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If you are part of or support neo-Mexica revisionism or any neo-indigenous revisionism you are supporting erasure and violence towards Indigenous peoples.

Whether it be the Mexica Movement (which is NOT the only neo-Mexica group), neo-Taino “tribes”, Mayanism, Rainbow Warriors or whatever else; it is all appropriative, silencing, full of erasure and violent.

  • You do not become Indigenous by yelling that you are Indigenous the loudest.
  • You do not become Indigenous by the popularity of your ideas among non-Indigenous majority populations or by misleading Indigenous folks who are not familiar with the Peoples you falsely claim.
  • You do not become Indigenous by propaganda.
  • You do not become Indigenous by defining indigeneity so that it suits you.
  • You do not become Indigenous by self-imposing rules based on your interpretation of non-indigenous scholarship.
  • You do not become Indigenous by silencing the Indigenous peoples you are most directly violent towards.

If you want to be “enlightened” if you want to find your People and learn more about heritage down your family lines you do that respectfully through your People/Nation and them alone. You cannot get this from books. You cannot get this from those who strong arm their way into Indigenous spaces.



[1: ‘Fuck Columbus’ is an useless display of impotent rage.]

[2: Last year I was very frustrated to see photosets being shared online of people saying this]

[3: What does this accomplish? What does this mean? Who does it affect?]

[4: Columbus was a genocidal sociopath who single handedly killed thousands of Taino]

[5: His legacy may be the colonization of all the Americas, but Columbus never set foot in North America and colonialism preceded him]

[6: Who is Columbus? A dead man whose grave & bones haven’t been defiled or desecrated. Unless you’re campaigning for tht, why say “fuck Colón”?]

[7: Saying “fuck Columbus” doesn’t strike at the heart of the issue. The root of the issue is colonialism in all it’s forms.]

[8: Why isn’t saying “fuck the nation-state” or “fuck white supremacy” or “fuck white culture” more popular than “fuck Columbus”?]

[9: It’s easy to blame a nobody. But while Columbus was responsible for our genocide, there are larger implications to who is responsible today]

[10: If you really wanna “fuck Columbus”, stop dropping his name. Let him fade into obscurity and disappear like he tried to do to us]

[11:  Now, it’s becoming recognized that this is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Let him die the most final of deaths and breath his name no more]

[12: Let us put our pain and grief to bed this day]

[13: I would rather celebrate all of us]

You see… I take issue with Mexicans/South Americans claiming Columbus killed their ppl when He didn’t step foot outside the Caribbean and when those he did murder and caused to be labeled extinct (beside not being so) are still denied representation even in indigenous circles.. Same issue with non-taíno and non-caribe nations in general tbh.
Like yeah he set the standard and open the gate to hell for the entirety of the indigenous global community- but erasing an already globally excluded nation(s) under the guise of solidarity and to address his crimes it well… Doesn’t address it at all. You are just continuing our systematic erasure and historical genocide by stepping on our experiences and history to further your own. That isn’t cool. That’s a colonizer thing. Don’t do colonizer things. Please decolonize you Columbus day/Indigenous pride day posts and related projects. Thank you.