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Draco Malfoy and the Chicken Etiquette Class

I can legit imagine Draco going to The Burrow and critiquing the chickens and the cockerel on their plumage saying how they’re not anything against the Malfoy’s peacocks

Mrs Weasley asking Harry where Draco has gone and Harry is like uhhhh hang on and he goes and finds Draco out in the yard bent over double with his fingers wiggling behind his back as he struts up and down cawing. The chickens and cockerel are in a line watching him and their little heads follow him left to right and back again. Draco is adamant and saying ‘THIS is how you do it!!! not any of that pansy cawing! Or strutting!’

Harry awkwardly trying to get Draco’s attention but Draco is now showing the chickens how to properly push their chests out and strut around to attract a mate. Harry is silently in tears for trying not to laugh at how mortified the chickens are

Draco suddenly realising he’s not alone and freezing where he’s bent over fanning a pretend tail. His face colouring up bright red and immediately spluttering. Harry knowing he’s never gonna let Draco forget this and shrugging, gesturing to the chickens and back. 'Well…it worked. I’m here’

'What?’ Draco snaps, his face maroon now and his voice high pitched

'You attracted a mate. It worked’ Harry grins, waiting for his humour to sink in

Draco looking absolutely mortified but the chickens begin cawing happily and he glares at them as Harry begins to laugh manically.

'Traitors’ Draco hisses venomously as Harry, so fucking in love with this pompous arrogant blonde, tugs Draco into a kiss right there in the Weasleys back yard, not even caring when their embrace is joined by a chorus of cawing birds

mp938368  asked:

Can you do the Chocobros reacting to their s/o getting seriously injured while trying to keep them safe? Like maybe their s/o pushes them out of the way of an incoming attack, & gets hit in their place.

Over protective S/O is best!  Yes! Ready for this!



It happened so fast, one moment Noctis found himself frozen staring eye to eye with the large serpent like creature that raised itself to strike. The next he was being pushed aside by you, only to watch as the Midgrdsormr wrapped it’s jaws around you.

Had you not been wielding a spear at that time and managed to jam it vertically within its mouth, it would have easily snapped you in two. Yet still the creature managed to get its fangs within you, as your scream echoed around the battlefield.

Noctis let out a  bark of your name, feeling his hands surround in a power. He wasn’t certain if it was fire, or ice but he knew that this time he would not miss. He aimed for the head, stunning the creature, before quickly warping up, one slash of his sword, taking the head clean from the rest of the body.

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we need an ‘otaku’-fic where ladybug and chat fight an akuma (”weeaboo”) who sends people through different anime/manga-verses

ladybug is totally clueless and weeb-adrien definitely knows every single anime

  • Ouran High School Host Club 
  • Fruits Basket 
    Chat: What a catastrophe!
    Kyo: I swear I’ll punch you if you don’t shut the fuck up.
  • Soul Eater
    Ladybug: Well, that’s actually a pretty cool world. I could live here.
  • Ao no Exorcist 
    Rin and Chat both admire each other’s tails. 
    Rin: Do you think a skin tight suit would suit me?
    Yukio: Nii-san no!
    Chat: Hell yes!
    Ladybug: Chat no! Stop the puns!
    (okay, as an ane fan i have so many scenarios that i could write a whole 30 chapter fic about just this crossover)
  • Higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
    Both: Nope, next one.
  • Attack on Titan
    Ladybug: How about a world in which we won’t get killed by accident?
  • Ranma ½
    Ladybug: So, lets say you stay a girl for more than a month, would you get your period?
    Chat: Ladybug, no!
  • KissXSis
    Ladybug: I’m kinkshaming all of you
  • Boku no pico
    Ladybug: But we just got ice-cream? 

bonus: they find alya, nino (and chloé) along the way

bonus-bonus: accidental reveal

Update: I’ll probably write the fic.

Devilspawn Bait (Dean x Reader)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 256
Prompts: “Are you alright?” “I was just chased by a small army of angry gnomes.” “Imps, actually.”


    If somebody had asked you how you wanted to spend your day, you wouldn’t have wished to be in your current situation. Of course, nobody did ask you, seeing how you were a hunter and hunters took whatever life handed them and didn’t complain.

    Right now, you’d really like to punch life right in its stupid face. Mostly because you were high-tailing it away from a small hoard of tiny goblins bent on killing you.

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How to Straighten Crimped Faux Fur

Have you had your fursuit for a few years now and you’re noticing the armpits, butt, or just the fur on the suit overall getting crimped? Have you bought some fur that arrived in the mail creased? Did you leave your fursuit body in a duffel bag just a little too long? Here’s how to fix it! 

You’ll need:

  • A hairdryer
  • Your clean dry fur
  • Slicker brush. A straight comb will work too, but I find the slicker untangles even the tightest clumps.

This is the butt of one of my fursuits, too much lounging around the fursuit lounge for me! Even though I washed this recently and brush it religiously as it dries, its age is showing, the fur just tends to clump together.

1. Begin with clean dry fur. You don’t want to re-activate any stinky armpits or anything frightening like that! If its new from the fabric store fur that happens to be crimped, you don’t have to wash it.

2. Using your slicker brush brush out the affected area of the fursuit. For some types of fur fabrics, it may look fine now, but older fur tends to want to go back into little fur clumps with just a bit of movement. This process should help that.

3. Use a hairdryer and heat up the fur fibers. Yep that’s right: Heat! You are relaxing the plastic fibers in a controlled fashion. I used a medium-high heat worked on small areas at a time to accomplish the task, so I could straighten it out quickly. See below for an interesting heat test I did.

4. Some areas needed more work than others, especially the tail opening where my belt goes in and a lot of rubbing occurred. Go back over with the hairdryer and straighten it as many times as needed.

Here is the armpit area, lots of rubbing happens here as I move in my costume. Brushing seems to do OK, but since it goes back into little clumps this process helps straighten the fur back out again!

Hmm… But how much is TOO MUCH? 

Well, I was curious, too! So I tested it on my hairdryer’s highest heat setting. I felt 4 minutes was a lot in one area (I couldn’t go 5 since my hairdryer itself was getting really hot!) this test was performed on a fur scrap, I encourage you to test these results at home, too!! Maybe you will have more results to share, I’d love to hear!

So how exactly does fur get crimped? What does it take? I used a high heat setting on my hairdryer and put a lid over the center of a piece of fur to see how it did. I considered the center of the fur (what was covered by the lid) as my control, since no hot air could blow through to reach it.

After 4 minutes straight of using the hairdryer on the fur I met my limit (it felt quite hot in my hand), I brushed it, and where the lid sat the pressure from the lid combined with the heat made an indent! 

The end result was actually surprising, the texture of the fur outside and protected under was the same

The fur on some areas of my 4-year old bodysuit was actually quite crimped, especially where I sat down on it a lot. So after several passes with the hairdryer and slicker brush to straighten back out, I think these results are very satisfying!

I hope this guide helps you recover your fur on your bodies, damaged fur fabric orders, and so on! Don’t hesitate to test on scraps before you dive in! Testing helps give us the confidence to learn new things!

Special ops in space part 2

Getting ready for college so things might come in spurts… oh, and I wish I could draw as good as my imagination is man.

Just like when they entered the ship, Team Whiskey Bravo Tango, or WBT, surrounded the researchers. Unlike this time, instead of only protecting the humans, they fanned out around the entire expedition team. Captain Oliver Cote, originally from the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 through the Army, was scouting ahead with Major Anzelm Nowale, originally from the Polish GROM program through the Air Force. Flanking the team was Captain Lyne Moore, once a member or the USAF special ops Weathermen, along with Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Harris, the second in command and a past member of the Marine Recon team. Bringing up the rear was Orlogskaptein Martin Berg of the Norwegian Royal Navy, ops team the Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK), and the leader of the joint special ops team Colonel Victor Kelly, past member of the USMC Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies (ANGLICO).

The Quirn, the 3.5 meters tall race of highly advanced warrior species covered in a natural steel-like armor, scoffed at the “savages”. The researchers had done extensive scans on the planet and had not found any threatening species present. They believed the humans naive to be as wary as they were right now, ‘guns’ raised to their cheeks. So of course, everything went to hell as soon as they were out of sight from the ship.

A 5 meter high, heavily spiked lizard/wolf/slug creature reared up when one of the overly comfortable Quirn stepped on the edge of its tail. The creature removed its camouflage, running through many colors (many of which the humans of the team had never seen before) before it attacked. Team WBT was quick to react, guns up and firing as soon as the creature made a threatening move towards the team.

“Get back to the ship! Team, form up!” Victor yelled quickly, herding the civilian humans towards the ship as one of the Quirn warriors was slammed into a tree. The team surrounded the creature and shot rapidly, aiming for any possible chinks it the creature’s armor.

“Kelly, bring that back dead or alive.” The others could only pause in their terror as biologist Human Nate calmly called to the Colonel before running towards the others.


When the others had returned to the ship, Captain Te’letn prepared to return back to the main ship. As the engines began to charge, the humans began to realise what the aliens were planning. Seeing as many other species would leave those they assumed dead to their death, they thought nothing of it to leave the human team behind. Apparently that was the wrong decision. Xiloiy now understood why the humans laughed when he questioned the strength of their female. Human Katarina the medical officer was terrifying. Trying to comfort the crew hiding in the corner, Human Dave the geologist explained that this was due to the ‘no man left behind theory’ that even if they were dead, you always go back for the others. The chatter on the private comms attributed this to the strong pack bonds the decidedly social humans form.

After what seemed like forever due to the tenseness surrounding the crew, both the Quirn and the human team returned to the ship. Both were injured and a few of the Quirn had strange wraps around them. What really terrified the crew, more so than the fact that the squishy mud balls were alive, was the creature that had tried to kill them all was trailing behind Human Oliver, head down and submissive.

“Kelly, what happened out there?” Human Nate asked.

“Sir, it turns out that Q.T has similar mannerisms to that of our wolves. Though, it seems that they are maternally run, as the little wimp dropped down as soon was Cote used her ‘mom’ voice after the rain of bullets.”  The humans bark- no, laughed at that. The others were still staring at the monster.

“Take it to containment chamber 3 please. We will see if we can tame it at a later date. I know many of us are itching to study it.” Kelly nodded and Human Oliver and Human Anthony guided the beast to the containment area.

It took a week for the alien crew to stop flinching away from the team, and though Captain Te’letn tried to hide it, he was still wary around Human Katrina. She also needed to explain what the cloth on the Quirn warriors were. It was something called an Elastiheal, a bandage the humans had to develop during their latest war. It stopped healing immediately and promoted rapid regeneration of cells.

After the week of slight tension, the aliens decided to try and become closer to the humans, realizing that the pack bonds humans were  keen to form could save their hides. Azxceta, Chief of the Quirn guards on the ship, had even kneeled, something that the race as a whole almost never does, and formally thanked the team. Victor, as the leader of the team, accepted the thanks, then invited all of the Quirn to sit and share stories with them of past battles. They were overjoyed.

That joy quickly turned to horror when the first human opened their mouth…

whereisthefood123  asked:

Hi! I saw you opened up requests 😄 could I ask for "I'm in love... shit" for Gajevy please? I love your writing ❤❤❤

So sorry this took so long but here it is!! This story had like five different ideas behind it, but this one came out on top. Hope you like it!!

The whistle blew, and Gajeel found himself once again slammed into the ground by the opposing team.

“Fuck,” He groaned as he picked himself off the ground and dusted himself off. He was not on his best game mind right now, and it was all because of one little cheerleader.

It was the annual cross-town high school football game; Phantom Lord High versus Fairy Tail High. Both schools had held long-standing rivalry, and this was the night the both schools got the fight it out to see who would make it not only to play off but to Nationals. “Black Steel” Gajeel Redfox was feared not only on the field but off the field as well. But not tonight. Tonight he was getting his ass handed to him. All because of her.

Levy McGarden had have been the tiniest, most adorable cheerleader he had ever met. He loved the way she would always be the one tossed up in the air and tonight he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Since freshman year he had no idea what the gotten into him. Ever since he pulled an unforgivable prank on her and her friends, he had been branded as enemy number one by everyone in Fairy Tail and felt guilty, and it bothered him.

“What the hell is going on Redfox?! Give these Fairies hell!” Coach Jose Poral screamed at him as Gajeel was once again thrown to the ground by Fairy Tail’s Linebacker, Elfman.

With score seventy to twelve by the third quarter, he knew he had been beaten and when the game finally ended it felt like a relief. Fairy Tail exploded with cheer as Natsu scored the final touchdown and won the game. He could see how happy she was that they had beaten Phantom after two years of losing to them. He looked over to Jose who was fuming. He was so red in the face was that he started to look purple

In the locker room, Jose gave Gajeel hell for losing such an important game. But his mind wasn’t listening to he tuned out his coach and his thought roamed to her.

A smack from Coach Jose clipboard sent him jolting back into reality.

“Tomorrow I want you on the field by six A.M sharp! As punishment you are doing drills until you drop do you hear me?” He snapped. Gajeel growled but didn’t snap back. A cold shower later and it hit him harder than Elfman did.

“I’m in love with her…Shit,” He groaned as he slammed a fist on the lockers. He needed to make things right with her.

Over the next few weeks, Gajeel tried to find the little blue cheerleader to try and talk to her but never could. His friends began to notice his odd behavior and tried to tease the Quarterback, but ended up dodging his fists. His coach didn’t make it any easier as well. Anytime Jose even caught Gajeel losing his focus during practice, Gajeel found himself doing drills and running laps till he collapsed.

As the end of the Fall semester was coming to a close, he found himself slowly losing hope of ever getting a chance to talk to her. She was just so elusive, and when he did find her, she was surrounded by either her lap dogs or cheer squad. Until one day, he went into a bookstore that only the locals knew of and found her.

He needed new books to read up on for welding and mechanics when a mess of blue hair caught the corner of his eye. Sneaking around the shelf, he saw her with a huge stack of books in her arms at the cashier. She looked beyond happy with her small treasure of books and laughed at something the clerk said.

“Gajeel what are you doing here?” A voice behind him said. He nearly jumped three feet into the air out of surprise. When he looked back, he saw Juvia, his longtime friend, and captain of the swim team.

“Damn it Juvia, how many times do I have to tell yeah don’t sneak up on me like that!” He hushed, not wanting to blow his cover.

“Well, Juvia finds it odd that Gajeel isn’t our right now drinking with the rest of his team and in a bookstore. Much more Juvia has heard that Gajeel has been given punishment for losing the big game and is starting to lose his edge. Is that true?” Juvia asked as she looked him dead in the eye. He let out a sigh of defeat, he couldn’t hide anything from Juvia. One way or another she’ll find out.

“Look, just don’t tell anyone. But I’m trying to apologize to Levy Mcgarden.” He muttered in defeat. Juvia gave him a rare smile and gave him a quick hug.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with Juvia.” She whispered as she began to go back to her browsing. He looked back at Levy only to see that she was gone. Once again he had lost her.

Over the next couple of days, Gajeel came back to the bookstore at various times. It got to the point that owner of the store would leave him food and water and at times tell him if he had just missed her.

Then one day on the last of the Fall semester he saw her, and she was alone in the bookstore browsing the large selection of old leather books. The owner looked up and smiled amusedly at the young boy trying to win the girl’s, heart.

He slowly made his way to her; he didn’t want to scare her or let her feel trapped as he cleared his throat behind her. She looked, and her face went from curious to utter horror.

“Wait!” He yelled as she tried to bolt. He grabbed her wrist quickly but not hard.

“Please don’t hurt me! If this is some kind of sick twisted thing, you’re going to do then just leave the others out of it!” She cried out, causing some of the other shoppers to look but the owner managed to divert their attention away.

“Look I don’t want to hurt you,” He sighed and let her go. She gave him a hard look(,) trying to find a single warning sign that told her to run but found nothing. His eyes looked full of guilt and sadness, nothing compared to the ones she had seen before.

“I just want to apologize for what I did. It was wrong, and honestly, I don’t expect Yeah to forgive me, but I regret doing what I did to you Freshman year.” He looked down, turned and walked away.

“Wait,” Her soft voice stopped him dead in his tracks. “Why are you apologizing? I thought you were some big shot who only cared about beating our school in every way possible. So why are you apologizing for your best victory against us?” She demanded, wanting to know the truth. If he honestly wanted to apologize, she wanted to get the truth of him.

“Because I’ve never felt more guilty in my life. I hurt someone who is honestly the crown jewel for their school. She was the kindest, sweetest thing ever and everyone like her. I thought that destroying you like that would crush your school’s spirit. But I was wrong. And what I did was wrong. You didn’t deserve what I did to you, and there is no way in this lifetime I could do anything to earn your forgiveness.” He admitted, he felt a small part of his burden come off him, but it was almost nothing.

Levy didn’t know what to say to his apology, it shocked her seeing the once proud and feared football player come to her almost broken and guilt riddled. Maybe this jock was more than meets the eye, and she wasn’t one to hold a grudge if one asked for forgiveness.

“How about we start over?” She asked him offering her hand and a small smile. He looked up at her, shocked. He gave her his classic smirk and counted his lucky stars.

“I would love that,” He agreed.

1 & 2-Steve Rogers

1. “Is…Is this a hit list?”
2. “So. How long have you been stalking me?”

You slowed down as you reached the end of an alley, a smirk playing on your lips. You had caught sight of a certain shadow following you. So, naturally, you decided to have a little fun. You had lead the shadow up and around the city, hopping into cab after cab with him right on your tail. You had spoken in hushed tones with a few friends of yours, slyly handing them stuff you owed them. Now, you decided to end the little chase.

So. How long have you been stalking me?” you asked, turning to face your shadow, “Don’t get me wrong. The Captain America showing interest in me is…a high for the day.”

The super soldier’s mouth slacked slightly near the end of the alley. He quickly let out a chuckle as he made his way closer to you. Eventually, he was just an arm’s length away from you.

“I should’ve known better than to tail a SHIELD agent,” he mused aloud.
You chuckled. “Yet, here you are,” you continued to tease, “I must’ve made you quite the Nervous Nelly for you to follow me around the city.”
Steve bit on his lip slightly. “Yes and no.”
You quirked a brow. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, you definitely caught my interest,” he admitted, a pink tinted blush appearing, “…for more than one reason.”

You watched as his eyes flickered to the piece of paper you had been holding all day. You followed his gaze while raising the list. Arching a brow, you handed it to Steve. His gaze narrowed as he studied the list of names, most of whom he didn’t recognize.

Is…Is this a hit list?” he whispered, slightly scared.
You shook your head, grinning. “No, Rogers. I don’t carry that around in plain daylight…or on paper.”
“Then what is it?” he asked.

You smirked, shooting him a wink. His adorable blush returned. He started to cough and clear his throat.

“Uh, um, this is a, uh, that kind of list?”

You chuckled, putting the paper away. You shot the super soldier another wink neither confirming nor denying whatever his thoughts were. With a broad smirk, you walked past the man and toward the street. With knit brows, Steve turned after you.

“Y/N! Y/N wait!” he called.

He had to know why his name had been first on whatever list this was.


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Request Here : Prompt List (Closed)

La Belle et la Sorcière

Anonymous asked: Okay since literally NO ONE writes for Disney Descendants, do you think you can do a Mal x Ben/Chad’s sister fic. It doesn’t have to be either of the princes, but I kinda like the idea of this high class royal kid falling in love with this high class evil kid

Descendants Anonymous here, I would prefer the reader to be Ben'a sister tbh

Hi, this is the descendants anon. I don’t know if you saw the second part of the request I sent or if I even sent it, but i would like it to be a general princess x Mal (she doesn’t have to be evil, but whatever works best for your writing is great)

Ma dude, my darling, you have awoken something within me. I am a huge fairytale nerd and you can bet your fucking ass I will use my knowledge to the best of my ability to do this. I am 10000000% ready for this shit oh my god. I also watched Pete’s Dragon before writing so yeh…hahaha.

Big shout out to my friend Roxy (I think she has a tumblr I forget what it’s called haha, whoops sorry) for helping me out. She’s Canadian and speaks French. The title translates to, ‘The Beauty and the Witch’ since like…Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty both have French origins. So thanks so much for help me out darling! *blows kisses*

And thank you very much for the compliment darling! Anyway, here we go~!

Warnings: Uh….fluff? Dragons. This thing is long as fuck holy shit. And this sucks.

Your name: submit What is this?

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The proposal • Nathaniel

You are together since a few years now, and it is question to make a new step… To who would you say yes ?

This is my first real drabble, I am a little nervous about it. Do you have some suggestions, remarks ? Of course, other guys will follow. Let’s begin with Nathaniel (The next one will be Kentin).

This is an idea/request from @supersweetpinkcandyposts

His parents would always have so many difficulties to accept Candy. Actual situation couldn’t be comparable to their first year together — it was hell at this moment, and he really thought he could lose her because of them. But time didn’t erase memories, and it seems like he was the only one to recognize what she did for him. Even after several years, they were still cold and distant with her. They always had a word to say about her outfit, her job, her decorative tastes, her positions. They couldn’t make her know she wasn’t a woman for him better than that.

“For when is the wedding ?” And of course, at family reunions, there would always be someone to ask that kind of embarrassing question.

At Nathaniel’s left, his mother practically choked with her wine.

No, they didn’t accept her, but they were sadly resigned to see her hereabouts. For his entire life, Nathaniel hoped. Because yes, despite what his family could want, he was ready to make a new step in his love life.

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anonymous asked:

What're your favourite nalu fics (^0^*) ??

ok so I’ve answered this before but HEY perfect chance to throw it out there again!

The Farmer’s Daughter by @kapower bcus it’s super cute and I lover her and it and you should read it

Her Strength by Mooifyou’recows of course, and she also has a 

One Wish by @one-wish-fanfic. There is nsfw later on, and I really love this plot!

Village In The Stars by @madartiste. Again with the nsfw, but I love this so much I can always re-read it.

Of Myths and Monsters by @storybooksandfairytails. This is so cute and well written with a bunch of other ships! I also love non human au’s so…

Ollpheist Alainn by @rivendell101. It hasn’t been updated in a while because she has too many genius ideas, but I am so looking forward to when she gets the chance to work on it!! All of her au’s are magical, but this one just stuck out to me!

Dark Sun by @mslead is my FAV ONE SHOT. EVER. Well, it’s probably tied with a few others but they are eclipsed in my mind right now. The rest of her stuff owns my soul and she is the queen of au’s PLUs she can draw so double whammy. I spam her with pugs to show her my love.

Balam Academy by @wordsofawitheringwriter. This is a high school au, AND a next gen villain/hero fic. I love these soooooooooo much you don’t understand nonny. I would sell my soul for anything next gen villain / hero. BUT HERE IT IS COMBINED WITH FAIRY TAIL. Take that, Satan. 

Teeth by @consulting-dragon-slayer is a nsfw lugratsu fic, so you know, nalu is there too ;D but I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY SOUL. ALL OF IT.

@hannah-nobody, is the queen of angst and ripping out my soul I love her. Read A War On Two Fronts  or The Horrors of Spring

@snogfairy is the queen of salt and is rood to me but I still envy her writing skills. I love Love Thy Neighbour and Piroschka to name only a few. Seriously I’m waiting for the day I can buy her published books, and she captures the nalu dynamic so well and pure and gahhhh

@soprana-snap, @lonestorm​ or @toxineena. They are all amazing. ALL OF THEM, and their writing makes me happy to read plus they’re all sweethearts!

EDIT: I AM A SHAM. You wanna know the biggest problem with making friends in fandom? TOO MANY GOOD WRITER FRIENDS.

OKso also please read Magnolia Nine Nine by @thehexperiment bcus it’s comedic and I love it and her and I’m so sorryyyyy

So leaks of the last chapter of Fairy Tail are being posted and there’s a wide range of responses from the fans; one reaction that I’m seeing repeatedly is “as fans of Fairy Tail, we should be grateful and accepting of the way Hiro Mashima ends his manga, he can end it however he wants, and the fans should be happy with it”. As someone who experienced the Naruto and Bleach endings, here’s what I think: while an author has the right to end their story however they want, that does not and should not shield them from criticism. As soon as you publish something for the public to consume, your work is open to critique. Going through this twice before, fans policing other fans about how we should feel just rubs me the wrong way. If you loved the end of a story to bits, good for you, but if someone else is disappointed or even angry with the ending, their feelings are valid as well and they have a right to express that.

Hell, I know a lot of people were salty with the Naruto and Bleach endings just because their ships weren’t canon, but there was PLENTY to criticize about the endings outside of the ships. Bleach ended abruptly with several fan-favorite characters M.I.A., Naruto continues to uphold the shinobi system even though he promised he would change it, etc. And in Fairy Tails’ case, while the ships were never the main focus of Naruto and Bleach, so much ship tease was thrown at us from the story and little drawings Mashima did that seeing The Big Four together and happy was expected. We weren’t just thrown a bone here and there; we were given the whole damn carcass. To not be shown a kiss from anyone IS a letdown because our expectations were built up so high, and it’s not like we are solely to blame; Mashima is guilty of not delivering what he implicitly promised (Gajevy being the exception for obvious reasons, also maybe Gruvia when we finally get the translations). Does this make the rest of Fairy Tail bad? No, but if someone is trying to make you feel guilty for not being happy right now, forget them and just feel your feelings.

Ride or Die.8

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Description: It was there all along, now you’ve got the words to go with it.

Prev: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Warning: None

The vibrations of the car soothed your tired mind, exhausted from being on the road for so long. Taeyong, in a spur of the moment during one of his famous shower ideas, decided that he wanted to pack up what little you had in the motel you were currently staying in, and high tail it somewhere. Where, he wouldn’t tell you, claiming it to be a surprise that needed to be exposed at the right moment.
“And that moment,” Taeyong had said, chuckling and slowly wrapping his arms around your waist, tugging you to him, “Is not right now, jagi. You’ll just have to wait.”
Pouting in an attempt to get him to spill, you had to give him props, he did stand his ground, and ignore the puppy face you gave him the entire way, which was odd for his weak mind when it came to his jagi. But then again, his strategy was to refuse eye contact with you, keeping the radio up so he couldn’t be persuaded by your adorable whining, and occupy himself by tracing the slightly raised skin of the star on your wrist, to which you found yourself doing the same to the moon on his.
”They definitely match us,” Taeyong said several nights ago, while you were tangled together in the sheets, cuddled together, arms raised in the air and admiring your tattoos beside each other. “Two completely different things, the moon and stars. But yet all part of the same beautiful night sky. That’s you and me, jagi. Two sides of the same coin, one never without the other, until the end of time, and even after that.”
You smiled at the memory of Taeyong’s description of your relationship, sighing happily and leaning your head back against the car seat, eyes drifting to look at Tae’s own smiling face, happy that he could see his intended destination in the near distance.
“What are we doing back here again?” You asked, sitting up a bit more in your seat, recognizing the city that you and him were in not very long ago, where you got your tattoos.
“We’re here to see Daniel again.” Taeyong said, pulling into the parking lot of the brightly lit, yet worn down tattoo parlor for the second time in the past month. “He called a couple weeks ago to see how the tattoos were healing, and talk lead to him inviting us back.”
“For more tattoos?”
“Hmm, not quite.” He shook his head, smiling, “C’mon, he’ll be waiting.”
Beaming at his own thoughts, you watched Taeyong pocket his keys, and exit the car, racing around to your side and like the ever gentleman he was, assisted you getting out of the car.
The stale scent of the parlor hit you when Taeyong opened it for you, bringing back memories of your last visit.
Daniel appeared through the bead curtain hiding the back room, a bright smile on his face and arms spread open, “Ah Taeyong! I didn’t expect you here this soon! You must have sped here!”
Embracing the older man, Taeyong shrugged lightly, returning to your side and grasping your hand, thumb brushing the star again, “I guess I was too excited to wait.”
“Excited for what, Tae?” You asked, confused to why you’d be back here, if it wasn’t for another tattoo.
“You didn’t tell her?” Daniel asked, looking at Taeyong, slightly amused.
Shaking his head, Taeyong took a deep breath, “No, not yet…”
“Then,” Daniel said, stepping back towards the back room, “I’ll give you two a minute to yourselves, I’ll be here, it’s all set when you’re ready.”
“Thank you.” Taeyong nodded, taking another deep breath as his friend disappeared, turning to stand in front of you and face you fully, holding both your hands in his.
“What’s going on?” You asked, watching Taeyong go into a slight panic.
“Okay, I’m just going to say it,” He muttered to himself, before dropping to the floor, on his knee. “Jagi, I know our life isn’t ideal, and I promise I’ll change that soon, but the moment you agreed to come with me, knowing this would be the journey laid out for you, I knew you were with me to the end. Yes, we’re young, and hell, we didn’t even graduate, but I know for a fact you’re all I want and need. You already have the ring, and I’ve already told you I was going to make you mine one day, so hopefully, today is that day. Will you marry me?”
Whenever you pictured a proposal as a young girl, you always thought it’d be like on tv, in a romantic, fancy, expensive restaurant, and you’d be crying and speechless looking at a beautiful diamond ring, the love of your life waiting anxiously for an answer. In reality, you got one out of those three things. And honestly, you were perfectly fine with that.
All you could do was smiling like a fool, tugging on Taeyong’s hands to make him stand before flinging yourself into his arms, embracing one another tightly.
“Of course,” You grinned against his neck, feeling him sigh in relief. “You were mine from the minute we got in the car.”

Title: Fairy

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 3,629


Dean could still fucking hear his brother laughing in the motel room. He’s shut up in the bathroom and the space is feeling a lot more cramped and tiny due to his very unwelcome new appendages.

“I swear to God Sammy I am going to fucking kill you if you don’t stop laughing.”

A laugh tapers off breathlessly. “I’m sorry - ” , no he’s fucking not, “- I’m so sorry I swear I’m going to check a few things and I’ll leave you alone and go research at a diner or something ok. Are you sure you’ll be fine alone?”

Dean scowls at the reflection he can’t avoid in the bathroom mirror. “Fucking peachy.”

He’s naked from the waist up. Sure, he’s maybe put on a little pudge around his waist - he’s never going to give up pie - but he’s muscular and stocky, broad, tanned - perfectly fucking masculine thank you very much.

The sparkly pink fucking fairy wings on his back kind of ruin that.

Dean tries to turn around and catches the tip of one of his thin wings against a towel rack, cursing and tugging back around. Leaning against the door with his shoulder blades, back arching out from it, he scrubs a hand over his face and looks at himself again.

They’re kind of like butterfly wings but the edges aren’t smooth, they ruffle with curly little frills. The pink is darker around the edges, magenta or some shit, fading to a light kind of pink in the middle. Like a good rare steak. But fucking wings. They shimmer iridescently like oil in sunlight, all fucking sparkly and pink.

That witch was just dicking with him to give him pink wings, and Dean is going to make sure the bitch pays for it.

After he gets rid of the wings.

Sam’s voice is near to the other side of the door when he says, “Dude we really should call Cas in on this one. He could probably - ”

“No! Hell no. Not happening.“

"Dean he might be able to fix this with his mojo or whatever and spare me a night of research, and you a night of moping.”

“I don’t mope.”

“Whatever. I’m calling Cas.”

Dean gives up ‘assessing his situation’ - hiding, wallowing, moping - to fling open the bathroom door.

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“What’s your problem? You know Cas isn’t going to judge you for those, or whatever.”

“I said no.”

Sam rolls his eyes and gives a 'supreme’ bitch face to Dean before he opens his big Sasquatch mouth, “I pray to Castiel -”

His high pitched squawk is satisfying when Dean tackles him to the ground.

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Thimble 4화

Word count: 1,917

Summary: Joseon dynasty!au, optional bias

1화 2화 3화 5화 

You are yanked out of your bedding. You try to scream in surprise, but there is a hand covering your mouth. You try to put up the fight, but it’s incoherent scuffle, since your body is overwhelmed with panic. There are hands on your arms, on your face, grabbing your braid.

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My grandmother’s name is Sala
A hard L- the kind where your tongue has to push against the back of your front two teeth
My grandfather’s name was Mustafa
But we always called him Tati
They grew up in the same village
And played together until the age that boys and girls are separated to learn their roles
My grandmother retreated to her father’s house, learning to cook and clean
And my grandfather started going to school
My grandmother blushes when she admits to me that she used to sneak up to the roof of her house when dawn came
Just to see my grandfather walking to school, books clutched against his chest
Every morning, him and the sun
It seemed to her that the sun rose with him,
That it could only be coaxed eastward if he pulled it with him
My grandmother married the boy who pulled the sun up for her every day
And they had six children
Seven, if you count the one who died before his first birthday cake could be made
My grandfather was, as they say, “ahead of his time"
He was an intelligent and forward-thinking academic living in Communist times
His children came home from school each afternoon singing songs about the benevolent nature of their leader
Tito belongs to us and we belong to Tito, they hummed
But when Tito died, the tides changed
And when my grandfather spoke up opposing the nationalistic movement against Albanians- which would one day grow into full-fledged ethnic cleansing-
He didn’t make it home from work
And my grandmother wondered how to explain ‘political prisoner’ to her children
One night, months after my grandfather’s disappearance,
My grandmother saw a blue-eyed stranger trudging up the village hill
In his hands- a note scrawled in my grandfather’s handwriting
Sell everything. Meet me in Rome.
So she did
She sold everything, kissed her weeping relatives goodbye
And trudged across Europe with her children
In Rome, a reunion
We’re going to America, my grandfather said
We’re refugees, he said
America- the word was bulky in my grandmother’s mouth on that sundrenched day in Rome
And even now she can’t quite wrap her tongue around it
Amer-eek, she said
Amer-eek, their children mimicked in high-pitched voices Amer-eek!
My mother, an 8-year old pig-tailed refugee in Rome
On her way to Amer-eek
New York City, to be precise
Their first house was right off of Ditmas Avenue in Brooklyn
A crumbling 3-family home shared with other Albanian refugees
Where, during that first year, English was spoken so rarely that you could almost forget you’d left home
The house was right underneath the Cortelyou Road subway station
Every time the trains rumbled past, the walls of the house shook and trembled and my grandmother prayed under her breath
My grandmother- a woman who gave birth to seven children and raised six of them
But never learned to read
Every morning she sent her children to school, a place she would never set foot in, a mystical land where knowledge and learning were the status quo
They came home speaking English, which my grandmother was glad for only so that they could translate for her at the grocery store or the doctor’s office
My grandfather worked days in a factory and spent his nights smoking and reading about the land that he’d left behind
As his sons and daughters grew into young men and women,
Their old country smoldered-
A fire quietly growing
It would spread soon, my grandfather knew
It wouldn’t be long before the name of his country became famous for all the wrong reasons
Blasted out of radios, smeared across CNN
Serbian forces move to Kosovo
Ethnic cleansing

But that wasn’t until the ‘90s
And in the decade before his country was ripped apart by misplaced nationalism,
My grandfather sent my 18-year old mother back home
Go to college, he said, get a degree
Meet a nice boy
, my grandmother said, get married
She did both
And when she finally returned to America a couple of years later,
It was with my father and oldest sister in tow
My parents made their own home in America in the mid-80s
By 1985, my second sister made her appearance-
the first of the Latifi’s to be born in America
Meanwhile, my father was studying for his medical boards and his ESL class at the same time
And my mother was raising my sisters in the bustle of Brooklyn
The 80’s faded and in the first year of the 90’s, my brother joined our family
My father named him Kushtrim, which means battle cry
And was fitting because as my brother was taking his first steps,
Our Bosnian neighbors were being brought to their knees
By the time the war spread from Bosnia to Kosovo,
I was 5 years old and living in Virginia with my family
In a sprawling brick house surrounded by a lush green lawn that my father mowed every Sunday
Just like a real American
But the news was on every hour of every day
And some of my earliest memories are of peeking over the living room couch,
Straining to see what was happening in the country where my family started-
Where my grandparents met as children
Where my parents fell in love as college students
My brother and I were deemed to young to watch the news with my parents
So we snuck looks from behind doorways,
Sat on the stairs that wrapped around the back of our house-
Anything to catch a few words from Christiane Amanpour’s mouth that would explain why my mother jumped every time the phone rang
And my father sat in front of the TV with his mouth pulled into a tight line
My brother and I whispered to each other from our hiding spots,
Pulled dictionaries into our room and blew the dust from their pages
Genocide: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation
My brother read the definition aloud and I tilted my head to the side
Why us?
He slowly shook his head side to side
8 years old
How was he supposed to know?
In the spring of 1998,
I sat on top of my father’s shoulders as we marched through Times Square,
Chanted in front of the United Nations building in Midtown Manhattan
Around us, the crowd swarmed
Red and black t-shirts, the Albanian eagle stamped on every single one
Free Kosova, U.S.A.! we yelled
Free Kosova, U.S.A.!
In 1999, Bill Clinton became the hero of Albanians everywhere when he ordered NATO to launch an air strike against Serbia
78 days later, the war was over
But what we didn’t understand then was that it had just began
The first time I saw the country of my ancestors was in the summer of 1999
British army tanks rolled down the streets instead of cars
And my mother tried to distract me by pointing out landmarks
That’s where your father and I used to have coffee
That’s where my dorm was

But all I could see was the soldiers guarding the entrance to my aunts’ apartment building
And the pile of rubble that used to be my father’s childhood home
I looked out with my big brown eyes
And saw an entire country bleeding and breaking
I went back to America after the summer of 1999 with the taste of my homeland burning my tongue
My grandfather-
Tati, remember?
He lived to see the war start and end
But died before anyone recognized our independence
A snowy New Year’s Eve
2003 slipping into 2004
A heart attack
A widow
A funeral
The first time I saw my mother cry
My youngest uncle washing my grandfather’s body
My baby sister only three months old, screaming like she felt our pain
It’s been 10 years and my grandmother is still mourning my grandfather
It’s been 15 years and my country is still mourning our lost souls
But my grandmother has stopped wearing all black and she laughs with her grandchildren like we’re the only thing that keep her breathing
And my country just celebrated 6 years of independence
I know my grandmother is lonely
She talks about my grandfather like he just stepped out of the room for a moment
And I know my country is hurting
We still hang flowers on the mass graves of our countrymen
But we’re all healing
Which reminds me of the best advice my grandfather ever gave me-
Shpresa le te v’des e fundit-
Let hope die last
—  Fortesa Latifi - The Plight of the Refugee & Their Family

asokatanos replied to your post: tiny baby leia gets into the Loudest Fights with… 

Leia manages to turn the whole order around pretty much singlehandedly because once she’s old enough to talk she’s old enough to tell Yoda that all his advice is stupid. Publicly. In front of the other Jedi and also the holonet

She definitely “accidentally” force throws Yoda at some point

YES. anakin’s late for an Important interview about how they’re Working To Change the order, so leia wanders in, Imperiously settles her tiny self on the high seat, and proceeds to tell them and the live cameras ALL about how Wrong the green gremlin is. 

the space reporter coughs and is like “Surely you don’t mean gremlin, Ms. Skywalker-Amidala!”

leia pauses and gives it some thought, then nods in agreement. “You’re right, Uncle Ben always says that’s rude, and that we can’t call him a sentient hutt tail either.”

“Well that’s—” “He’s a GOBLIN.”

(anakin has been lurking in the shadows for a good ten minutes now, but his bb girl seems to have this Handled. he was late because he’d been making obi give him All the details of how leia force threw yoda when obi took her to the temple this morning. he choked when obi said she told the council she thought yoda was luke’s swamp toad plushie)

Talk baby talk| C.H

Talk baby talk| C.H

Word count:2k+

Request: No

Imagine summary: A late night session with a FWB turns into more than expected

“So are you coming over or not?”
“Calum for the last time it’s fucking two in the morning.”
“Okay? Since when were you not down for a late night quickie?”
“That’s only when I’m already woke Calum. I was asleep just a few minutes ago.”
Calum sighed against his end of the receiver and took a puff of his half finished blunt.
“Fine.. I guess I’ll just call Claire and see if she’s up for a little skype session.”
“Claire?” She inquired.
“Claire.” He confirmed with a smirk.
“Who’s Claire?”
He began chuckling lightly without answering her question and that irritated her slightly. Hearing how smooth her mane came off his tongue.
“That’s not funny.” “But it is though, princess.” He replied.
She started to ask him who she was again but remembered that they were no longer in an actual relationship, so who he chose to date wasn’t any of her business.

“She’s a girl I met at the store.”
“The record store?”
“That’s where I work isn’t?”
“You never said that you- ugh you know what never mind.”
There was a small pause in their conversation before he spoke up again.
“So….. You coming?”
“I thought you were calling Claire?”
“Oh come on baby girl you know I was just pulling your strings. Claire’s not who I want right now.” He said, though for some reason y/n didn’t hear the sensuality she was used it  hearing when talking to him; it seemed as though he wanted her nothing but her company alone.
Y/N looked down at herself and it dawned on her that she wasn’t exactly dressed to see him. She normally liked to wear things that were different than what he had ever seen on her like new sets of lingerie.
“I’m not really dressed…”
“Y/N. I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing nothing but perfume. If you remember anything from our relationship then you should’ve remembered that.”
“Fine.” Y/N pressed the ‘end call’ button on her phone and got off the bed, her bare feet hitting the cold tile of her wood floor. She looked down at her baby blue sweat pants and white pajama jacket and figured it made no sense to try and find a pair of matching shoes, because it wasn’t like she really needed them.
After that, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her hair which she just ended up putting in a high pony tail.
Small vibrations were coming from her pocket so she took out her phone and it was a text from Calum.

“What’s taking so long? You do know I just live upstairs right?”

Y/N shook her head lightly and ignored his message as she was already heading out of the door now.

“You’re moving super slow right now Y/N”

She had her hand on the doorknob when she felt her phone again but she knew it wasn’t anyone but him so she just opened the door and stepped out into the lobby of the apartment building.

“I’m going to be fifty years old when you decided to make it up here.”

At this point y/n was just ignoring him. She was already getting into the elevator and it was also pretty funny to mess with him.




“Fuck face”


Calum’s apartment was originally supposed to be on the same level as her as they had planned it that way when they found out they were attending the same college, but things got complicated with rooming and they settled for this.

“Hunny bun”

“Sugar plum”

Y/N walked up to the door and as soon and she went to knock, she remembered that Calum never actually locked his door because she had seen him naked on several occasions, but that’s a different story.
Since she had that in her mind, she just went ahead and turned the knob, but as soon as she  opened it she was instantly pulled into the his apartment by the wrist and pushed up against the door. She started to question Calum’s antics but realized that it was Calum who was standing in front of her and pinning her wrists to the wall.
“Glad you finally decided to come.” He said with a cocked head.
“What took so long?”
Y/N smirked a little.  "Traffic was bad, you know since I’ve never come here before.“ She said teasingly.
“Clever play on words.” He started. His left hand was now traveling down to grip her hip while his other kept her other wrist company.
“But I doubt you’d be able to keep running that smart mouth of yours if you can’t breathe.”
Y/N raised an eyebrow and started to question his harsh sounding motives but, before she could Calum had lifted her and thrown her over his shoulder.
“Calum put me down!” She exclaimed. As if he was actually listening to her, he threw down onto the couch and had begun to attack her rib cage with soft tickles. His eyes ran down her form carefully as his hands moved nonstop, he couldn’t keep the laughter from out his mouth and he suddenly loved the glint of happiness he was in her eyes, rather than the lust he normally saw; he wanted to give her that more often and he knew it for awhile.

But why?

For a very small moment y/n was able to pretend like it has absolutely no affect on her. That was cut short however as he started to press down a little harder which made her cry out in painful laughter.
“Okay cal.. S-stop it!” She said through small breaths.
“Say you’re sorry.” He demanded with a grin, not wanting to stop her smiling.
“I-I didn’t say a-anything wrong.” She argued. “I can do this all day long baby girl. You let me know what you want.” He said this because he really could. He could, and would sit on her for hours if it made her laugh, if it gave her a feeling other than sexual pleasure.
“Calum I’m gonna piss myself!!” She half shouted.
“Good thing you live downstairs then.” He said with a chuckle.
“O-okay fine!” She gave in. She tried to move onto her side but Calum’s grip was tight on her hip.
“What’re you sorry for?” He asked tauntingly. “I-I’m sorry for… I’m sorry that you suck.” She said sarcastically.
Even though she didn’t give Calum the answer he wanted he stopped, his eyes trailing over her laying underneath him.
Y/N’s breath was labored but she still managed to look up at him with a smile and question.
“What?” She questioned.
But she didn’t get a reply, only a few more moments of Calum just looking down at her.
“You okay?” She asked again. “Earth to Calum?”
“Can I kiss you?” He asked breathlessly, like he had been holding his breath.
“You never used to ask.” She said with a giggle, but Calum’s face remained the same. Showing an emotion she could not understand.
“Y-yeah, you can.” She said with a nod of her head. And as soon as she did Calum crashed his lips down onto hers gently.
Y/N’s hands flew to entangle themselves in his untamed hair as he showered her full lips with kisses. Their lips moved in sync with each other as Calum ran his hand down her body with light caresses.
She couldn’t tell what it was, but something was off. Normally, Calum would’ve already had her clothes off and in a pile on the floor somewhere.
His soft lips trailed from her cheek down to her neck, then the inner cavity of her collar bone.
He unzipped her jacket with careful hands which left Y/N’s upper body almost naked to his looking eyes. He threw the jacket over onto the floor and placed his large hands up and under Y/N’s lower body to bring her closet to him, he went back to delivering kisses to her body, this time they were placed to the tops of her breasts. His tongue darted out and ran against her clammy skin.

Suddenly a realization came down onto him with a hard crash; like a body to an incoming car and he lay her body down onto the couch again.
Y/N was of course not aware of what ever was going on in Calum’s head and assumed that they were going to continue their session. He leaned up from on top of her and stood up straight to begin walking away from her. She had sat up straight and was taking her bra off when she noticed Calum’s distance from her.
“Calum what are you doing?” She asked. “Condoms are in the night stand.”
Calum often appreciated Y/N’s humor, but now wasn’t the time that he felt like laughing.
“Cal what’s wrong?” She asked. “Did I do something wrong or something?”
“No!” He told. “No, of course not baby.” Y/N bit her bottom lip as she was tempted to not even ask him again.
“Are we.. Are you going to finish?”
Calum sighed and turned back to her. I’m his mind, he saw himself going. “Of course babe” then going back to her and ripping off her clothes to then completely, utterly, and deliciously devour her to any extent. But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t do anything more to her. "No.” He said painfully. Calum knew that getting into this kind of relationship would probably be dangerous, but y/n wanted it and so did he at one point but now, he wanted nothing more than for her to be able call him her boyfriend and him to call her his girlfriend; but this game they were playing had rules, and he no longer wanted to follow them. He no longer wanted to see her with other men and he himself was surely tired of having to find girls like her when he could have the real thing. He wasn’t selfish though, he knew he could easily be turned down by y/n and if that happened he wouldn’t push her to be with him, he knew he didn’t want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable, but he didn’t want to keep harming himself either. What else was there for him to say? Why couldn’t he tell her what he had just rehearsed in his head? Why couldn’t he do anything? To solve this, we need to remember that he can do all of these things without another thought to it, but he is not wanting to do them. Can’t, couldn’t, and could’ve are all words he said when describing their relationship. He can’t be with her He couldn’t make her be with him if all she wanted was sex, because at one point that’s all he wanted. He could’ve told her all these things. But he didn’t. “I can’t hurt you again Y/N.” He said sadly. “I won’t lie to you, and I won’t pretend with you any longer.” He took a deep breath and cleared his mind to prepare for any repercussions from his next words.

“Because I’m madly, and deeply in love with you. And I know that there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Mermaid au

Aaron Burr wasn’t exactly well versed in the nature or customs of the human creatures that lived on the land, so when the large craft floated by his sunning spot, he was naturally curious. He clambered down from the rock, following the wooden vessel from a safe distance, the words of his mentor fresh in his mind.

“You can never be too careful around humans,” James had told him, “They attack what they don’t understand.”

“Yeah, and they’re stupid too,” Thomas had added, “They wouldn’t be able to tell you from a fish, so stay away from their nets.”

Aaron had listened, kept out of sight of the passing vessels, stayed below the waves where he was safe. But he wasn’t a child anymore, he had gone through the rights. He was an adult now, not to mention he was about to begin his training as a warrior as well.

He could handle himself against a couple of humans.

Not that it would come to that of course. Aaron was always careful, even in his rebellion.

But he followed them anyway, watching their colorful flags fly on the horizon. Everything about the wooden craft fascinated Burr, it’s ability to stay afloat, what those great white sheets could possibly be for, how the wood didn’t curl even as the water lapped against the sides.

Aaron even gasped with delight as bright lights were lit around the huge wooden post which stood tall in the middle of the ship. The lights twinkled around the rails of the vessel as well, creating a glow around the ship in the dimming light of the day.

Aaron couldn’t help it. With a grin, he swam close, staying underwater so as not to make too much noise, and popping up again once he reached the ship. He was close enough to touch it now, the wood surprisingly smooth beneath his fingertips.

He’d seen boats like these beneath the waves, empty husks impaled on rocks at the bottom of the sea, but he had no idea they were meant to float. He continued along the side of the ship, looking up every now and again to catch a glimpse of the white sheets that billowed in the breeze.

He reached the front, bobbing up again and cocking his head to the side in slight confusion. There was what seemed to be a woman attached to the front of the boat, looking out over the waves, un-moving and seemingly uncaring as to her predicament.

“Strange,” he muttered to himself, and moved his eyes from the frozen woman.

That was when he saw them. Or more appropriately, when they saw him.

Four men stood by the rail, staring down at the sea, staring down at him, with wide eyes and dropped jaws. Aaron froze, unsure of what to do. Even with all of James’ warnings, he never told him what to do if he was seen by humans!

“MAN OVERBOARD!” one of them shouted and Aaron gasped, instinctively diving under the water again.

He swam a few feet away from the boat before popping up again to see what the men were doing. He panicked when he saw one of the men dive into the water from the ship and begin to swim towards him. The human was fast and almost upon him when Aaron ducked back down below the waves.

He didn’t expect the arms to haul him back up again.

“Don’t worry,” a voice said comfortingly, but it did little to help Aaron, “I’ve got you.”

“No!” he shouted, trying to pull away from the man, “Let me go!”

“It’s okay, it’s alright I’ll take you back to the ship over there, see? You’ll be okay.”

Take him back to the ship, he was going to take Aaron back to the ship! The mermaid struggled even harder, pushing at the man’s arms which were secure under Aaron’s own. He could hear the human grunting, trying to keep them both afloat.

“Calm down or you’ll take us both under!” he shouted before calling back to the ship, “Hercules! I need some help!”

“NO!” If another one of those humans grabbed him, he’d have no chance. So he did the only thing he could.

With the human’s arms still around him, Aaron dove under the water, taking the man with him. His surprise made him ease up on his grip, giving Aaron enough room to wriggle free. Turning to face him, he saw the human staring at him with wide eyes, breath held. But he wasn’t staring at Aaron, he was staring at Aaron’s tail.

The man’s arms were back around Aaron in a second and he suddenly felt them tighten, as the man continued to try and haul him upwards, now with more force. Burr growled low. He didn’t want to drown him but he also wasn’t willing to simply go topside with him either.

Suddenly another pair of arms appeared, encircling the human man and pulling him up. But the first man wasn’t finished with Aaron, his grip leaving bruises on Burr’s skin with how tight he held on. Then they were all above the waves, the human gasping for breath and Aaron flailing wildly.

“Let go of me, dammit!” he shrieked, beating his tail against the man’s legs with all his might.

“Herc, a mermaid! He’s a mermaid!” the human shouted with glee, tightening his hold around Aaron.

“Let him go, Alexander.” another voice said, so deep and cool that Aaron paused in his thrashing to listen to it.


“Let him go.” there was finality in the other human’s tone, “Right now.”

And just like that, the arms disappeared from around Aaron, who in turn pushed against the man to gain distance. He turned around, glaring darkly at the two, taking in their appearances.

The man with the deep voice looked at Aaron with a sort of respect, maybe reverence. He held the other man away and nodded lightly. Aaron nodded back before turning his snarl on the first man.

Smaller than his comrade, his attacker watched him with a longing which made Aaron incredibly uncomfortable. He breathed deeply, not allowing himself to speak else he risk sobbing out of fear. So, with his head held high, he turned, diving back down, but not before allowing his tail to come up above the waves to slap his attacker across the face.

From the depths, he watched the shadows of the humans retreat to their ship, noticing how the first man paused, looking down into the water before being pulled by his companion.Aaron wrapped his arms around himself, unsure of what to do now.

James and Thomas had been right, humans couldn’t be trusted; he’d been a fool to follow them. And he’d payed the price. Sparing the surface one last glance, Aaron swam back towards his home, reminding himself not to mention this to his family.

He didn’t need a lecture about a lesson he’d already learned.

A few days later found Aaron sunning himself on a large rock near the beach, underneath a cliff edge. It was the early morning and there were no humans about, just as Aaron found himself preferring it. He’d had enough of humans to last him quite a while, thank you very much.

He sighed, stretching out lazily on the rock, feeling it cool his hot skin. Hopefully the bruises left by his attacker would disappear within the next week. Thomas and James had asked him about them, and he’d lied easily, telling them he’d simply been sparing with Theodosia again.

He prayed they hadn’t asked her. As much as Theo was his best friend, she would be the first to throw him under the bus.

As he pondered his relationship with the girl, a scowl on his face, his ears perked at the sound of footsteps behind him. Pushing himself up, he turned slightly, eyes widening at the sight before him.

The four men from the boat stood on the shore, eyes locked on him. The two men who hadn’t jumped into the water had disbelief written on their faces. The third man looked solemn, but not ashamed. He stared at Aaron with the same wonder as the other two.

His attacker watched his every move with delight, eyes roving over his body, lips widening into a grin when his eyes reached Aaron’s tail.

Coming back to his senses, Aaron scrambled as quickly, albeit as awkwardly, as he could down from the rock and into the ocean, diving down just below water level. He heard a shout and watched the four men move towards where he had disappeared.  

He thought they would leave if he stayed hidden, as there was nothing there to entertain them. Unfortunately his theory was proven wrong as he watched them climb up onto the rocks where he had been sunning himself. This annoyed him. How dare they take his spot! They were the ones trespassing!

Pouting only slightly, Aaron bobbed the top half of his face above the waves, his eyes watching them with a glare. They laughed with each other, removing their footwear and lying back against the rocks as he had previously done.

One of them, a tall man with a handsome face and what looked to be perpetual bedroom eyes, caught a glimpse of him and grinned, leaning forward on the rock holding his hand out, palm up and eyes sparkling.

Aaron sniffed haughtily, turning his face away and diving back down, listening as they spoke.

“I don’t think he likes you, Laf.”

“Nonsense, he is simply being coy.”

“…was that supposed to be a pun?”

The men laughed raucously and Aaron found himself snarling. They were laughing at him. He swam around the rocks, darting up between the legs of another one of the men. The human jumped, startled, before laughing, smiling as Aaron examined him intently.

This one had dots on his face, covering nearly every inch of his skin. Aaron’s hand came up out of the water to touch them, poking them gently before meeting the human’s eyes again. He blushed at the look of amazement the man gave him, and ducked back under the water.

“Oh wait!” the man called, before tisking, “Nice going Alex, now he’s afraid of us.”

“How is it my fault!?” the voice of his attacker called out, folding his arms and pouting on the rock.

“You attacked him,” the man with the deep voice said, watching the waves.

“I didn’t attack him! I just wanted to get a better look! If anyone was attacked it was me! He slapped me with his tail!”

“Alex, honestly can’t you be a bit respectful?”

The man sighed, leaning over the rock and patting the water with his hand.

“I’m sorry, okay?” he called out, Aaron assumed it was to him, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Aaron came up out of the water to glare at the man.

“You gave me bruises.” he said simply.

The dotted man and the one with the eyes stared at him with awe.

“He is beautiful.” the man with the twinkling eyes said.

His words were spoken in a strange way, his voice changing the sound of each word and Aaron couldn’t help the blush that crept up his neck at the compliment. He didn’t take his eyes off his attacker though, keeping a firm scowl on his lips.

“You gave me bruises.” he repeated.

At least the human had the decency to look ashamed about it, scratching at the back of his neck and looking away.

“I’m sorry.” he said again, and this time it sounded less rehearsed, “I was just excited. I didn’t want you to go.”

“So what? You would keep me? As some sort of trophy?” bitterness crept into his words and his tail whipped angrily beneath the water.

“No, no of course not!” the man cried, his hands up in a placating gesture. “I just- you are beautiful.”

James’ words echoed in his mind. They attack what they don’t understand. Would they hurt him again? Just because he was beautiful? Aaron found himself growing anxious under the stares of the humans and instinctively hid beneath the water again.

“What did I say!?” he heard the man call out to the waves.

But Aaron didn’t answer, swimming away from the rocks. He wouldn’t admit his fear to them or to anyone for that matter, but he hoped the humans got the message. To leave him alone.

Unfortunately Thomas was right, humans were stupid.

Everywhere he went after that, he would see them, watching him. As he polished his scales, they were on the beach, laughing with each other and gazing at him. The migration of the newly born sea turtles brought them around as well, the dotted one looking particularly interested as Aaron herded the babies into the ocean.

But they were always there, searching for him above the waves, waiting for him by the rocks, calling out to him when he dared to emerge above the surface. When they appeared on his sunning rock one morning, Aaron decided he had had enough. If they wanted to see him, they’d get to see him.

He swam over, listening to their loud voices and laughter as he got closer, his scowl deepening. When he reached the rocks, he pulled himself up, his tail just coming out of the water and sparkling in the sunlight. Aaron leaned up, glaring into the face of his attacker, who jumped back slightly, surprised at Aaron’s sudden appearance.

“This is my rock.” the mermaid stated petulantly.

The man looked bewildered, staring from Aaron to his friends before cracking a grin and leaning forward.

“I don’t see your name on it.”

Aaron growled quietly. His name WAS on it, he’d carved it on the rock with Theo when they were both children, but he wasn’t about to get in a debate with the human based on semantics. That wasn’t the point.

“Why are you following me?” he asked, looking between the men for an answer.

The one with the strange voice seemed to be too busy trying to get a look at his tail, and his attacker simply sputtered, looking for words. Aaron sighed, humans were useless. He dove under again, swimming to the side and popping up beside the man with the deep voice, the one who had advocated his freedom.

“Why are you following me?” Aaron repeated, voice calmer as he spoke to the man.

The human looked surprised, before smiling down at him.

“My ma always said seeing a merrow meant you were intended for greatness. I guess we’re just trying to stretch out our luck.”

“Plus Alexander never properly apologized.” the dotted one butted in.

“Alexander.” Aaron tasted the name on his lips and noticed his attacker’s eye twinkle as he said it. “Is that your name?”

“Yeah,” Alexander nodded, almost breathless as he watched Aaron grow closer. He was leaning over the rock, “Yeah, that’s me.”

“I don’t like you.” Aaron stated firmly, but watched the human curiously. He didn’t seem to mind Burr’s obvious distaste, rather grinning as he voiced it.

“That’s fair.” he admitted, rubbing at his neck again, and Aaron followed his movements with his eyes, “But I am sorry. I…didn’t mean to frighten you, or hurt you. And there was no excuse for it.”

Aaron blinked. Surprised at how genuine the man sounded. His tail flicked nervously in the water and he huffed a little.

“I…suppose I accept your apology, human man….Alexander.”

He felt his cheeks grow hot at the sight of Alexander’s ecstatic grin and debated diving back under the water to avoid his embarrassment, but a voice cut through his thoughts.

“Oh don’t go yet.” the human with the dots called out, scrambling across the rocks to sit closer to him in the water, “You just got here. At least tell us your name.”

“Mmm,” the mermaid hummed, debating whether or not to risk it. Names were powerful things, even if humans didn’t realize it. Seeing his hesitation, the human smiled.

“Here, we’ll give you ours first, I’m John, that’s Lafayette,” he pointed to the man with the funny voice, “you know Alexander, and that’s Hercules.” The man with the deep voice smiled and waved a little.

His tail whipped anxiously beneath him and he rubbed at his arms. He didn’t trust these humans, not in the least, but giving them his name might satisfy them enough to make them leave him alone.

Little did he know that they would never be satisfied.

“Aaron, my name is Aaron.”

“You are very pretty, Aaron,” the man named Lafayette said, leaning back lazily on the rock and gazing at the mermaid.

The men laughed at Aaron’s blush, and he crossed his arms, glaring at the water, away from the humans. Alexander leaned forward, face right in front of Burr’s, noses almost touching. The grin on his face was wide and his eyes sparkled. Aaron swallowed nervously before the human spoke.

“Do you want your rock back?”

“Uh-um,” he stuttered, his tail fins fluttering, “I should…I should go home. I can’t….I can’t stay.”

With a quick flick of his tail, Aaron spun around, diving back into the water, not bothering to look at their disappointed faces as they watched him go. Yet another thing he wouldn’t mention to his mentors.

Alexander watched his mermaid dive beneath the depths before he could shout out. He looked to his friends, confusion written on his face.

“But…I apologized.” he said to Herc, almost desperately, and the older man simply shook his head, not looking all too bothered by the disappearance of the merrow.

“He’s not your pet, Alexander. He’ll stay and go as he pleases.” Hercules leaned back against the rock, watching the clouds move overhead, “Besides, merrow’s aren’t known for making attachments with humans. He’s probably just nervous.”

“He is magnificent.” Lafayette commented, staring up at the sky dreamily.

“I have a feeling he’ll be back.” John chuckled, noticing the head bobbing up above the waves, watching them before disappearing again. He didn’t mention it to his friends, just smiled.

“I hope so,” Alex picked up a loose stone, skipping it across the water, “I mean, meeting a creature like that, can you imagine? It’s a once in a lifetime chance and we’ve spoken to him three times!

“Well, you didn’t really speak to him the first time, you attacked him.”

“Whatever,” Alexander sniffed, scowling at John, “I’m just saying, it’s gotta mean something.”

“It means you don’t know when to quit.”

The boys roared with laughter as Alexander shoved John into the water, unaware that they themselves were being watched. Aaron stared curiously at the humans as each in turn jumped into the water, splashing each other and shoving each other underneath the waves.

With a quirked eyebrow, Aaron sighed, turning back around and continuing on his way home. He hoped Theo wouldn’t ask where he had been. He already missed their sparring session. But it wasn’t like he could help it. He found the humans fascinating, even with their barbaric attitudes.

He had forgiven the human Alexander, and that at least made him feel better. Making enemies wasn’t worth it, and the three other men seemed nice enough, it would be a shame not to know them simply because of a grudge. Maybe he would return to them.

Later of course. For now, he had a best friend to meet and excuses to make.

Your Soft Jongdae

Relentless whining, that is all you had been hearing for the past 10 minutes, there was literally nothing else that you could hear. Jongdae had been bugging you, he thought everything was mundane; you offered to go out, eat, watch a movie, talk, sleep, cuddle but he refused each and every single offer. So naturally all you could do was let him whine his heart out.

“_____!” As soon as you heard him screech your name you turned around, face contorted with annoyance- “Whaa-aat?”

“I’m gonna die from the lack of fun I’m having right now, I’ve lost 10 years off my life because of this and now my head hurts" 

Shocked, you let a gasp, was he being serious right now? "You head hurts because you haven’t stopped talking for the past 10 minutes! I offered to do things with you and you refused so die happily” Turning on your heel you stopped away from him, towards your bedroom in an attempt to not have to hear him whine again.

But, obviously, that was a thought too good to be real; Jongdae was hot on your tail, wailing your name in a high pitch he grabbed onto your waist and hugged you from behind before dragging you back into the living room while still hugging you. 

“Why are you ignoring me, hmm? Is it because I’m hotter than you?” His hot breath hit your neck. You scoffed and softly elbowed him as you tried wriggling free from him- “Waaaaae-eeee! Just sit down with me”

Your relentless attempts of escape had no effect on him and you slowly tried sitting on the floor, while still holding onto you; which, needless to say, didn’t end well. The pair of you fell onto your side with a loud thump, despite the fact you were annoyed at him you laughed.

You shut your eyes and giggled, it bought a smile to Jongdae’s face as he buried his face inside you neck before mumbling some nonsense you didn’t hear but the vibrations from his voice only made you laugh more.

“Didn’t you hear me? Can we play 20 questions?” his voice was clearer than before, only because he’d moved and his cheek was against yours. Wriggling around you moved to take his hands off your waist and hold onto his hands. “Okay, go first”

“Why are you so cute?”
“Genetics, that’s why. How are you so perfect at everything?”
“I’m not perfect, everyone else is just rubbish at everything” he snickered in your ear while squeezing you softly.

“How much do you want to cuddle with me right now? I bet it’s a lot, isn’t it? I wanna cuddle myself but the laws of society deem that as strange”
“isn’t this question just to boast your already immense ego?” When Jongdae proccessed what you’d just said he pulled away from you, feigning shock- “What ego?! Why would you think that?”

Your eyes were fixed on his but not for long; Jongdae looked away, his cheeks tinting with a soft pink. “Maybe I just want to cuddle you”

“Aw, look at you getting all shy and soft all of sudden” you made grabby hands at him as you moved towards him. “I’m not soft, I’m not Luhan hyung! I’m a man” you softly laughed- “You sound exactly like Luhan”

Because he was still on the floor you lay down on top of his body, he tried moving but slumped back down when he felt you hug him. “I’m not soft, it’s not my fault you’re so cute that I have to cuddle you” he muttered before stroking your hair and kissing the top of your head. 

You rested your chin on his chest and smiled at him once again- “You are soft, you’re my soft Jongdae”

“Do you have to be so cheesy?” he laughed before rolling around on the floor with you.

It was reasons like this you refused to believe he was an adult.