Proof that I haven’t been a lazy bum by not posting much lately and have actually been making a billion buttons for Saboten Con (oi!)

If I have time/enough supplies I’ll make more STH characters, but right now with these and non-STH stuff (which I’ll make a separate post for) I’m already at 40+ different buttons so… I’m trying not to put more stress on myself than I already have. And my button press still hasn’t been delivered yet and if it doesn’t come tomorrow I’m gonna FREAK OUT!

Sorry about the massive watermarks, but I really can’t have people stealing these and trying to sell them.

1539. Shulk and Co. see Sonic running through Bionis from time to time, often carrying Caliburn, a sword unlike any seen on Bionis. He is known to defeat monsters rather swiftly, and even destroys rogue Mechon without the Monado Enchant. Whenever Sonic sees Shulk and co, he stops and says hello, and is sometimes accompanied by Tails and Knuckles.

Oh my gosh this feels like it took centuries to finish.

I am absolutely in love with drawloverlala’s incredible Sonic Skyline. Not only is the art style beautiful, but so much thought and consideration has been put into each and every character’s design. I am always excited whenever new Sonic Skyline artwork gets posted!

drawloverlala, you are insanely talented and you are a huge inspiration to me. I hope this drawing will serve as a sort of thank you, for all that you do. Keep making the world more awesome! 

Edit: moved the watermarks so they weren’t in people’s faces. Whoops! It’s 3AM I’m sorry



OK so granted the other post on these I made already has 600+ notes, but I felt I should compile them all here. So here’s all the SEGA Squids I made! And Miku, should you feel the need to separate her from the ‘SEGA’ tag.

I’m moving on now anyway, probably to do Nintendo Squids or something.

Characters are from bottom to top, left to right;

Sonic, Tails (Sonic Series), Beat, Gum, Tab, Mew (Jet Set Radio), Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid/Project Diva) and Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone).

Bottom image is a concept for how they’d be implemented.