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“Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.”
- Tom Hanks

//All credit to the creators of these alternative posters//


“I do my thing and it seems to appeal to people but this business is not a meritocracy. Why have I been successful? I have no idea. Luck plus talent gets you so far, but there is another element, more mysterious, that sustains it.”

Happy 52nd birthday, Mark Strong!

Chose my prom dress :x

Omg and I just noticed how cool my portal earrings look. You can see the blue one but then in the mirror you can see the orange one lol


This year’s ornament!

For the past five years, give or take a year, I’ve been painting ornaments with things that represent whatever had the biggest influence on me that year, or whatever changed my life that year.

This year, we’ve got three things! Or, one thing and two people, rather.

Making those googly eyes comics for Undertale garnered me over twice as many followers as I had before, giving me a self-esteem boost and inspiring me to work harder at becoming to comic artist I dream of being. It’s introduced me to some great people and helped me find new ideas in myself as well.

Not to mention a video game hasn’t caught my eye (and my heart) like this in ages. I often feel like this game was tailor-made for me.

@therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are both on here because I really, really enjoy their content and listening to them talk and knowing that there are two such kind, hilarious, and friendly people on this planet gives me, shall we say, determination :3c

I really feel like I’m becoming a better person lately, improving myself in ways I’d always wanted to.

And for those of you who know me, or who followed me before/during this recent bout of down time, you know what a difference this is for me.


The titular character of Steven Universe is portrayed in the show as being largely non-violent. When creating Steven Universe: Attack the Light!, the developers had to keep this in mind, and tailor the game in such a way as to reflect that already established character. By making Steven the party’s all around support member (specializing in items, buffs, etc.), they were able to create their combat-based RPG, without altering the characters involved.


YES this is exactly how i feel, i made a post talking about why the brainwashing situation made me so mad bc it retconned such a pivotal theme in the DR universe

I’ve seen people argue to the death in the tags about this, but it just REALLY didn’t seem like Junko to me. 

Does anyone else feel that way? 

Like in the first game she tailored her motives to target specific people who weren’t murderers into becoming murderers.She did that through cunning and analysis and knowledge of what people wanted.

In DRAE she got a whole group of children to kill for her by saving them from suicide and treating them with the kindness no adult ever had. She exploited their weaknesses to get them to murder. 

In DR2 she used the students weaknesses once again and exploited them through motives into murder. Even in the endgame she said she knew what would make each and every one of them not press the button to save themselves. Like when she targeted Kuzuryuu and said she can be a better version of Peko for him. She knew what would make them tick and exploited it.

And I go into the tags and see people like “You guys are overestimating Junko. There’s no way she could make each one individually fall into despair!” 

I’m just sitting here like UH…. no???? You guys are UNDERESTIMATING Junko….. This is the same person who cheated death, caused the destruction of the entire world, went undiscovered the entire time she was doing so, conned tiny children into murder just by being caring to them, and managed to stay inside the school undetected even when they shut it down! 

The brainwashing is such retconning BS it’s almost an insult. Junko could DEFINITELY get them all to despair without brainwashing. She didn’t brainwash the DRAE kids, she never brainwashed the DR1 kids, so why was it necessary to brainwash the DR2 kids when they’re lives were ten times more fucked up and exploitable than the DR1 casts lives?