tainted violets

Unlikely Brothers

It was rare, the Legionary mused, that Brotherhood was considered any sort of trait to cling to these days. His fingers curled around the grip of the stasis-coffin, and hauled it along the dirty, debris strewn avenue. He guarded the coffin jealously with his spear, the phoenix wing decorating its back edge gleaming and dappled with blood. Torien, Spearman of the Third Legion and Gold Masque of a now dead warband, was dragging his last, near dead brother to the only salvation he could think of - to honour the pacts they had sworn.

The moon hung low in the violet skies, tainted an unhealthy, bruise shade. As with all worlds in the Eye’s embrace, it was a sickly, cursed thing. It cast the old, wraithbone city in ugly tones, turned the dust-heavy wind scarlet in its brooding light. Urum was a place that drew savants, lunatics and souls driven mad with their vision.

Provided that vision was rooted in biology.

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RPDR Highschool!AU CH7

Main Pairing: Pearl x Violet

Side Pairings: Katya x Trixie, Sharon x Alaska, Max x Biblegirl666, Phi Phi x Sharon, Roy x Adore

Rated M for Mean Girl References

Chapter 1 (X) & Chapter 2 (X) & Chapter 3 (X) & Chapter 4 (X) & Chapter 5 (X)

Chapter 6 (X) & Chapter 7 (X) & Chapter 8 (X)

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It baffles me how your working hands
are tulip soft as if they have neither been
strained nor pained witness to a task
and they have, they have twice in the morn’,
thrice in a course of a day. Why even the sky
is tainted a violet-red bruise at dusk.

Yet yours remain faultless, as if gloved
with spring blossoms that sprang from veins
and abidingly covered your palms like garlands.
My palms rest over petals. If time and labor
are teeth that withdraw youth and roughen skin,
they missed you. And I like holding your hands.