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Seeing heaps of those “Short Girl Problem” posts lately.

I don’t have fancy snapshots but lemme tell you a thing: being tall isn’t always a walk in the park either.

PANTS. Guess what short girl? You can take up the hem on your pants! But honey, this is not Hogwarts and I cannot magically add five inches of material to my jeans. And if I buy them in a bigger size they DON’T FUCKING FIT.

DRESSES/SKIRTS. Long skirts come mid-calf. Short skirts barely cover the ass. Finding a skirt that fits well, or dress that doesn’t make you look like you stole it from your little sister’s wardrobe is a nightmare.

TORSO. When I’m wearing a shirt made for a lady, every time I raise my fucking arms over my head, my torso is exposed for the entire world! Extra props to my sisters who are tall AND busty, because at least I can just wear a mens shirt (after it’s tailored).

CAR TRIP. If you’re on a road trip with the girls, you better pray that the girl driving doesn’t own a compact. Because knees under your chin is not a fun time. And if you’re in back, prepare to apologise for knees in the back of the passenger seat.

YEP. HEELS. Girl, those heels are super cute. But if I put them on, I’ll be six foot six and everyone will be having conversations with my boobs all night long. So, where are the sensible flats?

PICTURE TIME. “Okay I almost have you all in frame. Tall girl? Can you scrunch down a little? Little more? Okay, little bit more. There we go.”

STATING THE OBVIOUS. “Wow, you’re tall.” No shit. I mean, thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t realised til just now. Men who are a little shorter especially seem to say this a lot. Shoutout to my friend Therese, who when fronted with this comment says, “Yes and you’re short. What? You can comment on my height and I can’t comment on yours?”

“STANDARD HEIGHT”. Did you know most bench tops and sinks are built relative to a woman of the “standard height”? (Not all, most. And of course, thank god for custom.) But this means everywhere I go, I have to adopt a cock-rock power stance to wash the dishes.

Of course, there are pluses to being tall, And I actually don’t mind getting things down for my vertically challenged friends. Just don’t assume the grass is always greener.

Street Racer!Namjoon

So the street racer series is still going, I may start another series before I finish this one and have them going on at the same time (I’m thinking of doing the college AU finally) so let me know what you guys think of that, would you prefer one series at a time or having a couple going at once, now it is time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal, someone who’s really fucking nice like do you ever just look at someone and go w o w or like you see a really good picture and it’s just like thank you to whoever took that I’ve been blessed, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This features a tiny hint of bookstore owner!joon (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I love this part it’s so interesting to me
  • I gotta bring in pink!joon bc it was just such a look
  • Okay so my favorite hair on joon is personally that blue purple look he had for 0.2 seconds that I still cri over but the pink hair ranks pretty damn high too
  • He just has this ability to pull off pretty much any hair color and it’s confusing as shit bc how can he make bright ass red look niCe and then turn around and have black hair and still look just as nice and then have blonde hair and look incredible like how the fuck
  • I have way too many choices for this AU like I had to stop and think about this bc blonde!joon is a thing and it’s a v v nice thing but then red hair I saw some pictures of it and it was also really nice but then there’s the blue/purple hair so in the end I chose the pink bc I just really liked it and I don’t think I use it enough in AUs bc oh wow that is some nice hair I wanna braid it
  • He has a half sleeve on his right arm that he’s still working on slowly but surely
  • So the boys all have a tattoo related to Bangtan right well Namjoon’s is on the back of his middle finger he’s got the signature “B” written on it
  • Okay real quick, this is lowkey a canon look bc if you guys think back to the jacketbook for Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2, where joon has the pink hair, he’s got the hand tattoos that’s street racer!joon entirely
  • So head canon time 
  • During the day, joon’s just this super cute bookstore owner with this smol store next to the cafe owned by Jin and they do deals all the time like buy a book from joon, get a free pastry, buy a coffee get a free book (my Namjin heart is taking over gotTA GO)
  • So during the day, he’s all cardigans and these adorable ass glasses bc have you seen joon in glasses that is some good shit right there and he’s also always got a cup of tea in his hand and he’s just so aesthetic like the entire shop is just really pleasing
  • But then the second that shop closes, out comes badass!joon in all black and he’s tall as fuck and broad and the tattoos are being shown off and it’s just like uh hi are you still the same person I bought the Harry Potter books from
  • Namjoon does a lot of racing but he prefers to handle the finances and the bets and it’s his job to help the boys pick out which bets to make
  • Each of the boys have their strengths so joon knows that if Jin races a long distance race against someone who’s specialty is long distance, chances are it won’t end well for Jin bc he does best at the short distance races and that’s more of what his car is tailored for
  • So joon really helps them out but he’s also a really talented driver
  • He’s got this older car that’s a lil more on the used side and it definitely isn’t as flashy as some of the other cars but then he drives it and everyone is just like well daMN
  • Bc joon let it look a bit more rustic but he had Yoongi help him totally replace the engine with top of the line highest quality you can get parts and that entire car is just designed for speed
  • Namjoon is another long distance racer, he thrives in the fact that his opponent is thinking that this old ass car with the “librarian” driving it won’t catch up to him but then it’s just o h shit
  • Bc the second they get to that halfway point, joon’s just casually driving past them with his middle finger up to “showcase the tattoo”
  • You find out pretty quickly that joon is a racer, he’s not very good at keeping secrets especially from you bc when it’s time for pillow talk, all of his walls are down and he can’t remember what he’s supposed to keep hush
  • You’re not super on board until you see how happy it makes him
  • He’s got this smile on his face when he talks about it and his eyes light up and he’s just so excited about it he almost forgets how tired he is
  • And when you actually see him drive, you figure another year or so of this wouldn’t hurt, he seems so happy and excited he’s laughing the entire time and he’s showing you what all of the buttons do
  • “Joon I know what a gas pedal is”
  • “But this one is special it-”
  • “Speeds the car up?”
  • “…quickly, it speeds the car up quickly”

Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic Cabriolet “Edition 130”

Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the automobile in 1886. In so doing, they established a tradition of constant further developments and innovative new creations that continue to this day. Mercedes-Benz’s sports car and performance brand are now celebrating this 130th anniversary with the exclusive special edition Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic Cabriolet “Edition 130”. Distinguished by particularly exquisite appointments, the special edition will celebrate its world premiere at the North American International Auto Show.

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