tailor's chalk


While at work his weekend, I was kinda hoping to get the whole top done, but I didn’t get that far.
I was mentally exhausted and didn’t want to do much.
But Saturday was actually a pretty productive day, and I wanted to get at least one sleeve finish or mostly finished to see how it would look, and I dare say I love it. The rich blue with the gold thread and sequins and red beads is so lovely.
I used tailors chalk to draw on the pattern, and it dusted away as I sewed over it.
I didn’t have any gold trim to put onto the cuff, so that was left unfinished, but I did sew bias tape to the top to finish it off and give it a cleaner look when it’s sewn to the bodice part.

I really took my time with this and did a fair amount of hand sewing; the embellishments are all hand sewn too. I just want to take my time and care with making something so beautiful and giving it the justice it deserves.

twobirdsinatrenchcoat  asked:

Hey Peddler! I had a quick, sewing-related question! What do you use to mark out your patterns? I have vanishing markers, but I'm at a loss to find anything similar for darker fabrics and I was curious if you may have found anything? Thanks for any insight!!

Hello! Oh my gosh, it’s really low-tech. I usually use pencils, colored pencils or even just ballpoint pens. Whatever is closest to me at the time! Since I only mark the back of the fabric it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t bleed through. I do have tailors chalk that came in four colors and a nice plastic case. Some of the fabric I use, though, has this sort of sheen on the backing that makes the chalk not work very well. Plus the pen/pencils give me a sharper line. On darker fabrics I just use lighter shades of colored pencils! Right now I have the pink one I use for blush on my desk all the time so that’s the one that gets used most often :)

Tailor Reyes

I’ve had some time to think about it now, and I think that the most important fact of from that Halloween comic is that Reyes made his own costume. Which means that Gabriel Reyes has a sewing machine and sews.

Heck. Who am I kidding? Reyes totally has a serger, embroidery hoop, upholstery needles, tailor’s chalk - just everything. Those embellishments on his outfits? All hand done by himself. He’s very proud of his needlework skills.

Also, he totally used to sneak into Jack’s closet to tailor everything because ‘those hacks’ Overwatch hired were just not good enough. Hell. Maybe he even designed Jack’s wardrobe.

“Aren’t these shirts a little too small, Gabe?”

“No. No. It’s the style, see? You’ve got nice muscles. You should show them off.”

Narrowed eyes. “But you’re not wearing anything like this.

“Oh. Well, see. I’m California born. Always cold. It’s hard to rock the look when you’re shivering all the time.”

And Jack wears the too tight, clinging to all his muscles shirts. And damn if it doesn’t become some sort of world wide fashion trend. Gabriel can’t find it in himself to feel sorry. He’s actually quite proud of his handiwork.

Gabriel Reyes - Overwatch Fashionista and Tailor.