did not love you back he knew he would not be able to live with your hate. Your love meant too much to him. If you flinch from the thought of his touch he would probably die, heartsick. He didn’t want just your body alone he needed you. All of you. Body, heart and soul.

And until you could turn your eyes at him like that he was going to wait forever…

And he will never stop trying.

The girl is inside the cold coffin

What is freedom?
Who can have a life?
The troublesome… careless…
Going straight ahead…
You… I was a little envious of you…

Humans killing humans, what could
Possible be a great cause to do that?
If I’m being condemned as a demon who kills the enemy
Can it be that my heart won’t hurt?

It wasn’t supposed to be like that… There wasn’t any other choice…
Saying excuses won’t possibly make you, guys forgive me, right?
Sigh… I was trying to destroy the bad ones… They got what they deserved…
I don’t want to say any of that, but there was nobody else to do this but me…

I catch freedom… If there is a future…
What will I choose… I don’t know yet…
I can’t choose by myself… It’s an absurd world…
But I still fought… With the hand I was given…

My father’s… no… My life
Was a mistake - I won’t let anyone to say that!
My bet starts from here…

The shadow of the idea appeared like a symbol
And it’s shaking on the wall that was woven by titans
The blind race was being taken far away
Their homeland is far, over the sea and horizon

To be tainted by the red of sin, they fly away not knowing anything
Countless shadow falls to the ground calling for the twilight…

Weak people Sly people Water is flowing down
Time repeats itself endlessly The “rondo” sounds like regret
I couldn’t become a soldier but I failed being a warrior too
Me who ran outside the walls, where can I possibly go home to?

Even if I see freedom in a dream… Reality twists it around…
Corpses are being piled up… But it still doesn’t reach the sky…
At the end of the stretched out finger… There is the pain of the glittering blade…
Without catching anything… I fell to hell…

My father’s… no… my life
Was a mistake - Nobody can know that!

The dream… I saw in the cold coffin…
Will a day come… when I can talk about it… to you?

(I swear the lines that doesn’t make sense doesn’t make much sense in Japanese either x"D I’m so open for suggestions!!)

(I saw people asking where are these songs from. It’s Linked Horizon’s 2nd album. All the songs I written from the perspectives of different SnK characters.)