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Pulse Part 5

Part 4

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,080
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking, minor violence
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

Bucky’s black Ford Explorer smelled like leather. With all of the things going on at the moment, your mind could only focus on the fact that his car was the newest model. That, and that your red, scraped palms were burning.

“Did you get a good look at his face?” Bucky’s rough voice broke the silence as his car sped through an intersection.

“Just his eyes. I wasn’t focusing on remembering what he looked like, I was kind of trying not to be killed.”

Any vulnerability you had shown in front of Bucky on the sidewalk had been locked up as soon as you entered his car. He might have been willing to help you, but he was doing so out of kindness, not because he had feelings for you.

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after dark adventures

genre: boyfriend!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 4,075 words

author’s note: it’s not a jeff fic without some nasty, so feel free to skip ‘3:51am’ if you wish to do so 

Originally posted by nakamotens

opening line: “What is sleep when we can be doing so much more once the clock’s hand strikes past twelve?”

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Anakin and human Obi-wan falling into another universe and meeting servalo Obi-wan! Everyone would find human Obi-wan so fascinating and possibly weirdly/uncomfortably attractive as a human vs. an adorable cat. Anakin from canon verse figuring out how much Obi-wan cares about him by watching cat!obi's behavior.

“This is oddly fascinating I’ll have you all know.” Obi-Wan offered warmly, observing the council that was so familiar to him with his hand rubbing his beard slowly in thought.

“Yes, very fascinating I’ll have to agree.” Feline Obi-Wan agreed with a smile, tail flickering slowly as he sat in Anakin’s lap, his former padawan sitting in Obi-Wan’s council chair for a visual comparison to their guest. “I never thought of a human version of myself but I must say, I do make a fetching human.”

Human Obi-Wan chuckled deeply at that and nodded. “Servalo is not a known species in my galaxy but yes, that is interesting that I make a cute feline.” He smirked.

“Human you is also weirdly attractive.” Anakin offered brightly, petting his master’s ears and Obi-Wan chortled before standing up in his former padawan’s lap, shifting around and leaning up the mans chest to headbutt him affectionately.

Human Obi-Wan flustered a bit at the obvious action of affection as his own former padawan stared at the scene.

Then he threw the human master a long look, frowning slightly in thought and looking back at the Servalo who was settling back on his Anakin’s knees.

“We should be able to send you home perhaps in a week, the holocron seems to be…well recharging for a lack of a better word.” Depa smiled warmly, trying not to marvel at this warm copper haired human.

Sending the woman a warm smile in return, Obi-Wan nodded while patting Anakin on the shoulder. “That only leaves the question of lodgings.”

“Well, you can have my bed I would imagine.” Servalo Obi-Wan offered with a wry grin. “I can sleep in my basket.”

“…You have a basket?” Anakin questioned, one of the few things the body double had said, eyes wide and gleeful before he turned on the human Obi-Wan. “I should get you a basket.”

Rubbing his beard, Obi-Wan raised his brows at his former padawan. “I am certain you could but I will inform you now that I will not be in it. Thank you master Kenobi for the offer but I do prefer to lodge with Anakin if possible?”

Purring a bit, the Servalo nodded and looked to Mace.

“The quarters right next to yours is open. They can have that, I’ll log it in with the droids and it will be ready by the time we’re ready.” Mace shrugged before reaching out and scratching behind Obi-Wan’s ears.

The feline gave a deeper purr, leaning into the touch before he settled down on Anakin’s thigh and resting his chin on his paws. “Not to worry then, we will get you both back home.” He meowed happily at them.


If it wasn’t for the familiar Force signature, Anakin might have thrown the warmth on his chest at the wall.

As it was, he only opened his eyes to meet the shiny ones of the Servalo on his chest. “…Hi?”

“Hello Anakin.” The feline purred a bit and the blond could feel the smile. “I wanted to speak to you but your Obi-Wan is a lot like me and wouldn’t have let me do it alone. So I had to wait until he was asleep.” He chuckled.

“Okay so…um… what?” Anakin blinked, wondering if he should be offended or feel warm that Obi-Wan worried for him.

“Because I know. Because I can smell Amidala on you just like I can on my own padawan. And I’m telling you now that speaking to your master would be better because Obi-Wan adores you just as I adore my own padawan.” Obi-Wan sighed. “Human Jedi are so strange, so emotionally constipated…” He mused, ears flickering in the dark.

Anakin’s thought process however came to a screaming halt. “…What?” He rasped out.

Obi-Wan’s tail tapped against his stomach and chest. “Oh Anakin. You aren’t stupid but perhaps you’ve convinced yourself. Of course Obi-Wan knows. He may not have my nose for smelling her on you, but he has my power of observation you silly padawan. Now, when you get home, speak to him, have an honest conversation. He understands better then you think, after all, everyone falls in love and has to decide what path they go Anakin.” The weight on his chest lightened and the eyes disappeared.

The door opened a small crack and Anakin could see the slender feline body slip out on all fours and then listened to soft padded steps disappear.

He continued staring into the dark, eyes wide.

Collapse - Chapter Four

Square One

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

The door clicked open, and Toshinori’s ear perked at the soft steps that followed. He looked up, face brushing quietly against his pillow.

Relief washed over Toshinori as Izuku slipped into the room, carefully shutting the door behind him.

He’s okay. Toshinori thought as Izuku turned, finally meeting his gaze. He twisted to prop himself on his elbow.

“Midoriya, my boy,” he greeted, grinning when Izuku’s shoulders stiffened, and tears welled in his eyes, “I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“A-All Might…” Izuku’s voice shook.

Toshinori huffed, smiling fondly, and his tail tapped against the cot.

Giving the boy a quick once-over, Toshinori noted the borrowed clothes, the shadows under his eyes, and the bandages wrapped around his arms.

“Are you hurt?” he asked.

“No, I’m fine,” Izuku shook his head as he picked at the bandages, “ I’ll probably take these off when I get home. The officer who treated me might have gone overboard with the first aid kit.”  

“Overboard or not, make sure you take it easy until they’re 100%,” Toshinori said, ease settling in his bones, “But it’s good to see you’re alright. Very good.”

“Are you?” Izuku asked, brows furrowed seriously, “Alright, I mean?”

Toshinori didn’t miss the way Izuku’s sharp eyes darted over his exposed skin, lips pursed with worry.  

He glanced at the small bruises and scrapes dotting his arms.

“I’m a bit dinged up,” he said and jokingly flexed, “but I’m fine. Really. Recovery Girl already dealt with the worst of it.”

Izuku’s shoulders sagged, and he swayed on his feet.

“Thank goodness,” he sighed.

Toshinori barked a laugh.

“Come here before you fall over,” he said, patting the side of his cot. He sat up with a grunt.

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Behind The Bars (Chapter 1)

Night in the Woods - Shelter AU

Fandom: Night in the Woods

Characters: Mae Borowski, Bea Santello, Greggory Lee, Angus Delaney, Casey Hartley (Mentioned), Selma Ann “Selmers” Forrester, Jeremy “Germ” Warton 

Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort/Mystery 

Rating: T

Warnings: Abuse, Character Death(s), Usage of Drugs

Word Count: 2293 Words

Disclaimer: I don’t own Night in the Woods nor the characters. 

Summary: Mae Borowski was Possum Springs’ troublesome stray until an animal shelter caught her. Adopted and returned countless of times, the shelter decided to put her down… until Bea Santello decided to step in.   

Author’s Note: First story for the NITW fandom and an AU too so, I’m sorry if it’s not good. This story is inspired by my cat, Julius who is now a huge lazy furbaby. Credit to Fuzzinator23 for proof reading this story. 

Chapter 1 - The Storm

A loud yowl pierced through the night and rain. Heavy footsteps chase after smaller ones, splashes of water drowns into the rain as if god doesn’t want anyone to know what happens.

Another yowl comes through; angry, agonizing, desperate. Aluminium cans falls over as a small figure runs out of one of the cans. The figure is cornered, trapped between a huge wall and two shadows looms over it.

A net is thrown. Yowls and hisses follows as it struggles. One of the larger figure approaches and scoops it up, “No more running for you, kitten,” a low growl comes through.

The cat in the net stops struggling, probably due to exhaustion or fear. Storm still brewing the town. The cat shivers and curls up, letting out soft mews. The net is slung over a shoulder and is taken into a van.

Damp, cold, dark, all the words runs inside her head. Her body shudders, her fur is wet and the floor is cold. She wouldn’t be surprised if she ever ends up sick.

Back to the prison. Cold, dark prison.

She doesn’t want to go back there again.


The smell of morning after the rain had passed is refreshing, calming you could say. The soft light of the sun rises from the horizon, a perfect time to take in some fresh air outside and say hello to the neighbors.

…or stay in bed in the weekends.

Which is something Bea Santello would gladly do.

As she lays in bed in a tank top & shorts and blankets over her body, due to how cold last night has been, she regretted to not wear long pants & a shirt with sleeves but she could care less.

Except the fact her clock has been buzzing for a while now.

A claw extends and knocks it off the nightstand. At least the sound of the impact startles her enough to elicit a groan from the woman and forces her to move to the edge of the bed. Opening an eye halfway, she glances down.

9:45 AM.

Shit. Overslept again.

She picks up the digital clock and places it back on the nightstand before getting up. The gator yawns as she stretches herself and gets herself into the bathroom. Taking a quick hot shower and brushes her teeth, Beatrice gets herself ready for the day.

The store ain’t gonna open by itself. Ugh.

Even on weekends like this, she must open the store.

She puts on her signature black dress and hangs an ankh necklace around her neck. She looks at herself in the dresser mirror. If she looks closely, she could see the bags under her half-opened eyes. As if her dull blue eyes aren’t enough to tell how tired she has been.

There’s no use complaining about it now. She has done this for years. So, she sighs. Last night’s coffee would be good enough to provide the energy for the day.

For the day.

She still needs energy for night as well.

Chugging down a jug of coffee sounds like a good idea. Well, she was fixing to do that when she got to the kitchen, if only she didn’t glance at the clock.

9:58 AM.

Ah, shit.

But she still chugged down the coffee like how she wanted to.

She grabs a box of cigarettes and lighter from the counter and heads for the door. Hastily puts on her boots, she puts a cigarette in between her lips and lights it up, inhaling some of the nicotine from it.

It doesn’t really go well with caffeine.

Screw it.

Might as well, the horrible taste will keep her awake enough to go through the day.


Like any days in autumn, it is a very long day.

Well, for Bea at least.

Everything in her life IS very long day.

Puffing out smoke, the smell of nicotine engulfs her and fills up her nostrils. It might have reached her brain and slowly killing her.

Eh, she wouldn’t mind being dead. So long she didn’t have to stand behind the register and check stocks in the store.

Ol’ Pickaxe has been standing for as long she could remember. She basically runs the store now, considering her father wouldn’t bother handling it himself. The tip of her tail taps on the floor to fill the silence in the empty hardware store.

She sits on a stool at the side and grabs a pamphlet from the counter. Might as well read while waiting for anyone to walk in. But the paper has been the same; all about the dead mines Possum Springs had once long time ago.

Possum Springs; a middle-of-nowhere-and-dying town. A hole which she would gladly leave, if it weren’t for the fact that her father needs help from his only daughter. Stays on the couch, watching tv, drink or sleeps are the things he has done. .

Ever since her mother died.

Of cancer.

Which she really doesn’t like talking about.

Or bother thinking about it.

So, her dad shuts down and, like it or not, she has to stay and help him recover; starting by taking over the shop.

Which is what some people would say.


Bea sighs as the cigarette in her mouth has shorten. She takes it out and stamps it into the ashtray nearby, before taking out another cigarette from her dress pocket and lights it up as she places it against her lips.

Sucking in the smoke, she sighs heavily. Her shoulders slumps, the taste of unsweetened coffee still lingers in her mouth.

It’s disgusting.

Eh, works for me, she thought.

The sound of the bell from the door rings. She looks up, seeing a familiar bear tipping his hat as he approaches her. “Good morning, Bea,” Angus says.

“Hey, Angus,” she says. Angus places his hat back on his head and his ears perks up.

“You look worse for wear. Is something the matter?”

“Stayed up late. Overslept. Drank a lot of coffee this morning and wish that I could die right now.”

“You do realize smoking and coffee are bad together, yes?”

Bea shrugs. “Eh, so long as it keeps me awake. And I smoke to release my stress… which is all the time, mind you,” she says, squinting her eyes at him.

The man sighs and adjusts his glasses, “Then why not take up my offer, will you?” he says.

The gator is silent for a moment and Angus patiently waits for an answer.

But she already raises her hands. “I will not have a pet, Angus. I have enough things in my hands and I do not need a pet. I’ve been doing fine for quite a while now,” she protests.

It isn’t the first-time Angus suggested it. He has been telling her to get a pet, said it will help her to release her stress much effectively and they can be a good friend to her.

But also, there will be more mouths to feed.

As if her father isn’t enough to look after for.

She turned them down so far, but the more she did, the more frequent Angus brings it up to pique her interest.

Angus sighs once again. “Well, if you already decided that then. But could I ask a favor from you then?”

“Uh… sure, I guess. What is it?”

“Come with me to the shelter.”

Bea stares, trying to process what he just said, “…what?”

“Come with me to the shelter,” he repeats. Her blue eyes squint at him again as if trying to eat him whole.

“Angus, I told you-…”

“I’m getting a pet for myself, Bea. And the shelter is at the other side of town, so I need a ride from you.”

She was going to say something about it but she decided not to. She had seen the shelter once when she went there to deliver the tools they ordered. It is pretty far from where she lives and if it isn’t for Angus’ asthma, she would’ve turn it down.

Plus, she’s driving.

She can get out of work early since she’s the only one in the store today, like always.

So, she agrees.

She’s not the one that’s adopting… right?


Cold. It was literally cold when she steps inside the shelter. The inside, unusually, looked no different from a medical center and the air conditioner’s air is so strong she could’ve died from freezing to death here. It was white, excluding some plants, toys and magazines on the coffee table.

This place reminds her of the hospital.

She hates it.

Angus goes up to the reception while Bea decides to stay in the lobby to read the magazines as she waits. He’s led to the back by the receptionist, who is a goat. Already, she’s bored after leafing through few pages of the magazine in her hand. She closes it and was fixing to light up a cigarette, but the shelter has a strictly “No smoking” policy.


So, her tail taps on the floor impatiently. She looks around, trying to take in the interior and sighs. She really hopes Angus would be quick because she’s bored to death.

Which is not, the kind of death she wanted.

Eh, whatever.

Still, she looks around and her eyes settles on a cage. An obvious black cage amongst the whiteness of the walls and floor. There’s was someone, or something in the cage curling up.

Is it one of the pets? Did it just get here?

She gets up and approaches, kneeling next to the little cage. Whatever’s inside is shielded by a cloth so she pulls it off. A cat. A small, navy blue cat wearing a brown and red shirt and black pants. The tip of the hair is red along with it’s tail, which wraps around it nicely.

And covered it’s face.

Bea makes sure no one’s around before she gently pokes the cat with her claw. The ears twitch and she immediately pulls away, slightly shaking the cage when her claws hit the bars. The ears perk up; she could see the right ear was notched, making it look like a bite mark.

The cat yawns and stretches itself as much as it could. It opens it’s eyes, which are larger than any normal cats she has seen in the neighborhood. Red eyes, brighter than Bea’s, blink several times before they stare at the young gator.

“Can I help you, miss?” A gruff voice greets from behind. She turns to see a bear, much older than Angus. She could see the faint wrinkles on his face and a name tag on his shirt written; Hank, dressed in all white, so she assumed he’s the vet. She scratches the back of her head.

“Just… checking this little fella here,” she says.

“Oh… I’m sorry, but she’s not up for adoption anymore.”

This pique her curiosity a bit. She looks up to the older bear. “What do you mean by that?”

Doctor Hank lets out a heavy sigh. He seems reluctant. Bea was about to say something but the man cuts her off, “She had to be put down,” he says with a low voice.

Those words… ‘put down’, are poison to her ears. Irritating, hurt. Her usually tired, dull blue eyes widens in shock. She glances at the cat in the cage who now tries to stand, but she couldn’t due to how small the space she’s in. But she stares, beaming at her.

“Is… she sick?” Because that’s the only reason a doctor would be putting down someone. Sickness, a terrible sickness that has no cure.

Like cancer.

Like her mother.

Shit, why the hell does she have to remember that?

“It’s more to her behavior. She’s… too violent, even to other pets in this shelter. It’s one of the reasons why she’s inside the cage instead at the back with the rest.”

Behavior? Violent? Is that why they want her dead?

“She’s that bad?” Bea asks, her tone hardened without she realizes.

Doctor Hank notices that and sighs, “She has been adopted four times this month and returned in the same day. The longest she’s ever been with a foster family is a whole day. But the next day she was returned. And the complaints are the same; stealing food, bullying others and vandalizing homes,” he explains.

Those things should have be enough to convince Beatrice to not adopt a pet. But she kept glancing at the cat, who now approaches the bars and reached one of her paws to her. Bea doesn’t move, not even when the cat grabs one of her claws.

Curious like a child, she thought. She has seen other pets who are a lot larger than her, even other cats in the neighborhood. She looks innocent enough to not cause all that.

Well, maybe she would but it couldn’t have been on purpose.


“What’s her name?” Bea asks.


“Her name. What is it?”

“Mae Borowski. 20. But too small despite her age. Probably a disease regarding to her growth.”

Dwarfism, she thought. That could be it. Maybe. She’s not very keen with all those medical terms. She looks at Mae for a moment and, unexpectedly, she opens the cage. Doctor Hank tries to stop her, but he stood at the side when Bea holds up her hand.

Mae crawls, no, rolls out of the cage like a ball and sits up to look at Bea. The gator gently pets her, her fur is oily and sticky. She feels slightly upset by how Mae was treated, even though Hank said she will be put down.

Poison. Those words are poison.

Behaviors can be fixed.

She can be fixed.

Bea looks back at the man. “I’m adopting her.“

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Can I request Fraxus + number 9? ;v; I loved the Gajevy ones!

Normally I would not have fulfilled this one because I do not consider this pairing to be canon or semi-canon but since I had watched this part of the anime recently the idea immediately popped into my head and…well….I had to go with it. XD

Apologies for being so late with this one. Let’s just say if it were physically possible to punch Laxus’ tattoo in the face….I would definitely punch Laxus’ tattoo in the face.

Another visit- Justin Bieber imagine(mature)

He visits Y/N, she breaks down emotionally and takes it out on him. 

The smell of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookies travels into my scenes, the scent making me hungry instantly, I couldn’t wait for them to finish up. I lick bottom lip, wishing I could eat them already. Baking anything sweet was always something i enjoy doing, especially when I have spare time. Today was my lazy sunday, the only day off the week from my 6 day job and study, which sometimes would drag me down and make me do nothing but sleep until three in the afternoon.

My roommate Susan, a girl whom I share the small apartment with and also my best friend was currently out to do some shopping or what not, I swear that girl always would spend more than she could afford. I stride cheerfully into the bathroom and decide to get ready for the day. I latch my fingers in my hair and pull my hair into the high pony tail. I turn the tap on and hear the sound of the water running down quickly, causing the sink to make a sound that ruins the silent atmosphere as the tickling sound of water continues. I peer up to the mirror to look at my reflection, my skin looking dull as usual, reflecting the results of my late night sleeping habits. My eyes travels to the bottom of the mirror where the glass was smeared with foundation marks. I groan out in annoyance, “so annoying.” I don’t think I have OCD but if this continues, i swear I wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and would probably think about jumping out of the window, down this 30 storey building.

The sound of my ringtone blares into my ears, knocking me out of my focus. I march up and sigh in irritation as I see Justin’s name appear on my Iphone screen. I briskly snatch the phone from the kitchen counter and tap the speaker button.

“Hello Y/N,” he says in a chirpy tone, “I’m nearly at your apartment, i’m in the elevator.”

“What? aren’t you suppose to be at Milan for your purpose tour?” I reply in confusion, my eyebrows crinkling. I hadn’t spoken to him over a month and he suddenly calls me, who does he think he is.

He pauses for a minute before he asks me, “Are you mad?”

“Not really,” I reply on the phone, with a hint of confusion in my voice.

I was lying. I was lying to him and to myself. I was mad. Mad that he doesn’t even have the nerve to call me until now.

Every time after we finish having sex together, he disappears without a trace and leaves me alone. I always wake up to find him gone and the bed empty. When I needed him next to me, to comfort me, he was never there. He always left me feeling alone, cold and isolated.

“Y/N” he says softly, breaking the silence. “Open the door, I’m here now” he says before hanging up.

I walk up to the door, placing my finger around the knob and left my hand linger there for a moment. I hear a knock at the door, indicating me to open the door. I sigh and hesitantly open the door. I see his face with a large warm smile plastered across his face, i couldn’t help but smile back at him. I felt a pang of sadness inside of me even though I was truly happy to see him again.

“Hey Y/N,” he cheekily says before he strolls through the door. He slips of his white sneakers before walking to the kitchen before turning back to face me.

“Are there cookies cooking?” he asks as he realises the sweet aroma coming from the oven.

“I think they’re done,” I say to him as I gently push him to the side and carefully pull the tray of cookies out. A sudden burning sensation stabs in my skin as I grip the hot tray.

“Oww,” I cry out in pain. I quickly retract my hands to my chest. Before I start to wail out like a crying baby, I rush my way into the bathroom and quickly rush my hands under the pouring water.

The cool chilled feeling calms the burn ever so slightly. I feel the presence of Justin behind me. I gaze the mirror and see him standing behind me, our gazes meet. I look away from him eyes and glance up to wipe my hands with the towel. The towel suddenly was not in it’s place. I spin my head around, like a lost rooster.

“Here” he says softly, catching my attention. He holds out the white towel, “give me your hands.”

I stick out my palms out in front of him and he softly grabs my left hand and begins to dry it off before moving to the other. My eyes looks to my right, avoiding his stare.

“Y/N,” he begins softly, “you’ve got to be more careful.”

I look up to him, his face inches away from mine. His eyebrows are creased and a frown has replaced his large smile from just seconds ago. “Ok?” He asks, his voice sounding genuinely concerned.

I dart my eyes from at his and barely mutter under my breath “stopping acting like you care.”

“What?” He gasps and questions my statement, wondering if he heard correctly. I snatch my hands away from his grasp and look down at the tiled bathroom floor. I secretly wish he never came over because I knew I had feelings for this guy and I knew he didn’t feel the same. He gently grazes his fingers against my chin, lifting my face to allow his gaze to set on mine. His eyes brown and large with so much care and desire stare back into my lifeless teary eyed pupils as he gently strokes my the side of my face. Sick of him pretending, I angrily avoid his soft touch, scared to fall for his tricks any longer. He suddenly grabs my wrists harshly, forcing me to face him.

“I do care about you, Y/N,” his eyes lingering on the face as if he was trying to see inside of me and my feelings behind my current weird attitude, “What have I done to make you think otherwise?”

In all honesty, Justin didn’t do anything wrong. When we first started having sex with each other, we make an agreement it’ll be nothing mutual and that it was just for fun. He wasn’t in the wrong, it was just me who jumped out of the boundary and into the deep love pit. I face up to meet his eyes, still lingering in my direction. He face tilts slightly in confusion, waiting for my reply. I reach my delicate hands up to grab the sides of face, his skin feeling so soft and loveable, making me want to kiss him all over.

“I missed you,” I whisper, looking at him seriously. Before he gets the chance to respond, I clash my lips against his plump lips that I’ve been yearning for, for what felt like a decade. Feeling like I needed his body closer to mine, I cup his face towards mine as I tippy toe and bit on his bottom lip, wanting him to let me explore his mouth. I begin to pant heavily as I pull away from the heated kiss.

“Justin,” I whisper breathlessly as I gently push him against the bathroom sink. Justin smirks at my greedy actions as he lets my possessiveness take control of him, not really minding it at all. His hands grips the sink at the back of him, holding his body weight up as he lets me continue. With the way he slumps back and allowing me to do the work really did put pressure on me but neither the less, feeling determine and needy for his attention, I quickly grab the ends of his white shirt and tug it over his head.

Once his shirt was off his upper body, I lean my head back slightly to admire his glorious structured body. His skin flawless as a piece of art, making me want to kiss every inch of him. His muscles are aligned so perfectly making me melt at the sight. I glance up and as I knew he was gleaming right back at me with a large smirk plastered all over his face.

“Like what you see baby?” he smirks, teasing me. I briskly smack my lips onto his into a passionate kiss as I smother my hands on his hard stomach before I let my right hand grab over his bulge over his cargo pants, feeling his hardening member. He groans deeply into the kiss, slightly thrusting his hips up into my hand as I continue my light rubbing. As if he was tired of my teasing, he spins me around quickly and not having a second to spare, he rips my large t shirt over my head, looking surprised when he discovers I have nothing my a pair of panties on.

“So beautiful,” He whispers as he lets his eyes gaze over my exposed body. I stare intenstly at his movements as he leans his head down slowly, eyes looking up at mine, he grabs my left breast and tugs it gently, bring it into his mouth. The feeling of his wet and skilled tongue as it laps over my sensitive nipple makes me any control I had earlier.

My lower body starts to have a mind of its own as it pushes my hips up against his covered thigh, feeling the rough material of his pants rubbing against my aching core. He starts to notice my intensive grinding against his thigh because he pulls away from my hardened buds and stares at my body moving instead. I whine at the lost contact of his mouth clamping my nipple. Instead I drop my head back and continue to helplessly grind my core against his right thigh which stands still between my bare legs. I lean back against the marble sink, my arms supporting me as I roughly move my hips up to rub my aching core against the fabric. 

The feeling was so intense, making my body shiver in pleasure. Loving the feeling, I speed up my movements a tid bit, feeling my orgasam apporaching. I tiredly open my eyes, half lidded only to see Justin’s large eyes staring back at me with nothing but lust and hunger. He focuses his eyes on my face, loving his eyes on my me, I moan his name seductively, knowing how much it turned him on when I moan his name. 

“So sexy,” he praises me as he scans my body hungrily. 

Being too concentrated on getting closer to my high to even respond, I moan out in appreciation, “Ugh!” I start to feel my lower body spasm myself to the limit, feeling my stomach tighten.

The slick juices leaking down my thighs, the juices pouring between my legs and massively staining the fabric of his pants, making the colour darker. I feel his large hands harshly grip my ass, taking a handful and helping me move faster. The hot blood rushes through my lower stomach intensively. My mouth gaps open slighty into an o shape as I began to pant heavily,

“Oh my go-d.” My eyes roll back to the back of my head automatically, the feeling so overwhelming. He continues to drag his thigh muscle, pressing into my core, making me instantly come undone. After I felt the rush, I open my eyes only to see his staring right back at me. God I can’t want for what he would do to me. Although I just orgasmed seconds ago, the way he eyes gazed so hungrily at me turned me on again within a split second.

“So, so hot,” He mutters quickly before quickly removing his pants and boxers in one swift motion.

I narrow my eyes down at his stiff member, tall and ready, liquid leaking from the tip. Before I could reach out and touch his sensitive skin, he quickly rips off my soaked panties and harshly tugs my legs apart for his needy eyes. He looks down between our bodies, loving how wet and ready I was for him.

He glides two long fingers across my slippery core, fingers instantly gliding along it quicker than a slip n slide, his fingers covered in juices.

“How are you this wet Y/N.”

He was astounded to how soaked I was for him, loving the fact that only he could get me this wet.

He was determined to get me shaking as he slams his awaiting thick member into my core, slipping right in with ease due to my thigh riding previously. He was filling me right up to max, stretching me so good like a rubber band to it’s max. He flutters his eyes closed, the feeling of me so warm and tight around him, the feeling so amazing he never wanted to let you go. He latches his bottom lip, biting down so hard it looked like it was going to bleed. He begins to pull out slowly, making me feel him whole rubbing against my walls before he uncontrollably slams back in my core. 

His eyes shut tightly, eyebrows creased, looking like as if he was holding back the pleasure. He grips my waist harshly, keeping me in place as he uses it to plunge faster into me, hitting my g spot everything. He mutters a ‘fuck’ under his breath as a signal hes nearly on the edge.

His fingers goes down between our bodies and roughly rubs my sensitive bud, bringing me closer, making me feel as if i was about to explode any second. He groans deeply, his voice blowing right beside my ear, his breath as refreshing as the cold breeze blowing against your skin on a hot day. It tingles my body, edging me to my orgasm. I start to feel my lower stomach tighten to the max. I feel myself go another time. He still continues to penetrate me, his thrusts beginning to slow down, showing signs the he is close. He groans out wildly as he comes inside of me. He pulls out slowly, our juices coming out of my core as he does.

He grabs my face harshly, his breathing still unsteady but pulls me into a meaningful kiss. “That was amazing Y/N.”

So - does everyone remember this extremely excellent art from the other day? 


I - may have done a silly little fic thing in response. I had to. The art made me laugh. 

The door creaked, and Eleanor stopped just outside it.

She was not drunk enough for this. She wasn’t sure anyone ever had been.

“Flint,” she said, and the man in question looked up from his spot on the floor, “are you a fucking man or a cat?”

The pirate on the floor shrugged.

“It got stuck.” He gestured with his free hand, and the arm hanging by one voluminous sleeve from her door latch swayed somewhat as if to further illustrate his point. Another man might have sounded plaintive, in his situation. Charles certainly would have, but coming from James Flint, the words were a simple statement of fact.

“And you decided to sit on my floor and feel sorry for yourself,” she observed, and he looked down again.

“Something like that.” He gave a tug at the trapped sleeve. “Fucking thing needs a good blacksmith.”

She rolled her eyes.

“You couldn’t possibly wear just the one layer like any other man on this damned island,” she said, and he glared. “And yet for some reason, I’m the one that’s not permitted to captain a ship,” she muttered. She pushed on the door, and he gave a noise of alarm, attempting to shuffle across the floor as she moved through the doorway.

“Eleanor!” he protested, and she rolled her eyes again.

“If you’ve gotten splinters in your arse from the floor, you can forget asking me to fetch a doctor,” she told him, and he turned wounded eyes on her. “Oh, don’t give me that look.” He turned his eyes to the floor, and -

Damn it all, she thought. Half the West Indies terrified of the man and not only was she not terrified with them, but she found herself bringing the mug of ale in her hand back to the door and settling herself on the floor next to him, her skirts tucked around her knees exactly as if she were fifteen again. She held out the mug of ale and he took it, swirling it around once as if to check for anything unappealing in the grog, and then drank, a long pull. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then handed the cup back to her. He did not speak - simply sat, looking ridiculous, hand suspended in the air, the fingertips of his other hand in his lap, the fabric of his coat straining gently at the slight pressure as he leant back to look upward at the thing properly. Whatever he say there seemed to cause him to despair, as he redirected his gaze to the floor with a sigh, and Eleanor felt herself soften.

“If you want to talk -” she started to offer, and he shook his head.

“No,” he said, and she nodded.

“I’m guessing you came here to discuss something,” she said, and he looked across at her, startled. She gave him a quick smile, and, to her surprise, Flint smiled back.

“I came to tell you the haul from our latest prize is a bit short,” he said, and she felt irritation lance through her. This was the cause for this bout of - whatever the fuck it was?

“I don’t -” she started, and Flint continued.

“The schedule wasn’t aboard,” Flint told her, and she felt her spirits sink. “I searched the entire damn ship - no sign of it. But -” He held up a finger, and pulled forth something that she could not see properly at first, the way that his free hand fumbled with it. At last, he produced the item, and she stared.

“Where the fuck did you find that?” she asked, and something flashed over his face - something indecipherable and gone again almost before she saw it.

“Doesn’t matter,” he rumbled, and handed over the heavy, beautifully wrought glass paper weight in his hand. She took it carefully - it might have weighed a fucking tonne, but she could not help but marvel at the delicacy of its crafting.

“You were saying your papers kept getting mixed up,” he said. “Now you’ll know if it was the wind or your nosy fuck of a lover.”

“We’re not -” she started, and then stopped, and saw Flint’s expression shift again.

“You threw him out?” he asked, and she gave a sigh, putting the paper weight aside.

“It’s a lovely color,” she admitted, dodging his question. Truly, it was - a beautiful clear blue that reminded her of the sea on a sunny day, or the color of the sky when there were no clouds obscuring it, and she could not for the life of her figure out why Flint looked as if the damned thing might possibly scorch him if he looked upon it for too long.

“That’s not an answer,” he told her, and she rose.

“No,” she said, “it isn’t.” She reached out. This little tete-a-tete was over, and she had no intention of indulging Flint’s shit all day. She untangled the man’s sleeve thread from her door in one deft movement, and Flint’s arm dropped. He rolled the shoulder, and looked up at her, mild irritation flashing over his face.

“Thank you,” he grumbled eventually, and placed the hand against the floor. A curse left his lips a moment later, and Eleanor smirked.

“Hand asleep?” she asked, and Flint swore again. “Next time, try untangling yourself, or I might put you to work as the house mouser.” He gave her an irritated glance, and then the corner of his mouth quirked. It was funny - even he had to see that, surely? A moment later, the smile grew, and then he laughed - snorted, really, but still, he was laughing, and Eleanor allowed herself to smile.

“Tell you what,” he managed after a moment, “if I see any mice on my way out, I’ll be sure to bring them to you.”

“Dead, please,” Eleanor told him without looking up from her account book. “I pay by the tail.”

The downstairs tap room that day could be heard to go quiet entirely for several minutes, shocked at the sound of Captain Flint and Eleanor Guthrie laughing until they could laugh no more.

anonymous asked:

Hi hun~ hope you're doing wonderful! So, I always wanted to know why Amy boom doesn't show her feelings to sonic, so I have this little head canon that there was a moment when she decided to stop following Sonic around and start acting more grown up, but, Sonic not necessarily likes the change. I would like to see you write something with that. sorry if is not clear enough :P but you can do whatever you want with it, I just want to read some Sonamy boom. You are an incredible writer <3

I have my own theories on that, where Amy figures Sonic’s ‘cool-guy attitude’ means he’s not interested, when he may actually just be doing his version of ‘flirting’.

But I like this idea and I’ll go with it ;) I think Modern Sonic would get a bit suspicious if Amy stopped being so ‘doting’ on him and wonder if he upset her. So this kind of ‘worry/concern’ or ‘did I do something wrong?’ (supposing he noticed, lol!) could transfer over in hilarious ways to Boom!Sonic. Since… he’s technically a ‘chibi’ version of Sonic, as in he emotes WAY MORE than Modern Sonic usually allows for his emotions to be expressed.

(x) this is so cute xD


Sonic was snoozing off in his hammock, not really stressing as it was a warm day and some light was hitting his body just right while the rest of his face was laid in shadow.

Jumping into his dreams, we find him having more of a ‘replayed memory’ type of dream, where Amy, looking very nerdy with glasses, was doting on Sonic as he posed and seemed to arrogantly be looking over his bandages.

“There gonna be the new sensation.” he turned his hand back and forth, admiring his fashion sense, before frowning to her as she fawned.

“You’re so cool, Mr. Sonic~” she lifted a leg up, blinking her big eyes as he looked away, looking less than interested.

“Right, well. Of course, I’m Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“Right! And I’m-”

He put a finger to her mouth.

“Not important. Look, you gotta go… what? Study something, right?”

“U-uh,… archaeology, Mr. Sonic.” She pushed her dorky glasses up.

“Heh, sounds neat. PFft. Anyway, catch ya later!”

She frowned as he raced off, before looking angry and taking her glasses off.

“I’ll show him! Hah!” she threw her glasses down and smashed them, storming off as Sonic passed Tails, also having braces and looking very dorkish.

“Wow! It’s Sonic!”

“Ugh, I’d rather be caught dead than have nerds as friends!” He rolled his eyes.

Sonic woke up, in a bit of a shock, before rubbing his eyes and looking down.

“Wow, I really was a jerk back then!” he moved his feet off the hammock, and let his hands and head hang down a moment. “…I really shot her down… didn’t I?” He scratched the back of his head.

Then an idea popped back into his head. “Hang on…” he tilted his head up, perking his ears slightly. “If she doted on me once…” he looked to the window, before darting over to a scrapbook and opening it up, “Good thing Amy randomly makes these things for us.” He looked at a page she organized and saw a picture of them younger, her having drooped eyes up at him while he made an epic pose and tried to be the center of the picture.

He tightened his mouth’s line, and then smirked, closing the book.

“You can never get over your first love…~” he turned to bounce his eyelids and then took off.

Sprucing himself up, he thought he looked pretty good, but Amy would just walk passed him, under the impression he was just being a little weirder today, and continued her chores and other such things.

He tried to first help her fetch water from a well, but while trying to impress her, fell in and had to have Sticks bark to Amy that he was stuck.

The next time he tried helping with groceries, but he had carried too many and the bags all broke, causing Knuckles to follow the trail of food and eat all that she had bought.

The last straw was when Amy was trying to sunbathe, and he was so bored just laying down that he tried to entertain her, but ended up kicking sand all over her. To make matters worst, he brought out a boombox and started dancing, trying to show off that way and get Amy to fawn on him again. But according to Sticks, Sonic’s ‘ancient rain dance’ had sparked the storm of a century, and the gang all huddled in Amy’s home, as Tails freaked out with thunder and would crawl deeper into the huddled bunch, shivering.

“This is all my fault.” Sonic looked away, admitting it for once.

“Sonic? Are you okay? For one, you don’t admit you’re mistakes THAT easily, and two, you’ve been trying to do nice things for me, which is CLEARLY against the natural order unless you’re naturally in trouble. So what gives? Why have you been tormenting me all day?!” Amy was on the other side of him, across from Knuckles, Tails’s twin tails since his head was pushed further into the couch, and Sticks.

“I.. I just missed the old days, alright?!”  he looked away, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Old days? What are you talking about?” Amy blinked in confusion, as Knuckles laughed.

“Old days? Haven’t we always been this age?”

One of Tails’s tails whacked him on the side of his face.

“Ouch! Hey..”

“I don’t understand.” Amy looked more concerned now.

Sonic sighed, growing frustrated under the blanket that they were all using to dry off and keep warm.

“You… you thought I was so cool back then! Everything I did had no flaw, no blemish… all of a sudden, all you ever do is point out my flaws, where I trip up at, where I don’t measure up to your ‘perfect’ image or whatever.” he looked away, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, before looking…. kinda hurt.

“I just wanted to be liked again.”

Everyone but Tails looked over at him, but Tails’s tails did turn as if heads, as all eyes looked perplexed by his confession.

“Oh, Sonic.” Amy smiled, bending her own eyelids back to show more fondness in them, a tender look of love. “We barely knew each other back then. There are way more things I like about you now!”

“There are?” he turned back, before getting freaked out by everyone staring at him.

“Oi! Get your own conversation!”

Everyone immediately turned to one tail of Tails’s, and started conversing and talking about odd and in things to them, as they also pretended to move around and speak as well.

Then thunder hit and Knuckles, Tails’s tails, and Sticks all ducked under the blanket, leaving Amy and Sonic having some privacy.

“Well, now that we’re alone.” Amy sarcastically stated, making a funny face. She giggled, “I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Sonic. I usually don’t. But You’re much more caring about your friends then you were before. You accept us the way we are, and you always do your best to keep us safe and happy.” she beamed, and Sonic felt pretty good about himself for a second, even closing his eyes to motion his head up, taking in the praise.

But then his eyes blinked and he looked away, “But you… um…” he shifted his eyes to her, and then back away.

Eyes peeked up from the blanket.


They ducked under.

“Sheesh.” Sonic shook his head, looking upset by their ‘rudeness’ before clearing his throat and gesturing to her, still being a bit shy.

“You don’t act like you used too… still.” he looked away, folding his arms and ducking his head, a bit insecure on asking why that was.

“…Oh, um.” Amy turned nervous, giggling slightly and twiddling her fingers. “W-well, I’ve grown up, Sonic… I… I may not always show it as much as I ‘regrettably’ used too but I… I still… well,-”

The team all peeked up again.


The gang ducked their heads as Knuckles’s fists came up and bonked Tails on the head from underneath the blanket.

“I told you that was less than 5!”

“Sticks bumped it and it was reset! I had to start it up again from my best estimate!”

The thunder strikes again.


Tails dug up cushions and hid under them as the two sighed beside him.

“Go on.” Sticks stated from under the blanket. “Our apologies.”

Amy and Sonic looked back up to each other, and then away as Sonic folded his arms, looking nervous as Amy played with one of her quills, stroking it down and sucking her lips in.

“…Alright, I kinda… I feel bad about how I treated you back then.”

“How you treated us all..” Tails muttered, as Sonic glared.



“Thank you.” he looked back to Amy, “But I honestly don’t want you acting any way, shape, or form out of who you naturally are! I’m sorry for making you feel you had to ‘grow up’ but I just want you to know that-”

Amy suddenly placed a hand on his mouth, smiling, “…Not important.” she winked, “Thank you, Sonic. But it wasn’t completely you that made me want to change. I grew up without you influencing it. Haha!” she laughed and then lowered her finger, pushing against his chest playfully.

“I wanted to change. And I’m glad I did.”

“..But..” Sonic pouted, looking away. “You don’t … react the same way around me as you used too.”

“Hehe, why? Want me to start cuddling up to you again?” Amy teased, moving closer and blinking her eyes a lot.

He scooted back, “N-not a chance!”

She laughed, leaning back. “Then I think I’ll stay just the way I am!”

He sighed, before giving in and nodding, scratching the back of his head. “But I think… I may want to change now… just a bit. You know,… for even more untapped levels of awesomeness to be expressed.” he chilled back, going back to his usual self as Amy wondered what that could mean.

Was he going to change for her?


The three all threw the blanket off, gasping for air.

“Oh boy.” Tails tapped out, leaning back with his stopwatch. “I didn’t know how long I could take the heat anymore.”

“Your tails are too hot!” Sticks kicked them away, growing as they flopped around before Tails withdrew them back around him.

“Eh-heh. Sorry.” he looked apologetic before the rain dissipated.

“Hey! It’s sunny again!”

The gang turned around, but as everyone looked outside, Sonic looked to Amy, who felt eyes on her and turned to look at him.

The two smiled.

Stacy and the dogs

Hi, my name is Stacy, I’m 12 years old and in 5th
grade. I am rather tall for my age, at five foot five,
and have green eyes and red hair that flows down to my
well-shaped butt. My mom and sister likewise have long,
matching hair.

My family has four large wolfhounds, a lab, a
Rottweiler, a huge great Dane, and an absolutely
massive Saint Bernard, all male, and all not neutered.
You could say my family collects dogs. The reason we
don’t neuter them is because my mom believes that it is
immoral and unnatural. When my daddy was here, he tried
to convince her to neuter them, but to no avail.

My family has always been very open about sex, and I
mean very open. My own mother showed me how to
masturbate, with the reasoning that I wouldn’t be as
inclined to have sex with guys if I knew how to
pleasure myself. She also signed me up for a full
sexual education course, despite protests from the
teacher. She even bought me and my sister vibrators on
our tenth birthdays, and showed us how to obtain
maximum pleasure from them. In my family, it isn’t
uncommon for me to be admitted into my sister’s bedroom
to find her masturbating. We don’t mind watching each
other, and sometimes even helping.

Despite this knowledge of sex, I had never broken my
hymen, and remained a complete virgin. Even when I
masturbated, I only rubbed the outside, or put the
vibrator to my clitoris. Nothing bigger than a finger
had even been more than a quarter-inch inside my
vagina, and the regular doctor’s checkups hurt like

The doctor, a nice young man by the name of Jack, and
whom I had a slight crush on, would often press me to
let him break my hymen with his finger. “You’d feel a
lot less pain that way,” he’d explain. But I always
said no, that I wanted to lose my virginity the real
way, with the right boy on our engagement night.

So on this particular weekend, my big sister, Karen,
and my mom, Julie, were heading out of town.

My mom was saying, “now be a big girl for mommy, and
don’t throw any wild parties, you promise?”

“I promise,” I said.

She handed me a list and said, “Here’s the emergency
contacts, as well as Greg’s number if the dogs are too
much for you, and Jack’s number in case you need
medical attention.” I blushed slightly, took the list,
and mumbled a quick goodbye.

I waved until they drove off, then, with a sigh, walked
back into the house. I took off my socks, shoes, and
shirt, leaving me with only my panties on, as I didn’t
wear a bra yet. I absent-mindedly stroked my nipples,
feeling the wonderful feelings going through my body. I
sat down on the bean bag chair in the living room and
began to masturbate. Just then, I heard a loud sound
behind me, and whirled around. It was only Buster, the
Labrador Retriever.

He yapped again and put his paws on my shoulders. He
then began to hump the air, and his penis began to come
out of its sheath. I stared at it, horrified, and
pushed him away, yelling, “Bad Buster! Down boy!”

He gave me a wounded look and went over to the corner
of the room to slowly lick his engorged member, every
once in a while shooting me another wounded look. I
sighed and said, “I know what you want, buster, but I’m
not a girl dog! I’m a girl human, and we are not
sexually compatible.”

Later on that night, shortly after dinner, I took my
vibrator and thankfully turned it on. Putting it to my
clit, I moaned with relief. I hadn’t been able to
masturbate all day, because the dogs kept bothering me
whenever I tried. I had already put them in the large
converted garage we used to keep them in at night so
they wouldn’t keep us up with barking.

I moaned again and pressed the vibrator harder. Just
then, I heard a loud crash from downstairs. I stifled a
shriek and turned off my vibrator. I hurriedly put on
my nightshirt, and walked downstairs cautiously, one
hand on the railing to steady myself.

Halfway down the stairs I stepped on a CD case and lost
my balance. I crashed over the railing, landing tummy-
first on the bean bag chair. The impact took my breath
away. I heard a sound behind me, but was unable to
look, as I was still temporarily paralyzed from a
combination of my fall and the fear I now felt. I felt
the shape sniff my crotch, and then I almost laughed
out loud with relief. I would have, if I could have
caught my breath.

It was only Buster. He and the other dogs must have
busted out of the garage into the house again. I
started to push myself up, but my arms gave way, and my
legs were still numb from the impact of the fall. I
decided to lay there for a minute and regain my breath.
Just then, I felt something wet and soft caress my
crotch, and I shrieked.

Then I realized it was only Buster again, and I
relaxed. I reached back with a very weak arm, and tried
to shoo him away, but he licked my hand and went back
to licking my crotch. “I have to… get to the…
phone… to call doctor… Jack…” I panted to myself.
I tried again to push myself to my feet, giving it all
I had. I felt blackness close in and I fainted.

When I awoke some minutes later, I felt extremely
horny. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered
Buster licking my crotch. I looked back, and sure
enough, he was still there, licking from the base of my
vagina, curling his tongue up into my pussy, and
tweaking my clitoris with the end of his tongue. I
moaned with pleasure; I couldn’t help myself.

I was slowly losing my will to leave, and I was only a
couple licks away from an orgasm. I realized that
Buster must have found me lying on the floor, smelled
the juices in my pussy, and decided that I was in heat.
That thought froze me; if he thought I was a bitch in
heat, he would probably try to mate with me again! I
struggled now to get up, but Buster growled at me, and
I flopped back down, scared. Buster had never been very
friendly, which was unusual for a lab. He always had
been very dominant, even with me and my mom and sister.

I knew he would bite me if I tried to get up again, and
desperately I tried to think of a way to get out of
this. Before I could, however, I felt his front paws
slide past my shoulders and onto the bean bag chair. I
could feel him humping and began to scream. This was a
very bad idea, because it brought the other seven dogs
running. They were growling, until they realized what
was happening, and then they sat on the ground, tapping
their tails.

I screamed again and again, not noticing one of the
wolfhounds, Warg, sneaking up on me. Suddenly he jumped
on my head, and began thrusting in my face. I screamed
again, and that was when two things happened at once.
The first was that Warg hit my mouth with his growing
cock, and thrust in hard and deep, nearly gagging me,
and causing me to involuntarily unclench my legs.

The second was that Buster took his chance and thrust
into my now-gushing pussy with his large cock. I cried
and moaned and thrashed around, making muffled screams
and shrieks, but it was no good. Soon I resigned myself
to my fate, and simply took it. The pain in my pussy
had been incredible at first, but now I was beginning
to feel a little pleasure mixed with the pain. I
thought to myself that if I had to do this, I might as
well enjoy it, so I reached under my tummy and, upon
finding my clitoris, began to rub it vigorously.

After a few minutes, I was having a great time, and the
tears leaking from my eyes were ones of pleasure
instead of pain and horror. After about half an hour, I
felt my orgasm building. Just then, Buster thrust in
hard, and I felt his knot enter me, and my world
exploded in a wonderful orgasm. I moaned, opening my
mouth wider, and Warg took his shot and thrust his knot
into my mouth.

I gagged, trying not to choke, and breathed through my
nose. His cock was now sticking down my throat,
slightly past my trachea, and his knot was rapidly
expanding in my mouth. I felt like I had swallowed the
world’s biggest jawbreaker. Then Warg stopped thrusting
and began to pump cum down my throat, with Buster
orgasming in tandem.

I cried and cried, and tried not to choke to death with
the giant cock in my mouth. After what seemed like
ages, they both finally pulled out.

I gasped for breath, sucking air into my starved lungs,
until I felt something behind me and gasped. It was
Bernie, the saint Bernard. I felt him mount me, with no
foreplay, and knew there was nothing I could do.
Imagine my horror when his massive cock hit my asshole,
and he thrust in! I felt like my ass was going to

I cried out and moaned in pain, expecting and wishing
to die any minute. Then Big Mac, the Great Dane, darted
in and starting licking my pussy. I have masturbated
many times, but only once have I felt an orgasm like
the one Big Mac and Bernie gave me. It lasted until Big
Mac got his knot in my asshole, which hurt so much I
stopped in the middle of an orgasm.

When Bernie finally pulled out of me with a plop, shit
began to pile on the ground, simply gushing out of my
ass as if I had been given an enema. The pile of shit
and cum collected on the ground, and I sighed with
relief, until the next dog in line, one of the other
wolfhounds, mounted me.

I spent the rest of the evening like that, being
mounted one dog after another. Eventually I had to pee,
and I just peed while Big Mac’s huge cock was inside
me. I spent the rest of the night cleaning up from
being the dogs’ bitch.

I shall never forget that dogs’ day.


This story is not mine and u make no claims to have been the author
Also I in no way support beastiality or underage sex

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I don't know how I haven't found you before, your art is so beautiful! could you do gajevy for #1 for the kiss meme? have a good day<3

Grumpy Pants Gajeel is so much fun to draw. I should do it more often.

Unfortunately it ended up not being visible but Levy’s shirt says “All The Write Stuff”. I WILL put all my favorite characters in bad pun tee shirts before my time on this earth is up, I swear it.

Something Familiar - Chp 3

Also on AO3
Chp 1   Chp 2   Chp 3   Chp 4   Chp 5   Chp 6   Chp 7   Chp 8   Chp 9
Chp 10   Chp 11   Chp 12   Chp 13   Chp 14
Now with art by Zelphaba  

Chat Noir seemed to be settling in nicely, even though it was only his first evening in the house.  Nothing made him tense or try to get away as she walked him up from the bakery and carried him through the apartment.  Until he could be screened for anything contagious, he had to stay isolated in her room, but it was big enough, and interesting enough to keep him entertained.  She’d spent considerable time setting things up for her eventual familiar, so he or she would feel welcome and at home.  While familiars were much more than just cats, the contract ceremony didn’t take away their cat nature and tendencies.

“And look,” she said, carting her purring bundle of black fur toward her desk.  You have your own special tree right here.“  She patted each level pointing out the perches and nice things to rub against.  "And here you have a kitty hammock.”  A net of navy fabric hung over the far edge of the desk.  "It’s a good place to nap while I do my homework.“  She leaned forward and encouraged him to climb onto the observation platform.  She let out a little sigh of relief that he was willing to explore.

"I really want to spend some more time with you, but I have to got my schoolwork done first.”  She rummaged in her back and pulled out her books.  "Chem is easy, so I’ll start with that…"  She worked her way through the day’s assignments, eventually moving from the classes she naturally excelled at to the ones that required more work.  Every so often, she’d look up and smile at Chat Noir, whose green eyes watched her keenly.

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