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15 reasons why Gaston is kinda awesome...

1. He doesn’t make fun of Belle for reading, like the other villagers do.

2. He’s polite. “Pardon.” “Excuse me.” “Please let me through!”

3. He’s strong and can handle himself in a fight.

4. He has amazing hair! (So grabbable)

5. He’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something.

6. His self-confidence is through the roof!

7. He’ll bring you flowers!

8. He knows how to have a good time!

9. He has great aim; with a knife, with a quiver and with a gun!

10. He’s not afraid of public speaking.

11. He’s gorgeous! (Can’t ignore the obvious)

12. He’s a nice dresser and has very well-tailored pants (very important IMHO).

13. He just wants a quiet family life where he can stay home with his wife and adorable children! Awwwww

14. He can SING!

15. He’s played by Luke Evans! ;)

Those little Turn-On's (Vocal Unit):

Seventeens little turn on’s (Vocal Unit):


Those clothes you wear to work.
He adored how you looked in those sexy tight fitting pencil skirts and tailored pant suits. He loved how professional and powerful it made you look. ‘Jihoon you’re staring again!’ You’d laugh as you slip your feet into your heels. ‘I can’t help it! You just look so good dressed like that… like a sexy secretary…’ He always called you that. 'I’ll always be your sexy secretary Jihoon…’ you’d smugly reply before heading for the door leaving him anticipating your return.

His clothing.
You liked to wear his hoodies only because they were bigger and cosier than yours and they smelled good. 'Y/N take that off its mine! He’d groan noticing you’d stole another piece of his clothing. 'Fiiiiiiine…’ you’d groan going to pull it off. 'Wait just, leave it on…’ He’d say noticing you only had your bra on underneath. 'Wait actually yeah… you should take it off…’ He’d say changing his mind and approaching you with a smirk on his face.

Side boob.
You weren’t a girl who really enjoyed flashing the skin, and you’d definitely didn’t have a habit of flashing your boobs… but in those hot summer months a needs must and Jeonghan loved it when you showed for some skin. Jeonghan especially loved it when he first saw you wearing that tank top with the low cut sides. 'Y/N… are you even wearing a bra?’ He’d ask curiously. 'Nope.’ You’d reply completely innocently. 'Well that means easy access for me!’ He’d laugh and he’d approach with his hands out stretched.

Joshua just loves your legs. He particularly loves it when he comes into your apartment to find you lying down on the couch with your legs propped up against the back of it. He’d enjoy softly stroking your legs, especially your thighs, when you lay them over his lap or when you cuddle up to him…

When you’re working.
Whenever you were sat at the table finishing work off or tapping away on the laptop you would always catch him staring. He loved the way your hair would fall over your face and the way you’d crinkle up your face in concentration. 'Y/N stop working…’ he’d groan leaning against your bedroom door. You’d just shake your head in response but he’d eventually get you to stop working and pull you away with him.

An Appreciation of the Emily Kaldwin Aesthetic

I LOVE playing as Emily Kaldwin. I just … I need to tell you guys that. She’s such a rare sort of video game protagonist, a lady who’s not sexualized. 

Shit, she’s even WEARING CLOTHES I WOULD WANT TO WEAR. That NEVER happens in games! Like, I think Lara Croft in the new games had a couple of cool, optional outfits, and some of Commander Shepard’s outfits were all right (boob plate though). But Emily’s clothes are a power fantasy for me. 

Obligatory disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with super feminine or revealing clothes, and if that’s what you like, more power to you. But as someone who has complicated feelings about gender, who enjoys dressing androgynously, Emily’s clothes are a damn revelation. 

The black boots! The long, dark coat with gold detailing, shiny buttons, and high collar! The hint of a crisp, tailored white shirt underneath. Pants! A big ol’ belt! It’s so cool. It’s how I’d dress every damn day if I was a literal empress. 

AND SHE GETS TO FROWN. Sweet Jesus, she gets to sound tired, and frown, and grunt in a fight. 

Look at my girl, RIGHTEOUSLY PISSED. 

She’s taken seriously by the story, by her enemies, by everyone, as a real threat. And she gets to look damn good taking back her throne. 


#1. Lace Casualties (M)

drabble. | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

genre: sinfully suggestive mature content

characters: park fucking jimin

word count: 980

everyday problems encountered by the one and only sugardaddy!jimin.

a/n: OKAY. i know i said that i wouldn’t be posting any writing these days but i couldn’t stop thinking about sugardaddy!jimin and conversations with @noir0neko HA SURPRISE BINCH >:))))))

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Red Carpet - Dylan Sprayberry Imagine

Summary: Shortly after their break up, Dylan Sprayberry sees Y/N attend the Teen Choice Awards with Peyton Meyer and gets jealous.

Word Count: 2, 542

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x Reader

Author’s Note: For all the DylSpray teens who love him oh so much, this one is for y’all! (This isn’t beta proof.)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“It’s Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo from Teen Wolf!” Jeannie from The Ellen DeGeneres Show said excitedly as she looked into the camera.

The two actors said ‘Hey’ as they approached the last two interviewers at the end of the red carpet. Jeannie stood next to a tall man in a white button up shirt with a tuxedo jacket and black short shorts. The man’s shorts looked like someone had tailored his black pants into short shorts.

“I’m lovin’ your outfit, bro,” Khylin admitted. “I’ll be upset if you don’t win Best Dressed tonight.”

“Thanks!” Andy laughed.. “So we have some Ellen stuff for you guys." 

"Ellen swag?” Khylin asked excitedly. “Sweeeet.”

Jeannie and Andy handed them each a pair of Ellen sunglasses. Dylan immediately put his on. “Oh man, these are pretty awesome.”

Teen Wolf is nominated for a couple of awards tonight. For Choice TV Actor (Drama), Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi TV, and Choice TV Bromance,” Dylan and Khylin nodded as Andy read off his index cards. “How do you feel about the nominations tonight?”

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anonymous asked:

Things I hear as a skinny person: "You look unnatural" "Why do your bones stick out" "Gross, don't do the crunches in p.e., your vertabrae freak me out" "Why don't you have boobs? Are you not actually a girl?" "You look like jack skellington, stop posting pics" "Sorry, you'll have to special order or tailor the pants - there are no long and slim ones" "You should stuff your bra so you can actually look our age" "Maybe if you didn't look like a skeleton boys would like you"

things i hear as a fat person: “you’ll get heart disease”, “you shouldn’t eat that, it’s so bad for you”, “at least you’re smart”,“will you be okay to do p.e today?” , “sorry we don’t stock your size” , “your medical condition can be lessened if you lose weight” even though it’s completely unrelated.  all eyes on me at the ripe old age of 10 when obesity was first discussed in health class.  denied lunch at age 8 because “it’s not like she needs it”.  my mum screamed at me for asking for a snack when i was 11.  she yelled until she was red in the face, and then she showed me the birthday present my nan had got me - clothes of course- and said “if you keep eating, you wont fit into this”. 

i used to get asked out as a joke by my “friends”.  i was literally a joke to them. my mere existence.  haha, really funny.  ask the fat girl out.  watch her writhe with fear and humiliation when all the boys laughed and snickered in the background. fucking hilarious.  

i hear you. i get it.  but we live in a world where you can be ANY type of skinny and people will STILL prefer you to be skinny than fat.  that’s the bottom line.  you receive taunts where you shouldn’t and it’s not okay nor acceptable, but you should know that people would absolutely rather you be skinny than fat.  and until you’ve ever experienced being fat, you can’t comment.  i’ve seen how my life changed after i lost weight - the way people treated me - it was better.  it was nicely.  you don’t get it.