tailored tuxedo


“What is it about wearing a tuxedo or that little black dress, that makes us feel confident, beautiful, splendid, even invincible? We put on formal wear and suddenly we become extraordinary. On the days when you feel low and invisible, why not try this on for size: imagine you are wearing a fantastic tailored tuxedo or a stunning formal gown. And then proceed with your day.”

Put on a Show for Me - Let Me Show You Part 2

Author’s Notes: Despite how long it took me to post this, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too. Again sorry for any typos. I try to edit it, but I miss things. 

Word Count: 3,413 (Get yourself a snack, kids. This shit is long af.)

Warnings: Smut. I mean is there anything else worth writing?

Part One: Let Me Show You

Roman knew you were reaching your breaking point. As much as you tried to stay cool and collected under the gaze of his bedroom eyes, he could tell it was all an act. Being an upir had its advantages. One of them being how he could catch your eye and sense your body remembering every welcomed violation he performed on your pleasure deprived body only a few hours prior. He could hear your heart race and he could all but taste the blood rushing to his favorite spot between your thighs. He wanted you again the moment he watched you fall into euphoria in his arms.

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Author: @knockknocksoosthere as a part of the Bound series with @kpopfanfictrash and @bread-jinie

Creative Content Contributor: @baebae-goodnight (her mood boards are amazing - like all the damn time)

Rating: M - explicit sex, cursing, drinking

Word Count: 6k

Summary:  Married by obligation, weighed down by circumstance. Except for those nights when you’re both drunk, falling into bed with one another and realizing you’re human. Occasionally this happens, occasionally you fuck. Until your life changes and you realize Namjoon, the very man you’re obligated to, might just be the very man that you crave.

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Knuckles: Boxer!Ashton (Part 3)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven  | Part Eight

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- Knuckles Playlist

Pulling up.

Coming down x

You take a final look in the vanity mirror, adjusting bits of your done-up hair to reach a balanced mixture of messy yet elegant. There’s a certain strand that’s been having a time taunting you all day, springing from it’s bobbypin every chance it gets, and you decide to just gift it the freedom it’s worked so hard for, removing the clip at the last second and dropping it on the dresser. Black tie events are far from your forté, but you’re trying your best to play the part for Ashton. The last time you wore a dress this long or heels this high had to be your senior prom, and the jitters in your stomach make you feel like you’re getting ready for it all over again: nervous to see your date, paranoid about something going wrong, trying too hard to impress people you don’t know. At least this time you can look forward to alcohol being there.

You grab your phone and a clutch full of necessities before heading out the door, slowly making your way down the steps as you’re reminded how difficult it is to walk in heels. Whose bright idea was it to invent these things? They’ll be kicked off by the end of the night, no doubt. Your feet are already starting to hate you.

At the edge of the sidewalk a tall figure awaits your descent. He’s sporting a classic black and white tuxedo perfectly tailored to accentuate his striking physique, a thin tie hung from the collar rather than a bow. It’s quite a contrast to the athletic shorts and t-shirts you’re used to seeing him in, but you definitely aren’t complaining. The mop of brown curls that usually fall over his eyes have been trimmed and styled for the occasion, and the two week old beard he claimed he was too lazy to shave has disappeared from his chiseled face, cleaning him up significantly. Ashton has always been more of the ruggedly handsome type to you; the kind of person who looks his best straight after rolling out of bed in the morning. However this new side of him, one so sharp and expensive, inflicts serious damage to your will power, and it takes every ounce of your conscious control to not just blow off the event and drag him straight back up to your apartment.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label AW17

It’s easy to understand why Ralph Lauren is still considered to this day as one of the most successful brands of all time, not only by those inserted in its aesthetic sphere, but by every reputed personality in menswear, regardless of personal style and taste. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren owes its success to brilliant storytelling and the early adoption of the “lifestyle concept”, the introduction of narrative and context to fashion. 

This concept has been so exquisitely explored throughout its life cycle that the Ralph Lauren aesthetic is an immediately recognisable trademark. Even if the quality of the lower tier lines isn’t what it used to be, they still provide timeless garments that don’t compromise the integrity of the brand as a whole. Another superb aspect of Ralph Lauren is the ability to adapt and expand to new markets without ever losing its DNA - be it on RRL, RLX or Home, lines who seek to attract distinct consumer profiles, traces of the brand’s universe remain.

A perfect example is its AW17 collection from the luxurious Purple Label line. If you haven’t seen it in person I recommend doing so the next time you visit one of their flagship stores, trust me it’s worth it. This top tier line delivers some of the most high-end garments around, made from luxurious fabrics and portraying an uncanny attention to detail in both design an construction. Usually associated with a more formal style due to the outstanding suiting offerings, usually accompanied by the expertise of their in-house tailors, Purple Label has been evolving, currently offering a wide range of styles as seen above. From 3-piece suits, to tuxedos, playful ikat patterns and sweatpants, the collection sees the Ralph Lauren man as a whole, providing spot-on options for different occasions - what’s not to love?

Personal Assistant Part Two (Jason Todd x Reader)

So this is for all of you who wanted me to do a part two, I am going to be honest, I don’t think this one is as good as the first, but please give me criticism if you have any. I love to hear what people say, and how I can get better!

Part One Here

The elevator to Bruce Wayne’s floor dinged at 7:30 exactly. You stepped out, coffee in one hand and a bag of pastries dangling from the other. It was day after the ordeal with Corey and Jason Todd, and you were eager to get back to a normal day of work. 

Walking in you could have sworn your coworkers were staring at you. The personal assistant who has two Wayne’s backing her up. It unnerved you a bit, but you let it slide today. 

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all this wedding talk has me thinking about what kinds of wedding dresses lesbian v+y would wear!!!!! or do you think they would wear suits? or one of each for the two ceremonies? aaaaaahhhhhh

Listen. Listen. Viktoria is a Useless Lesbian but she is also the definition of Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both. 

She and Yuri want to have both a traditional Russian Orthodox wedding and a Japanese Shinto-Christian hybrid wedding. Well, okay, mostly Viktoria wants this but Yuri plays along because she knows that Viktoria’s Orthodoxy is important to her and that it would make her parents Very Happy to see her in a white kimono. She’s happy to do it for the people she loves even though she would probably be just as happy getting married in the clerk’s office with the next people in line acting as their witnesses. 

So the Russian wedding is the aformentioned Big Fat Russian Wedding. Viktoria wears an A-line ballgown with a cathedral-length train and veil, sweetheart neckline and full-length lace sleeves with finger loops. Yuri’s favorite picture of Viktoria in this dress is a picture of her standing in front of a row of prayer candles, head tilted down with the long line of her neck leading into the sweet lace of her dress, train swirled around her. It took the combined efforts of Chris and Phichit to get the train just right, and for most of the pictures Viktoria stayed in one place and everyone else just kind of traded places around her.

(For this wedding, Yuri wears a less ornate but no less beautiful all-lace empire waisted gown with full-length butterfly sleeves and royal blue detailing on the hem matching the lacing on her veil.)

On the other hand, for the Hasetsu wedding–Yuri’s mother has been praying for this day since Yuri was born. By the time Yuri came along, Hiroko had already accepted nine-year-old Mari for the beautiful and strong asexual aromantic she would someday grow up to be, but Yuri has been so wonderfully and desperately romantic all her life. Hiroko has been pining for wedding bells since the moment Yuri’s eyes met Viktoria Nikiforova’s through the screen of their television and gasped so loud that people from two rooms over came running to see what had happened. 

The second Hiroko is informed that Yuri and Viktoria are to be married, Hiroko takes Yuri with her to Fukuoka and has a Kimono designed for her. She burns the receipt so Yuri can’t somehow figure out how much it costs and reconstitute into a wailing puddle of goo. 

It, like her wedding dress, has royal blue detailing in the form of beautiful blooming flower patterns. The combination of blue and white makes Yuri wonder what her mother thinks she and Viktoria did on their wedding night after the ceremony in Russia (Or, for that matter, in all those hotel rooms during the figure skating season), but she isn’t going to ask. 

Viktoria, however; Yuri was half-expecting Viktoria to wear the same wedding dress again, which Yuri would have been fine with. She enjoyed everything about it the first time Viktoria wore it–even all the shuffling she had to do to avoid stepping on the train, and especially the part where she got to help Viktoria pile it up onto her butt in a bustle and groped her new wife in the backseat of a limo for twenty minutes.

However, on the day of, Viktoria meets Yuri outside Yu-Topia to walk to the shrine in an impeccably-tailored tuxedo with tails and a black bowtie and a pair of sky-high Louboutin pumps. Vikoria is almost six foot barefoot, so wearing shoes that tall is rare for her, but Yuri, who’s tottering along in slippers and well over twenty pounds of fabric while having horror-visions of her pure white headdress falling off her hair and into the dirt, feels her mouth go dry. Other parts of her anatomy are far from dry, but that’s neither here nor there. Viktoria’s hair is all combed over to one side, in a hairdo that’s somehow both delicate and masculine at the same time.

They meet halfway and Hiroko, thankfully, catches on video the moment both of them whisper, “Wow,” at the same time.

Wedding Day

Prompt: How about a Sherlock x Reader where it is the day of their wedding? And Sherlock is really nervous and John and Mary are there to help and loads of fluff? Please and thank you :P

A/N: I hope you like this, it’s late and I am tired!

Sherlock stood in front of a large second story window, looking down at the flurry of activity taking place in the garden. It was a beautiful day and he should have been feeling happy and excited, but the feeling he was currently experiencing could only be described as panic.
“Almost time,” a familiar voice said at the door behind him. He turned to see John standing there, wearing a tuxedo very similar to his own. Only the boutonniere was different. John’s was red, his own was white, which incidentally, was the color of his face.
“Jesus, you look terrible,” John informed him. “Did I look this terrified on my wedding day?”
“This is a mistake, John,” Sherlock said, feeling the perspiration forming under his crisp white collar.
“A mistake? You marrying (Y/N) is a mistake?” John asked, eyes wide.
“No,” he replied, starting to pace the length of the floor. “(Y/N) marrying me is a mistake.”
“I might have to agree with you,” John chuckled. “But, for some reason that girl is crazy about you and seems fairly excited to become your wife.”
“John, be serious,” Sherlock pleaded. “She deserves better, I should spare her, I should…”
“You should stop right now,” John said, his voice firm. “You adore her. She knows it. She brings out your… more human side… It’s a match made in heaven.
Sherlock opened his mouth to respond, but another knock at the door interrupted him. They both turned to see Mary poking her head in.
“Excuse me boys, John, we are having a slight problem with the bride…”
“Problem?” Sherlock demanded, crossing the room in three large strides. “What problem? Is (Y/N) having second thoughts?”
“God, no!” Mary exclaimed. “She’s beside herself with excitement, but, we are having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. John?”
“Coming,” he said, following his wife out. Before stepping into the hall, he turned back to Sherlock.
“She loves you,” he said pointedly. “You will be a good husband. You will give her a good life. Stop worrying.” Sherlock swallowed hard and nodded as John disappeared into the hall. He followed Mary down the long corridor of the manor house they’d rented for the wedding. (Y/N) and the rest of the bridal party were gathered the master suite on the other side of the house. Mary pushed open the door and John saw (Y/N) standing in front of the mirror with her white gown on, the long zipper down the back pulled about halfway up. (Y/N) looked as panicked as Sherlock had.
“I didn’t gain any weight,” she ground out at John. He held up his hands wordlessly.
“No, you didn’t dear,” Mary said, gently. “The zipper is stuck. I thought John might help give a tug.” John nodded and stepped towards his friend, careful not to step on the folds of her dress. He placed one hand on her hip and grasped the zipper in the other. To (Y/N)’s credit, the dress was loose enough, but the zipper seemed to be stuck on the lining. His strong, steady doctor’s hands gently worked the zipper up, slowly and surely to the top.
“There,” he said, smiling. “All zipped up.”
“Thank you, John,” (Y/N) gushed, turning to admire herself in the mirror. Sherlock was a lucky man, John thought to himself. This woman who had befriended them both had won the other man’s heart and John was unbelievably happy for them both. “How’s Sherlock?” She asked.
“Talking about calling it off,” John informed her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“You handled it?” She laughed.
“I believe so,” John informed her. “Can you girls give us a second?” He said, asking the other girls to leave. Mary nodded and shooed them out, leaving John and (Y/N) alone. “I think you should see him.”
“Isn’t it bad luck and all?” She smiled. John shrugged, “Take me,” she said, gathering up her dress and following him out the back door, around through a back hallway and back up to the room where Sherlock stood waiting, gazing out the window again. She pushed the door open and he turned when he heard the rustling.
“Hi handsome,” she smiled, taking in his long, lean form, looking dashing in a tailored tuxedo.
“What are you doing here?” He murmured, crossing the room to her.
“John said you were going to stand me up?” She teased. She reached up and brushed a curl from his forehead.
“Why do you love me?” He asked, his brow knitting with concern.
“Sherlock,” (Y/N) sighed. “I love you for a million reasons. If you don’t want to get married, we won’t. But I’d sure like to marry you. I got this great dress…”
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, bending to kiss her. “I want to marry you. I just want you to be happy.”
“You make me happy,” she whispered back, pressing her lips to his. “We will be happy. We will fight, we will get irritated. You more than me, probably, but that’s OK because we will still be happy.” Sherlock smiled and kissed her again.
“God I love you,” he sighed.
“Save some of that for the ceremony,” she whispered. “I mean, that is, if you still want to marry me.”
“I do,” he replied and (Y/N) laughed.
“Save that for the ceremony, too,” she said, poking him in the ribs.
“I will,” he said, wrapping his long arms around her.
“Ok so, go wait for me at the end of the aisle, I will be the happy girl in the white dress walking towards you.” She kissed him again, quickly and turned to leave. Sherlock grabbed her elbow gently, stopping her. (Y/N) looked back at him expectantly.
“You always know how to get through to me,” he said, his eyes thanking her, his panic replaced with a nervous excitement.
“And to think you almost didn’t marry me,” she tisked. “Good thing you have a lifetime to make it up to me.”
“Good thing indeed,” Sherlock replied.

What Real Love Is

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

A/n (please read) Here it is!! Part 1 of the sequel to Teach Me What Real Love Is (which you can read by clicking on this x if you haven’t read it already). I’ve been working really hard on this sequel, someone had requested this so I got really excited for it and just couldn’t stop writing. This was originally supposed to be a one-shot story but I liked the request and had some ideas for it so here we are. I decided to split this into two parts because I have a lot of the plot left but this would be a lot longer than what it is if I just kept going. I hope you guys like this, I aim to make you proud of my writings and ideas so this took quite the time to write. Thank you for reading and for waiting and for leaving nice tags and comments, I have a lot to thank you guys for! All credit for the Gif goes to jungkook-gifs

Rated: 16+ because while there aren’t any explicit sex scenes, there references to them. 

Word Count: 13,125

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anonymous asked:

Hello hello! For the kink drabbles can you do #9 spanking and "beg for it" with Taehyung please?

Warning: Smut. Spanking. Taehyung in a suit.

Word: 722

Type: ceo au

Hot would be an understatement, your whole body is burning when Taehyung’s hand lands smack dab on your ass. Then the same hand, the one that abuses your skin mercilessly, lovingly caresses the red imprints with so much fondness and love - it drives you insane. You’ve dreamed on his long, nimble fingers touch you places he shouldn’t. At long last, after years of suppressing these feelings for your best friend, a drunken slip up leads to a whole lot of mistakes managed.

You didn’t think the sweet, ever loving Kim Taehyung is capable of such a thing. He’s no longer the innocent, all smiles boy you’ve fallen in love in high school. College was great though the parties were not better but you and Taehyung learned a lot during those four years. Now, all suited up in the finest tailor made tuxedo and you the best designer brand outfits, you still enjoy a good hang out at one of your places with beer, snacks and everything the high lives can top. Along the way, you always thought he’s your adorable best friend, failing to see the man he’s become. The thought makes your core drip.

“T-taehyung, I can’t take it anymore.” You whimper, tears brimming in your eyeline at the feeling of his fingers so close to where you want them to be but not enough.

He hums, contemplative. The baritone of his voice shoots through your heart to your core when he speaks and he can sure as hell feel you tremble underneath his touch.

“Beg for it.” His tone playful, sending an image of the boy you once knew.

 As if possessed, your mouth is already spewing words you never dream of saying. Yet here you are, pleading for a part of him to actually pierce into you and relief you of the torment.

“Such dirty little words coming from a pretty little mouth.” You can practically hear him smirk as he circles your dripping entrance with his finger casually.

You swear you would have fallen boneless on the ground if not for Taehyung’s thighs supporting your torso as your knees and palms burn from the fixed position you’ve been in since the last thirty-two minutes. Though you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but here.

He chuckles when you thrust your ass backward, swallowing his finger all the way in with a pleasured sigh. Taehyung finally decides it’s enough teasing for tonight as he’s sure you can feel his excitement through his trousers. He slips his finger knuckle deep and draw out only to thrust it back inside. Soon, he’s fucking you with two oh so long fingers and making you moan his name.

You would have taken offence when he throws you off him like a rag doll if it isn’t for his overeagerness taking over him so much so he forgets his manners as he hurriedly undoes his belt and push his pants to his ankle. He’s standing tall, glistening with precum.

“Sorry for shoving you off like that, ___.” He cups your cheeks lovingly with eyes of a saint and in that moment, you lose yourself to lust. “If you don’t mind, love, I’d like that sweet pussy of yours taking a seat on my dick.”

In no time, you’re scrambling on your feet, barely able to stand and then everything goes blank. All you know is Taehyung is balls deep inside of you, stretching you out like one man you’ve been with ever could and no man after him ever will.

An arm bands around your waist loosely to allow movement and his free hand cups one of your bouncing mounds roughly. He meets your pace easily, soon becoming increasingly faster as you both reach your climax. You see a burst of white stars as you clench around him, milking his own orgasm.

Taehyung pushes out the stray strands out of your face as he kisses your shoulder and lies you on top of him.

“Hey, Tae?” You mumble, using the nickname you’ve given him from high school.


“I like your tie.”

The chuckle vibrating through him is melodious and enchanting, reminding you that he’s still your Taehyung.

“You do?”


“I can help put it on you next time.”

And you both know it won’t be on your neck.

Imagine this

picture it, National City, 2017

four women own a large house where they give refuge to young queer girls who need a place to stay

-Therese Belivet and Carol Aird own the house. they moved there after Carol’s nasty divorce from her husband to get away from him. Carol owns her furniture store and Therese has just gotten a job working to CatCo Worldwide Media as a photographer

-on their way to NC, they meet two women, Regina Mills and Emma Swan, and their son, Henry. they just left a small town in Maine to escape both their troubled pasts and to start a new life. unfortunately, neither of them have jobs lined up, and the apartment they were supposed to rent was taken off the market at the last second. they can only live off of Regina’s inheritance for so long

-Carol immediately invites the family to live with them, Therese is intimidated at first but finds Emma amusing and Carol and Regina get along well. Henry is bright-eyed and he loves Therese’s photographs, likes to tell stories to go along with them.

-Emma is able to get a job with the National City Police Department as a low-ranking cop, but she’s hoping to move up. Regina hasn’t had any luck, but it just gives her more time to spend with Henry

-the house is large, too large, Therese realizes. one day, as she’s running errands between assignments, she sees a girl on the street. she looks lonely, and like she hasn’t eaten in days, and Therese stops and asks her if she’s okay. the girl tries to keep it together, puts on a brave face, but the tears welling in her eyes betray her. Therese takes the girl home and feeds her and gives her new clothes and a warm place to stay

-Maggie Sawyer doesn’t know why she went to a stranger’s house, but it was better than living on the street. her father had thrown her out only weeks prior, and she’d tried to get in touch with an aunt, only to find that her cell phone had been cut off. so, when the nice stranger had invited her in, she followed

-at dinner that night, the four women, the boy, and the teenage girl sit at the table. Maggie is able to open up about what happened – that she had been outed as gay, that her father had thrown her out, that her mother had tried to stop her father, that it hadn’t been enough – and the hearts of everyone at the table melt. they insist that she stay with them for as long as she needs

-as four out, proud, queer women themselves who’d had their share of hardships because of their sexualities, Regina, Carol, Emma, and Therese know they have to do something – something that goes beyond just helping one queer girl in need

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DYWM (DO YOU WANT ME?) — ’ i just wanna feel you nearer. not gonna pray that bit closer. ’ / spencer’s got a thing for derek’s new girlfriend. it feels as awful as it sounds. ( 2.6k words )

NOTES — soft baby season one spencer is most definitely the inspiration for this here imagine. i’m only a few episodes into the second season, but i already know i’ll never get over season one. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy. as always, my ask is open for any feedback or requests! p.s. y/n/n stands for your nickname.

SNIPPET — “First thing you need to learn about me and Derek,” Y/N pauses, drags her fingertips down the length of his arms, burns holes through his tux with her touch, and guides his extremities to the same dip in her waist her boyfriend was gripping moments ago, “we aren’t the jealous type.”

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NikMik: klaroline broke up. caroline is coordinating a mutual friend's wedding where klaus is a groomsman. everything is so busy that only caroline is left to pin klaus' boutonniere. she is trying so hard not to let their proximity affect her

I’m sorry this took me so long, and I promise to get started on an even longer, overdue chapter of Delivered. Thanks for the prompt, NikMik, I hope you like it!

Best Wishes || Klaroline

Sunlight and street noise filtered through the open windows, the gauzy curtains swaying with the slight breeze that did nothing to stem the New Orleans heat. “Shouldn’t those be closed?” Rebekah sneered as she ran that vicious gaze over the tourists swarming the streets below. Apparently, the bride’s baby sister had no love for common folk. “It’s sweltering out there.”

Caroline was just pleased she had passed muster when she joined the bridal suite twenty minutes past the appointed time. Her perfectly tailored, pink suit was understated and tasteful enough for staff, put together enough to apparently assuage the women waiting for her. It wasn’t her fault, thankfully; a little tardiness was to be expected when the original wedding coordinator’s appendix inconveniently burst after the rehearsal dinner. Still trying to prove herself at the agency, Caroline had jumped at the chance to cover the nuptials of society darling Lucien Castle. Even new to the city, she could recognize a lucrative opportunity - baby sister’s snobbery be damned.

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