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we need an ‘otaku’-fic where ladybug and chat fight an akuma (”weeaboo”) who sends people through different anime/manga-verses

ladybug is totally clueless and weeb-adrien definitely knows every single anime

  • Ouran High School Host Club 
  • Fruits Basket 
    Chat: What a catastrophe!
    Kyo: I swear I’ll punch you if you don’t shut the fuck up.
  • Soul Eater
    Ladybug: Well, that’s actually a pretty cool world. I could live here.
  • Ao no Exorcist 
    Rin and Chat both admire each other’s tails. 
    Rin: Do you think a skin tight suit would suit me?
    Yukio: Nii-san no!
    Chat: Hell yes!
    Ladybug: Chat no! Stop the puns!
    (okay, as an ane fan i have so many scenarios that i could write a whole 30 chapter fic about just this crossover)
  • Higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
    Both: Nope, next one.
  • Attack on Titan
    Ladybug: How about a world in which we won’t get killed by accident?
  • Ranma ½
    Ladybug: So, lets say you stay a girl for more than a month, would you get your period?
    Chat: Ladybug, no!
  • KissXSis
    Ladybug: I’m kinkshaming all of you
  • Boku no pico
    Ladybug: But we just got ice-cream? 

bonus: they find alya, nino (and chloé) along the way

bonus-bonus: accidental reveal

Update: I’ll probably write the fic.

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At least with Unleashed(daytime), Colors, Generations, and now Forces having a consistent gameplay-style, we can actually do comparisons between games a lot more easier now. Let's hope that it sets the tone from here on out. (I know boost games isn't everyone's cup of tea, but with Forces keeping to what worked, it'll potential help fix the identity crisis this series has. To where it CAN branch out again and they have consistency in their own right; instead of trying to tie everything together)

I for one am thankful that chances are, this game will have a narrative that actually sustains interest because the stakes are so high now that Dr Eggman has seemingly taken over the world and hence there may be legitimate tension that chances are isn’t arbitrary, comes out of nowhere and is inserted for the sake of tension a ‘la Tails throwing a whiny bitchfit in SLW for something Sonic literally didn’t do i.e Doubt him.

Cat like

This is my first time ever writing something, so please be nice ;-;

When he first saw him run and jump like that he just thought he was weird, well he still is. Hinata Shouyou, a 16 year old boy who could jump so high, higher than anyone could ever jump. Run at the speed of light. Kageyama knew Hinata wasn’t normal, he knew that now, looking at him with eyes wide and mouth wide open. Did he see that right? Was he seeing things?

“Your…head…ears…” Kageyama couldn’t believe what he saw, he wasn’t dreaming, was he?

“What are you mumbling about bakeyama!? Toss to me!” his tail swishing behind him as he got excited again.

Does he even know? Kageyama thought “Oi. Y-you” he points at his own head “ears…” Maybe he was just tired and seeing things, they have been practicing for hours already.

Hinata frowns, tilting his head to the side as one ear twitches “what about my ears shittyyama!!? Are you trying to insult me!?” he quickly covers his ears, his human ears, pouting.

Kageyama could feel his eye twitching, getting annoyed by the redhead “You have ears and a tail dumbass!!” ready to grab Hinata by his hair he sees him take a step back as he covers his ears “Y-you see them?” Kageyama follows his movements, watching as his tail curls around his waist “Ofcourse I can see them idiot! I’m not bli- where are you going!??” He watched as Hinata turned around tripping over his own feet as he runs out of the gym.

Shouyou runs all the way to the park, not caring that he got wet by the heavy rain, leaning against a tree as he tries to catch his breath, fists clenched by his side “he can’t…o-only s-some- your sou-” he slides down till his butt hits the ground, eyes wide as he realises what it meant, his face turns bright red “Kageyama…” he couldn’t help the smile that spread on his face before shaking his head “He probably thinks I’m a freak…”

He doesn’t look up when he hears someone running towards him, he knew who it was, he didn’t have to look to know. “Dumbass Hinata!!” he skids to a stop, panting heavily “W-hy did you r-run?!” He frowns as Hinata keeps quiet “Oi..” -he crouches down infront of him, placing a hand on the redheads head, sighing as he sees him flinch “I don’t know what…what this is….but if me seeing it made you run I will pretend I didn’t see it”

As he felt the raven haired boy come closer he felt his heartbeat picking up again, ears twitching as he felt that familiar hand on his head. I will pretend I didn’t see it he could feel himself trembling, he didn’t know if it was from the cold or what Kageyama said, before he knew it he launched himself at him, arms wrapped around Kageyama’s chest.

“Hinata?” I try to look at his face, sighing as he duck his head down again “We should get out of the ra-” My eyes widen as I get tackled onto the ground “o-oi d-dumbass…” I look down as I hear him mumbling, shaking his head “I can’t hear you, what are sa-” “I can’t let you do that!!” I look at him, his eyes looked red he cried I frown but listen as he opens his mouth again “y-you are the only one who can see them…e-except for my parents and Natsu..”

Kageyama stares at him, not knowing what to say, he could hear Hinata sigh, watching him slowly sit up straight “Hinata…what are you talking about?” Shouyou bites his lip, little fangs poking into his lower lip “Y-you seeing them..” he looks away, face still red as he tries to speak “i-it means y-ou’re someone special…o-or as my mother said.. m-y sou-soulmate” he mumbled the last part, covering his face with his hands

Tobio couldn’t believe what he heard. Seeing his sunshine turn into a cat or Hinata saying I’m his soulmate? Wait…his sunshine!?? Kageyama shook his head, feeling a small smile forming on his lips as he looked at the small redhead “Oi..” he sits up slowly, wrapping his arms around Hinata “Soulmate huh? I didn’t know something like that was real” He could feel him slowly stop shaking

Shouyou could feel his ears flatten, rubbing his head against Kageyama’s shoulder as he started purring, eyes widen as he heard Kageyama chuckle “You really are a cat huh? Any more surprises?” he scoffed as he heard Hinata sneeze but was shocked to see he suddenly had a handful of orange/brown kitten on his hands “I’m not even going to question that. But you will explain everything when I get you home alright?” he taps the kitten on his nose gently and Shouyou mews, curling up against his setter

“cute…” was all he said before making his way to Hinata’s house. They had alot to talk about when Shouyou wakes up.


So today I had a POT date….from hell. I can’t even right now. So I met a couple of guys on different platforms recently the other ones I don’t want to jinx it so I’m just going to start with this fuckery. So it all started when I was waiting outside at The Capital Grille. When he mentioned lets go there I was like oh okay. So we finally meet each other outside the place and literally as soon as we are walking in and I ask how is his day he says “it’s okay”. I ask why just okay. He replies oh I just quit my job…..it feels so good right now. Lord Jesus, I almost high tailed my ass out of there, but I was like nah stay for the free meal and maybe things will turn around.

So we get there and he’s blantly rude to the host when she asks for his last name so the server can call him by it and he says “you don’t need a last name” so she’s like okay…and takes down his first name then seats us or at least tried to he was very demanding about the seating choice they had picked out for us. So after finally getting settled into our new table. I happen to glance at his phone that he sat down in his booth….ya’ll I’m not making this up when I say that was was like one of those $20 android phones you can get from walmart, I was done. I knew right then this isn’t going to get any better. So we chat about life and different restaurants and etc and the whole time he keeps staring at me I’m like why does this nigga keep staring. So he orders his food and he ordered some type of fancy burger rare, smh. I order the lobster roll with malt salt vinegar chips. I asked how come rare and he says “ I like the taste of blood” then stared at me in that way that made me think he’s earned his “red wings” Boy Scout badge, lmfao.

Then he mentions a fun game he likes to play with hotels called hotel roulette and I’m all excited like okay what’s that. He says it’s where he types in a code on hotline and whatever hotel pops up he stays there. As he was mentioning the many hotels he’s stayed in that I must say are quite nice he starts talking down about comfort inn because it doesn’t have room service. I thank him for the meal as things start winding down and he told me he’ll walk me to my car. Ya’ll as soon as he walked me to my car he hugged me and said he had fun and he hopes we can see each other again soon then handed me $25 dollars. That’s not even half my phone bill…..I just can’t. Then after the whole ordeal texted you’re very sexy. When I said thanks he replied “ Would love to see you next week. Maybe a little fun time too.” I’m internally screaming…I need a drink, a smoke, I need Jesus right now ya’ll. I put his name as salt so it wouldn’t show his number.

Original Imagine: Imagine a threesome with kai and kol
Author: KlausIsSexy
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: smut , threesome ,
Word Count: 1156

I huff out in annoyance and cross my arms like a little child.Its my 17th birthday today and my boyfriend of seven months kai was meant to be coming over to spend some time with me, but of course he is late. Ever since we got out of the prison that they kept kai in and I got sent to by accident by bonnies magic. I sometimes wonder whether he just went out with me in the prison because I was the only one their and he only kept it up when we got out due to pity.
Him not being here right now proves it , and I was on the verge of mental breakdown , tears were already threatening to spill from my chocolate brown eyes.

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I thought it would be a good idea to put anime characters into the hunger games simuator

tsubaki, no.

tsubaki, no.


that’s it. that’s the show.



oh my god.

wow, really?



good job.



are you kidding me right now

You Forgot

This is tottally differnt than anything I’ve ever done. Or I feel like it is. I’m having trouble focusing on my fics right now so random stuff it is ^^ (this honestly may not make any sense and I hope you forgive me for that)

I may add a part 2 to this, depends on how much love it gets ^^

Summary : The seniors at Magnolia are required to dance at the prom, going so far as having their partners picked for them. What happens when Lucy is paired with the resident bad boy?

The seniors of Magnolia high gathered in the auditorium one cold January afternoon. Most wanted to go home, some had practice or club meetings. Lucy had a ton of paperwork to get done so she could get her college applications turned in ASAP. The college she wanted to get into was taking one last group of students, she was sending in another letter to double her chances.

“Alright settle down!” The principal Makarov yelled from his spot on the stage. The school nurse Porylusica tapped her foot, not pleased to still be amungst these vile students.

“Geez, hurry it up already,” Lucy heard Gray Fullbuster whine in the row in front of her. He was the star of the hockey team and had gained their school a state championship for the last 3 years. She had never spoken to him, but he had quite the reputation in girls locker room.

“As you know, this year we have had a number of scuffles amungst you all,” Makarov spoke, referring to the many fights that broke out in the senior class since the start of the fall term, “I’ve gotten complaints from the staff and underclassmen about them all year long. And that is why we are doing something about to unite you all before you graduate and never see each other again.”

Lucy was intrigued, although thanks to the groans she heard, her classmates did not feel the same.

“Prom will be held in early May. We are going to hold a dance,” Lucy tilted her head to the side, wasn’t the prom already a dance? “And what I mean is, we will have a professional dance instructor come and teach you all a choreographed dance to do together at the prom. Every student, teacher, coach, older siblings, and parents will be able to attend to watch.”

“Seriously?” Lucy was shocked, this had never been heard of before.

“Oh hush up,” Porlyusica shouted over the confused seniors, “You’re going to do and if you don’t, no diploma.”

That shut them all up.

“That is why we passed out this list,” Makarov held up a paper they had all signed this morning. If they were going and who with. Lucy didn’t have a date but she wanted to go and have fun, most of her friends graduated two years ago. But she now had Levy and a few others as her friends, and they were her family now.

“If you said you were not going to attend, too bad. You’re going, ” groans, “no date? We are going to pick one for you.” More groans.

Lucy cringed, who knew who her dance partner was going to be.

“Gildarts,” the head football coach sprang from his spot with another list in his hands, “When Coach Clive calls your name, raise your hand and he will bring you the name of your partner.”

“Alright!” the head coach was always in a good mood, “Gajeel Redfox?”

A brute near the middle raised his hand. Lucy had never spoken to half her grade. She lowered her eyes to her hands, her father had introduced her to his business partners daughters, even if that left her a little lonely.

“Lucy Heartfilia?”

“Oh,” she quickly raised her hand, and for the first time came face to face with the happy coach.

She took her paper from him and opened it after he called the next student.

Natsu Dragneel.

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Hood-training with Littlefoot is going really well and I was finally able to pull the braces for the first time tonight. Since this is his first time being hooded with me, I was finally able to do a close examination. What I found is quite interesting.

First of all, this guy was INFESTED with feather lice and mites. I didn’t treat him when he first came in because he was so weak I was afraid of using any medication. But I treated him thoroughly tonight so hopefully that will help. A ton have already fallen off of him. The second, and most interesting discovery, was his tail. He only has 8 tail feathers! He is missing four on his left side. That explains why his tail always appeared to lean to his right. He also has a blood feather coming in, which I found surprising since he shouldn’t be growing new feathers right now. The new one is lined with fret marks and kinda twisted. 

So,chances are high that Littlefoot is a West Nile Virus survivor. Signs of WNV are pinched off blood feathers, twisted blood feathers, fret marks, extreme thirst, and loss of balance or seizures. Littlefoot was found too weak to move inside a horse trough, probably while seeking water. It’s a theory that the virus likely “does this” on purpose. It wants birds to seek out a water source, and then stay there, immobilized, so that mosquitoes (the main WNV vectors) can have unlimited access and further spread the disease.  It’s part of the life cycle of WNV. According to a wildlife rehabilitator that I spoke to today, nearly all of the coopers hawks (a species particularly susceptible to WNV) that came into the clinic this season had the same symptoms. Weakness, starvation, missing feathers, and twisted blood feathers. She says they all grow back, but it takes some time.

Hopefully Littlefoot’s feathers grow back in or he’ll be flying with a lopsided tail all season! He didn’t suffer any permanent neurological damage from the disease as far as I can tell, so good for him! He’s a survivor. And hopefully we can make a hunter of him yet :)