tailor and stylist

Suits & Ties

Modern AU

Main Pairings - CEO!Poe x Stylist/Tailor!Reader

Warnings: None.

Summary: You’re a one-of-a-kind tailor, you prod on that title, however, some would simply call you a stylist. And, of course, your keen eye and sense of fashion has turned a few heads towards your direction. Poe enjoys your companionship although word slowly starts to spread that you’ve been eyed by Armitage Hux.

Your loyalties secretly lie with Dameron, Inc. though since you work through an agency they typically send you off to where your services are needed… 

AN: This branches off from an ask I sent Iylla ( @propertyofpoeandbucky ) over here

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“L/N,” Poe said softly as you closed the door in his office. You walk to him carrying a few garment bags and a small little train case with additional accessories and sewing items.

“Mr. Dameron,” you tucked your head avoiding his gaze and gave a small smile. You walk to a nearby closet and start opening the garment bags, pulling a different suit each time.

Poe walks over to you, hands in his pocket, you hear him chuckle behind you. “Five this time?” His brow arches, slightly amused.

“Well…” You giggle, still facing the suits, “You’re being paired up with one of the Senator’s daughters, gotta make sure you look good.” You inspected each one, ensuring not a hair or thread was seen. 

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If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)

F1 drivers in suits

First off we have Valtteri Bottas mixing his patterns in the best and most pleasing way and proving to the fashion world once and for all that hard-boiled eggs do look good in suits (even if the suit could stand to be tailored a little more…). Also, that patterned grey won’t show cat hair making him a egg man who thinks about where his cat is going to sleep when he buys his clothes.   1000000/10 Humpty Dumpty would be proud.

Next up Romain Grosjean wearing his customary expression of existential dread (mortalterror.jpg). He did not tie that tie himself but rather opted for a very obvious clip-on and I am going to shame him for it forever. Love the choice of collar though. He may be a drama bitch but the man knows his classic fashion (of course he does he’s french). 10/10 calm your tits. 

Thirdly, Antonio Giovinazzi looking for some reason like he is in the pits of hell but that’s the fault of the photographer, not his outfit. Classic shawl collar navy and black satin- no fault with the classics.  He looks like an elven prince who was unceremoniously stolen from the middle of his fairy ball and is confused by where he ended up.  infinity/10 stop sleeping on this suave and talented boy. 

Marcus Ericsson.  Why does he look like he wants to eat me? also if you are going to wear a notched collar like that without a breast pocket for a pocket square you need a boutonniere or at the very least a lapel pin gawd.  176/10 because he would devour my brain if I rated him any lower.

Next we have Daniil Kvyat who does have the top breast pocket but with no pocket square in it (the horror!!!!). The tie is great though I love the tie. He is trying to prove that even basement gremlins can dress up and have fun once in a while. I support him. 9000/10 support your local basement gremlin.

Last but not least we have Stoffel Vandoorne who is gazing longingly at a cheeto someone has dropped on the floor. There is no fault to be found with charcoal and blue, ever. It is one of the truly perfect color combinations in fashion. There is, however, fault to be found with these specific shades of charcoal and blue on him particularly, as well as with the cut of this suit. Please help this chld, his sleeves are too long and the colors make him look orange. Please send him a tailor and a proper stylist asap.  200/10 a soft orange waffle is still a soft waffle.  

cobalt-one  asked:

Think about Poe getting ready for an event. After attending so many it's second nature to you. You enjoyed the cute little planned and last minute rendezvous he messages/calls you. Keeping your feelings in check you knew Poe can have anyone he wanted and besides what CEO would fall for a tailor/stylist like you. You run your hands over his shoulder then trace his arms towards the cuff of his jacket giving it a finale tug.“There,” you look up at him and catch him staring at you so… Lovingly? 1/2

No, it wasn’t that.Poe clears his throat a bit, “Ahem, thank you… Y/N.” There was a lingering feeling when he said your name. He checks his watch and walks over to the door. He fights the urge of looking back at you as he exits the room.You tilted your head slightly confused then let out a hard sigh. Picking up your things and tucking them away in your bag you laugh quietly to yourself thinking, “Yeah, who’d fall for someone like me?” 2/2



anonymous asked:

could you write down some facts about Empress Eugenie?

hi!! i’ve never done this before, so i’ll try my best!

  • She was nicknamed ‘Carrot’ when she was studying into a british school for girls, because she was a bit red-haired at the time.
  • She was very good at sport when she was a teenage girl, and she loved athletism.
  • She didn’t enjoy horse-riding.
  • She almost died while giving birth to her only son, and struggled to get pregnant.
  • She miscarried at least once or twice before 1856, year of the Prince’s birth. The first miscarriage happened during the first year of her marriage and left her pretty weak and sick for months.
  • The theory saying that she had a baby before her marriage as a young girl is not only unlikely, but unbelievable and impossible.
  • She had a thing for Marie Antoinette, and shared most of her interests, which played against her during dark times.
  • She was fond of theater but wasn’t a good player.
  • Contrary to what people used to say, she loved Napoléon III in her own way, and was deeply stricken by his death in 1873.
  • She was an absolute fashionista and had probably hundreds of shoes and jewels.
  • She was concerned about women’s education and gave many money so they can have proper schools in Paris and the whole France. No doubt that if she stayed empress any longer, women’s education would have been a done subject way earlier than we actually had. She also had concerns about prostitutes’ safety.
  • She ordered that her wedding-gift, a marvelous necklace, from the city of Paris was sold to build a proper orphenage.
  • The modern modeling as we know it was created by her tailor/stylist, who made his own wife wearing the clothes to show them to Eugénie.
  • She died in her sister’s bed.
  • She loved France and Spain, her native country, equally. When she ordered the construction of her villa, in Biarritz, she expressly ordered that the spanish coasts could be seen from the inside.
  • She planned everything. EVERYTHING. Her friends and relatives were always exhausted after weeks spent with her, because she was always running around, playing the tourist.
  • Her son was the love of her life.
  • Queen Victoria was her best friend. She gave her some special advices to get pregnant when Eugénie was desperate to be a mother, and she got pregnant about a year after those little advices.
  • When she was exiled in England, firstly after Napoléon’s death and then after her son’s, alone, in pain, Victoria used to come to see her with the most awful clothes ever, just to let her forget her pain for a little while and let Eugénie criticize her wardrobe (AKA TRUE FRIENDSHIP).
  • An island in Greece (Madeira? can’t remember sorry) was called the Three-Black-Veiled-Ladies Island for a while because the widowed-Queen Victoria, the widowed-Empress Eugénie and the empress Elisabeth of Austria were there at the same time.

Hello. I’m going to say a lot of things and “recap” this wrestling event. This wrestling event was one of the finest wrestling events in many, many years. Maybe ever.

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