MUPANAH Museum, Haiti 🇭🇹

🌟The Mupanah Museum is a cultural and architectural jewel summarizing the rich history of Haiti.

Magnificent exhibition dating back several centuries to the present day tracing the Indigenous Tainos epochs, slavery, independence then the various heads of State and presidents of the Republic.

Condensed, simple but effective.

🌟El Mupanah Museum es una joya cultural y arquitectónica que resume la rica historia de Haití.

Magnífica exposición que se remonta a varios siglos hasta nuestros días, trazando las épocas indígenas Tainos, la esclavitud, la independencia y luego los diversos jefes de Estado y presidentes de la República.

Condensado, simple pero eficaz.

🌟Le Musée du Mupanah est un joyau culturel et architectural résumant la richesse Historique d'Haïti.

Magnifique exposition datant de plusieurs siècles jusqu à nos jours retraçant les époques Indigènes Taïnos, l'esclavage, l'indépendance puis les différents chefs d'Etat et présidents de cette République.

Condensé, simple mais efficace.

I wish there was a tumblr Taino community

Beyond the few of us that use the tag.
Something to find a way to learn our language, to share what we know within our community and yet still be proud of our distinct Taino heritages.
I think that’d be so awesome (and kinda necessary for some of us).

They [Europeans] took infants [Tainos] from their mothers’ breasts, snatching them by the legs and pitching them headfirst against the crags or snatched them by the arms and threw them into the rivers, roaring with laughter and saying as the babies fell into the water, “Boil there, you offspring of the devil!” Other infants they put to the sword along with their mothers and anyone else who happened to be nearby.

Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies; by Bartolome de Las Casas, 1542

and ppl wonder why I’M so fuckin “radical”,why I get so fuckin angry. THIS IS WHY. fuck cristobal colon. he doesn’t even deserve capital letters. he stole all the capital he wanted.



[1: ‘Fuck Columbus’ is an useless display of impotent rage.]

[2: Last year I was very frustrated to see photosets being shared online of people saying this]

[3: What does this accomplish? What does this mean? Who does it affect?]

[4: Columbus was a genocidal sociopath who single handedly killed thousands of Taino]

[5: His legacy may be the colonization of all the Americas, but Columbus never set foot in North America and colonialism preceded him]

[6: Who is Columbus? A dead man whose grave & bones haven’t been defiled or desecrated. Unless you’re campaigning for tht, why say “fuck Colón”?]

[7: Saying “fuck Columbus” doesn’t strike at the heart of the issue. The root of the issue is colonialism in all it’s forms.]

[8: Why isn’t saying “fuck the nation-state” or “fuck white supremacy” or “fuck white culture” more popular than “fuck Columbus”?]

[9: It’s easy to blame a nobody. But while Columbus was responsible for our genocide, there are larger implications to who is responsible today]

[10: If you really wanna “fuck Columbus”, stop dropping his name. Let him fade into obscurity and disappear like he tried to do to us]

[11:  Now, it’s becoming recognized that this is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Let him die the most final of deaths and breath his name no more]

[12: Let us put our pain and grief to bed this day]

[13: I would rather celebrate all of us]

  • 7. Luokka
  • Opo: ei teillä mitään kiirettä ole päättää tulevaisuudestanne vielä
  • 8. Luokka
  • Opo: ei teillä mitään kiirettä ole päättää tulevaisuudestanne vielä
  • 9. Luokka
  • Opo: *veitsi sun kurkulla* lukio vai amis?
  • Päätösaikaa pari kuukautta.
  • Lukioon kannattaa mennä.
  • Taino onhan se teidän oma päätös mutta lukio silti.
  • Muistakaa että te päätätte teijän tulevaisuuden kokonaan yhteishaun aikana.
  • Miten niin "en osaa päättää vielä"? NYT. PITÄÄ. PÄÄTTÄÄ.
  • Ai amikseenko? Noh mä kumminkin merkkaan lukion tänne.

This is a logo I did of Chief Anacanoa she was one of the highest chiefs in Haiti then know as Hispaniola and leader of the indengious Taino tribe that the Spaniards found there. When the invaders tried to colonize Haiti she gave them quite a fight. After they finally captured her they proposed to spare her life if she became a sex slave to which she historically responded “Kiss My Hurricane Ass.” her strong spirit later became a voice for the revolution that finally gave Haiti its independence. I really enjoy this design. Her name means Golden Flower 

Puerto Rico and Taínos

Okay, I just identified one reason why I’m usually weirded out whenever my fellow Puerto Ricans and their descendants talk about their own indigenousness, literally claim to be indigenous, or talk about the genocide of Taínos in a way that either blames “white people” (whatever that means cuz I’ve noticed some blame Spaniards, some blame all descendants of Spaniards, some weirdly blame gringos which is fucking weird) or blames no one (“the Taínos were massacred” “by who??”).

I am really bothered by this phenomenon because it ignores two facts:

a) Puerto Rico was created as a settler colony. Puerto Rico’s institutions, culture, society was built on top of the foundations of a settler colony. A settler colony is by definition detrimental to the original inhabitants of the land. Your being Puerto Rican doesn't make you the heir of the Taínos (at least not directly), it makes you the heir of the colonising project that destroyed them (and this is very direct). 

b) If your ancestors were indigenous, then (given the very high rates of European ancestry on the island and mixing between Europeans and indigenous people in the early days of the colony) your ancestors were probably also European. If you are a descendant of indigenous people (which a lot of people in PR claim whether they have proof or not which is besides the point but whatever), then you are almost for certain a descendant of those who killed them. You are a descendant of those who killed the Taínos. Why do you ignore this though?? It’s one thing to honor the memory of the Taínos (which I believe is important), but to rid yourself of the inherited blame for their genocide is such a huge disrespect and frankly just weird, especially being a member of the continuation of the settler colony that destroyed them.