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aww yis! gonna age this up, though, because six year olds don’t really romance ;)

Drinks all of the coffee:

Tails, he works all night, and Cream has to drag him to bed ;) he’ll go back to a childlike ‘five more minutes? please? no I’m not tired, just a few more minu- zzzz’. He then lies in bed for ages after she’s gotten up. My cream will be quite a sketcher, so she’d have a few sketches of him sleeping when she’s already been awake for hours. She loves the morning, especially as their house is only silent when Tails isn’t working.

Brings up adopting a pet:

There is no question. Cheese. If Cheese died, they’d have a brief period of morning, before getting another Chao. Cream has become very dependent on having a Chao with her, and Tails knows this. He likes Chao, but he does not want them sleeping in their room, which took a little while, but he got his way there. Tails doesn’t have to do much with the Chao to be honest, as they normally keep Cream company, but he’ll feed and pet it too.

Kills the bugs:

Neither. Cream is adamant that they won’t be killed. Tails doesn’t like bugs much, so he normally tries to ignore them, and hopes Cream will notice them and deal with them. If it’s in his workshop, however, he might kill them if they take him by surprise, but always feels bad afterwards. He’s a total priss, but as a grown fox now, he has to bravely deal with his own bugs. Or get his girlfriend to do it. Or invent a more efficient bug catcher than his present one ;)

Cooks the meals:

Probably Cream, as I think her mum would’ve taught her. Though Tails is probably also pretty good, as I don’t think Sonic was a good cook, and in Boom, he made Eggman breakfast. If he can cook salmon at 8 years no trouble, he’s probably the cook between those two. For him and Cream, hmmm, perhaps they’d take it in turns, it depends whether Cream worked.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should:

Both. Tails gets the lights and music and vamps up their house so it’s the most beautiful one in their village/town. However, with Cream’s omni-benevolence, they’re all solar powered. I think she’d be pretty eco. Meanwhile, Cream’s at it with the tinsel and tree, and cookies and cake, and mulled wine and whatever else they can think of. I think between the group of friends, they’d alternate Christmas days between wherever Cream, Tails, Amy, Sonic, Silver (case dependent), Vanilla, and anyone else they’re friends with who has a house and the will to host, so they wouldn’t always have to cater Christmas.

Initiates the couple selfies:

Cream. I think she’d be really photogenic when she’s older, and take selfies almost constantly, and have loads of instagram followers. She’ll take some selfies with him, but he’s not got great self confidence, and never likes the photos of him. She keeps them though, ‘cause she can’t see what he’s got to dislike about himself <3

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:

Cream has trouble remembering, she’s quite ditzy. She relies heavily on Tails to remind her of things: he’s had to remind her her own birthday was coming up before, so he doesn’t take offence. Tails, on the other hand, carefully takes note of everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, important dates, everything, and checks his calendar regularly. If Cream would just look at his calendar, she’d know exactly when everything she needed to know was, as well as every nosy detail she could ever possibly want to know that Tails knew. However, her butterfly mind doesn’t ever let her get as far as checking it.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping:

Cream. She’ll just buy whatever she thinks might be nice. However, it tends to be sweets and baking ingredients, they eat pretty healthily. I think Cream might be Vegetarian, or Vegan (being a rabbit) so Tails doesn’t eat that much meat either, and she’s constantly trying out different diets, then forgetting about them, and eating biscuits. Either way, they have a sweets jar for emergencies, filled with mints for Tails and caramels for Cream.

Nicknames the other:

I think Tails is a little shy about dating in general, so would probably not feel confident enough to give her a nickname. Cream’s too polite for nicknames, in any case. Tails, with his friends, won’t even refer to Cream as his girlfriend, just saying ‘Cream’ and naturally Sonic calls him out on that, and he gets embarrassed. Cream will happily tell everyone about her bf though, with no shame.

I hope I did okay ;>

You can send me ships if you want, though I think I’m going to bed soon.

gotta open your heart, dude :: update alert!

chapter 9 is up!

“Good luck on your trip, you two! Please be careful…Oh! And sometimes it gets cold, so make sure you bring a sweater or a warm scarf!”

Tails chuckled. “Will do! Thanks, Cream. We’ll be back in no time!”

“Ya ready?” Sonic hopped in his usual seat, fastening his brown scarf around his neck.

“Where did ya get that, Sonic?” Tails asked.

“Amy,” Sonic said simply with a shrug. The two youngsters started grinning and he hastily added, “She got it for me when she took Tikal shopping! Don’t get it twisted!”

“Wait!” The three turned around as a pink figure came running towards them.

“Uh? Amy!" And she’s wearing that outfit again.

"You didn’t think you were going without me, were you, Sonikku?” Amy stealthily hopped up, landing just behind him on the Tornado.

“Heh…uhh maybe you should take my seat?” Sonic gave her a push so he could stand in a perch on the back. Both he and Tails knew that they couldn’t convince Amy otherwise; she was coming.

Cream’s concern was now heightened since her best friend, her sister, was going too. But then again, she should have more faith, right? They’ve been on these kind of missions before, and Sonic and Tails were able to protect Amy.

“Ready?” Tails asked, pulling his flying goggles over his face.

“Yep!” said Amy.

“Here we go!” Sonic exclaimed.

Cream backed away, waving goodbye as they took off to the skies.


Questions (Shadally oneshot)

“Why do your quills stick up like that?”

Well that came out of nowhere.

Shadow just stared at Sally from across the table. It was another day for a Team Sonic meeting, and he and the chipmunk arrived first, he before she.

He didn’t even know why he was invited, nor the patience he must have mustered to actually be there. But alas, Rouge was going to be there-shamelessly flirting with the echidna no doubt-and he could at least stand her.

Sally stared back at him just as blankly, but with a curious look in her blue orbs. Her cheek was cradled by her palm, her elbow on the table.

“Do you ever just comb it and it, like…stays?”

He knew what she was trying to do. Break the ice. But she was only making it more awkward for him.

“Don’t you have some place to be?”

“Yeah. Here.”

Shadow huffed. He was just not a people person.