Here’s Guin! My sister is modeling it so its a tad baggy (I got a slightly chubby thigh and gut)
He still technically needs his second ears and tail, and some small other details, but other than that he’s done. Might add LEDs and a fan maybe. Who knows.
I had my business cards in my tail so I’d take one out of its mouth or let people reach in to grab one, so that entertained people.
He lost a tooth during Califur, but its no biggy. Easy fix.

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Belfry is a vampire bat with an affinity for magic. Folks are often scared of her thanks to the discoloration of her face, when really she only feeds off blood packets and the occasional willing donor. Her wings are not developed, merely webs between her very humanoid hands, and she’s very shy.

Mouth is an alien from a very distant planet, of a species that often has a symbiotic relationship with another. Hers is the fiery leech on her head - it’s basically using her as extra stomach space. (Before the leech, she ate using a small mouth located on her tail.)

I only take Paypal at the moment. No trades, sorry!

Once bought, you are free to change their designs and names however you please. You will get the hi-res image with the signature removed. My only request is that there is no reselling. 

Send me an IM if you’re interested, or an email to camaricreations@gmail.com! 

most, if not all, of you have no idea who this little lady is!!!

her name is peachbelle and she was one of my characters from a loooong time ago! the girl is peach and her tail is belle. peachie is a total sweetheart and her tail is an asshole, the total opposite of her!! always wreaking havoc and being a dick. 8)