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New toy II pt.1

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, sub!jungkook

word count: 8.5k

Your new neighbour turns out to be the perfect toy for you.

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“Guys are the worst.” You grumbled and popped the cap off your pumpkin ale. “The fucking worst.” You repeated, your dog jumping up and nuzzling against your thigh. “Least I got you, Dee.” She sighed and laid her jaw on your leg as you scratched between her ears. You leaned back against the plush pillows in the corner of the sofa and flipped on the television, chuckling when Netflix suggested you watch Supernatural. Like some kind of magic, your phone lit up with the same face that was on your 40-inch screen. “Hey.” You smiled as you answered the call. 

“Hey, yourself. You doin’ anything tonight?” His voice filled your ear, washing over you and physically pulling the tension of your day from your shoulders. 

“I - I just got home from work. And a date…” You mumbled the last part, honestly hoping he didn’t catch it. 

“A date? Well if you’re home and talking to me on the phone, I can only assume it didn’t go well?” He raised an eyebrow.

“It went…” You inhaled and closed your eyes, rolling them behind your lids. “No, Jensen. It didn’t go well.” 

“Answer your door.” He grinned. 

“There’s no one-” A knock drew you from your seat, stirring Daisy. “Jensen.”

“Surprise.” He beamed as you pulled the door back, hanging up your phone and tucking it into your back pocket. Jensen’s arm draped over your shoulders and pulled you into a half hug. “Oh, thanks.” He winked, then pulled the beer bottle from your hand and sipped it. Daisy was on her feet and nudging Jensen’s legs as soon as he shut the door behind him. “Here.” He gave your beer back, almost gone, along with a bottle of your favorite red wine. Jensen crouched down and patted the inside of his thigh, drawing Daisy in. Her teeth showed like a smile as her tail waggled back and forth while Jensen patted and rubbed her, telling her she was such a sweet girl. You laughed and shook your head, walking to the kitchen and pouring wine into two glasses. Jensen scoffed and chuckled when he took his glass. “Thanks.” He turned the graphic to you. Two words in gold script that said, ‘hello, beautiful.’ 

“You’re welcome, beautiful.” You teased and stuck your tongue out at him. You folded one leg under yourself and sank down on the couch.

“So, what happened?” Jensen sat beside you, leaving about half a foot between your legs and his, facing you slightly. 

“Guys suck.” You shrugged. Jensen knew it was more than that, and he raised an expectant eyebrow. “He just - he’s a jerk, is all.” Another shrug. 

“Wanna give a little more detail? Do I need to kill anybody?” He smirked, but you knew he would if you asked him to. 

“Nobody needs to die. It’s - he’s - he can’t make up his mind, I think. Doesn’t know what he wants.” You ran your index finger around the rim of your glass. 

“Well, he’s an idiot if he doesn’t know that he wants you.” Jensen affirmed, sipping his wine and breathing out in satisfaction as he swallowed it. “A real idiot.”

“You don’t have to do that. Just because some douchebag doesn’t want to be with me doesn’t mean-” Jensen stopped you.

“He’s a moron, Y/N. Any guy who has the chance and turns you down? A damn moron.” He shook his head and breathed a laugh. “You know what? I’ve been a moron for too long.” As he finished his sentence, you looked up, face scrunched in confusion, and your eyes met his briefly before you felt his plump lips on yours. His stubble scraped at your chin while his mouth moved and molded against your mouth. You only pulled away when breathing because a necessity, and you chewed at your lower lip while your eyes searched Jensen’s face.

“What was that?” You asked sheepishly.

“Surprise?” He grinned, and you launched yourself at him, teeth clattering together as the two of you smiled and laughed into one another’s kiss.

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( hybrid!au ; smut ) rated M. 7078 words. seokjin scenario
summary: you don’t like it when your owner meets other women. he’s yours and yours only. seokjin x dog hybrid!you
N/A: reposting cuz I wanted to change a few things. also I love hybrid aus and I love god too dont get me wrong

“Hey, pretty thing. Are you asleep?”

You could recognize this voice in a million. Your ears twitch immediately in response, eyes fighting the heavy lids. In your heavy haze, you see your owner sitting on your bed, his beautiful face and upper body looming over you. You whine a little for your sleep being interrupted, shifting a bit so that your tail isn’t stuck awkwardly between your legs. But even if you want to keep napping, happiness bubbles up in your chest as you blink a few times and feel a smile forming on your lips.

Seokjin coming back from work is the part of the day you love the most.

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I was Diego Brando at ECCC this year and it was ridiculously fun.

I honestly didn’t think anyone would recognize the character, but a shockingly large amount of people did!

Highlights include:
- Getting chased down by a Foo Fighters cosplayer for a photo <3
- Browsing prints next to a Joseph, and nerding out with him and the booth artist for like 10 minutes
- Overhearing someone say “Holy shit it’s Diego. God, i’m such Jojo trash you don’t even know”
- Having a group of people yell “DIIIOOOOO” from across the hall

also whoops, this was legit my first time cosplaying, so i didn’t think to take pictures of the full get up…

take my heart (I don’t need it anyway) (ao3) 7.3k for @extranikiforov

Working in a pet store, Viktor expects many things: crazy dog owners, old cat ladies, escaping hamsters and parrots - everything. He doesn’t, however, expect Yuuri Katsuki. (And neither does Yuuri Katsuki expect Viktor Nikiforov.)

20. ‘You can borrow mine.’ in the 100 ways to say ‘I love you’ series.

There are perks to owning a pet store. One, you are the first person in town to get your hands on a hot deal for your dog. Two, you get to make those hot deals happen if your dog and wallet are in need of them. Three, people bring their animals with them so you get to give free headrubs and sometimes receive a newfound affection in return.

There are also several disadvantages, though, the first being the urge to buy everything in the store for your own dog, the second having to remember to restock and actually doing it, and the third – being responsible enough to keep talking to the customers even when he walks by. He, being black hair and glasses and a passing glance at the photo of puppies on the store’s window.

If you asked Viktor, he couldn’t tell you when he started paying attention to that one man in particular. All he knows is one day the man stopped by the store to pet the dog Viktor’s customer left outside and didn’t leave until the dog was taken away. From then on, Viktor has considered himself lucky if he caught a glance of the man.

Those have always been lovely days.

Those are rare occurrences, though. Mostly, the man runs by Viktor’s store, not even giving it a look.

One day, though… He probably won’t forget that day for the rest of his life. One day the man glances at the window display, then turns his head away—like he always does—and then stops and looks again, eyes wide and staring. It would make Viktor laugh if he weren’t on the other side of that window, falling victim to the thrill that the brown eyes awakened, as though they were staring at him and not at something else entirely.

The man jerks a bit, looks in the direction he was walking in, then back at the window.

“Come in,” Viktor utters under his breath.

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Summary: Visiting Tom in England after a few months of not seeing each other (the reader is from a different country but there’s only like one sentence about it so might as well ignore it)

Fluff (may give you some feels)

A/N: It turned out to be quite long but i hope you’ll like it! :) Please let me know what you think and/or request some new things

masterlist | request

Three months. You haven’t seen each other for three whole months. And today was the day. School was over, the filming for a new movie was done and you can finally spend some time together. 

You made your way through the airport, hoping to see Tom waiting for you but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You felt a little dissapointed, hoping he hasn’t forgotten about you. You were so excited to finally see him but you were getting nervous seeing only unfamiliar faces around you. You had your luggage with you, pulling it behind you. Getting impatient you took your phone from your pocket and turned off the plane mode and were checking your messages while walking towards the exit, your eyes focused on the device in your hands. But there was no calls or texts from your boyfriend. 

“There she is! Y/N!!!” You heard someone scream and you turned your head quickly in the direction of Harrison’s voice. There you saw him waving his hands up in the air, smiling at you and you noticed how Tom took off from where he was standing behind his best friend and soon picked you up and spun you around. 

“I missed you so so so much!!” He said with a big smile on his face. 

“Tom, put me down!” You laughed and he obeyed, letting you stand on your own feet before cupping your face in his hands and kissing you softly on the lips. 

“Mhm, I missed you too, Tommy.” You smiled into the kiss and then wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, him pressing you closer to his body. 

“Okay, lovebirds, let’s go because you’re blocking the way. Also, nice to see you too, Y/N.” Harrison said from beside you, a little bit of sarcasm in his voice but a smile on his face. 

“Aw, hey Haz.” You walked to him and also gave him a hug. 

“Alright, let’s go.” Tom took your hand in his, his other one holding your luggage like the good boyfriend that he is. The three of you made your way towards Harrison’s car and he dropped you at Tom’s house.

“I’ll see you guys later?”

“Yeah, definitely!” You responded and waved as he drove away. Tom took your luggage and opened the door to his house, Tessa instantly running out of the door. She was barking and waggling her tail happily. Firstly, she run around Tom’s leg, happy to see him again and then sprinted towards you, jumping around your legs and putting her paws on your thighs. She wanted to lick your face but only managed to lick your hands as you were petting her. 

“Okay, come on, Tessa. That’s enough,” Tom called to her but it seemed like she totally ignored him, still jumping at you and not letting you move at all. 

“Come on, girl. You’re a strong one, go to Tom!” You laughed at her, hoping she would be more excited to see her master than you. “Seems like she likes me more, sorry.” You stuck your tongue out, hearing Tom jokingly mock you as if he was offended by your comment.

“Let’s see, Tessa! Come here!” He bended down slightly and patted his legs, making her look at him and run back to him, “In your face!” Tom yelled making you laugh.  “Let’s go inside.”

Inside you were greeted by Tom’s mother, who gave you a warm hug and was really happy to see you after a few months. 

“So how was your flight?” 

“It was okay, I’m still a little bit scared but everything went fine, thank you for asking.” You smiled at her.

“Why don’t you guys go upstairs and I’ll call you in an hour or so for dinner.” 

You followed Tom up the stairs and into his bedroom, he left your suitcase by the door and as you sat on his bed. 

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good. Just come cuddle me!” You made grabby hands at him and heard his adorable laugh before he pushed you on your back on the bed and put his arms and legs around you, pulling your body tightly to his. 

“Oh God, Tom. I can’t breathe.” You said between breaths, making it sound so much more dramatic. 

“Really? What are you talking about, I’m really comfortable.” 

“Noooo, let me gooo. Move, you’re heavy.” You whined childlishly. 

“Nope. I won’t let you go- ew! Did you just lick my cheek?” He pulled back to have a better look at your face, his own twisted in a fake disgust.

“Me? Never.” 

“Liar. But you’re cute.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose. 

“I want a normal kiss.” 

“Don’t have to ask twice.” He moved closer and your lips connected. The kiss was slow and gentle, showing your emotions perfectly. It wasn’t one of the playful ones or the hot steamy one, it was the more or a “i missed you” kiss, about feeling the presence of one another.

During your little make out session you heard a loud knock on the door and it busted open before you could untangle yourself. You looked awkwardly at Paddy standing next to the door, his cheeks tinted with a little bit of red.

“Oh come one man!” Tom glared at his brother.

“Uh, I’m sorry…” The little boy said nervously.

“It’s okay, Paddy! Did you want anything?” You sat up on the bed and smiled at the kid, ignoring your annoyed boyfriend laying next to you.

“I need help with my homework and mum’s busy with dinner and she told me to ask Tom for help.”

“Go ask the twins. Bye.” Tom said rather unpolitely, feeling extremely annoyed with his little brother.

“But they went out.”

“Come on here, I’ll help you.” You patted the spot next to you, Tom whined loudly before wrapping his arms around your waist from the other side of the bed.

“Noooo. Not now.” You ignored him and and patted the spot again that was soon taken by the kid.

“Paddy, why don’t you leave Y/N alone, she’s probably tired from her flight. Mum will help you when she’s done with dinner, yeah?” After a few minutes Tom tried again to make his brother leave the two of you alone, so he can spend some alone time with you.

“Shut up, Tommy. We’re almost done, anyway.” You scolded him and went back to explaining things to Patrick.

It’s not like Tom didn’t like his youngest brother, he just wanted you to himself only. And right now, you were focused on Paddy and not him. 

You were sitting between the boys, with Tom’s arms wrapped around you and him cuddled into your side, and with Paddy listening carefully to you with his book on his lap. He laughed from time to time when you had trouble with finding the right words to explain it it to him in the easiest way possible. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N. You’re the best!” The boy gave you a quick hug before running out of the door.

“You’re so clingy right now,” you laughed at Tom and run your hand through his hair. 

“I don’t care, I just want you close to me,” he mumbled and closed his eyes, relaxing under your touch, “oh yeah, I missed this.” 

“Thought you missed me, not my hand.” You realized what you’ve just said as Tom bursted out laughing.

“NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!” You slapped his arm but he couldn’t stop laughing, “I hate you.” 

“You love me.” 

“Eh, maybe I do.” You layed down on your back and snuggled closer to him, “You smell so good.”


“Yeah.” The warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around you mixed with the flight made you feel a little sleepy, “I missed that scent.”

“What do I smell like, then?” He asked quietly, noticing how your voice was changing and how your eyes were closed.


✮  - must find a place where to spend the night (w/ hybrid!hoseok)

Hoseok had no idea where he was going, what he was doing, what he’s supposed to do but he’s walking - no, running, sprinting at the speed of light. Droplets of his blood leave a trace but at the rate he’s going, it’s pointless to even catch up if they were still on his tail.

There’s no time to think if his actions are right or wrong but he’s following the one scent of security and home guiding him in such a big city. He’s quick on his feet and keeping his rest stops up to a minimum. He barely as time to think if this is the correct choice but it’s far too late to rethink it through as he knocks on the door.

The voice of familiarity sounds against his eardrums and his tail finally stops waggling. His ears, slowly rise from his head of hair and his fingers stop trembling when the door opens, revealing the pair of eyes he remembered seeing when he was chained up and - “H-Hoseok?”

He senses bewilderment, nervousness and anxiety striking through your body at the sight of him. A part of his heart deflates at your shock and tone, but it automatically combusts into relief when you open the door without hesitating to catch him just before he falls to his knees. 

He’s barefoot and bleeding. The stains of red on his skin only leaves telltales of the struggle he must’ve had in running away and his neck… your fingers gently come up to feel it and he whimpers in your shoulder as he confides in your presence. It doesn’t take much for you to piece together the two choices that one, he either broke out of the cage and fled or two… they threw him out.

Whichever the case may be, there was no way he was going to - “C-Can I stay the night?”

“Are you crazy?” Hoseok feels his heart tightening with his throat, his hands remain frozen by your waist and he’s so close to biting his tongue off. He pales, shaking his head with his tail tucked beneath his legs as he tries to clarify, “I… I don’t have anywhere else to go and you’re the only one I know cou-”

“You can stay here for as long as you need to,” You murmur, your fingers tentatively threading through his hair and staying there when he lets out a shaky exhale and hides his face from you on you, arms now coming to strap your waist as he hugs you tight. You let him have a moment to let it sink in that he’s actually here. 

He takes in your scent and it’s already imprinted in his mind: this is what home smells like.

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Humaine has a smelé thing, says is pupper?? Do not liek pupper, must sneke attak its waggle tail then run and screme!! 😼


Requested by anon:  “I met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you patting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night”

Taking a steadying breath, Dean steps outside, into his darkened backyard.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he shouts, his grip on the baseball bat tightening.

His German Shepard Zepe barks at him in a way of greeting, waggling her tail happily as the stranger keeps stroking her ears. A guard dog my ass Dean thinks as he takes a few more steps forward.

The guy kneeling on the grass looks innocent, burying his face in Zepe’s soft fur, but he’s still a stranger petting Dean’s dog in the middle of the night, so he lowers the bat, but stays alerted.

“Hey, dude, seriously, what the hell?”

The stranger finally looks at him, one cheek still pressed to the dog’s back. As the light coming from the open back door illuminates his face, Dean can see he’s approximately his age. His eyes are blue and a bit glassy.

“S’ry, needed to,” he slurs, hugging Zepe tightly and the dumb dog climbs into his lap, looking at Dean like she’s asking him to join the cuddling session.

Dean sighs when the guy mutters something about dogs being great. The guy is obviously harmless, but it’s late and Dean wants to sleep.

He grabs his shoulder, startling Zepe who jumps away.

“Look, man, you should really-”

Before he finishes, the guy doubles over and barfs, hitting Dean’s shoes.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean sighs.

“‘m sorry, so sorry,” the guy keeps mumbling as Dean drags him inside. He can’t even really be mad. The guy is drunk out of his mind and in no state to go home. God knows Dean’s been there many times and he’s still grateful to all the people, strangers or friends, who kept an eye on him.

He settles the guy on his couch and wraps a blanket around him, he’s been outside in just a shirt for god knows how long and he’s shivering. He’ll be lucky if beside a killer of a hangover he won’t wake up with a cold.

Looking at the guy’s looping eyelids, Dean decides it’s safe to leave him alone for a minute. He returns with a glass of water and some Advil and gives it to the guy.

“Thank you,” he whispers and washes the pills down with the water. He tries to place the empty glass on the coffee table, but wobbles and would fall on his face if not for Dean catching him.

“Easy there,” Dean soothes him, sitting down beside him and taking the glass from his hand.

“Whoa!” the guy gasps, his eyes suddenly wide open and fixed on Dean’s face.

“What?” Dean asks with a chuckle, he can’t help himself, this is just too surreal.

“You’re pretty pretty,” the drunk bastard says, his eyes roaming over Dean’s face. Dean huffs out a laugh.

“Stow it, Casanova.”

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GOM + Kagami + takao getting tackled to the ground by this massive bear sized dog that's just wagging its tail very excitedly and licking their face happily and it turns out the dog belongs to their crush, who ends up rescuing them from their dog.

Guys, guys I’m weak to dogs and scenarios as this and I hope you don’t mind me combining these two requests asdfghjkl -T-chan

It was like every other day. He was walking home from a store, buying some snacks or a drink - what he felt the need to have - when out of nowhere he was, almost, tackled down by a bear. Well that would be a bit over exaggerating, but what else should he call it other than a bear? It didn’t click him until he felt wetness all over his face and … was that a droll!?

His eyes shot open and came face to face with a massive dog. He heard familiar voice somewhere behind and god help the owner, because he didn’t like this, not one bit.


If his face would show any emotion, it would be annoyance. Sure he liked Nigou, but Nigou was small unlike this huge pile of mess and droll and and…his thoughts were interrupted when you came into his eye-sight. You were apologizing, your cheeks dark and stammering all while trying to get your dog off him. Kuroko knew he wasn’t strong enough, but at least he could help you out, couldn’t he?

After managing to get him off, you offered to pay for getting his clothes dirty, but he declined it, assuring you it was okay. Knowing you enough, you wouldn’t give up so easily so you offered whatever he wanted. And he took you on that, saying a drink would be good. You weren’t exactly convinced, but agreed nonetheless, feeling guilty.

He found out about your name. Finally. He thought to himself and smiled before stroking the head of your dog, whose tail was wiggling excitedly. His eyes were focused on you since he saw you first time at Maji Burger, getting in a heated conversation with one of your friends about your favourite character from manga. Ever since he couldn’t find a way to approach you, so he would have to thank your dog in secrecy that he brought you to him, after all, he never likes being in debt to.

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alec lightwood does not appreciate autumn. he’s cold, it’s constantly raining and somehow the demons love it and crawl out en masse. it means that his gear gets muddy, his boots don’t even resemble themselves anymore, and after he gets thrown to the ground he spends ages picking bits of dirt out of his hair and arrows. (he actually slips on a leaf, but hush, no one has to know that his shadowhunter balance failed him)

the autumn means that he comes home drenched, dirty and in a foul mood. his mood sours even further when firstly he discovers that his leftover noodles disappeared and secondly when he notices the pile of paperwork that has been left on his desk and that he knows that he has to complete by the next morning. he texts magnus, letting him know that he will be home late, and turns around heading back to the kitchen and intending to make himself a strong cup of coffee. he indulges and makes himself some hot chocolate while at it too. while he’s waiting for the milk to heat up, he startles a little as a cold nose nudges his hand. he looks down and smiles as hamlet whines softly and butts his head against his thigh, his tail waggling happily. alec lets his fingers sink into the white fur and pets him for a while, feeling his muscles relax as he caresses his dog’s side. eventually, he picks up the mugs and heads to his office, the dog leading the way. he curls up in his armchair with the blanket thrown over his shoulders and starts sifting through the pile of documents. hamlet lays down at his feet and he takes a sip of his hot chocolate; he sighs as the sweetness hits his tongue and warms him up from the inside. he thinks that maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all.

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Top 3 head canons

Castiel knows all human languages and can paint and play the violin. I imagine heaven battles were pretty rare, and chilling upstairs 24/7 gets pretty boring, so, Cas had plenty of time to learn all that stuff! Also, I headcanon Cas as a vegetarian; this one goes against canon, but I don’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sam volunteers at the local shelter whenever he can spare the time. He’s especially attached to one of them, an aging mutt that’s been roughed up by life, but still is always happy to see him and waggles his tail for him every time. Sam dreams of taking this dog home, but, of course, with hunts and everything, he can’t afford to, so he just spends as much time as he can in the shelter.

Dean’s a family man and loves being around them, but occasionally, whenever they get a breather in between hunts, he makes some time for himself to walk around the town and remind himself what Sam and he are fighting for here. The people in the parks, the quiet lull of the trees… the local small bakery. And if he goes and treats himself to this really fancy piece of pie in a moment of indulgence – well, hey, saving the world’s hard work!

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Prompts! Three times Yuuri Katsuki made it impossible for Viktor not to fall in love with him and one time Viktor did the same for Yuuri. (is this okay? I wasn't sure if you were looking for general prompts or something else, like for the 3 sentence one...) I have more if you get bored! Have a safe trip

Thank you! This is perfect ❤ I loved writing this. I’m sorry it took so long, my access to tumblr was limited and I could only post it tonight!


Victor falls in love with Yuuri three times.

It’s not as easy as skating; Victor would like to think that he fell in love with Yuuri at the Sochi banquet, fluttering in Yuuri’s arms like a butterfly against the rhythm of that awful, awful tango which is now Victor’s favourite.

But no; it’s not as easy as skating. Victor doesn’t glide into love with Yuuri on the parquet like on the ice, and no, it’s not at the Sochi banquet.

It’s the morning after.

Victor wakes up and he’s alone – the sun brushes the white walls of his nondescript hotel room. Victor is cold and that reminds him of Yuuri – he blinks, sleepily, and that suddenly makes him realize how Yuuri blinked, how he squinted when they twirled and swirled on the dancefloor and then Yuuri deftly led Victor to the bathroom.

Victor from the night before knows what kinds of things happen in bathrooms when there’s a party in full swing, and he’d be a liar if he said he didn’t look forward to this kind of things happening with this person in this bathroom.

But no; Yuuri, a bit drunkenly, pushed Victor into the bathroom, closed the door shut, and pointed a surprisingly steady finger straight at Victor’s face.

‘Stay’, he said.

Victor stayed. He was too stunned to move.

Yuuri reached into his pocket, and Victor knew – that’s where he’d keep a condom, too, so he knew what was coming. But Yuuri just looked at him, intently, and then stared hard in the mirror as he slowly took out a glasses case from his pocket.

‘Contact lenses suck’, Yuuri announced then to the world, and even if the world was just Victor, and even if the world was just the bathroom, no one could be more stunned than Victor was then – and nothing could be more stunning than Yuuri, who was just washing his hands like he had no care in the world, suddenly softer and less intense. 

Yuuri, who took out his contacts with visible disgust and throw them out, and put his glasses off, and Victor didn’t fall in love then but he fell back against the door as Yuuri pushed him out into the corridor, eyes big behind the blue glasses, lips red and ready to be kissed.

Victor doesn’t fall in love then; it’s not as easy and instinctual as tying up the skates and readying himself for a quad.

He falls in love the morning after, when Yuuri is not there and the light shines on the walls like a tentative promise. Victor remembers the Yuuri and the bathroom and even the disposable lenses in the rubbish bin, and there it is, the oh moment he’s only ever seen in movies.

And then it gets as easy as skating.


“Victor”, Yuuri shouts, “come here!”.

Victor is in his bed in Hasetsu, warm and ridiculously comfortable, but it’s simple logic – when Yuuri calls, Victor comes. When Yuuri leads, Victor follows.

He untangles himself from the soft blanket that smells a bit like Victor’s own cologne, and a bit like Yuuri, and probably has more Makka’s fur that is sanitary, and drapes it around his body like a cape.

It’s not cold, but Victor likes soft things, and he likes Yuuri the most.

(Who is he kidding – it’s more than simply liking, much more, and Victor’s heart is in pieces).

Yuuri waits for him downstairs, in the kitchen, eyes bright, smile wide, a sight so domestic that Victor almost melts and becomes one with his blanket.

Makka is with Yuuri – her tail waggles, a long-familiar sight, and Victor can’t help but smile.

“Look!”, Yuuri then says. “I bought Makka a toy!”

And there it is, a squeaky duck in Yuuri’s hands, but for all Victor knows, it could be his heart instead.


Victor holds it with his hands like a precious stone.

The jar is simple, the standard glass cut that makes no promises about being fashionable, the kind you get when you take care to get things done but prefer practicality over looks. Victor has some decorative jars in St Petersburg that would probably be offended to be put in the vicinity of this one.

Victor would shatter each of them in a heartbeat, and his heart indeed is beating fast.

“What is it?”, he asks, even though he knows. Some things are better when you have a confirmation.

“It’s jam”, Yuuri answers with a softness in his voice, and Victor loves him all the more for it. “You know. For—for your tea. You drink it differently”.

The thing is: Victor knows. He got a few weird looks from the locals here and there, and even Hiroko raised her eyebrows once, as if bemused by the peculiar foreigner who knew nothing about tea culture.

Victor knows plenty about tea culture, only not the Japanese one. Russians have their own.

“I—I tried to find out what flavour was the most popular but couldn’t find anything specific? So I just got you this one. It’s a local brand. I know it’s not the same but I thought it would still make you feel a bit more at home here”.

And Yuuri, sweet, soft, ridiculous Yuuri, still doesn’t know Victor’s home is where his heart is, and his heart will always follow Yuuri.

+ 1

 Phichit will later say it’s completely idiotic, but he’s not surprised since it’s also so Yuuri.

He may or may not be right – but the fact is, Yuuri falls in love when Victor is not even there.

 Phichit is there, via Facetime, sunny as usual, teasing Yuuri as usual, and Yuuri bears it all with the kind of fondness that shows in his dimples and makes Tumblr swoon.

“So what is he like, for real? As good as the posters? What kind of shampoo does he use?”.

Yuuri answers all of these. He could talk about Victor for ages. This is all he was doing in Detroit. But this is new; this Victor is new, much more real and much closer than even the best-limited edition poster could ever be.

“He downloaded seven language learning apps last night”, Yuuri shares. “Not even the free versions, all premium memberships. He’s on the beach with Makka now, going through Japanese vocabulary”.

“Has he learnt Will you marry me yet?”, Phichit asks because he’s Phichit.

“Phichit”, Yuuri says like he always does.

But that’s it; Yuuri may have had a crush the size of Mount Fuji, but this is all real – the person is real this time, and this person is Victor, and Victor is learning Japanese for Yuuri. Phichit blinks at him innocently, his face a bit blurred, but Yuuri doesn’t see him. Instead, he thinks of Victor, silver-haired and care-free as he sits on the beach with his phone in his hands, painstakingly going through hiragana.

“I don’t know”, he finally answers.

A moment passes. Yuuri knows Phichit. He knows his friend wants a better answer.

“But I know if he doesn’t ask it”, he begins, “I will”.

anonymous asked:

is it ok if i request exo seeing you naked for the first time?


Immediately turns into a stiff pole and can’t stop staring at your body. He just becomes braindead and keeps talking to himself. “So pretty…”


Makes big eyes and you can almost see his tail waggling as he looks at you with a big happy smile. “Ahhh you’re so beautiful Jagi! Of course I like it!”


Stares and doesn’t even feel ashamed of that, but he may or may not get quickly turned on. “You have a very nice body, Jagiya. Come here~”


He becomes a nervous, blushy mess and quickly turns away his gaze, but we all know he secretly liked it a lot and peeked in your direction once more before going to the other room.


Can’t concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day and thinks a lot about what he saw. “Why did I leave… I could’ve at least touched her…”


Like Baekhyun can’t move or turn around his gaze, so you both just stand there and he doesn’t react. After a while he only lets out a silent “woah”.


Gives you a smirk and puts his hands on your waist, looking you in the eyes and telling you a lot of compliments. “You’re too good for me, Jagi. Beautiful. Astonishing. Sexy”


Basically starts dirty talking right there and then and you can’t stop him. He also compliments you a lot and gives you a deep kiss. “You’re so hot~”


At first pretends to get freaked out and is like “oh my God why are you naked in my room” but soon catches himself on staring. “It’s so dirty but… she’s so beautiful”.


Smiles sweetly and tries not to look but it’s so hard when you’re there naked in front of him… he’s been curious about your body for a while now. “I’m not looking anymore! But it’s not like you need to be insecure…”


Smirks and looks at you with lust as you try to hide yourself. He’s a pervert and you know it, so he won’t even hide how much he liked the view. “Jagiya… Why are you embarrassed~?”


Acts overly surprised and is like “oh no, I’m sorry! I won’t look anymore!” but later kisses your cheek and mentiones how pretty your body looked.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

lola381pce  asked:

Send me a pairing and I'll write you a drabble... no11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” for clint/coulson, please. Many thanks :)

This is how it happens. 

January 23, 20? 


Location: classified

“It’s a straight-forward mission, agents. All you need to do is gather intel, nothing more, nothing less. The rest will be taken care of by Indigo. Clear?”

“Yes, Commander.”

January 15, 20?


Location: 123 Ship dr., Corvallis, OR

“Did you get the chance to read through the file, Barton?”

Clint rolls his eyes, not that Coulson could see behind the tower of boxes he’s carrying inside. “Yes, boss!” he calls out, only to bark a laugh at Coulson’s grumbly response: I’m not your boss right now.

No, he isn’t. 

Coulson is his husband. Fun times, really. 

To be completely honest, Clint is actually looking forward to getting know Coulson as his husband. He’s always been pretty closed-off and they rarely spend time together now that Coulson has his own little team. Clint isn’t offended. Not at all. 

Clint places the boxes on the kitchen counter where Coulson-really-you-start-calling-me-Phil is unpacking the essentials in record speed. Maybe Phil is secretly The Flash. Clint wouldn’t be surprised. 

Phil bends over to stash some pans in the oven and Clint leers. “Looking good, hubby.” 

Clint grins at Phil’s responding butt wiggle all the way to the garage where their little moving van is stashed. 

January 17, 20?


Location: 125, Ship dr., Corvallis, OR

Clint plops next to his husband on the love seat and throws an arm over his shoulder. He’s almost impressed when no one overtly reacts. 

Phil turns to smile at him and Clint can’t help but kiss him before resting his head on his husband’s shoulder. 

“Need something?” Phil murmurs. 

“Im boooooooored.” 

Phil chuckles and pinches his thigh. 

January 24, 20?


Location: 123, Ship dr., Corvallis, OR

Commander Hill picks up on the second ring. 

“So,” Phil starts. “Did the recipe work out?” Was the intel good?

“Oh my gosh. My family loved it. You’ll have to send us more recipes soon.” It isn’t enough. 

Clint groans and goes to sprawl across their very nice, very comfortable couch. Lucky perks up from his favorite doggie bed and comes by to lick Clint’s entire face.

Phil and Commander Hill exchange some more pleasantries before hanging up.

“You know,” Phil says, crawling to lay next to Clint, sticking his pointy joints into Clint’s legs, ribs and face multiple times. “I’m a little offended you don’t want to spend more time with your husband.”

Clint lolls his head to Phil’s side. “I miss pizza.”

January 26, 20?


Location: 123, Ship dr., Corvallis, OR

The first snowball catches Phil right in the neck…which would’ve been more satisfying if he hadn’t been wearing a scarf. 

It takes about four seconds for Phil to locate Clint’s hiding place which is on the roof and isn’t dangerous because he’s an highly trained SHIELD agent thank you very much. 

Clint grins and waves at Phil who glares back at him. 

Clint readies the next snowball.

“CLINTON FRANCIS, DON’T YOU DARE THROW THAT SNOWBAL—GODDAMMIT!” This one caught him right in the face and Clint can’t stop laughing even when he slips and almost falls off the roof. 

January 29, 20?


Location: classified

Clint groans and curls up in Coulson’s not-as-comfortable-as-the-one-in-their-fake-home-couch. 

It was almost an one-hour debrief before the sun even came up. Utter bullshit. 

“You alright there?”


“Wow. That made so much sense, Barton.”


“You wanna nap here before you go home?”

Clint grunts, shifts to make himself more comfortable and, “yes, please.”

Phil chuckles and goes to work.

February 03, 20?


Location: 3783 Bed-Stuy street, Brooklyn, NY

The doorbell rings right when Clint finished dressing after his shower, second of the day because for some unknown reason, he’d said yes when Nat asked him to work-out with her. Yeah, he’s confused too. Maybe he was briefly possessed? Likely. 

Lucky is standing by the door, tail waggling because even he knows that the only person who actually stops by is the pizza delivery guy. 

Clint grabs his wallet and opens the door to—


Phil smiles at him before rocking on his feet a little. “Hey.”

“Uhhh, hi.” Clint takes a step back and opens the door wider for Phil to step inside. “What’s up? What are you…?”

Phil nearly runs into the living room before stopping abruptly halfway in and turning to look at him. His tie is missing and the top buttons of his shirt are undone—no, the buttons are missing as if someone yanked them out. 

“Phil,” Clint says calmly, closing the door behind him. “Is everything okay?”

Phil opens his mouth to respond, but nothing comes out until he smacks it shut and jerks his fingers through his hair. 

Lucky whines by Clint’s feet and wanders over to Phil. Clint moves closer slowly, a hundred questions spinning incoherently in his mind. Goddammit.

He’s never seen Phil like this, so…not normal. Not put together. Not—

“Phil, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong? Whatever it is, we can figure it out, we canmmpf”

Clint freezes. He hasn’t frozen since that mission in Qarshi. But he freezes. Because Phil is kissing him, Phil is kissing him and oh, he should really figure out how to breathe and oh, Phil’s arms slides around his body to pull him closer, but Phil’s lips are soft, he never thought Phil’s lips would be softheneverimaginedthatthiswasevenpossiblebutitishow

Phil pulls back and his body sucks air into his lungs in a gasp and Phil’s hand is on his cheek, holding him so gently and Phil’s looking at him, waiting for—

Clint catapults forward and pressing their lips together again.

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

coffee-stained accident

Originally posted by garisanee

pairing: changkyun x [y/n]

genre: fluff

word count: 1409

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy reading this! thank you for requesting anon and i apologize for any grammatical errors.


Staring at the person right in front of you, you could feel your heart sink as you’ve realized that you’ve done something wrong to the man who you’ve constantly observed for the past few weeks. “O-oh glob, I’m so sorry! Bad Kimi, bad!” You scolded your dog, who was now whimpering behind you, and apologetically handed the man your handkerchief in order to wipe his coffee stained shirt.

“No need to scold Kimi. It’s alright, it’s nobody’s fault.” He reassured you with a smile despite his the sticky feeling of coffee on his toned upper body. “No, it’s my fault. If I kept watch of Kimi… this wouldn’t have happened.”

It was just a couple of minutes ago when it all happened. You decided to bring your pup, Kimi, for a walk after coming home from a stressful work. The park has been your usual getaway whenever you had tons of stress weighing down on your shoulders and today was the day for you to unload all of those stress with Mother Nature’s beauty.

Walking towards the park with the leash wrapped around your hand, the sight of the man that you’ve been observing for the past few weeks has caught your attention. He’s here again… but with some iced Americano and his notebook and pen, you thoughtlessly thought whilst entering the park with Kim waggling her tail in enthusiasm.

The sight of children and fellow pets had her excite but what’s really caught her attention was the man that you’ve taken interest in. You were a bit distracted by the shrieks made by the young children at the playground to notice Kimi slipping through your hands, making you snap your head towards your hand then to your Hokkaido pup, jumping on the man with such enthusiasm.

And that’s when it happened. The man was startled that he was sent tumbling down on his butt, Kimi licking his face and his iced Americano soaking up on his shirt. Quickly dashing towards the man, you quickly pulled Kimi away from him and helped him up, letting out a couple of sorry’s here and there.

“Really, it’s alright.” He smiled as he sees how sorry and sincere you were. “If this would make it up for what has happened, do you want to go with me to the nearest shop to buy you a shirt? I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I can’t do anything to solve this.”

Heaving out a sigh, he was surely amused at your persistency. “Alright, I could go with you and besides, your dog’s pretty cute.”

You couldn’t help but finally let out a smile of relief. “Thank goodness, I didn’t know what I would do if you declined… Thank you.” Bending down to grab on Kimi’s leash, you look up to the man and asked, “Shall we get going?”

Nodding his head in response, the two of you head out to the nearest store. You had to leave Kimi with the employee as you did a quick shirt that was worth replacing the man’s shirt. A couple of looking here and there, you’ve finally found a shirt that was perfect. It was a nice navy green shirt that had longer sleeves and had a patch on the upper left corner of the chest area.

“H-hey… uhh.. Mister.” You called out to the man who was just meters away from you, looking at random shirts which he didn’t show any interest in. “You can call me Changkyun.” He smiled and walked towards you. “Uh… Changkyun-sshi, do you like this shirt?” You asked, showing him the shirt. His eyes moved along the outline of the shirt then into its details.

“I like it.”

“Really?” Your eyes lit up as soon as you heard his answer. “Yeah, it’s a pretty nice color and I like how it’s loose.” Smiling at his answer, you quickly went to the staff and asked for a new pair of the shirt and soon enough, you had the new pair on your hands as you placed them atop on the counter. Handing your card to the staff, you were okay with how much it was and as soon as you finally got your card back, you thanked the staff.

“Here you go. I think you could change in there…” you paused for a while and walked up to the nearest employee. “Excuse me, but can my friend change his clothes in the dressing room?” Giving you the go signal, you didn’t think twice and brought Changkyun to the dressing room and made him change and it didn’t take him a minute or two to change.

“Thanks for the shirt….. I didn’t quite catch your name earlier.” He muttered, cocking his head to the side as he looks at you with a sly smile on his face. “[y/n]. My name’s [y/n].” You introduced and shook his outstretched hand.

“Hmm, so, [y/n], have you always been at the park?” he asked as soon as the two of you went out of the room. “Yeah, I do every now and then since I easily get stressed at work.” You muttered as you got Kimi back from the staff and thanked them.

“Really?” He asked as he watched you wrap the leash on your hand. Changkyun could feel his heart beat loudly when you turned to look at him with a smile. “Yeah. Anyways, it was really nice meeting you Changkyun and I’m really sorry for what happened a while ago.”

“No worries, [y/n], and besides, Kimi didn’t mean to attack me so it’s alright.”

Laughing at how he playfully winked at you, you glanced over your watch and excused you and Kimi, “It’s getting really late, and we better get going now Changkyun.” Changkyun looks at his phone and the sight of the time got his to gasp. “It’s that late already? I guess I better get going too, don’t want to get scolded by the hyungs.”

“See you around.” You said, and gave him a slight bow and was about to leave, not until he stopped you. ”Hey, [y/n]… uh… I know this might be really sudden but I was wondering if we could hang out sometime.” He asked with a sheepish smile, his hand scratching the back of head and you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“Sure thing.” Taking his phone in your hands, you punched in your digits and gave it back to him. “Let’s hang out soon. Anyways, see you around. ” You said before leaving with a smile, Changkyun was left dumbfounded at how easy it was to get your number.

Well, to be honest, he, himself, had also took interest on you and had been meaning to ask you for your number and today was just his day. Looking down at his phone, he couldn’t help but smile before he starts to head back to Starship Entertainment, where his hyungs were waiting for him.


“You know what [y/n], he was late for our meeting that day when he met you!” Hyungwon began to tattle tale when Changkyun came in after recording with Jooheon.  “What’s going on here?”

“He was?” You query as you stared at Changkyun with a random expression to annoy him. “He was and man, we waited for almost one hour!” Minhyuk added and watched how Changkyun’s lips were pursed into a thin line.

Noticing his shirt, you pointed a finger at him and beamed, “You’re wearing the shirt that I bought you!” 

“Yeah. And if it weren’t for me, you guys would meet my best friend.” Changkyun rambled as he sits himself beside you, slinging an arm around your shoulder with a smug look. Just hearing the word best friend had everyone’s ears and eyebrows quirk up, a teasing smile tugging on the corner of their lips as if they were ready to attack on the younger member.

“Oh, are you sure you only see her as a best friend?” Kihyun asks, getting closer and closer by the minute with a big grin plastered on his face. Soon enough, he was then followed by the other members, baiting him about something that was not supposed to be revealed.

Chuckling at how red Changkyun was, you quickly dismissed everyone and gave Changkyun a pat on the head before whispering something into his ears that got him turn into a darker shade of red.

Don’t worry, I don’t see you as a best friend only….”

Fluff Marathon # 4

Alex Hogh Andersen

Request:  You going in park and see Alex playing with his dog 😄

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With days like this you didn’t knew what to wear. The one moment the sun shined just enough to only get you out with a tank top while it all shifted from the one to the next and the clouds darkened your day. So you stood there for at least ten minutes looking outside, guessing about what it was gonna be, good or rather cold and windy. When you looked down to your mobile a smirk brightened your lips, not even considering the weather anymore. You grabbed your jacket and pulled it on, walking through your home, stopping before the mirror a moment to check if you were completely okay to go out like this. Every time his name crossed your mind on your phone screen you couldn’t resist on feeling a little light inside. You bite your lip and left the house, fully committed to not let this weather treatments ruin your day.

You always were an outside person, the park wasn’t a strange place for you to be, you often came her to study, or to run, now you were here to see something cuter than him trying to make amends … it was Alex playing with his dog. He stood with your back towards you, grabbing the Frisbee from the ground to active teasing the dog before him. She became a little old, but playing, she still loved it. You rested against the tree, smiling while he throws the Frisbee and she looked at it, not even running.
‘Come on!’ He challenged her, pointing towards it. But then she shifted her look to you and her tail started waggling before running towards you. You chuckled, while crouching down before placing your hands around her black head.
‘Hey girl.’ You greeted her, scratching her behind her ears. She loved it, she loved you and every time you saw her your heart melted all over again. She stepped closes, licking you in the face before resting her nose on your shoulder while you continued petting her. You looked up from her to Alex who grabbed the Frisbee from the ground and walked back over to the both of you.
‘One day you gonna love that dog more than me.’ He stated. You suppressed a smile an pressed a kiss on her head before standing up.
‘Maybe I already do.’ You reacted innocents. He held the Frisbee out to his dog and she grabbed it, laying down before chewing the edges of it while Alex wrapped an arm around you waist.
‘You don’t.’
‘No I don’t.’ You smiled, looking up into his bright eyes. He lowered his head and your fingers sneaked up over his chest, resting against his jaw while he kissed you. He kissed you already so much and every time something changed about it. Like the sweet tenderness in it was the first time you really tasted it. He pulled back and you smiled. ‘I defiantly love you more.’ You agreed on his previous words.
‘Thoughts so.’ He joked, placing a kiss on your forehead, not letting go of you. If was the safest place for you to be. You rested your head against his shoulder, taking in the smell you so much desired, missed.
‘Missed you.’ You stated, pulling back to look up to him.
‘Maybe you should study a little less and make more time.’
‘If I study less I won’t be a good doctor.’
‘You can always study on me if you need to.’ He taunted you. You chuckled, pushing your body on your tips, wrapping your arms around his neck.
‘You know I would love to.’ You played along before kissing him again. His hands disappeared in your coat, fingers finding their way to your back under your shirt.
‘Hmm,’ he stopped himself and let completely loose of you before get to far carried away. You gave him a bright smile, looking down to his dog who was watching him with the Frisbee between her teeth.
‘She starts to think you love me more than her.’ You guessed out the look that dog gave the both of you. Alex huffed and took the Frisbee, walking with you away from that tree.
‘If she actually would run after it.’ He brought his arm back and throw the Frisbee in the air. You started running, his dog following you in an instant, speeding after that Frisbee before you could even catch it. You were laughing, trying to pull it out of her mouth while she let her body hang against the ground, refusing to let go.
‘Give it.’ You smiled, pulling her over the grass for a little part before she let loose. You turned around and threw  the Frisbee back to Alex. His dog ran right back at him, she had fun, so did you. You looked how Alex snapped the Frisbee out of the air before his dog could, taunting her before throwing in a completely other direction. She stood there for a moment, confused before running after the Frisbee. You walked back to Alex and he embraced you from behind, some drops of rain started to fall out of the sky and you were glad to have taken your coat with you, Alex wasn’t so lucky.
‘I’m gonna get a cold.’ He muttered against you neck. You chuckled, placing a kiss against his cheek.
‘Maybe I should pre examine you, just to be sure.’ You said thoughtful.
‘Does your study break cover that?’
‘Yeah, like you said, I should make more time.’ You nodded. He squeezed your tighter and you smiled, looking to his dog that was still looking for her toy. Perfect.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

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*gif is not mine*

It was Kurt’s first Christmas in America so you and Jubilee tried to make it as special as possible. In fact, when Kurt was in classes you two had snuck into his room, decorating the room with tinsel, lights and little bobbles. When he came into the room he dropped all his books, spinning around smiling at all the colours. You loved Kurt the second you met him. You two had become such good friends and had so many late night conversations. Kurt had even fallen asleep in your bed sometimes, his tail wrapped around your waist.

You wanted to make Kurt something, so you tried to knit him a sweater. Unfortunately, you made it a bit.. oversized. One sleeve was longer than the other and it was extremely baggy, you knew if Kurt put it on it would look like a dress. Then one day, it disappeared. You asked everyone (except for Kurt obviously) if they had seen your ugly sweater. No one admitted to seeing it.

Christmas morning came and Kurt was up at 6 in the morning banging on your door. The second you came out he grabbed your hand and dragged you downstairs to the tree Hank had set up. Kurt sat down and immediately started ripping off the wrapping paper of his gifts. You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, smirking at how cute he was, tail waggling happily. Then you saw what was in the box he had just opened. It was the sweater you made. You grabbed at it, trying to get it away from him but he just bamfed to the other side of the room.

“Vhat ees dis?” Kurt asked, looking at the creation, turning it over.

“It’s a sweater,” you mumbled.

“Ees dis from you, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t going to give it to you. It didn’t turn out that great.”

“I love it!,” he squealed, pulling the red sweater over his head.

You tried to hold in your laugh but it burst out of you. The sweater was definitely too big for him, looking lopsided and one sleeve hung over his hand. He danced around the room, flapping the sleeves around like a bird. He grabbed your hand and started to dance with you. When you stopped moving, you both were out of breath, letting out little wheezes of laughter. The two of you were inches away from each other. Kurt glancing down at your lips quickly and leaned in to peck you on the lips. He tried to lean away but you grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. When the kiss ended, Kurt leaned his head on your forehead and let out a shaky breath.

“Ees dis vhat Christmas is usually like? Because I vould like that.”

“I would like that too.”

You both gave each other tiny smiles before giving small kisses.
“Merry Christmas, Kurt.”

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”