tailing pond

Minimum Tank Size

Here are some minimum tank sizes for common “starter” fish. 

Fancy Goldfish-20 gallons for the first fish and 10 more for each additional.

Comet Goldfish (and other single tailed)-Ponds work best, but a conservative tank size is 40 gallons. these are often considered “beginner” fish but they most certainly aren’t. 

Mollies- 10-20 gallons at the least

Tetras- 5 gallons is the bare minimum

Guppies- 4 gallon for a single fish with an additional gallon for each additional fish

Bettas- 3 gallon minimum, and it better be heated and filtered!

Keep this list going! These are the fish I personally know of, there are others out there that other people know much more about!

Also if you disagree with tank sizes shoot me a message or reblog on here with your reasoning and I’ll take it into consideration/change these numbers


Meet Hayley Todesco, The 17-year-old Google Science Fair Winner developing sustainable technologies

Hayley became deeply interested in the environment after watching Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Her project uses a sustainable and efficient method to break down pollutant substances and toxins found in tailing ponds water in her hometown, a hub of the oil sands industry.