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Svt as frat boys

Seungcheol: frat president. only wears chubbies and button up shirts. backwards hats. royalty on campus all the pledges want to be him. what does he want to do when he graduates? house dad. t h r i v e s during hoco and greek week. so much school spirit. cares for his boys they are his Number One Priority. always has a beer in his hand. collection of koozies. no one knows what his actual major is. plans the best float trips for the summer all the sorority girls want to go on his. intramurals? if his frat doesn’t win, he’s out for blood. intimidating during rush week but all the kids end up crying when he graduates. supporter of the Dad Bod.

Jeonghan: only rushed because seungcheol made him but ends up liking it. the Scary older brother. doesn’t put up with your shit. is the risk manager. grades suck? you’re out. do something you’re not supposed to do? you’re out. makes the best jungle juice. you thought seungcheol was bad during intramurals? lol. jeonghan will fight for the title. comes up with all of the concept ideas for hoco and greek week. best older brother to come to for advice. despises chubbies with his entire being. will burn the boat shoes. owns the house dog. takes on the vp roll too. does more for the chapter than seungcheol does. cracks down on community service hours.

Joshua: no one knows why he joined a frat. not your typical frat boy. likes it the most though. everyone thinks he’s pure and innocent but the first frat party? he’s on the table singing along to single ladies with the sorority girls. deals with new member education. mom of the frat. thinks soonyoung’s pledge duties are stupid, doesn’t stop him from implementing them. holds bake sales as fundraisers. was Sheltered as a child so tries e v e r y t h i n g. inhaled a blunt once. doesn’t really care about intramurals but school sports? first one rushing out onto the field after a football win. dresses up for all of his classes and all of his hungover brothers hate him for it.

Jun: oh boy. all the frats want him during rush week. he brings in the girls. his fraternity is throwing a party? is he going to attend? he is? awesome the entire sorority will be there. a greaseball. drunk flirts with everyone. never hooks up with anyone though + never has a girlfriend. no one knows what the deal is. fiercely loyal to his fraternity. reigning floor hockey mvp title holder. doesn’t hold any positions in office + doesn’t want to but he’s there for everything. hypes up weekly chapter meetings. comes up with the best philanthropy events. has tried to run for hoco king every year but can’t because he’s not a senior. once he gets his chance he wins by a landslide. everyone loves him. teachers let him come to class drunk.

Soonyoung: unofficial new member educator. fights with joshua on everything. comes up with all of the hazing events but is never too mean. a Clingy Gay Drunk. could not give less of a shit about intramural sports. somehow always manages to spike the punch at formals. best person to tailgate with. jihoon can’t stand him. always dancing. always gets picked as greek god because his talent is dancing. other frats hate it because they never win the competition. sororities love him. adopted into nearly all of them. he has a key fob to at least half of their houses. friends with everyone. The Carefree Kid he’s just in it for the fun. never goes to class but still manages to pass.

Wonwoo: hates going to all of the events. nobody knows why he stuck with the frat. honorary stoner of the frat. where’s wonwoo? probably up in his room packing a bowl. never attends any of the brotherhood nights but doesn’t get kicked out. very studious. the only one in the frat besides vernon that doesn’t cheat with their study hours. got put on the frat’s volleyball team because he doesn’t do anything else and is surprisingly good. the girls love him but he couldn’t care less. has never attended a party. some of the new kids don’t even know who he is. is the mastermind behind hell week. eats taco bell every night but never gains a pound.

Jihoon: joined because his counselor was concerned that he wasn’t doing anything besides going to classes. seungcheol takes him in. honorary banner painter. goes to parties but stands by the walls. everyone loves him and he doesn’t know how to handle it. won’t do anything until his homework is done. secretly wants to be the president. ends up playing soccer for the frat and is better than everyone. gets super embarrassed during serenades but secretly loves it. really into pomping like he is Focused. they put him in random costumes for events to attract people bc he looks cute.

Seokmin: wholesome boy. doesn’t agree with what’s going on? won’t participate. but not a buzzkill. like soonyoung, probs gets along better with the sororities. wins all the greek life singing competitions. plays soccer too but isn’t very good so he just stands on the sidelines and cheers. carries the letters everywhere and doesn’t complain. still does pledge stuff even when he isn’t a pledge anymore. beer run? call seokmin. something happens with one of the brothers? call seokmin. mood maker for the frat if seokmin isn’t there it isn’t as fun. organizes the best formal trips. in charge of planning spring break all the other frats are jealous bc his has the most fun. always volunteers to sober drive for parties so other people don’t have to. wins ‘brother of the year’ every year. lightweight. refuses to drink beer bc he thinks it tastes like sewage water and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Mingyu: pretty boy of the frat. always the one who gets sent to talk to the cops when parties are busted bc he can talk himself out of everything. chubbies enthusiast it’s his entire wardrobe. the kid that wears american flag swim trunks to darties. seungcheol is shaping him up to be a clone of himself. jeonghan is disgusted. lowkey a stoner. but no one knows. except wonwoo. lives in the house all four years. parades the flag around proudly during spring break. doesn’t remember spring break. builds the best beer shutes. beer pong champion no one can beat him. probably practices in his room.

Minghao: nobody knows why he’s in the frat either. only goes to parties to babysit mingyu. has the highest alcohol tolerance. rides around with seokmin when he’s sobering just to get away. gets the most girls mingyu is jealous. always gets asked to go to sorority formals. Respectful Kid that’s why the girls love him. designs all of the tee shirts so they’re actually cool. can’t find minghao? probably up in wonwoo’s room. super chill. really reserved unless he’s around his friends. can either find him playing cornhole or bugging seungcheol while he’s grilling during tailgates. if he actually is drunk? up on the table singing with joshua.

Seungkwan: jesus. wild. lightest lightweight of all the lightweights. but never knows when to stop. also a Clingy Gay Drunk. drunk cries every weekend. vernon is the only one that can handle him. gets assigned the most ridiculous pledge duty. like. he’s the ‘walk-of-shame’ pledge. has to walk across campus every saturday morning in a matching bra and lace panties. isn’t even embarrassed though. learns to love it. jihoon video tapes him every time. older brothers pick on him all the time. always has to do the weirdest stuff. need a condom? call seungkwan. need to be bailed out of jail? call seungkwan. makes all the activities better though. without him the frat would be so boring.

Vernon: wonwoo’s mini me. can’t find vernon? he’s always in wonwoo’s room don’t even look anywhere else. an obvious stoner have you seen his wardrobe? literally comes to everything high. doesn’t drink very much but when he does he goes hard. the whiskey and lemonade kind. artistic mind behind everything. can’t draw for shit but comes up with the coolest ideas for sets and banners. plays flag football for the frat. is the quarterback. better than everyone else. stays up all night long before hoco to help with the float. likes to pomp he’s diligent. always tries to take the aux during parties but they kick him off of it bc he starts playing some alternative shit and kills the vibe.

Chan: innocent child. someone from another frat even dares to look at him wrong? all hell breaks loose. people get into fights for him. the most spoiled Little. seokmin is his big and soonyoung is his gbig and the kid literally gets hundreds of dollars in gifts for his birthday. never has to pay for anything. gets assigned a pledge duty so it doesn’t seem biased but no one cares when he never does it. even when he doesn’t live in the house, he lives in the house. knows he’s spoiled and milks it. has never had to buy beer not even once. really good at flip cup. really bad at beer pong. doesn’t even flinch when he takes his first shot and everyone thinks he’s a god.

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First off, they want 12 large pizzas. One cheese, one Hawaiian-extra pineapple, two pepperoni and black olives, two meat lovers…Seriously? Nobody’s writing this down? Seriously? One triple-shot, half-caf vanilla latte, tall. Three of the latest copies of the Hall & Oates CD. I know, right? Exciting stuff. I didn’t know they were coming out with a new one either. Um, we’re gonna need some steaks. Steaks and a grill, they’re tryin’ to tailgate. OK, they need your overalls, I don’t know why. They need some Kibbles and Bits. We need an Etch-A-Sketch. Somebody in there likes to squiggle, ok? Possibly we need some stuffed bears. Are we good? Let’s go, people!
—  Hardison, Leverage, 1x05 “The Bank Shot Job” (2008)