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The Emoji fucking Movie

Well I saw it. I wish I could say it was everything I expected it to be but it was worse. To summarize everything in one fluent and well-arranged thesis is too daunting a task because there’s simply too much to say about this blaspheme and so little time to properly convey it all. so here’s the main points on everything you need to know about this film

-i thought the Wreck It Ralph comparisons were bad enough but we find out Jailbreak was formerly a princess emoji but she rejected her status in favor of something more spunky and rebellious like holy shit they’re just unabashed in ripping off the beats of a superior movie.
-Sony hates millenials despite the fact that this movie was tailor-made to pander to them in the worst ways possible. Case in point, at one point the main human contemplates texting his crush and his frind tells him to only use emojis before saying in the most dude-bro way “words aren’t COOL”  at one point the teacher is talking about hieroglyphs and has to liken them to “the original emojis” because the students don’t want to learn any other way! they’re too obsessed with their phones! they have no attention spans! get it? GET IT?
-ADDING ONTO THAT! what is the message of this film? it doesn’t have one! there’s a scene where we see the main human deleted an email of lyrics/poetry he wrote for his crush but he deleted it because as his friends say WORDS AREN’T COOL. and you think “oh. the message will be that teens need to actually talk to each other more and express their feelings whatever” but oh no no no this is THE EMOJI MOVIE we’re talking about and the climax of the film is resolved by Gene (the main emoji) using his multiple faces to make the first emoji composed of multiple feelings back to back and gets sent to the crush who says “wow! I loved your emoji! it’s so nice to see a guy who’s willing to express his feelings” WHAT THE HELL? SO YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOUTH FOR USING EMOJIS BUT ULTIMATELY EMOJIS SAVE THE DAY?
-There’s a stupid subplot about Gene’s meh parents having a falling out but it’s okay because they reconcile inside Instagram by hijacking a romantic photo and using the right filter
-TJ Miller touted the film as having a feminist positive message and let me tell you this is what it is. In Candy Crush, Gene finished one of Jailbreak’s sentences when she has an idea and out of nowhere Jailbreak yells “MEN ARE ALWAYS GETTING CREDIT FOR WOMEN’S IDEAS AND I’M SICK OF IT!” it comes immediately and ends abruptly. Gene doesn’t respond to it and Jailbreak doesn’t build onto that. the subject ends there. 10 minutes later Jailbreak says out of nowhere that in the early days emoji women only had the choice to be “princesses or brides” but that in the cloud she can be whatever she wants to be. again, this is never brought further or built upon. it feels so tacked on and barely even surface level like fuck they patted themselves on the back for this progressive-ass movie
-speaking of progressive, an internet troll calls the Just Dance lady a g***y. so yeah, add a slur usage to the list of offenses
-they go to Dropbox? Becuase kids love using Dropbox????
-Gene creates a new dance. The Emoji Bop. yes there is a dance party ending. 
-Someone tells Poop that he’s going soft. Patrick Stewart had to say the following line. “Not too soft, I hope” 
-Jailbreak in her princess form whistles and summons a twitter bird
-they go into youtube which has viral videos that are in live action and it’s super disorienting
-because this is a Sony movie, everyone uses Sony smart phones
-the 15 year old human has one of those fake-out apps that looks like a dictionary to his parents but it’s meant to hide like porn and illegal downloads so yeah fun for the whole family 
-if there’s one and I mean ONE good thing about the film it’s short. like barely 70 minutes. and yet that still feels like too long

The Emoji Movie is what you get when you have too much money. and nothing else. wait for a camrip online before watching it ironically. please please do not give this money. please. please. please please pleaskd qn


ORIGIN Tree House

Atelier LAVIT have designed the ORIGIN Tree House for their clients in France who wanted to have a unique cabin.

ORIGIN is an exceptional cabin, a unique and tailor-made project. The architectural challenge for Atelier LAVIT was to create a functional and comfortable hotel room, being faithful to the first inspiration of the project: a bird-nest. The design of the cabin, coupled with the construction techniques, led to a rationalization of the assembly logic of the branches collected by the birds to create their impregnable shelters.

Something happened 63 years ago that’s haunted me my entire life. I’ve never told anyone about it—until now

Story by reddit user  Sergeant_Darwin

It’s official: I’m an old man.

For the last couple years, I’ve comforted myself by saying I’m in my “early 70s,” but math is simple and unforgiving. Today is my 75th birthday, and God, the years do fly.

I’m not here for your well wishes; this is hardly a milestone I’m excited about. I’m glad to still be here, of course, but I find I have less and less to live for with every passing year. My bones ache, my kids live far away, and the other side of my bed has been empty for just over eight months now. In fact, once I cast my vote against that goddamned Trump this November, I may have nothing to live for at all.

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For my best of 2017 post, I thought I’d take the opportunity to feature some of the gorgeous pieces my tailor made for me last year! Everything you see here was made bespoke from my design ideas and quite a bit of invaluable design input from my tailor. In 2018, I’m going to continue getting as many bespoke pieces as I can get made while I’m still in Bangalore. Dream wardrobe, you’re shaping up quite nicely!

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anonymous asked:

soo ive seen a lot of posts on how to be a better dm, but do u happen to have any tips for how to be a better player? like tips on how to improvise/roleplay better or just things that you wish your players did more?

First off, Anon, I am so sorry it’s taken me a while to get to this. I wanted to do it justice, and with the wedding, I let the blog fall to the wayside. But though the answer is long overdue, I hope it helps.


We talk so so much about GMs needing to accommodate players and needing to make sure players are having fun and just How to Be a Good Storyteller/Improviser/Mechanical Genius/Memory Gremlin/Mediator/Babysitter/Friend/Person, but you’re right, we rarely touch on the other side of that equation. We expect a lot of our gamemasters, and they do carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to a DnD game. But we as players can definitely make that process easier, and we should! Everyone at the table should be having fun, including the GM. Here’s some ways that you, the player, can help facilitate that.

Before the Game:

Make a character that will fit in the world/campaign you’re playing in. GM’s should help accommodate you, but if you make a lone wolf dragonborn barbarian with a deep seated hatred of nobility in a game that’s mostly political intrigue, that’s kind of your bad, bro. Oddball concepts and characters that defy tropes of the setting can work, but don’t break the flavor/nature of the game before it’s even begun! I promise you the GM wants to make your concept work, but they also want the spirit of their setting to continue to work as intended. Player/GM relationships need to be about compromise.

Make a character that meshes with the party (or will in the future). I’m talking about this from a purely flavorful standpoint. If you make a loner vigilante who screws everyone over, not only is that taking enjoyment away from other players, it’s making more work for the GM. You don’t have to start out with a ‘we’re one big family’ attitude, but you should have a character who is open to working with others, or who will change and grow in that direction.

Talk to the GM about your character. Unless you’re playing a really impromptu session, or the GM specifically said not to, you should definitely discuss your concept and even mechanical build with the GM! It can help them seed story hooks for your character and build challenges that test your class. Obviously this is less of an option in Adventure League play, but we’re talking about private campaigns for now.

Come to the table with a positive and open-minded attitude. I hope that you are playing because you want to. Let the GM know you’re excited! Actively engage and participate in things at the table, both in and out of character. Be open to things not going your way, cause they can’t always, and try to be good-natured about obstacles and changes in the game.

This last one segues us into

At the Table:

Be distinct in the difference between in character and out of character. This is probably something your table needs to discuss, whether you’re using a hand sign and everything else is considered in character, or if you have to specify that you’re speaking in character, or what. But I love it when players use voices or otherwise signify that they are in character. General roleplay tips can be found here!

Be gracious about accepting when you’re wrong. Look, I’ve seen my share of arguments at the table. I’ve been in a few of them, and they suck. When you’re disputing something, take a second to step back and ask yourself if it matters in the long run before you push the issue. Don’t argue for the sake of being right - we’re all wrong sometimes! And while you shouldn’t let a GM make unfair rulings, you should also be open to house rules, even if you disagree. It’s not your table, and if you want to open the issue for further discussion, you should do so outside the game.

Be aware of your fellow players. There are going to be sessions where some players are more relevant than others, especially in story driven games. That’s okay! Recognize when it’s an opportunity for someone else to have the spotlight, and help them recognize those moments too! In an ideal world, everyone gets the spotlight every time, but the reality is that sometimes you gotta recognize when it’s your time to pull back a little bit and let other players take the lead. Being aware of other players and having an open dialogue about your characters can also help you bring them more into the game if they’re feeling out of it. I love when my players help each other in this way.

Be aware of the story. Look for story hooks, and go after them when you find them! I love it when my players make decisions that are narratively interesting, even if they’re not the smartest decisions or even if it pushes their character in a new/different direction. There’s nothing more frustrating as a GM than laying out a variety of story hooks and having the players ignore them. That being said, if you’re not interested in the story hooks, tell the GM what you would be into.

Be open to character change. This is a huge one. So often we talk about people who say, “It’s what my character would do.” This is fine, and in fact you should know your character’s ideals and traits. But you gotta acknowledge that people change, and if a character decision is gonna be narratively destructive or just in general going to cause a lot of unnecessary strife in or out of game, you should ask yourself if that’s the decision you want your character to make, rather than being less stubborn and making the character change a bit. Balance between what the character wants and what is good for the table is important.

Communicate. In general, I really like having feedback from players on how they enjoyed sessions, things that worked/didn’t work, what they’re excited for, theories about the plot, and what I like to call the character check, which is when they give me an update on the emotional and moral state of their character. Knowing these things can help me make sessions feel more personal, like they’re tailor-made for the party. Most importantly, though, I like to know if they’re having fun. I want them to come talk to me if there are issues, because I can’t resolve them if I’m not made aware of them!

I hope this helps! Happy gaming!

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Here’s all my stuff guys.

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Hellborn - Chapter 1

Genre: Smut; Angst; Demon!AU, Dom!Jimin, Sex Slave!AU

Word count: 6282

“The things I’m going to do to you are going to be the opposite of sweet and gentle. I’ll hit, bite, slap and scratch. You’ll be begging me for mercy. Begging me to give you your sweet release. Begging me to stop…Begging me to let you go…” He smirked a devilish, evil smirk. “But I won’t. Because from now on, you are my property…” You saw him snap his fingers before everything turned black.

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Google's Diversity Controversy Mocked in Street Art Near Office
The posters were plastered onto bus-stop benches and behind glass looking like official advertisements

The politics of Google has been in the spotlight since the online giant seemingly fired an employee for challenging liberal orthodoxy. It’s a situation tailor-made for Sabo, and the conservative street artist struck before the sun rose on Friday, plastering the Venice area of Los Angeles, all around some offices where Google and its YouTube unit reside, with disparaging posters in some very hard-to-reach areas.

The posters, some of them exceedingly large and very high up, some plastered onto bus-stop benches, some behind glass looking like official advertisements, contrast Google with Apple, distorting the latter’s catchphrase to suggest that thinking different at Google won’t produce world-changing products, it will get you fired.

The controversy that Sabo is exploiting concerns Google’s VP of diversity, integrity and governance Danielle Brown publicly chastising an employee who wrote a memo chastising Google for what he thinks is an obsession with diversity.

The employee, James Damore, wrote 3,000 words in his memo, but some of the ones that got him in trouble went like this: “I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.”

After some employees complained about Damore’s 10-page missive, Google CEO Sundar Pichai fired him.

In Sabo’s artwork, Pichai’s image appears alongside the image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and both logos from the tech giants are also present.

In some posters, Apple’s tagline “Think Different” is alongside Google’s logo with the text “Not So Much.” In other posters, it’s alleged that thinking different gets you hired at Apple but fired at Google.

“It seems since after the election of Trump not only has the left lost their minds,” Sabo tells The Hollywood Reporter, “they’ve all decided to throw all their chips on the table by oppressing anyone who either voted for Trump, supports Trump, is right of center, or simply doesn’t see things their way.”

jimin scenario | mutual muses

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

After helping a young busker one Christmas, he goes on to earn fame and fortune. But he hasn’t forgotten you, or your kind deed ❞

prompt: I vowed to do something nice for a stranger this Christmas. Guess today’s your lucky day… 

pairing: busker jimin x heir reader

requested by anon | 2.5k words | fluff, heir au

It was a cold December day when you first saw the man you would come to know as Park Jimin. He was standing at the entrance to the subway station, the last dregs of snow swirling around him while he strummed on a guitar with purple fingers and sang with blue lips. At his feet was a hat, with a pool of loose change lying in it, and as you passed by, wrapped up in coat, hat, scarf, and gloves, all designer, as if the name could protect you from the cold, you felt guilt snaking up to choke your heart.

Here was a man, working in the sigh of a frozen wind, all for a few coins to keep him alive, while you were off to dinner with yet another important CEO you didn’t care about, where you would be served food you could never finish, and be left to nod along as the conversation around you writhed with competition over who owned the biggest pool, or the best car collection.

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park jihoon|the heirs

member: park jihoon
genre: angsty fluff
warnings: public humiliation/bullying
summary: heirs au! arranged marriage au! you’re betrothed to park jihoon, probably the most sought out guy at 101 academy. when you guys first meet it goes horribly. the second meeting terrible but isn’t a third time a lucky charm?
heirs series: hwang minhyun | kang daniel | park woojin | yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon

  • from when you were little you knew your marriage would be planned by your parents 
  • since your parents ran one of the biggest international banks in the world
  • they needed to arrange you a marriage with someone who will be beneficial to the company
  • kinda barbaric right? 
  • at least after 5 years you can divorce the guy 
  • but still
  • not great 
  • but when you were little you dreamed of it being love at first sight and you two would live happily ever after
  • as you got older your hopes of that happening slowly faded away 
  • still a little part of you wanted it all to work out and to actually be in love with the guy you’re betrothed to
  • probably wishful thinking though
  • you knew you were going to get betrothed at 18
  • so you decided to live life a little
  • which is why you went out with a lot of guys
  • people called you a slut of it 
  • but you really didn’t care at all 
  • since early on your parents taught you not to care too much about what other people thought
  • and you didn’t 
  • you were much happier that way 
  • but all that really didn’t matter anymore because apparently you were to meet your betrothed tonight
  • you had absolutely no idea who it was 
  • and you were so so nervous 
  • but at least you looked good? you looked very classy
  • in a short black tommy hilfiger dress, a burberry trench coat with a matching scarf and your favourite jimmy choo heels, hair in a long messy side plait, swarvoski earrings and a light coat of makeup 
  • your parents weren’t there with you because apparently you had to get acquainted with each other 
  • you didn’t know wether to be thankful or spiteful 
  • you knocked on the private room which was reserved for the two of you 
  • “come in” you heard a weirdly familiar voice say nervously
  • you take a deep breath and open the door
  • and there was your betrothed 
  • park jihoon 
  • in all his handsome glory
  • wearing a clearly tailor made suit fitting him like a glove 
  • with his hair slightly tousled and his face even prettier than most of the female population at your school
  • you were cursing in your head “anyone but him”
  • it’s not like you hated jihoon or anything 
  • quite the opposite 
  • you’ve always liked him on and off of course 
  • but he was probably one of the least approachable guys in school
  • not to mention he was one of the heirs
  • the 11 guys who basically have the whole school at their feet
  • because of their massive fortunes, ridiculously good looks, and all being the best in their fields
  • and of course jihoon is probably the most sought out of the guys 
  • your problem wasn’t really him 
  • but the girls that would actually kill you for being betrothed to him 
  • you were snapped out of your thoughts by jihoon 
  • “y-you’re my betrothed?” he sounds like he was being strangled
  • “wow am i that bad?” you ask amused
  • “well you are the school slut” he says without thinking 
  • he winced after he said it instantly regretting it 
  • your heart feels a sharp pain pierce through it and your face instantly hardens
  • “well if this helps i’ve actually never gone further than making out with any of the guys i’ve been with” you say sharply
  • you could see the look of shock on jihoon’s face 
  • “that not what people say” he says shocked and disbelieving 
  • you let out a cold bitter laugh
  • “people make rumours, exaggerate things i don’t stop it because i don’t give a shit about what people think about me, i thought at least my future husband would be able to give me 1 minute to explain before blurting out he thinks i’m a slut” you spit out the word husband like it’s a curse word
  • you were hurting much more than you thought 
  • it was like someone was stabbing your heart excruciatingly slowly
  • jihoon winces again wanting to apologise but not knowing how 
  • instead he asks you for a favour 
  • “can you please not tell anyone about the betrothal?”
  • you look at him him incredulously not believing the nerve of him
  • “wow that scared your reputation is going to be tarnished by being engaged to the school slut. fine i don’t care.” you say coldly 
  • you wait a few seconds waiting for jihoon’s reply hoping that he’d deny that he thinks of you that way 
  • or that he was sorry
  • or something anything 
  • absolutely nothing
  • you thought he really did think of you as a slut
  • someone not even close to being good enough for him 
  • and you could feel the prickle in your eyes and you hate the fact you were affected by him 
  • before he can see you crying 
  • you walked out slamming the door loudly behind you 
  • for some reason your heart was aching and you couldn’t stop the tears from going down your face
  • that weekend
  • you shut yourself from everyone and anyone
  • barely eating
  • and just crying 
  • you never thought one guy could make you feel this crappy 
  • but you knew it was because you thought that this betrothal might actually work
  • clearly not 
  • on monday you ignored all and any presence of park jihoon
  • and you didn’t say anything to your friends 
  • jihoon looked at you walking out of the restaurant and knew he had fucked up real bad
  • he never meant to be that rude 
  • but he was completely thrown aback that it was you
  • it made perfect sense you were his betrothed your banks were rivals holding top 1 and 2 spots in the bank industry
  • to combine your family’s banks would make the cash just come rolling in
  • but still he never expected you  
  • when you first entered you looked stunning which already made him into a mess
  • he’s TERRIBLE at socialising with girls 
  • well except the other guys girlfriends they were like sisters to him
  • he knew not to believe rumours but so many guys bragged about bagging a night with you and everything
  • so he believed the rumours and like an asshole he blurted that out without even thinking
  • knowing they never even went past making out with you was shocking
  • he didn’t even apologise because his mind was still at the point where he thought you were beautiful
  • while you were at the point that he thought you were a slut
  • gosh he fucked up real bad 
  • in all honestly jihoon always had a thing for you
  • you were confident, gorgeous, intelligent, nice and funny
  • but he never knew how to talk to you 
  • though now you were his future wife??
  • but you hated him now for good reason too
  • and he really needed to know how to fix all this
  • so he goes to the guys 
  • more specifically their girlfriends 
  • cause the guys are as dumb as him  
  • so at lunch he tells the table
  • “guys i’m betrothed to y/n and i need your help i fucked up all and any chance with her”
  • “YOU’RE BETROTHED TO Y/N??!!!” shouts jaehwan 
  • before jihoon had a chance to cover his mouth 
  • he groans knowing he fucked up again 
  • and the whole cafeteria goes dead silent 
  • jihoon could hear footsteps coming to him 
  • and across from him daehwi mouths your name 
  • he winces as he turns around standing up to talk to you face to face 
  • you snapped the moment you heard jaehwan shout that you were betrothed to jihoon 
  • “you asshole, you tell me not to tell anyone because you don’t want your reputation to be ruined by the school slut. then you tell all your friends which leads to jaehwan screaming the fact to the whole bloody school”
  • you say dangerously low and you could feels tears building up 
  • “it isn’t like that” jihoon said defensively
  • “then what is it like?” you asked coldly
  • he didn’t say anything again not looking at you
  • knowing the whole cafeteria was listening to every word you were saying 
  • “since mr park jihoon over here doesn’t want his reputation to be ruined. i will make this crystal clear, no matter what you have heard i have NOT gone further than making out with ANY GUY. and i have not cared that you have called me a slut for years but now you know you’ve been just spewing bullshit” you say spitefully to the whole cafeteria 
  • there were a lot of death glares as you announced that but you didn’t care
  • you just left without a word tears streaming down your face
  • “jihoon you better have a damned good reason why you didn’t deny y/n YOUR FUTURE WIFE of being a slut and making her cry” jinyoung said annoyed
  • then ran after you because you were good friends
  • jinyoung comforted you as you cried and cried 
  • he and you were good friends, you two were each others dates for fancy ball things 
  • but you two were just like siblings nothing romantic
  • jihoon felt like utter shit as he saw you running out of the cafeteria
  • even though he had no right to he felt a pang of jealously as jinyoung ran after you 
  • he explained the whole situation to everyone at the table
  • “i’m sorry but i thought you guys were going public with it” jaehwan said apologetically 
  • “jihoon how do you even fuck up that badly?” woojin asked exasperatedly
  • “hyung you told me you’ve liked her for ages?” guanlin said confused
  • “he still does like her and he’s messed up real bad but he’ll be able to fix this” daehwi said positively 
  • “not by himself, he’s going to need us more especially the girls to make a plan” sungwoon contradicted
  • “okay everyone stop with the negative talk and actually start making a plan” minhyun said firmly
  • “it needs to be completely genuine, and it needs to be soon” woojin’s girlfriend immediately said 
  • “it also should be in front of everyone to make sure her reputation doesn’t  get affected by you” jisung’s girlfriend added
  • then the other girls went on a roll
  • “do it tomorrow at lunch no buts, no ifs, no maybes” daniel’s girlfriend said in a no bullshit tone
  • “it needs to be simple, sweet, genuine but nothing too cheesy, it should be meaningful for both of you” minhyun’s girlfriend said 
  • “wait wait for the clueless guys out here what is ‘it’” seongwoo butted in
  • all the girls rolled their eyes
  • “him apologising dumbass” seongwoo’s girlfriend said whacking her boyfriend over the head
  • “ohhhh” said literally all the guys
  • “we’re surrounded by idiots” groaned all the girls
  • “jihoon we have a crazy idea but hear us out” daniel said for the first time the whole lunch 
  • after muttering with jisung for a long time
  • “give her a promise ring, not like a cheesy promise to be forever ring but when you guys are married to always try your best to make the marriage work” jisung continued 
  • “no that’s brilliant! i can’t believe you two are the ones that made that idea up!” jihoon exclaimed finally looking a bit better and breaking his silence
  • “they didn’t entirely” woojin smirked
  • “the girls were discussing promise rings and if that would work” daehwi continued
  • “then they were interrupted” jaehwan added
  • “well we actually went with the idea!” daniel said proudly
  • “details details, jihoon you better get this promise ring fast” guanlin said
  • jihoon left quickly 
  • *next day lunch time*
  • you calmed down a lot and you knew you’ll have to talk to jihoon eventually 
  • and you would once he apologised 
  • you thought that was reasonable
  • but you did feel bad for being a bit too cold 
  • it was ridiculous, he was a dick to you but you STILL liked him 
  • suddenly your thoughts were interrupted by a CRACK sound on your head
  • you felt something slimey and wet in your hair
  • instantly you knew it was an egg
  • you looked at the corridor doors being completely shut
  • then you saw your so called best friends with the whole crowd with eggs in their hands
  • you couldn’t even think about them right now
  • fuck it, you didn’t give two shits anymore you thought as 3 more eggs hit you 
  • you stood there being completely humiliated, as more and more eggs pelted at you
  • people were laughing at you and calling you were a slut and saying you didn’t deserve jihoon
  • you couldn’t help but let the tears spill
  • suddenly a body lightly slammed into you
  • two warm arms tightly wrapped around you
  • one around your shoulder one around your head 
  • somebody was protecting your whole body from being egged 
  • and a feeling of warmth and affection rushed through you
  • someone cared about you, you thought 
  • you instantly eased in their arms 
  • they weirdly made you feel safe and loved 
  • “i’m so sorry, i messed up so badly and now i can’t even protect you from other people” you heard the voice of jihoon utterly devastated
  • your heart began to beat faster, and you felt all warm and soft inside
  • you could tell he really was sorry and he was truly being genuine
  • so you said sweetly and reassuringly to him “it’s okay, we all make mistakes”
  • “i want to talk to you later and explain everything but i’m going to deal with this mess first” jihoon said softly
  • as the egging finally stopped as everyone realised they weren’t egging you anymore
  • jihoon unwrapped himself from you much to your internal disappointment
  • “go with woojin and jinyoung they’ll keep you safe” jihoon said as woojin and jinyoung helped you to very edge of the corridor
  • it was a known fact woojin was the CIA head’s son, since their family was the “public face” of the CIA 
  • so he’d kick everyone’s ass in the room in a matter of minutes
  • while jinyoung was close with you providing you with the emotional security you need 
  • everyone was silent, and a lot of people looked scared
  • “you IDIOTS, y/n is my betrothed and i was the one that fucked up not her, she doesn’t deserve any of this.” jihoon spat out angrily 
  • “but since you’ve not only egged y/n but me too, let me remind you nearly every single one of you are under our control” he points to himself and the heirs 
  • everyone paled
  • “i can easily pull some favours, buy your companies out, demote or just plain fire your parents, maybe hirer a few private investigators to see how fucked up you all are” jihoon said casually like ruining people’s lives were all nothing
  • it was even scarier than him being mad
  • everyone was realising how much they messed up
  • “but if you don’t want to do that, i suggest you write all your names on a piece of paper, and sign it with the statement you committed an act of bullying, it will be given to the school” jihoon continued sharply 
  • everyone knew they were going to get at least 3 months detention and notification to their parents for this
  • and some people might even get suspended 
  • “but remember do not mess with any of us, if you do again we won’t be so nice” jihoon ended coldly 
  • before anyone could say anything 
  • without a single warning he scooped you bridle style 
  • making your heart do backflips 
  • jihoon pushed the doors open with a bang 
  • and left without even a glance back
  • “now you imbeciles line up before your life goes to hell” jisung’s girlfriend said coldly showing her ice princess persona 
  • everyone scrambled to get in line
  • as jihoon was carrying you to your dorm to shower
  • “i just wanted to tell you i’m not actually that mean, i just didn’t want you to get hurt again” he said softly
  • “i completely understand, thank you for protecting me” you reply sincerely
  • jihoon then explained everything in his point of view of what everything happened and you finally understood 
  • he didn’t mean to be rude
  • he was just an idiot 
  • but he was your idiot
  • after you and jihoon showered, jihoon insisted on patching up your injuries
  • as he was putting a bandaid on the last of your cuts, from the egg shells
  • “i was waiting for you to come to the cafeteria, so i could properly apologise in front of everyone so no one would hurt you like this.” he said with a sigh 
  • “then someone barged in panting saying people were egging you, i don’t think i’ve ever run that fast in my life” he ended with a weak chuckle
  • “thank you jihoon, really, and while i’m not happy how we started, thank you for apologising and making things better” you said sweetly ending with a kiss on the cheek
  • making him blush beetroot red which caused you to laugh 
  • “i also wanted to give you this” jihoon said shyly as he reached inside his pocket for the ring
  • you gasped as you saw the ring 
  • it was stunning
  • vintage styled rose gold band with delicate engravings and etchings, with a big diamond set in the middle
  • “it’s gorgeous” you whisper out in awe
  • he put it on your finger then sweetly said to you
  • “it’s a promise ring, not the cheesy to be together forever, but to promise to try our best to make this marriage work, even with the weird circumstances, i hope you like it?” 
  • “i love it jihoon, and of course i promise to try my best, how could i not? especially when you’re my betrothed” you said with a beaming smile
  • he gave you a heart melting smile back and wrapped his arms around you
  • he glanced at your lips once and you knew he was going to kiss you
  • your lips met gently
  • the kiss was long but it was super sweet, full of emotion and genuine
  • you broke apart with big smiles on your faces
  • just like you guys would on your wedding day, when your firstborn was born, when you had your 50th wedding anniversary, and when the both of you reached heaven 

if y’all don’t like commitment take the last dot point out. also pink jihoon makes me soft. i know this character is a bit different compared to the normal jihoon’s lover. but i feel like it works really well. this has more of a lot of range of personalities of jihoon which was a lot of fun to write! i hope you all enjoyed reading it!! as always please give me some feedback or just send me a message!

happy new year to everyone!! thank you so much for following me and reading my stories i love you all! 

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heirs series: hwang minhyun | kang daniel | park woojin | yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon

Wouldn’t it be nice?

The only form of light currently available to the Losers was Bill’s crummy car interior light. They had impulsively decided to take a night time drive (for an adventure! Bill had explained) and the seat upholstery was currently making the back of Eddie’s legs itch. But he didn’t voice his complaint as in the past half hour they’d been driving, Stan had passively expressed a desire to escape the horror that was the back seat of Bills car. Stan was not good at dealing with being squished between Richie and Ben. Eddie blamed claustrophobia or whatever it was called when Richie Tozier just became too much for you to deal with. So Bill suddenly took a hard lane switch to pull over at Stan’s 90th complaint. Eddie had been regretfully kicked out of his place in the front seat to take Stan’s deserted space. The car beeped annoyingly as Eddie hopped down and his shoes hit the ground. He looked up briefly to  give Stan a glare, who replied with a pleased shrug. Eddie tried to give Beverly a pleading look to switch for the middle row seat but she shook her head. Mike was a no-go, he liked to be behind Bill so he could give him directions. 

So Eddie slunk down in the middle of the last row, Richie giving him a shit-eating grin the whole time. “Bite the big one, Rich.” he grumbled as he buckled and Bill finally pulled back onto the road.  Eddie could barely hear the radio from his current spot but caught a very static rendition of  ‘Miss You’. He huffed and leaned back into his seat. He only glanced up when he heard Richie start to softly giggle. Her scrunched up his nose and raised an eyebrow. Richie pointed across Eddie at Ben who was taking a good, long look at Beverly. He snickered again but Eddie smacked him on the arm. 

“Y’know it’s funny Eds. He’s lovesick.” 

Eddie glanced to his left to observe the lovesick boy in question. He sighed and leaned closer to Richie, chin tilted upwards. “How do ya think this is gonna end up anyway?” he asked. They didn’t talk about the tension that existed between Bev, Ben and Bill often. Mostly because there really wasn’t tension visible but they all knew it was there. 

“Well, I’m sure if it’s the way Ben hopes, he’ll be losing his virginity.” Richie chuckled again and Eddie rolled his eyes, annoyed and smacked him again. 

“ow, jeez Eds, you know you’re stronger than you look?” Richie titled his chin down only to catch Eddies irritated look. “ahh, I don’t know Eddie. None of us do…i’m sure they’ll figure it out when they’re older.” Richie shrugged. He did that often, pushing all the answers to his problems to being an adult because by then they’d be mature enough to  just know, right? Eddie seemed to cringe at the mention of adulthood. 

“Wouldn’t it be better to figure it out now? They’d have more time together that way.” Eddie whispered back. Richie shook his head, glasses catching a glare from the yellowy car light. He took notice of the puzzled look on his friends face and chewed on his cheek. Richie himself didn’t have a positive outlook for adulthood either but he couldn’t help but feel Eddie felt it was impending doom at the moment. 

“It might not be so bad, Eds. They’ll work it out and have a nice life and I see you having the pretty boring domestic future of your dreams!” He toned his chuckle to a softer whispered giggle again. Eddie huffed, rolling his head back. 

“You really think that’s what I want?” Eddies whisper seemed a lot more offended and insecure and Richie worried if there was a double meaning to the question. He cleared his throat. He was about to reply when Eddie spoke again, picking at the hem of his pants. “I don’t even know if I’ll get married.” 

“Really? I think you’re tailor made for marriage. Girls love guys who’ll be whipped enough to do whatever they want.” He laughed loud enough that time that Bev turned her head. He faded it off at the sight of Eddies still offended face. “That was a little joke..ha…’bout that big.” Richie held up his pointer finger and thumb with barely any space between them to show how small and cornered he felt. 

“That’s not what I meant. I just don’t think it’ll happen for me…I’m not that lucky.” Eddie sighed and sounded heavily upset for someone who’d not but moments ago told Richie to ‘Bite the big one.’ 

“Well. If neither of us are married by the time were thirty, we could get married.” Richie had started that off like a joke but as he got further into the sentence, it started to sound more like a genuine offer. Eddie head snapped up so fast, Richie could’ve sworn he got whiplash just by looking. 

“That’s a lame joke, Rich. even for you.” 

“So maybe it wasn’t a joke.” Richie shrugged, turning to look out the window like he wasn’t thinking himself to death. He heard Eddies breathing hitch, he focused on the blurs of the street instead. He was expecting a classic flustered Eddie response but was pleasantly shocked. 

“Why do you think I won’t be married when I’m thirty?” Eddie bumped his shoulder, tongue poking out of the corner of his smile. Richie pretended to be thinking up a list of possible answers, counting his fingers. Eddie smacked his hands down that were now up to eight. “You’re high maintenance.” he stuck his tongue out at him. 

“Oh so are you!” Eddie whisper shouted. Richie chuckled again. 

“That’s why we’re good together, Eds.” He shrugged. Eddie gave him a look as if to say ‘Is that so?’ so Richie kept going. “Wouldn’t it be nice, us annoying each other until we die?” He giggled again, Eddie’s giggle driving him into more. They went quiet again, listen to the static radio,the tapping of Bevs shoe, Mikes directions, Stans loud wondering as to where they were going, Bills constant reply of ‘somewhere Fun!’ , and Bens quiet snores. 

“You think we’ll still know each other when we’re thirty?” Eddie suddenly whispered. Richie knew he’d meant all seven of them but he still said his answer.. 

“I’m telling ya Eds, we’ll be married!” 

Eddie couldn’t stop laughing, leaning back into Richie’s shoulder.

Oh What A Night

Stiles did not hesitate outside Derek’s door. He hesitated in the parking lot, far enough away that Derek wouldn’t be able to hear his heartbeat and know that he was there for ten minutes before actually coming in. After those ten minutes were up, he took a deep breath and forced himself out of the Jeep.

He barged into Derek’s loft without bothering to knock, just like he usually did, and Derek didn’t even bother looking up from his book. It was something in French, it looked like, which was just not fair because how dare Derek be both ridiculously attractive and also fluently multilingual?

Sties did not let himself be distracted by the hot professor look Derek had going on with the French book and the steaming mug of tea and the argyle sweater, all laid out on the leather couch and soaked in sunbeams from the large wall of windows.

“Derek, my main man, I have a proposition for you.”

Derek looked up then, but only to raise an eyebrow at him. When Stiles didn’t break under the force of his judgment and go scurrying back from whence he came, Derek reluctantly closed his book and set it aside.

“I’m pretty sure Scott is your main man,” he said lightly. “And what proposition is this?”

“How would you like to help me stick it to some bigots?”

Both Derek’s eyebrows went up this time and Stiles mentally patted himself on the back for making him look so surprised. Getting any expression out of Derek Hale that wasn’t judgy or unimpressed was an accomplishment and Stiles kept a running tally of how many times he managed it.

“What kind of bigots?” Derek asked with caution that was both insulting and also probably warranted considering some of Stiles’ past shenanigans. “And stick it to them how exactly?”

Stiles took another deep breath and hoped his erratic heartbeat wasn’t giving him away. He was not going to let his awkwardness and inability to control his autonomic functions around Derek ruin his plan, not when the plan was so wonderfully petty and promised to be so very satisfying.

“Okay, so…” Stiles clapped his hands together and then held them out to the side, barely restraining the urge to do jazz hands. “I don’t know if you heard, but I came out at school a few weeks ago,” he said. “One seriously bisexual dude, right here, newly out and proud.”

“Oh,” Derek said, his beautiful face—a face worthy of a sexuality crisis, not that Stiles was ever, ever going to tell him about that—not really looking any more or less surprised than before the big revelation. “I hadn’t heard,” he said. “But that’s good. The out and proud part, I mean,” he added quickly. “Not the bigots, which are unfortunate but do make more sense with some context.”

“Yeah. Overall, it’s been fine,” Stiles said, tucking his hands into his pockets so he didn’t do something stupid like make finger guns. He had a tendency to make finger guns at inappropriate moments. “You know, most people really don’t care. But some people are just naturally douchebags.”

“Are they giving you trouble?” Derek asked, a frown creeping onto his face.

Stiles waved him off, then re-pocketed his hand.

“Keep the claws in, Sourwolf. I’m not getting shoved into lockers or anything. It’s just like…”

Stiles chewed on his lip, fighting back the wave of irritation that always accompanied his run-ins with the douchebags.

“Like, some of them insist that I’m actually gay and just too much of a coward to say it outright,” he said. “Others say I’m actually straight but can’t get a girl to sleep me, so I thought I’d try my hand at guys instead because I’m that undesirable and desperate to get laid. I’m just indecisive and greedy and afraid of commitment. That kind of bullshit.”

Derek was scowling outright now, hands fisted like he might actually pop his claws on Stiles’ behalf.

“That is bullshit,” he said heatedly. “But what do you want me to do about it? I’m assuming you’re not here to get me to tear their throats out.”

He looked like he might actually do it, though, if Stiles asked him to, and that warmed Stiles’ cold little heart.

“Uh, no,” Stiles said with a chuckle. “No, that seemed like a little much in the circumstances.”

“Then how am I supposed to help you get back at them?”

“By going to prom with me.”

Stiles was not surprised that this proclamation was met with silence.

“By going to…what?” Derek asked, righteous anger replaced by utter confusion.

“Prom,” Stiles repeated. “My senior prom. With me. As my date. Well, as one of my dates, actually.”

“Dates. Plural.”

“These assholes keep insisting that I have to ‘pick a side,’” Stiles said, air quotes and all. “They think I can’t like both women and men, or that neither women nor men could ever like me. I want to prove them wrong. I want to show up to prom with two dates, a boy and a girl, and rub it in all their faces that both my dates are hotter than any of theirs.”

Stiles ran a hand through his hair, his confidence in his brilliant plan waning ever so slightly in the face of Derek’s lack of reaction. He was just kind of staring. Maybe Stiles had finally come up with something so outlandish that he broke Derek. Or maybe Derek was going to clock him in the face and be horribly offended that Stiles was objectifying him or something.

“Erica already agreed to be my girl-date,” Stiles told him. “She’s actually really excited about it. A chance to flaunt her stuff and deliberately make a scene all night long? That’s right up her alley. And you…well, you are by far the most attractive guy I know, so I just thought…”

“You want me to go to senior prom with you, just to be your arm candy?” Derek asked slowly.

Stiles cringed.

“Uh, yeah, that sounds about right. But it’s for a good cause!”

There was another excruciatingly long beat of silence, and then Derek laughed. He laughed hard, head thrown back against the couch cushions, hands slapping against his knees, face scrunched up and shiny bunny teeth on full display. It was the kind of laugh that made Stiles’ heart skip a beat and he was very glad Derek was too preoccupied with his amusement to notice.

“Is this a good laugh or a bad laugh?” Stiles asked.

“Good laugh,” Derek choked out through continued chuckles, wiping at his streaming eyes.

“So does that mean you’ll do it?”

“Yeah,” Derek said, looking up at him with a smile that could stop wars. “Yeah, I’ll do it. Sounds like a good time to me. And, like you said, it’s definitely for a good cause.”

Stiles fist-pumped, already reveling in triumph at the thought of the looks that would be on those biphobic douchebags’ faces.

“I do have one condition, though.” Derek said.

“Anything, dude, you’re the best and I owe you, like, every favor on the planet.”

Derek’s smile widened, a gleam in his eye that made Stiles the tiniest bit hot under the collar.

“I get to pick your suit.”

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leupagus  asked:

Luke takes Leia shopping once she becomes a bigshot senator in the New Republic because "your tendency to just steal Han's clothes when you run out of clean ones is adorable but not #fashion"

She’s never done this before. 

In her old life, she had a personal tailor–the decisions she made were along the lines of color and fabric, not cut and style, and even those were political decisions. White was the color of the royal family. Silver highlighted her planet’s wealth, to those who needed reminding. In her life after that one, she wore cast-offs, collected a wardrobe out of whatever the quartermaster handed out. 

Luke, who grew up in a glorified village on the Outer Rim, can’t believe she lived in Coruscant for actual years and never once went to the shops

“No way,” he says, pulling her away from a foamy white dress, his nose wrinkled. “Eighty credits for four feet of boilercloth? You could buy the factory for that much.” 

Leia reaches for a simple grey jacket, and draws her hand back when Luke winces. It’s endearing, the way he still doesn’t always know what his face is doing. “Fine,” she says, and gestures broadly at the shop. “What do you want me to wear, hotshot?” 

“It’s not about what I want,” Luke says immediately, and she rolls her eyes. 

“Luke,” she says, and picks up the jacket, holds it against herself. “Are you sure you don’t have an opinion?” 

“Not grey,” he says, and grins at her, suddenly looking absurdly young. She can just about picture him, sorting through the outdoor markets at Mos Eisley, saving up for the dusty boots he wore his first year in the Rebellion, until they fell apart. “Not white, either. You have a lot of white. How do you feel about color?” 

Yellow for Chandrila. Green for the ruling families of Hosnia. Purple for Iego. Red for the emperor. White for Alderaan. Black for the Empire. 

Leia blinks. “I like blue,” she says after a moment. 

Luke takes the jacket, puts it back in its place. “Blue, okay,” he says, and claps a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll start with blue.” 

“Well, Bunter,” said Wimsey, when Mrs. Venables had departed, leaving him to make himself presentable by the inadequate light of a small oil-lamp and a candle, “that looks a nice bed–but I am not fated to sleep in it.”

“So I understand from the young woman, my lord.”

“It’s a pity you can’t relieve me at the rope, Bunter.”

“I assure your lordship that for the first time in my existence I regret that I have made no practical study of campanology.”

“I am always so delighted to find that there are things you cannot do. Did you ever try?”

“Once only, my lord, and on that occasion an accident was only narrowly averted. Owing to my unfortunate lack of manual dexterity I was very nearly hanged in the rope, my lord.”

“That’s enough about hanging,” said Wimsey, peevishly. “We’re not detecting now, and I don’t want to talk shop.”

“Certainly not, my lord. Does your lordship desire to be shaved?”

“Yes–let’s start the New Year with a clean face.”

“Very good, my lord.”

The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers