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The Crown S01E01 (Wolferton Splash) - Claire Foy as Princess Elizabeth wearing an exact replica of the wedding dress Queen Elizabeth II wore when she wed Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in 1947.

The original ivory silk duchesse satin dress, designed by royal couturier Norman Hartnell, featured elaborately embroidered star lily and orange blossom motifs (said to be inspired by Botticelli’s “Primavera”) and was encrusted with 10,000 seed pearls imported from America. 

The neckline was high and sleeves long, with a tailored bodice and full skirt that gave way to a 13-foot train. The young bride finished the look with a double strand of pearls and a diamond tiara, which secured her dramatic tulle veil.

The tv show costumes were designed by Michele Clapton.

Those little Turn-On's (Vocal Unit):

Seventeens little turn on’s (Vocal Unit):


Those clothes you wear to work.
He adored how you looked in those sexy tight fitting pencil skirts and tailored pant suits. He loved how professional and powerful it made you look. ‘Jihoon you’re staring again!’ You’d laugh as you slip your feet into your heels. ‘I can’t help it! You just look so good dressed like that… like a sexy secretary…’ He always called you that. 'I’ll always be your sexy secretary Jihoon…’ you’d smugly reply before heading for the door leaving him anticipating your return.

His clothing.
You liked to wear his hoodies only because they were bigger and cosier than yours and they smelled good. 'Y/N take that off its mine! He’d groan noticing you’d stole another piece of his clothing. 'Fiiiiiiine…’ you’d groan going to pull it off. 'Wait just, leave it on…’ He’d say noticing you only had your bra on underneath. 'Wait actually yeah… you should take it off…’ He’d say changing his mind and approaching you with a smirk on his face.

Side boob.
You weren’t a girl who really enjoyed flashing the skin, and you’d definitely didn’t have a habit of flashing your boobs… but in those hot summer months a needs must and Jeonghan loved it when you showed for some skin. Jeonghan especially loved it when he first saw you wearing that tank top with the low cut sides. 'Y/N… are you even wearing a bra?’ He’d ask curiously. 'Nope.’ You’d reply completely innocently. 'Well that means easy access for me!’ He’d laugh and he’d approach with his hands out stretched.

Joshua just loves your legs. He particularly loves it when he comes into your apartment to find you lying down on the couch with your legs propped up against the back of it. He’d enjoy softly stroking your legs, especially your thighs, when you lay them over his lap or when you cuddle up to him…

When you’re working.
Whenever you were sat at the table finishing work off or tapping away on the laptop you would always catch him staring. He loved the way your hair would fall over your face and the way you’d crinkle up your face in concentration. 'Y/N stop working…’ he’d groan leaning against your bedroom door. You’d just shake your head in response but he’d eventually get you to stop working and pull you away with him.


Max.Tan – XY

With London on fashion alert as Selfridges launch their much anticipated A-Gender clothing department, Max.Tan sets his gaze upon the ‘Post Gender’ generation for AW!5. Crafting a collection of gender-neutral garments that go beyond the concept of cross-dressing and erase the stereotypically archaic confines of gendered clothing to create the ultimate boyfriend aesthetic for his legions of female followers.

Drifting between opposites with transmorphic ease, Tan’s ‘XY’ collection reinterprets traditionally masculine garments into a state of gender neutrality. Reimagining the calculated creasing of pocket squares as asymmetrically pleated tunics or delicate origami style skirts. Reconstructing men’s tailored pieces through ‘splicing’, in order to bring the classics into a more contemporary mode of existence.

P.A -CEO!Luke:

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A/N: and yes, another ceo thing bc i’m simply obsessed. hehe  enjoy snowflakes! oh and this is highly based on this Turkish series “rental Love” kiralik ask, so yeah and italics are a flashback

Word count: 3338

Plot line: Your ex-boss, Luke Hemmings pays you a visit at your new work place

“Table 12!”

You rushed at your manager’s cue towards the empty table, quickly picking up the empty cups before tending to another table. You were flying from side to side, serving the costumers and cleaning up the tables. Your rushing had not stopped since your shift had started a couple of hours ago. Oddly enough, you had grown accostumed to the constant hurrying.

Your average day consisted of serving costumers who were in a hurry themselves, rushing around in their tailored suits and pencil skirts, professionalism showing from their attire. They were always fast to come in and go, carrying their hot drinks as their cellphones remained attached to their ears, their eyes never losing concentration.

You too were part of that world, at a point; you too had taken part in their world filled with maddness and constant hurrying. Surely, you weren’t placed as they were; you didn’t have your own investements or company to uphold. However, being the personnal assistant of one of the most known and wealthiest CEO’s was your portal to the business world, your boss’s title allowing you to cross many doors along his side –doors that weren’t yours to cross on your own. Truly, your first weeks working for him were quite the nightmare. There were so many things to learn aout him and his habits; things you were expected to learn but was never taught. You had found it fairly hard to juggle the tasks at hand as you rushed after your boss, attempting to match his fast strides in your ridiculous high-heels. Never had you thought that you’d be missing the shoes you had cursed every now and then for being so uncomfortable, as you were back to your usual sneakers.

You quickly shook your head before your thoughts took you any further. You didn’t like dwelling on the past, and you certainly didn’t like reminiscing your time at the firm. You no longer worked there, all for a good reason you reminded yourself.

Your head shot up at the ringing sound, the doorbell alarming you that a new costumor had gotten in. As soon as you had recognised the face behind that expensive and well-ironed suit, your heart nearly stammered out of your chest. Why the hell is he here? You mentally screamed, abruplty turning around. Your wide eyes scanned the room until they found your co-worker, your feet instantly dragging you towards him.

“Adam! Cover for me? Please? I’ll be right back.” You pleaded him in a hushed tone, running straight into the kitchen as he nodded a yes.

Your mind was a total blurr, your thoughts juggling all over the place. Certaintly, you hadn’t expected to see him after three weeks. It could all be a coincidence you thought; many businessmen come in everyday due to the close location of the café, so maybe he wasn’t even aware that you worked there.

Your eyes shot up as Adam barged into the kitchen, his eyes sending you a sheepish look as he spoke quietly, “Some guy came in, and he’s asking for you. I’m so sorry; I really didn’t know what to do.”

His apologetic tone was met by your sigh, your fingers pinching the bridge of your nose. So, you were wrong; he had known you worked there. You sent Adam a quick nodd, knowing that you had no way out of it unless you spoke to him. Smoothing down your work uniform, you walked out of the kitchen, avoiding the hurrying waiters that blocked the path, your eyes instantly finding him. There he stood, Luke hemmings, in his usual tailored suit and stern look. You were instantly filled with the urge to turn around and walk away, dreading the encounter with your previous boss.

But his eyes had found yours just as quickly, and he was quickly making his way towards you. And as he opened his mouth to speak, you were already spitting out your dismissal.

“I’m sorry sir, but you have to be seated for me to take your order, or you can go to the front counter,” Your words earned a eye-roll from him, your tactics very well known by him.

“I’ve already had my drink, loo-“

“Well then I hope you were pleased, sir. And I hope you’ll be back,” You sent him the most obnoxious and fake smile you could muster, your manager’s eyes burning holes into your back. You knew that you’d never hear the end of it if you let a name like Hemmings walk out unsatisfied.

“(Y/n)!” Luke spoke up in a firmer pitch, his behavior showing you that he was not going to buy your fake act. And when did her ever? You were aware that Luke knew your every move, and that your behavior was in way close to fooling him.

“Can we talk? It won’t take long,” Luke walked closer, making you divert your eyes way from him.

“I can’t, I’m working” Your voice was quiet, as every fiber in you hoped that he wouldn’t push it.

Only, Luke liked pushing things until he no longer could.

“I believe I can convince your manager.” His tone was assertive, and you knew –just as well as he did- that his words were true.

Your eyes scanned the crowded room anxiously, whispering “Not here,” to him before you walked out to the empty balcony. Finding that it was vacant, you took a seat at one of the table, gesturing for him to join you. And as you watched him take a seat warily, you couldn’t help the memories that began flooding your mind.

Your first few weeks working for Luke were quiet the hassle; he was known to be very strict and picky when it came to his Personnal Assistants. None of them ever stayed for more than a couple of months, finding his behavior unbearable and the load of work hard to handle. But as you had crossed he two months milestone, the staff knew that you wouldn’t be leaving like the others.

Oddly enough, during the amount of time you spent together, you had grown very fond of each other. There was no denying that the relation between the two of you was no entirely planotic; yet, you both didn’t need any verbal confirmation of the fond feelings you beared for the other. You didn’t need to hear Luke’s words to know that he cared for you –he was never good with voicing his feelings anyway; but it showed, it always did. It showed through his constant check-ups when you were feeling sick, him urging you repeatedly to take a few days off. It showed through the quiet giggles and smiles you both shared, his CEO demeanor faltering every now and then when you were left by yourselves. It showed from the way he’d always look back to make sure that you weren’t swallowed in the sea of aggressive papparazzi. It showed through the warm blanket he’d drape over your sleepy body as you accidently fell asleep on his couch while working with him until the late hours of the night, waking up to him making breakfast for a change.

Quite frankly, it wasn’t that hard for you both to become as close as you were; you were basically spending every hour together, from when you’d get to his house at morning to make him his usual healthy breakfast, and then drive together to the company to work all day, until the late night when you’d bid him goodbye before going home.

The staff had noticed too; they saw how you both worked with total understanding of the other; they saw how you were always backing up his decisions and giving him the reassurance he needed, but was never scared of giving him a reality check and scolding him when he needed it. That was probably why you lasted as long as you did; you were compliant, hard-working but you were also stern and fierce when needed. You’ve never feared to look at him in the eye and spill out exactly what he needed to hear. You were a burning fire that matched his strong drive.

You cleared your throat as the uncomfortable silent, your eyes darting to meet his. “What was it exactly that you wanted, Mr. Hemmings?” Luke winced at your choice of words, a barrier set between the two of you by your use of his surname.

Of course, he knew that he only had himself to blame.


You rushed into the office as fast as you could, silently scolding yourself for sleeping in so late.

“Morning Annie,” you greeted the receptionist who was practically running your way.

“Quick, Mr. Hemmings is asking for you! Gosh- he’s in such a bad mood,” Her face was filled with worry, her eyes giving you a pitiful look that you shrugged. You knew that the staff hated it when their boss was in a bad mood, but surely it couldn’t be something severely bad.

“How do you know he’s mad?” you questionned as you walked in, the short girl following you.

“Marc said that when he came in this morning, he was already here and still in his jogging clothes. He’s been screaming since he came in and has asked for you every five minutes.”

That was bad, clearly bad.

Nodding at her words, you made your way into his office in hopes of finding out what was wrong. Luke’s back was facing you, his hands running through his hair. Just as Annie had said, he was still in his joggers, and you concluded that he hadn’t changed from his early morning run. Whatever was bothering was definitely bad if he came straight in.

“Calm down, Luke. Calm down –Fuck, I’m gonna lose my mind!” his mumbles were incoherent to you, only noting that his breath was rigid and his posture tense.

“Uh- you asked for me?” You spoke up to gain his attention, Luke instantly truning around at your words, a wild look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” You quickly added, earning a stare from him as he silently asked you to clarify, “For not coming to your house this morning, I mean. I slept in because of last night’s event and couldn’t make it in time.” You sheepishly explained, guessing that he mad at you for not showing up.

“(Y/n)! Don’t play games with me!” his voice was hoarse, signaling that he was indeed yelling all morning. His hands were set on his hips as he walked closer to his colossal desk. “Where are the files I’ve given you?” His tone was dangerously low, warning you that he was trying to tame a hurricane raging underneath.

“I put them on your desk last night,” You immediately answered, you eyes scanning the large desk for the papers.

“(y/n)!” your name left his mouth in an angry growl, almost hinting that if you were to say the wrong thing you wouldn’t like it.

“I- I promise! I printed them as you asked, got your tux from dry-cleaning and put them here before leaving for the soiree,” You shakily recalled the events from the night before, stating them as clearly as you could.

“Then why the hell aren’t they here!!” Luke’s fist banged repeatedly his desk, his voice furiously shouting, anger burning in his vains like acid. You unvoluntarily stepped back at his outburst, your hands fisting the egde of your dress as you tried to make sense of the situation.

“You -You’re not really accusing me of- I would never, Luke..” You began explaining, only to be cut off by his bark.

“Mr. Hemmings!” He corrected you, his dismissal burning down every bridge that had led you to using first names.

“That’s Mr. Hemmings for you,” his words were no longer laced with anger, for they held a deeper pain. The thought of your betrayal was inconceivable to his mind, and most distressing and damaging to his heart.  But you did not notice the shakiness in his voice as he urged himself to stay strong; you were too caught up in the numbing pain that made its way to your chest.

“Mr. Hemmings, I did not take those files.” You struggled to keep your voice even, tears stinging your eyes as you could no longer fight them. You knew that Luke Hemmings did not forgive two things; betrayal and lying.

He was accusing you of both.

“Do you have any explanation on where they’ve gone?” Luke’s eyebrows shot up in frustration, his voice breaking as he spoke. It was understandable; you knew just how important those files were. They contained everthing from his company statistics to his latest project plan. Only a few knew about them, and you had been the only one to see them –aside from him.

“No,” you croaked out, truly finding no answer to how the papers disappeared.

“Please, go to the reception to get your dismissal and the rest of your payment.” Luke sighed as he turned his back to you, finding his words hard to say but necessary nonetheless. You quickly wiped your face at his words; you weren’t going to beg for him to believe you or ask to keep your job; you were walking out with your dignity.

“I did not betray you, Mr. Hemmings.”  

And those eere your last words to him.


“If we’re not talking, then I shoukd probably get back to work,” You snapped once you got fed up with the silence, bolting out of your seat but a cold hand was already stopping you.

“Wait- wait, I’ll talk. I’ve been looking for you for the past weeks, can you please just hear me out,” Luke’s eyes were giving you a pleading look, his hand wrapping around your wrist ever so gently, and you knew that you weren’t about to turn him down. So, with a small nodd, you sat back in your place.

“I’m sorry, for what I’ve said. I realise that my actions might have hurt your feelings…” His words were cut off by your scoff. His eyes anxiously raised from his lap, finding your rigid poster as you folded your arms over your chest, your eyes staring at him with as much ferocity as you could.

“You still don’t get it, do you? This is not about my feelings getting hurt or you bruising my ego by dismissing me the way you did! I’ve been the first one you’ve thought about accusing, you actually believed that I’d do such a thing! You shouldn’t have! Not after all the time I’ve worked for you, not after everything we-“ You cut yourself off, taking in a deep breath to calm down, “You don’t get to come here and apologize, after you’ve found the real thief and realised that I’m innocent.”

“Actually,” Luke carefully said, “We still haven’t found him yet.”

You had to stop yourself from smiling at his words. He believed you. A little late, yes; but he believed you nonethess. You quickly stopped yourself, not ready to cave in just yet.

“Well, that’s terrible to hear, but I have to get going.” You excused yourself, but you haven’t even reached the door before his hand caught you again.

“Look, I know I can be irritating, and quite rude and an extreme workaholic. And I know that you’ve been bearing with my arrogant ass for so long,” Luke breathlessly spit his words, finding no way to express what he needed to.

You stopped walking at his words, your eyes staring at him as your eyebrows knitted in confusion. Luke Hemmings was willingly admitting to his flaws? That wasn’t usual.

“I’m sorry, alright? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sorry before –it’s crazy. I know I was wrong, I know! I should have never even thought about it, not for a second. Some- Some things I can deal with; like work and interviews and such; but some things like trust and dependance, I’m still struggling with,”

You couldn’t help but nodd at his words; you knew he was right. A downfall of being a young CEO in the business world is the difficulty to find people to trust. Everyone was after after him, hoping that he’d be the easy pray to fool. You knew about his history of –so said- partners who tried to lure him into a losing deal, you knew about the list of employees that betrayed his trust and leaked his secrets. You were always one to notice how extra hard he was on the new empolyees, and how he was so charismatic and polite during meeting but his smile would never reach his eyes until he was sure of their intentions.

“But I know that I trust you, I honestly do. I would have never given you those files if I didn’t wholeheartedly trust you. But when I didn’t find them and you didn’t show up that morning, I got scared and I started doubting –and should never have! I –I understand that what I did is unacceptable, I do, but I’ve been looking for you ever since that day because I need you to know that I believe you, and I trust you.” Luke was almost convinced that his words wouldn’t do much; after all, he was never capable of truly saying what he meant. And he feared that you wouldn’t really know just how horrible he felt.

“Ok” You quietly spoke, a smile making its way to your face.

“OK? As in- ok? So you forgive me?” Luke’s eyes widened at your words, his mind not precessing your words entirely. And how could you not accept his apology when be was exposing himself to you in a way not many people could witness?

“Yes, as in it’s all forgiven,” You comfirmed.

“So, you’ll go back to work?” Luke eagerly asked, exited to have you back. In all honesty, the past weeks were hard for him as well. In three weeks, he’s had four different PA’s, unable to work with any of them. Soon he realised that it was simply because none of them were you.

“No,” you answered him, feeling guilty at the hurt showing on his face,

“What? Why- You- you said that we were ok?” He couldn’t understand your behavior, only knowing that you had turned him down.

“We are!” You quickly reassured him, “It’s just that- I never meant to stay a PA forever, and even my work here is just to keep up with the bills. Working with you has shown me what I really wanted to do. I kind of want to start my own thing, you know. I don’t know, I mean I’m taking a few classes here and there and trying to prepare what’s needed, but…” Your nervous babbles were cut short by his reassuring hands on your shoulders, a warm smile adorning his stubble-clad face.

“You’re a hard-worker; you’ll do great.” You smiled back at his words, your eyes looking down until he spoke up again.

“Say,” Luke started, lifting on of his hands to rub his neck, “I kind of had my whole day cleared, so if you’d like, we can go grab lunch?”

“You don’t have to, really! It’s all good,” You wanted to say yes more than anything, but you didn’t want him to feel like he still needed to redeem himself.

“It’s not like that. I kind of meant it as a date, if you’d like,” Honestly, Luke would have asked you a long time ago, hadn’t it been for the business relation tying you.

“Oh- Sure then. My shift ends in like ten minutes, if you don’t mind waiting,” You explained, Luke nodding at your words as he took a seat back

And as you’d come back ten minutes later, mumbling “Are you ready, Luke?” to him, his face would instantly break into a wide smile. He would ask you to say it one more time without being sheeky with him, and his name would softly escape your smiling lips. And Luke’s heart would instantly speed up, because he has never been highly fond of his name until he had heard you say it.

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I feel like if Frieda was alive now she'd be a fan of the unflattering selfie. Herself first thing in the morning, or after working through the night. There's a power to showing that a woman doesn't have to look a certain way to be special and important

Originally posted by kevinguzmanm

Frida most definitely would have been a huge proponent of the selfie. Unflattering or not. She consciously altered her appearance, dress, and representation to control the way that others saw her and create a new identity for herself that she controlled.

When she was a teenager she posed as a man in her family photo, dressed in her father’s suit. She dressed in traditional Mexican clothes, hair and jewelry, rather than the tailored clothes and short skirts of the era. She did this on purpose, as a statement of who she was, where she came from and in opposition to the things about the world that she didn’t like. She often painted herself in horrifying or unflattering images, exposing the internal reality of her world and forcing the viewer to confront things that were (sometimes literally) below the surface. I read a story of how she walked into a theater performance, wearing so much jewelry that it jangled and rang and had the entire audience watching HER instead of the performance.

The woman used herself, her image, her femininity and her identity to mess with the world and make strong declarations about who she was. 

I find her to be a huge role model, not just as an artist, not just for her dramatic history, not just because she was glamorous and beautiful and daring, but because she had something to say. And she said it. Screw the rest of the world. 


Harbison has continued to put together perfectly tailored color-blocked pieces for FW15. His presentation exuded a mature sexy attitude, and each piece included details so eye-catching, we had to do a double take. Check out the rest of the exclusive photos from Harbison collection on Milk Made

(Photo by Mitchell McLennan)

Bold (Simon Dominic)

Anonymous asked: Simon D meeting a girl who’s just as tough and intimidating as him scenario!?

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    You strode down the street at a quick pace, your boots thumping with each step. It was nearly eight o’clock and you were on your way home from the restaurant where you worked as a bartender. At the end of every shift, you were sick of the crisp collared white shirt and carefully tailored skirt you were required to wear, so you always brought clothes to change into before you left, especially since you often went out with friends afterward. Tonight though, you were headed straight home. Bright streetlights and store-fronts illuminated the streets and clusters of friends and couples walked by you often. You tucked your hands in your pockets, continuing to walk along.


    Kiseok watched as you walked ahead of him, about fifteen yards away. Your steps were long, your shoulders held high, and your hair swished with every step you took. You looked self-assured, confident. He hadn’t gotten a chance to see your face… He wondered what it looked like. Hmm…

    He groped through his pockets, before finding a pen… perfect. He sped up his pace, calling, “Excuse me, miss.”

    You turned, one eyebrow raised. “I’m not interested.”

    He held out the pen. “I think you dropped this.”

    You took it, glancing over it, before handing it back to him. “Not mine. Thanks though.”

    “Ahh, okay,” he said. “Nice night, isn’t it?”

    You shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.” Then you turned to keep walking, but Kiseok sped up, keeping in stride with you.

    “You work downtown, don’t you? I think I’ve seen you.”

    You looked at him skeptically. “About 75% of Seoul would answer yes to that question.”

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The fashion trends of fictional style icon: Blair Waldorf.

One of my favourite fictional fashion icons is Blair Waldorf in the previous hit TV show: Gossip Girl (Leighton Meester plays the part of Blair).

Blair Waldorf is the veritable and formidable ‘Queen B’ and her clothes definitely reflect this and her adoration of real life style icon: Audrey Hepburn.

Instead of just showing all of her best outfits, I have grouped her best clothes into fashion trends, just like a Gossip Girl Fashion Week!

AUTUMN - Beautiful Autumnal red, orange and brown dresses and skirts.

COATS that combine keeping warm with looking stylish

LADY IN RED - A strong, passionate colour palette

PRETTY IN PINK - Feminine, flirty and fun skirts and dresses

BLACK LACE - Stylish, sophisticated and sexy

SUMMER SUN - A joyful and summer yellow colour palette

BUSINESSWOMAN BEAUTY - Houndstooth blouses, tailored jackets and pencil skirts

ELEGANT EVENING GOWNS that made Blair look like a Princess

CLASSIC CHIC - Cute cardigans, ruffled blouses and Chanel like white pearls

BRIDALWEAR - My favourite is the pastel blue Valentino dress

ACCESSORISING - Wonderful Chanel and Dior Galore

LINGERIE - Gorgeous, sexy and classy underwear

And let’s not forget….. Gorgeous MAKE UP

For more individual collages in different parts, follow me on Twitter: @Fashiomista2017 


Dion Lee creates another collection this #MADEFW that is elegant and messy all at once. His array of perfectly tailored suits paired with netted skirts and pants resembling stringed ribbons only makes us excited for the winter to come. Lee let’s us know what went into constructing his FW15 collection in this Milk Made exclusive. Read it here

(Photo by Koury Angelo)

Arrangement in Brown and Black: Portrait of Miss Rosa Corder (1876-78). James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903). Oil on canvas. The Frick Collection.

Rosa Corder, an artist herself, is posed with her left arm on her hip, her back straight and head high. She wears the tailored jacket and loose skirt favored by the 19th-century professional woman. Whistler explores the juxtaposition of black forms against a black background. Strong light and deep shadows give form to Corder’s plumed hat, which provides a visual counterpoint to her thick brown hair.

What would Phryne Fisher wear, in 1955.....


But these have potential…

OK so Phryne is so a creature of her time, created by Kerry Greenwood to be an ideal flapper. She has the hair, the profile, and the body to be on the cutting edge of fashion in the 1920′s. 

With hindsight we know where fashion is going, and while I can see Phryne as an eccentric old woman,  I have a hard time picturing her in  the overly  constrictive garments of the 40′s and 50′s. I think she would find a  body girdle unfortunate, and would find the styles constrictive to movement, How is she going to scale walls in a full skirt and tailored jacket? How is Jack going to handle the constant sight of Phrynes’ knees. 

I pondered this and went looking, here are some images I found that I could see Phryne wearing…

Then I pondered the trousers, we know she likes a well cut trouser. With an arse like hers who can blame her, besides it makes being a living action figure so much easier. She has so much trouser fun ahead of her…..


Hamburg wedding dresses in the opening years (Anna Maria Kaufmann/Renée Knapp 1990-92) and it the current Hamburg production (Valerie Link and Lauri Brons 2013-15). 

  1. Anna Maria Kaufmann with Peter Hoffman and Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
  2. Valerie Link with Mathias Edenborn and Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
  3. Anna Maria Kaufmann. Long tailored bodice, little lace on skirt. 
  4. Valerie Link. Long, but slightly too big bodice, rich lace on skirt. 
  5. Ditto. I’m itching to give that bodice a better fit. 
  6. Renée Knapp in same style as Kaufmann. Here with Raymond Sepe. 
  7. Renée Knapp again. 
  8. Lauri Brons. Snug, well tailored bodice, rich lace skirt. 
  9. Renée Knapp and Donald Cant (from her Australian guest run). 
  10. Lauri Brons. Her bodice has a really nice fit. It’s changed a lot since the original bodices, which were made of a silver fabric with large ribbed pattern, and with a huge basque. This one has finer ribs, and a smaller and snugger basque.