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How much has Greg Universe spent?

Greg Universe has around $10,000,000

Remember those math problems from fourth grade? Well they’re finally coming in to use. 

  • 3 tailor made suits, each being around $3000 average, $9000
  • An overnight hotel (let’s assume the Four Seasons in New York for reference) is $35,000
  • Room service let’s assume was $1000 (Room service is expensive)
  • All those singers/waiters $500 each, $5000
  • the car he bought: Let’s assume since it’s used, $25,000
  • Pole $100
  • Okay so the boat one was the trickiest bit for me, but I looked up yachts to play it safe. The cheapest one I could find was $1,000,000, it had a 35m deck and was the closest to the show.

So, let’s add this all up, what does it amount to? $1,074,100

Which means, he still has $8,925,900 left over.

His shenanigans are far from over.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i asked you this already but i don't think it went through? I have very chubby cheeks and i want them to look more chiseled, I've tried contouring but it never looks great on me, have you any advice?

Forget everything you know about contouring up until this point. Sit down with a brush, a contouring powder, and your face and just feel where your cheekbones are and apply product directly underneath. Start out lightly (contouring should never be harsh) and apply more as needed, always blending upwards, never down.

The contouring we see YouTubers do should only be used as a template. Not everyone’s face shape is the same so always tailor things to suit your face rather than trying to copy and paste someone else’s methods onto your face. Know what I mean?

anonymous asked:

Can you do like a Markle imagine of somesort?

I sure can try!  This was a lil vague so idk whether you want it romantically/platonically but since I see it as a BroTP I’ll do one that could be read romantically if so chosen! <3

So like imagine prom tbh

  • Like Maya and Farkle have become the ultimate Pining Pair bc their crushes are dating each other
  • And because they always have, they go to prom together so they have someone to be with
  • But it’s a little harder this time because Farkle had to see Riley in this soft purple gown and Maya had to see Lucas in this finely tailored suit
  • And they’ve gotten a little tired of it all
  • And like the entire way there Farkle’s patiently listening to Maya rant about how stupid Lucas looks in his stupid blazer and stupid tie even though he’s the only one who knows it’s not so stupid
  • And Maya’s just bitter in general bc of the perfect couple
    • “THe JERKS”
    • “They’re not jerks Maya they’re happy”
    • “I’m walking in their trail of flower petals farkle they’re JERKS”
  • Once they get to the venue Maya immediately spikes the drinks bc “I can’t do this sober farkle” and when she’s not looking Farkle swaps their cups so his is spiked bc he agrees bc he doesn’t want this night to go to her waste
  • And basically the whole night is just Farkle running after Maya trying to prevent her from sabotaging other couple’s nights (even though she’d never ruin Riley’s night)
    • “Maya that’s not your purse!”
    • “Maya those aren’t your shoes!”
    • “Maya that’s not your punch!”
  • Until the near-end of the night comes and she’s sitting on the bleachers watching the perfect purple couple slow dance to the last song
  • And she realises that she hasn’t danced to one song all night
  • And then Farkle simply appears, his hair still nicely done, his tie still tight, and his hand held out, with a face that says he understands
  • And they dance, finally, and it feels nice to hold someone even though that someone may not be the right someone
  • And they don’t wait up for Riley and Lucas when they leave, and instead go get some pizza down the block and stay on a rooftop till the sun rises
  • And her head is on his shoulder like back in Texas (even though it was that long ago) and they still feel the same
  • And prom is just a repeat of things that are important
  • But they have each other
  • And that’s just as epochal as the rest

Hope that was good!  I loved the idea you gave me <3

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debonair thursday: well dress.

I’ve recently discovered a few street fashion blogs for men && I must say that I love seeing men that take pride in their appearance. All this trendy “dope” fashion (…&& did I mention I loathe that word) has got to go. What’s better than a man who dresses like one?