This Week’s Inspiration:  Unconventional Models!

In our studies, we are looking to the fashion world for companies and models who are breaking down the sterotypical look of late; a look that represents a painfully too-thin and unrealistic physicality, a look that women should not be trying to replicate or compare themselves to.  

We sought out stories about models who changed their careers because their health was in danger, models who have physical disabilities that did not stop them from modeling, and all around beautiful creatures who defy what a “standard” of beauty is, and create their own.

Above:  British actress and model Gwendolyn Christie is currently best known as the Amazonian warrior Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s series “Game of Thrones”.  She is also a prolific model and actress, and is shown above in a shoot for Work-Love Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Ponystep.  Below that, she is shown as Brienne of Tarth in GOT.  The final image is from a series done with Polly Borland, portrait photographer.

Gwendolyn is an unconventional model and actress, as her 6'4" stature makes her non traditional against the standard leading man or male model. We simply find her stunning, and, more importantly, a brilliant actress.  Post by C.S.

  The dance skirts throughout Latin America and other Spanish speaking countries are often long and swinging, but tie in colors and patterns traditional to the influences of immigrants, and those originally there.   Photo of Jarabe dance performed in Puerto Vallarta(Mexico). Post by V.C.

THIS MONTH’S INSPIRATION: ERTE!  Born Romain de Tirtoff in 1982, the artist known as Erte is an inspiration to costume designers everywhere, and an illustrator who produced some of the most universally recognized renderings from the turn of the 20th Century and 1920′s.  You can find his work for theater, fashion and magazines permeating the internet.  We are especially inspired by him as we work on our Upper Middle School Play production of “As You Like It”, running the first week of May.