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If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)

Now, we’re getting “God’s Own Country” and “Call me by your name”. “Blue is the warmest colour”, “Carol”, “The Imitation Game”, and, of course, “Moonlight” - we are really blessed with good movies in the last couple of years. On a smaller scale, you could add “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and “Pride”; to some extent, “The Handmaiden Tale”. And “Laurence Anyways”, of course (I refuse to name the other one).

And those are only movies.

And we did not only saw “queer stories”. Sure, all movies above had queer characters and relationships; some had better queer repesentation than others; some with sad, some with open, some with good endings. However, look at all the genre we tackled: thriller/spy story, drama, historical/period drama, literature adaptation, war story, coming of age, biopic, comedy…

But what one article wrote about “God’s Own Country” while mentioning some of the above film titles, is that now, in 2010s years, we don’t hide anymore. Those movies are gay love stories. And they come out & state proud: we ARE going to tell you something universal. We are more than a gay love story - but we ARE a gay love story while doing it.

(I would prefer the term ‘queer’ btw. Because gay, for me, is male homosexual. And not all movies fit those discription. And I mean queer as an umbrella.)

how did telltale calibrate the endings so that everyone was satisfied

how did they do that

like even though there are SO many different variables (some of them certainly wouldnt have satisfied me) i havent seen a single person who’s disappointed

Functions as board games

SUBMITTED by Steve (Fe/Fi added by Charity)

Introverted Sensing (Si): Trivial Pursuit

This game literally rewards whoever has gone through their lives collecting the most amount of pointless information in their mental database, ‘nuff said! Just don’t take it the wrong way when your defeated opponents yell “Well at least I have a life!!” at you. It’s quite possibly true, but it’s also coming from a place of anger. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Operation

No strategy at all, just excellent hand/eye coordination. If it’s too intense, try Hungry Hungry Hippos, if it’s not intense enough, go with Twister. 

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Battleship

The ultimate game of blind guesses. “Dave is WAY too OCD to put two ships right next to each other. Unless he expects me to think that! Hmmm….”  ’'I just got this vibe from him when I tried G-5, I betcha I narrowly missed his patrol boat.“

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Scattergories

Start with one letter, let your mind go crazy finding all the words you can think of with said letter. Ne-Doms might try to push their luck here though. Sorry, but I’m just not accepting ’'Twerking” in “Works of art”.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Chess

This game is tailor-made for Ti. “What’s my best move?” “What’s my next move after that?” “What will be his move if I do this?” From personal experience I can tell you all Ti’s I have played against have indeed mopped the floor with me. And yes, this includes ESTPs. You may think they’re too cool for chess, but the truth is, if these bastards try it, they fall in love with it and instantly become really good. True story. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Monopoly

Every Christmas, that ESTJ in your family wants to cut all the sentimental crap and pull out Monopoly so he can brag about winning all night. You know it. Making money, managing money, buying real-estate, managing real-estate, bankrupting your friends etc. Cue Chandler Bing: “Could this game BE more Te??” Granted, some NTJs out there might find that real-estate is too small-scale for them, so I hope you have the game of Risk handy.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Charades

It demands group participation, emotional engagement, broad (and often hilarious) gestures and good “connections” to other players to be effective. It works best when both teams are in sync with their teammates.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Chinese Checkers

Both a game of strategy and chance, Chinese Checkers is one of the least-mean multiple-player games on the market, where everyone gets a fair chance to win and no one is ever sent home. This game requires putting your pieces first – you have to get across the board! But if everyone is playing just for themselves, the board turns into a disaster zone and no one gets anywhere. The key element of winning is choosing who to help, and who not to help, while all the time aiming to win yourself.


This Week’s Inspiration:  Unconventional Models!

In our studies, we are looking to the fashion world for companies and models who are breaking down the sterotypical look of late; a look that represents a painfully too-thin and unrealistic physicality, a look that women should not be trying to replicate or compare themselves to.  

We sought out stories about models who changed their careers because their health was in danger, models who have physical disabilities that did not stop them from modeling, and all around beautiful creatures who defy what a “standard” of beauty is, and create their own.

Above:  British actress and model Gwendolyn Christie is currently best known as the Amazonian warrior Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s series “Game of Thrones”.  She is also a prolific model and actress, and is shown above in a shoot for Work-Love Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Ponystep.  Below that, she is shown as Brienne of Tarth in GOT.  The final image is from a series done with Polly Borland, portrait photographer.

Gwendolyn is an unconventional model and actress, as her 6'4" stature makes her non traditional against the standard leading man or male model. We simply find her stunning, and, more importantly, a brilliant actress.  Post by C.S.


“Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.”
- Tom Hanks

//All credit to the creators of these alternative posters//


This annoys me that I have to say this but given the current posts I have seen in this fandom, apparently I do. Tbh I’m not really overly fond of fujoshi’s who think its okay to fetishize gay/bi male relationships but I certainly have the brains to work out that they aren’t the only ones in the fandom who ship same-sex relations between the characters, believe it or not there is an lgbt community within this fandom. Yes diabolik lovers is an otome game tailored towards straight women but Iv'e never heard the boys or yui claim to hate dick/pussy, so if anyone has headcanons that the characters are trans/gay/bi etc then please understand that they aren’t wrong or “changing the characters personalities”. You don’t have to like certain ships or headcanons that people create, I’m not fond of the incestuous ships but that doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to exclude or hate anyone for it. So stop trying to fucking exclude the lgbt community

The song ‘No elbow’ by Speedy Ortiz truly fits Life is Strange so perfectly. Lets take a look at the lyrics and analyze them for a bit:

You didn’t know me when you were a kid
In trouble at school, alone at lunch again
I didn’t know you when I broke my knee
Spent the summer on crutches and everybody teased
Except for this one friend I almost forgot

Of course its good to know that this song came out in 2013, so it’s not tailor made for this game, but this first verse can be interpreted as the moment Max and Chloe met each other and became friends. It also hints at how Chloe felt, friend she ‘almost has forgotten’. The first line also makes it clear that Chloe has changed a lot as a person, meaning she’s no longer the same when they were both kids.

You didn’t know me, but he* knew me best *(William anyone?)
The weight of my brain and the fear of my cold head
You never saw me, interred in the ice
My friend tried to melt, but he couldn’t thaw me out right
So I got ditched freezing, alone with my thoughts

I suppose here we can change the he to she for the sake of it. I think this refers to Max trying to keep up contact with Chloe, ‘tried to melt, but couldn’t thaw me out right’, followed by what being seemingly forgotten feels like: ‘ditched freezing, along with my thoughts’.

And though I once said I was better off just being dead
Better off just being dead, without my old friend
True, I once said, I was better off just being dead
But I didn’t know you yet

Here is Chloe with her suicidal thoughts, same ones previously mentioned. Without my old friend is a pretty clear reference to Max, meanwhile the ‘I didn’t know you yet refers to Rachel.

You didn’t know me, but you got cold, too
And your mind was heavy, and you thought you might lose it
Well everything fucked up we both felt before
I’m glad for it all if it got us where we are
With you in the boat there, I almost forgot

This to me seems to refer to the moment Chloe and Rachel truly open up about themselves, their issues, doubts and what they are both going through. ‘Everything fucked up’ seems to sum up their respective situations pretty perfectly. ‘I’m glad for it all if it got us where we are’ also seems to hint the same, that despite it all, they are happy since they are now together. ‘With you in the boat there, I almost forgot’ to me that perhaps they can simply forget the cruel reality, now that they have each other.

The last verse and outro both to me seem to refer to Rachel and Max, respectively:

How I once said I was better off just being dead
Better off just being dead, I didn’t know you yet
And you might’ve said, you were better off just being dead
But I’m looking out for you, my friend, I’m looking

I didn’t know you when you were a kid
But swimming with you, it sure feels like I did

‘I didn’t know you yet’ once again refers to Rachel, someone knew she just met, one that she’s ready to do anything for (’looking out for you, my friend, I’m looking’.)

The last part can be interpreted as something related to both Max and Rachel. I personally interpreted it as something referring to Max, given their childhood memory of pirates (water and pirates do go hand in hand after all).   

I’ve been playing a lot of Starbound lately and it is soooo fun! (also, like major Star Trek vibes)
I started a new save recently because for some reason I didn’t choose avian and avians are the best.

Anyways, I was looking for crew members and I found a tailor and I was going to leave them but then I thought, “Wait– we need to be fashionable.”

Now we look fly af