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i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

Yo, my second drawing of Robyn (left) and Hannah (right) from @crewefox ‘s awesome fanfiction Take a stand: Star of Ceartais. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re very welcome to do so! Star of Ceartais is the sequal to the Zootopia fanfiction Take a stand!! :)))))

You’ll find all of Crewe’s stories hereeee~

Hope everyone enjoys!!

And @oggzz​ , Bruh, I love you as usual. Good job getting me into this.

Happy Birthday @chychymazzu!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you like this present heheee yes I was the anon asking your favourite character the other day, it was all part of my plan mwahahaa! I wanted to give something back to you since you give so much to this fandom with requests and your beautiful art!

Greek Terracotta Pig Rattle, 6th-3rd Century BC

Possibly from Cyprus

A child’s toy in the shape of a pig, probably mold made and with a pebble sealed within. He has delightful applied eyes, nose, pointed ears, and curly tail and stands on four splayed feet. Holes drilled in top and bottom were probably put in place to prevent this little piggy from breaking in the kiln. It is thought that a toy like this was made for a toddler, and their sound was supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Fairy tail 524

Cana : “FAIRY GLITTER!” *shoot*

August : *dodge*

Cana : “hey fuck”


Acnologia : *still kicking the crap out of Eileen* “whatchu gonna do now?!”

*fairy glitter blast him in the head, get knocked face down on the floor, he’s eating the dirt*

Eileen’s spirit : “Ha! Eat shit, Acnologia!”

Acnologia : *growling* “fuuuuuuuck

During puppy class tonight we worked on polite greeting where the pup has to sit while other people come say hi (no jumping up).
And guys, folks, I felt like I was cheating tbh because the rest of the class is super hyped herding and retrieving breeds, and meanwhile mister chill ass borzoi was getting compliments left and right for not jumping.
“Gosh what a well trained polite dog!!”
Nah bro, he’s just doing what he do– relaxing. I can’t take credit for his attitude.

Just Doing Your Job (Chapter 1)

Request List 67, #8. Could someone please write an fpreg where the reader’s (or the one getting pregnant’s) lover is a half-snake woman? Like, woman on top, snake from the waist down? Not sure how it’d work, but this would be great.    

(oh anon, you had me at “snake woman”…hope u don’t mind it’s in multiple chapters!!)


Life in the city was pretty tough. With it’s little parking space, traffic, and high rent, it wasn’t easy getting by unless you were fairly successful and held a decent job. Unfortunately, like most people, you weren’t. As a young, budding artist, you just barely scraped by living with 4 people in what was really a 2 person apartment. Rent was lower that way, but you couldn’t handle the lack of privacy and space. You knew you needed to move, and fast.

Fortunately, you were in luck. While it wasn’t the most artistic job in the world, you found out through an ad in a newspaper about a job in a nearby apartment complex. The complex was specifically for human mutants, and in order to make it as accessible as possible, many occupants needed maids or servants to accompany them and tend to their needs. You were basically being paid to be someone else’s shadow, but many mutants lived in luxury, and the job paid well. There was also the added bonus of getting to live with only one other person, so you applied almost immediately, hoping for some merciful occupant to take you in.

To your surprise, it was only about a week until you heard a response. With your background checks cleared and your application reviewed, the landlord of the complex approved you to come in and be a part of their weekly “companion meet and greet”, where you’d sit at a table and occupants would talk to you to see if you were right for them. It was a little nerve wracking, but you knew you’d be just fine…as long as someone decided to take you in.

The meet and greet had been planned just a few days after you received your email. Upon entering, you noticed a way more mutants than there were average humans. Before you could really take a good look at the crowd, a woman dressed in a formal pantsuit came over to you. She looked relatively normal, save for the fact that her eyes were all white.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Violet B567. I’m the landlord of this apartment complex, you are?”

“U-uh, I’m Darla, but you can just call me Danny. It sounds less…pretentious.“

Violet laughs a little, revealing sharp teeth. “Ah, I was hoping you’d show. I think there are quite a few tenants who’d like to meet you.” She replies, leading you to your table. After making you sign an agreement contract, she went over to where a microphone resided and announced that the residents could finally go and browse around.

For every human, there were about 5 mutants to match them. You couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed as tenants met with you, some more human than others. Many approached you sporting fins, multiple pairs of tails or wings, and in one case, frog legs, but only one out of them all interested you.

A woman with deep chocolate colored hair and amber eyes approached you, first looking over your paper resume you had laid out before she decided to make eye contact with you, giving you a smile.

“Your name is…Darla?”

“Yes, though Danny is prefered.” You reply, trying to sound polite. “And you?”

“Victoria L084, very nice to meet you.” She says, putting her hand out for you to shake. You were just about to go out and grab it when she suddenly recoils and let out an inhuman hiss, turning away from you.

It was at this moment you realized she was half snake. How the hell did you not notice that?

Her lower half was grey in color with brown markings, coiled just before the table. It seems however that she’d left a little bit of her tail sticking out and some poor soul with had accidentally stepped on it with his hooves.

“Excuse me, that’s my tail you’re standing on.” She calls, an edge in her voice. The man almost immediately hops off, the deer-like ears on his head folding back,

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to step on it.”

She huffs, puffing herself up in a defensive manner. “Yeah, I’m sure. Maybe watch where you’re going next time?”

“I-I-I…” The poor guy looked scared to death, but then again, you probably would be too if you had a snake-woman scolding you.

“I’m sure he just didn’t see you, your tail is pretty low to the ground and he’s tall.” You interrupt, trying to diffuse the fight. “Plus…he probably can’t see very well with his eyes shaped the way the are.”

She turns to you, looking serious, “How did you know that?”

“His pupils are horizontally slotted, so I guess….he’d be more in tune with seeing things from afar? I studied deer for a commission a while back.”

“Yes! Yes, that’s right. I-I dropped my glasses and broke them the other day, so I can’t really see things up close until my new ones ship in…” The man claims, looking ready to run away.

Victoria hums contemplatively, before finally relaxing. “Alright, ok, you can go. Just be careful, please.”

“O-o-of course! No problem! Bye!” He replied, nodding his head and bolting away. Yeesh, you’d never seen anyone run away that fast before.

“Sorry about that.” Victoria apologizes, turning back to you. “I hate when people touch my tail. My anger gets the best of me sometimes.”

You shrug, “I can get that, I guess. I wouldn’t like my tail touched if I had one either, much less stepped on.”

“Exactly! Some people think they can just walk right up and touch my tail. Sorry, I’m not a traveling petting zoo, at least ask before touching.” She exclaims, crossing her arms. “Say, how much do you know about mutants?”

“A little. I did some studies on them when freelancing for a magazine that specifically published for mutants, but I still have a lot to learn.”

“Well, the only way you’re going to learn is by observing. Has anyone else decided to employ you?”

You shake your head, “No, or else I would’ve packed up and left.”

“Perfect! Then, you can stay with me.” She smiles, taking a slip of paper from her pocket and writing down her number on it. “Text me and we can work out a salary through Violet and your moving day, sound good?”

“Uh, yeah, sounds good.” You stutter, taking the paper. She decided, just like that? You thought there would be more effort involved in getting hired.

“Great, I’ll hear from you soon, then!” Victoria says, leaving your table. “Bye for now!”

You blink, feeling a bit flustered. “Oh, uh, bye.”

This was going to be quite the job, wasn’t it?


You were right. To call it “quite the job” was an understatement. While Victoria wasn’t nearly as mean as she showed during the meet and greet, her life was VERY different than yours. Dedicated to science, she made her money studying threatening diseases in animals. She was a leading researcher due to her natural talent with predatory animals, and was known throughout her field. Being an art nerd, you wouldn’t know a thing about animal husbandry, but after spending a few months in her home, you got to know a thing or two.

First off, she had a very strict diet of rodent, chicken, and occasionally lamb. Due to her serpentine body, her diet was limited to just meats, as anything else could make her sick. Her diet was so strict, in fact, she bought a mini-fridge just for you in your room so your groceries wouldn’t touch. You thought it was unnecessary, but hey, you weren’t complaining.

Second of all, because she was away from home due to work so much, you were basically there to make sure nobody broke in as well as to clean up the dust that settles on unused furniture. Literally every piece of furniture was tailored to work with her body, so they were pretty hard for you to clean. She had suspended ropes and beams she could drape herself from, extra large couches to fit her coils, and her bed was literally a glorified tent to mimic a burrow. You never really used her furniture much, unless she invited you too, so quite literally you had to dust everything in her apartment.

And finally, you were also there to assist her in communicating with other researchers when she couldn’t. Every once and awhile, she gave you her computer and told you to reply with any emails with a script explaining she was away. You had no idea what she was doing, but you just assumed she was going into a mini-hibernation of sorts. It wasn’t until about a year after you started living with her did you realize you were wrong…so, so wrong.

“Danny? Are you there?” You heard Victoria call, her voice slightly urgent.

Peaking your head out of your room, you frowned as you called back. “Yeah, do you need me?”

“Uhm, maybe, quickly. Please.”

That didn’t sound good. You found yourself in her room in under 3 seconds, only to find her in her tent-bed, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“I need you to take my computer…my cycle..it started early,”

“Sure, no problem, but your cycle for…what?” You replied, fretting a little. “You don’t get periods.”

She nods, going a bit red in the face. “Kind of…I just..no, it’s embarrassing to talk about. Just take my computer.”

“Are you…sure?” You asked, bending to her level. “I know it’s none of my business, but if I knew, maybe I could help. That’s what I’m here for.”

“I just…fuck, ok, every once and a while I get pseudo-periods, but I don’t bleed, I…lay eggs, or at least my body wants me to. Typically mutants like me just lay them like normal and get over it, but I have lay in something, because that’s how the scientists built me. It’s painful not too, so I usually wait until my body absorbs the eggs back in and moves on.”

Damn. That was a lot to take in.

“So…you’re in pain?”

Hesitant, she nods, biting her lip.

You sigh, straightening up. “Well, I have no idea if this will work, but I have some heat pads in my room, and if you’re cramping, I could always try to massage them away.”

She looked bewildered, “You can do that?”

“Yeah, of course. It’s not like you haven’t made me to strange shit before.” You replied, smirking a little. “Remember once you made me get a piece of stuck shed off your tail because you couldn’t?”

You laughed a little as she turned bright red, “Well I’m sorry that the scientists who made me made my arms too short for me to reach parts of my tail! It wasn’t humid enough for all of it to off at once!”

“Right, right.” You chided, rolling your eyes, “Whatever you say. I’ll be right back.”

Grabbing your heat pad from your room, you also grab some aspirin and water, just in case. Coming back, you notice Victoria has modified her tent-bed to make it just the slightest bit bigger. Did she…want you to go into there?

“I brought asprin, do you want it?”

She shook her head, “No, it’ll make me sick. I will take the water, though.”

Handing it over, you plugged the heat pad in let it warm up before sliding it into her tent.

“Just put that wherever you want, but I recommend to put it where you’re cramping.

Nodding, you watch as she puts the pad under where her hips end and her tail begins. For some reason, watching her makes you feel odd, so you pull your eyes away and busy yourself with putting the aspirin on a nearby bedtable.

“So how does the massaging work?” She asks, lying on her side.

“I can’t imagine your muscles would be super different than mine in the abdomen area, or near your hips, so I’d basically be kneading them and have pressure on them until your muscles stop killing you.”

“Not sure if that’ll work, seeing as the pain comes from, um…actually, nevermind, go ahead and try it. It’s worth a shot.”

You raise an eyebrow at her, wondering what she would’ve said had she not cut herself off, but you don’t push it. “Ok, first, you have to come out here so I can massage you.”

“Oh! No, you can just come in here. That’s why I made room for you.” Victoria replies, shifting to give you more than enough room. Hesitant, you climb in, feeling far less claustrophobic than you were expecting to feel. It was actually pretty roomy.

“Huh, it’s warm in here.”

“Yes, well, it has to be. I really don’t like blankets unless I need to use them.” She explains, shrugging. “So what do you want me to do?”

“You should…uh…” Positioning was going to be a toughie, wasn’t it? “Lay on your stomach. I think I can reach you the best that way without having to sit on your tail.”

She hummed, complying with your command. Gently, you lifted up her shirt ever so slightly and began to work your fingers not only on her sides, but also through her lower back. She practically melted with satisfaction.

“Is this helping?”

“Hm…no, not with the cramps, but it’s a very effective distraction.” She replies, muffled by her arms.

“I guess that’s good, but I’d actually like to help you get rid of your pain so you can get back to work.” You say, thinking out loud a little. “Can you think of anything else that might work?”

You could feel her tense under your fingers, “Ah, no. Nothing you could do, I’m sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” She sits up, moving her away from you. “The only time I was truly able to get rid of the pain was when I had a girlfriend. She and I…um..remember when I said I could only lay in things?”

“Yeah? I don’t see- ooooh.” Now it all made sense.

She needed someone to lay her eggs in. She needed to have sex to actually get rid of the pain.

“Yeah, oh.” Victoria said, not making eye contact. “I don’t think you’d want to do that, it’s really unnatural for some and even if it wasn’t, you’re-”

Despite your consciousness telling you not to do so, you cut her off. “I’d probably be ok with it.”

She looked at you with wide eyes. “What?”

“I-I mean…” Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. What were you doing? “I’m not against it, it doesn’t seem bad. If you’re ok with it, that is.”

She gave you a stern, serious look, not unlike the one she gave you when you first met. “You’re completely serious about this?”

Letting out a bit of a nervous laugh, you bring your hand to the back of your neck. “I-I can’t say it was a joke, but if you don’t want to, we can always forget about it and I can just take the computer and leave.”

Silent, she seems to think deeply about your offer. It takes everything you have to not bolt out of the tent and lock yourself in your room, but after what seems like centuries, she speaks up.

“I think I’d be fine. Just don’t tell Violet, it might void our contract. I’ll have to find out later.”

Oh shit, she was actually on board. “A-alright, agreed.”

After a second of hesitance, she moves up to you, looking you up and down once before finally putting a hand under your chin and bringing you into a kiss. You hadn’t kissed anyone in so long, you felt a small voice in the back of your head yell about your own self consciousness, but it was quickly quashed when you felt your back hit soft pillows, her hands roaming up your shirt.

“Can I take this off of you?” She asks, her voice holding a sort of tone you’d never expect to hear from her.

“Sure, it’s all yours.” You reply, trying to be causal but dimly realizing what those words imply. God, is there a moment you couldn’t be awkward here?

Victoria really didn’t seem to mind, though. Taking off your shirt, she blinks a little as she looks at you, mistified.

“Oh, wow.”


“You…have boobs.”

You let out a little laugh, amused by her thought. “Uh, yeah? People have those.”

“I don’t.”

Now it was your turn to blink. “Oh?”

Nodding, she took off her own shirt (or was it a dress? You could never tell, seeing as she can’t wear any sort of bottoms, ever.) and gestured towards her own chest. It was as flat as a cutting board.

“I guess that makes sense, seeing as…you don’t really need boobs with eggs and all.”

She shrugs, taking a quick glance towards your own before tearing her eyes away. “True, but I always thought they looked nice.”

You hummed, blushing a little when you realize it was a compliment. “I’ll take this off then, let you have a better look.”

Unclipping your bra, you let yourself relish as she turned a bit redder than she already was.

“Um, thanks.” She replied, her voice small. She was always so decisive and confident, you couldn’t help but feel a little amused by the fact she couldn’t seem to decide if she wanted to stare or not. Looks like you were going to have to make the decision for her.

Taking her hand, you led her hand to your chest, letting a smile play onto your lips. “I’m surprised you’re blushing this hard, you’ve had a girlfriend before, right?”

Realizing she had permission to touch you, she curiously felt you in her hands. “Yeah, but she was also a mutant, so…”

Ah, that made sense. You couldn’t help but shiver when her thumb brushed over your nipple, slightly ashamed of the fact that you could feel heat pooling near your thighs.

“How sensitive are you there?” She asks, continuing to make slow circles around your nipple with her thumb.

“Very.” You replied, feeling yourself relax a little. Not satisfied yet, she slowly drags her hands down your body and rests them just above your hips, realizing there was one more blockade in the way.

“Do you want to-” “Yes.”

Startled by your answer, she seems more than happy to unbutton your jeans and throw them aside, leaving you only in your underwear. You are so glad you wore your good pair today.

“Oh, they’re wet.” She noted, taking a hand and feeling the front. You took a small breath in, your body flinching with being touched the slightest bit. “That’s normal?”

You nod, “Normal.”

Content with your answer, she fiddles with the front of your underwear a little more before delicately taking them off, exposing you.

“I never thought you’d grow hair down here either…” Victoria says, more curious than anything. “Maybe I should stop studying predators and start studying humans. This is far more interesting.”

“You think?” You reply, a little embarrassed by her commentary. It wasn’t bad, but you’d never been looked at so closely before…not by anyone other than a doctor, that is. You really jumped when she placed her and against you, fingers separating the lips of your pussy and exploring. Your hands shot to your face as you let out a little noise, making her look at you.

“Is this ok?”

“M-mhm. I just…jeez, this is new.”

“True…for the both of us.” Victoria replies. Her hands aren’t doing much except explore until her fingers run across your clit. The noise that you make in response is obscene.

“Oh? Is this also sensitive?” She asks, using her fingers to tease it. You can’t reply, covering your mouth to muffle your moans and whines while trying (and failing) to resist the urge to buck up into her hand.

A sly grin shows up on her face, practically drinking up your reaction. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Listen, it’s- oooOooh shit ok that’s happening.” You protest, only to feel her slip a finger inside you. “Ok, cool, that’s my- oh god.”

“I know what it is, don’t worry. I learned that much in school, and from the internet.” She says, quickly finding your g-spot and rubbing it. “Who do you take me for?”

Your mind is going a bit too fuzzy to form a reply, enjoying her fingers way too much. When she adds a third, you can’t stop yourself from coming right then and there. It had been a while, so it was no surprise you only lasted a short while.

Victoria didn’t seem to really care. “I think that’s enough, don’t you?”

“Enough for…” You breathe, a little tired from it all. “Oh.”

Positioned right near your entrance, her ovipositor waits for your permission to move inside you. It was long, and reddish in color, and it kind of scared you but…it also excited you. You had no idea what this would feel like.

“Slowly, please.”

“Right.” She nods, and gently brings herself in. She feels way thicker than she looks, and your breath hitches a little when you feel her tail wrap around your leg instinctively.

“You’re feeling ok?” She asks, her voice a little breathy.

“Mhm, it’s fine.” That was an understatement. “You can start…um..”

She didn’t need you to say it out loud. Pinning you down gently, she begins to thrust in and out of you. It’s slow, but your body soon gives in to her size and allows her to move faster. Between your own natural body fluids and the ones she was creating, you were slick enough to move at a steady pace while still feeling the friction of her ovipositor rubbing against your g-spot. You were so close to your peak, the noises you made were loud enough to make covering them up futile. She was fucking you so hard you could feel yourself displacing the pillows nearby. This was too good to be real.

Then again, she was a mutant, what were you expecting?

Clenching around her, you felt your vision go white as your orgasm hit you. You were only dimly aware of the fact that she wasn’t finished with you yet as you came down from your high, her pace beginning to become messy as she approached her own peak. Coming deep in you, you could feel something fill you up, heavy and thick. When she pulled out, you could just see a small trail of come follow her ovipositor until she resheathed herself, as if it had never been there at all.

Both of you breathing hard, she takes the time to quickly rearrange the pillows before moving you to a more comfortable spot and laying beside you. Her tail had not yet let go of your leg, but you didn’t particularly mind.

“So…feeling better?” You ask, exhaustion settling in.

A laugh bubbles on her lips, “Yes, definitely. Thank you.”

“Mhm, not a problem.” You replied, finally letting yourself drift off to sleep. Last thing you can recall is the dull feeling of Victoria bringing you close to her, her arm wrapped around you.


(hey yall! you can call me O if you’ve never seen any of my submissions before. next chapter will involve egg laying, so this isn’t the end of the story! but until the next chapter is posted, feel free to read any of my other stuff @or-beez . thanks!)

Antis: “Gruvia is 99% comedy. Their relationship is a joke.”

I’m pretty sure this is way more than 1% of their relationship, and if you didn’t notice NONE of these panels are comedic or meant to be taken that way. NONE of these panels show Juvia being a “stalker” or Gray being “bothered” by her. None. They show growth, progression, and development. From cute moments, to natural, to serious ones. And there is still plenty more to come. The pairing started at rock bottom, but then bloomed into something beautiful: two people that share mutual romantic feelings. Anyone with half a brain can see Mashima is not glorifying something “unhealthy” in his manga. And if you can’t see it, then congrats, you failed to understand a manga aimed at 12 year olds. 

The problem with anti Gruvia is they take the comedy way too seriously (that’s not meant to) and disregard the meaningful moments like they are insignificant. They think comedy outweighs the serious stuff and make up excuses, which is hilarious. Like have you ever read a manga before?


Yes, what a “joke” indeed.

Deaged Part 2

So you all asked for it. Here it is :)

“You are pretty good with him.” says Gamora when Peter feeds Tony his bananas and apples.

“Well its pretty easy. He is such a good boy.” says Peter and Tony giggles.

Tony sits in his highchair and swings his legs a bit. He is pretty happy today. To be honest he is happy all the time.

“Can i have more please?” asks Tony when he finishes his last banana and Peter nods.

“Course, bambino.” answers Peter and goes towards the counter. Gamora looks at Tony and Tony waves shyly at her.

He likes all the Guardians a lot. Drax and Groot are always playing with him. And Gamora gives very good hugs and Rocket is really funny.

The kitchen door opens again and Peter looks up. Sam enters the kitchen with Bucky and Steve.

“Why not?” asks Steve angrily and Peter sighs. These kids are so frustrating.

“I told you. You had enough sweets for today.” says Sam and he smiles at Peter. He looks pretty bad, like he didn’t sleep at all.

“But he gets to eat sweets!” says Bucky and points at Tony in his highchair. Tony shifts around in his chair. He looks pretty nervous already.

“He isn’t eating sweets. He eats his fruits.” says Peter and shows Steve and Bucky the bowl.

Both gag at that and Peter rolls his eyes.

“Do you want to eat alone?” he asks Tony, because Tony likes to be feed by Peter, but when the other kids are with them, he feels embarrassed about that.

“Alone, please.” says Tony smiling and takes a piece of his apple in his hand.

He puts it between his teeth and grins. Peter laughs.

“Stop being so cute!” says Peter and steals a banana piece.

“No!” says Tony back and giggles. He kicks with his little shoes again and even Gamora laughs at that.

“Who would have thought that Tony Stark likes to be called sweet.” says Sam but he smiles. Tony grins shyly up at him.

“And yours? Still trouble?” asks Peter and winks. Sam groans.

“You have no idea.” says Sam and looks at Steve and Bucky. They are sitting on the ground and argue again. Seems like they still want their sweets.

“Petey?” asks Tony and Peter looks back to him.

“Yes bambino?” asks Peter back and Tony takes his bowl firmly in his hands.

“Can i go down?” he asks and Peter raises his eyebrows. He doesn’t know why Tony wants to be put down. Normally Tony likes it in his highchair next to him.

“Yeah i think so.” says Peter and picks Tony up. He sets him down and Tony holds the bowl even tighter.

Carefully he goes over to Steve and Bucky. He is still unsure on his feet. Peter thinks it was more important to Howard that Tony could talk perfectly and work with robots than to walk.

Tony wobbles and then sits down in front of Steve and Bucky.

He holds the bowl out.

“Sam! What does he want from us?” asks Bucky and he looks angry at the bowl. Sam growls quietly.

“I’m sure he wants to share his dessert with you.” says Sam and Steve laughs.

“We don’t want fruits!” says Steve to Tony and pushes Tonys shoulder.

“Thats not nice!” says Tony and stands up again.

He holds his bowl out again. Peter isn’t sure if he should interact or just wait.

“Fruits are imp-po… good! You need to eat them!” says Tony and takes a banana for himself. Peter smiles.

“No!” says Steve and pushes him again. This time Tony falls on his butt.

“Steve!” says Sam and goes over. Peter jumps up at that, too. He wishes so bad Steve and the others would be nice to Tony.

“Oww.” says Tony and then he weeps bitterly. Peter is there in a second.

“Oh bambino. I’m sorry. Don’t cry please. Does it hurt?” Peter is nearly hysterical.

“M-mean.” stutters Tony and sniffles.

“Say sorry!” says Bucky now and he looks angry at Steve. Sam is still scolding Steve.

“What?” asks Steve and looks at his brother.

“You were mean to him! He cries because of you.” says Bucky and Steve looks guiltily at Tony.

“ ’m sorry Tony.” says Steve angrily. Tony sniffles again.

“ ’s okay.” whispers Tony but Sam shakes his head.

“It’s not okay. Steve we don’t push people and we also don’t yell at them. Go to the corner. Ten minutes.” says Sam and Steve goes grumpily.

Tony calms down at that and looks at Steve.

“What is in the corner?” he asks then and Peter chuckles. He picks Tony and his bowl up.

Tony takes a banana immediately.

“Nothing. He just needs to sit there so he can think about what he did wrong.” explains Sam and takes Bucky on his lap, when he sits down at the table.

Bucky is quiet. He was in the corner two times yesterday.

“Oh. Please i will never have to go there!” says Tony and his big brown eyes look at Peter.

“Don’t worry. You are such an angel you will never have to go there.” says Peter and Tony looks relieved.

Peter kisses his forehead.


Later when they are all in the living room Peter reads a comic. This is the first time they are all quiet. Coulson left earlier to go to Shield and Peter was horrified at first.

But now the kids are all playing quietly.

Tony plays with Eddy alone. The rest plays together. But Tony doesn’t seem to mind that. He giggles with Eddy and draws Peter a picture.

Peter has already over twenty on his wall.

“Can i play?” asks Clint and Peter looks up. Because Clint is asking Tony.

“With me?” asks Tony and he looks so happy at that. Maybe he would finally get some friends.

“No with your raccoon.” says Clint and Tony looks down at that. His underlip wobbles but he doesn’t cry.

“Y-yeah.” says Tony then and gives Clint his Eddy.

Peter frowns.

Clint throws Eddy up in the air and then catches him. Tony doesn’t look happy anymore.

“Not so high. He… he doesn’t like that.” whispers Tony and Clint chuckles.

“He is a stuffed animal. He can’t like things.” answers Clint and throws Eddy again.

The other kids are now watching them and Natasha wants to take Eddy.

“Give him to me!” says Natasha and tugs at Eddys tail. Peter stands up at that, but its to late.

The seam tears and then Natasha has the tail in her hands and Clint the remaining part.

Peters heart breaks when he sees Tonys face.

Eddy loses his stuffing and Clints throws him on the floor.

“Oh oh.” he says and Natasha looks really afraid.

“Yeah oh oh!” say Coulson who stands in the doorway.

Peter doesn’t care about that. He picks Tony up, who is not crying and that makes it even worse. Then he takes Eddy as well. Carefully with the stuffing and the separated tail.

When they are back in their own apartment he sets Tony down on his blanket on the floor where he has all his toys.

Peter looks at Eddy. He doesn’t know what to do.

“They  - they made him owies.” whispers Tony eventually and Peter looks at him. Tony rubs his eyes and then he cries silently.

“Oh baby.” says Peter and kneels beside him. He hugs Tony and kisses his wet cheeks.

“I want him back.” cries Tony and Peter rubs his back.

“Of course you will have him back, hm? I’m gonna get him to the stuffed animal hospital and they will make him better, yeah?” asks Peter then and Tony rubs his eyes again.

“R-really?” he asks. And Peter nods seriously.

“I would do anything for you!” he says and Tony seems speechless.

“Promise?” he whispers and Peter kisses his cheek again.


Peter smiles at him.

“Why did you gave him away?” he asks then because he thought Tony would say no to Clint.

“It’s important to share.” whispers Tony and Peter can’t believe it.

He is so cute!


It takes him the whole night. But he watched Youtube videos and asked Jarvis for help and he sewed Eddy back together. It doesn’t look great. But the tails is back at his place and that matters.

“Eddy!” squeals Tony the next morning when Peter wakes him up and shows him Eddy.

“He told me that he missed you!” says Peter and Tony giggles.

“Raccoons can’t talk!” answers Tony and kisses Eddy on the nose. Carefully he examines the tail and then nods.

Peter sighs. So Tony approved of it then.

“Well i can.” says Rocket grimly and Tony giggles.

“You are weird.” says Tony then and taps Rocket on the nose. He does that a lot. Peter is afraid one day Rocket is calling him out for that but Rocket just shakes his head.

“Yeah? And you are…!” he starts and Tony looks with his big eyes at him. Rocket struggles visibly.

“…cute.” ends Rocket than and Tony looks down.

“The other kids don’t like me.” whispers Tony then and Peter smiles sadly at him.

“Thats because they are assholes.” says Rocket and Tony gasps.

“No bad word!” he giggles and points at a corner. Peter laughs.

“Yeah bad word Rocket. Ten Minutes in the corner for you.” says Peter and Rocket frowns.

“What? You can’t tell me that you actually want me to go in the corner? What am i five?” yells Rocket and Tony laughs.

“Corner!” yells Tony back and Rocket growls. But he goes to the corner. Peter bursts with laughter.

“Love you.” says Tony and blows Rocket a kiss.

“Jaja. Love you too, you incredible sweet human.” mutters Rocket and Tony smiles at Peter.

“You are our incredible sweet boy aren’t you?” asks Peter and kisses Tonys cheek loudly. Tony squeaks.

“Yes!” he giggles and Peter can’t help it. He likes this a lot.

Tony doesn’t need the other kids or avengers. He has them. Maybe one day he could be friends with them again. But he will always be their cute little boy.


Hey guys! This is kind of an au story, enjoy the bughead goodness, while we’re on hiatus!

Jughead was leaning against the vending machine in the student lounge, headphones resting around his neck as he watched his peers. High school was a nightmare, he’d been bullied ever since he was a kid but it got increasingly more brutal when he entered the higher grades.

When he was younger he had Archie and Betty and Dilton, even Moose had been his friend, but now he had no one. He was on his own. His family had abandoned him and he had abandoned his friends, it was a vicious cycle that seemed to never end.

His number one tormentor, Reggie Mantle, was lounging on the couch, Veronica lodge on one arm and Josie McCoy on the other, he was surrounded by his football minions and Archie was sitting on the lounge chair. Reggie had been eyeing him for a few minutes now and jughead just knew he was trying to come up with an insult.
Running his eyes over the rest of the room, he stopped on Betty Cooper. The beautiful blonde with the biggest heart he had ever seen, she was the definition of girl next door. Her wholesome all around nurturing personality was something he admired and he found himself staring at her soft smile and warm eyes as she listened to her best friend Kevin Keller ramble on about something.

Betty had been one of the best parts of his childhood. She was sunshine and vanilla frosting. Warm hugs and milkshakes. More often than not, being around her was the only bright spot in his day. But then he messed everything up.

When his mother and sister left him he distanced himself from everyone, he wasn’t going to let anyone else leave him, so he left. Left Archie and Betty. They had both tried to fix things, he remembered her bright green eyes shining with tears, asking him what she had done wrong? Why he didn’t want to be her friend anymore? Even at 11 years old he remembered his heart breaking.

Suddenly the annoyingly loud voice of Reggie Mantle broke him out of his thoughts.

“What’s up with that stupid beanie, Donnie Darko? Do you even take it off when you shower,? what does it protect you from something? You’re own weirdness maybe. You think you’re some kind of king of darkness? King of the loners maybe.” He snorted high fiving chuck Clayton as the others laughed, Veronica rolling her eyes.

As he opened his mouth to come back with a snappy retort, he was cut off by the sugary sweet soprano voice that was Betty Cooper.

“And who are you to talk reggie mantle? You haven’t taken off your letterman jacket in two years. You even wore it to the pool over the summer.” She raised a brow, rising from her seat next to Kevin.

Reggie seemed taken aback and the rest of the football jocks went quiet.
“Stay out of this Betty, it doesn’t concern you.” Reggie said stiffly.

“Actually it does concern me Reggie, I happen to remember you carrying around your green stuffed rabbit in your backpack all the way up to last year. Maybe you should look in the mirror before you cast judgement.”

Reggies jaw dropped and he stuttered as moose snickered beside him.

“I.. you don’t know what your talking about…”

Betty just shrugged her delicate shoulders, there wasn’t a hint of malice on her face, she wasn’t trying to be mean, she was just being fair.

“Maybe not, but you don’t know Jughead either. Maybe we all can learn something from one another.” With that Betty turned on her heel, walking from the room a smirking Kevin on her tail.

Jughead was standing there , the most confused expression on his face as the rest of the football team teased and taunted Reggie about being owned by a girl.

What had just happened? Betty Cooper had just stood up to the most popular boy in the school…. for him.

Okay. Yeah okay.

The day went by so slow, Jughead didn’t see Betty for the rest of the day, not until he stood outside the girls locker room after school, waiting for Betty to finish cheerleading practice.

He spotted her walking next to Veronica, her gym bag slung over her shoulders and the tiny little black shorts she wore were positively sinful. She threw a wave as Veronica headed the opposite direction. Betty’s eyes caught Jugheads and he smiled shyly, his hand going behind his neck, scratching nervously.

She made her way to him smiling
“Juggie.” She said softly

He felt his heart flutter at the nickname.

“Bets” he choked out nervously

She looked up at him
“Were you just in the neighborhood? Or were you coming to visit?” She giggled

Jughead rolled his eyes “I wanted to thank you, for today, ya know with Reggie. You didn’t have to stick up for me.”

She looked up at him, adjusting the bag on her shoulder “ well of course I did? Why wouldn’t I?”

He didn’t really know what to say to that so he settled with “well we haven’t really spoken in six years.”

She continued staring at him with that confused smile on her face
“Well that doesn’t matter, you’re still my friend juggie. Think of it as payback for when you put bugs In Cheryl’s pudding cup because she called me fat when we were six.”

He snorted
“Yeah well that was a lie. She was a liar.” He smiled sticking his tongue out.

Betty stopped walking and turned to him
“So is Reggie. There’s nothing wrong with you, your beanie is your security blanket, it makes you comfortable and confident. there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ve got your hat and I’ve got my pony tail. Sometimes everyone needs something.”

He just stared at her with his slack jaw, could this girl get anymore perfect.

“But..” she continued a wicked smirk on her face “if you really wanna repay me, you can walk me home annnddddd carry my bag.” She sang

He rolled his eyes, trying to fight the smile that was creeping through

“You got it green eyes.”

These Hopes We Hold

a continuation of: 

These Sins We Commit | a southern raiders au

with @honxrable

Appa landed with a huff, spraying granules sand in a thousand directions. He was tired… but who could blame him? They were all tired. 

After her ‘field trip,’ Toph’s words, not her own, the Gaang spent another two weeks camped on the northeastern tip of the Fire Nation, praying Hakoda and company would find them after their split from the air temple. Each day passed slowly, filled with firebending displays by Zuko and Aang, four way duels between the benders, and sword fighting between two nincompoops who didn’t understand that sharpened metal sticks cut skin

Katara spent the better parts of the evenings healing her brother and the Prince— not that she minded helping Zuko so much. That is, until Suki caught on to how much Katara enjoyed looking at him. Then, her peaceful dishwashing after meals turned into snickering ‘girl talk,’ Suki’s words, not her own, and Katara resolved to making Zuko’s scrapes and cuts wait ‘til everyone was asleep. 

At least, that way, Toph was the only one who knew. 

Toph was also the only one who knew when their position had been infringed upon. She woke the Gaang up only hours ago, rousing Sokka and Suki from their tent, Aang from Appa’s back, Katara… well, somehow, she’d fallen asleep in Zuko’s tent while listening to him read poetry and she’d been subject to everyone’s confused glances. 

Not that anyone cared much, besides Aang, that is. Sokka’d given Zuko a side-eyed glare, before Katara punched his arm and told him to pack up. Suki just smirked. Toph was busy monitoring the advancements of the nearby Fire Nation scouts. Since Appa took off, under Zuko’s guidance toward his Ember Island home, Aang had been the only group member to shoot her looks. 

Katara ignored him. She was still ignoring him. She had far better things to do than worry about his jealous little feelings— like sleeping. She gathered her belongings quickly from the bison’s back, sliding down his tail to stand on rather shaky legs.

“This is yours?” She looked about her surroundings in wonder: a private bay, white sands, palm trees, a rocky path that led from the beach to a dark, yet quaint home sitting a distance away from the lapping waves. 

All she could imagine were the hours of bending practice she’d get in, coaxing the currents, mastering the ocean. Katara’s tired eyes lit up, a smile dawning as she turned towards Zuko. “It’s beautiful.”  

This is my first try to write about anyone who isn’t Ivar. I want to try and write about other characters too. I just have to get there in tiny steps. I had to try myself with Ubbe first because he definitely is my second fav. 

So for all those who have requsted stuff about Sigurd or King Harald: Hang in there! I will get there. This is the first step. Let me know what you think.


The first thing you noticed waking up was that your head was hurting like shit, the next was a weight on your chest that wasn’t supposed to be there. You opened your eyes. And closed them again immediately, for the sun shining through the window made your head explode with pain. You groaned. Maybe last night you had gone a bit too far with the drinking and now you were paying the price. You barely remembered anything about the previous night. There had been a feast and heavy drinking. You had distant memories of dancing a lot and of sitting with Ubbe and Hvitserk, but everything that came after that was more than blurry.

You kept your eyes shut and instead reached out your hand to find out what was weighting on your chest. Your fingers touched warm skin. Someone’s arm was lying across your chest. You desperately searched your mind for more memories from the previous night but came up with nothing. So you opened your eyes a second time, very slowly this time, squinting against the sunlight. It still hurt, but not as bad as the first time. Also very slowly you turned your head to see who was sleeping beside you.

You saw blondish hair peeking out from under the furs, most of it long and braided into a long tail, some shorter and standing away in all directions. You gasped. Shit! You peered under the furs only to find out that you both were completely naked. Your head dropped back into the pillow and you let out a long sigh.

Ubbe and you had been best friends for ages but it had always been platonic. Obviously that had changed now, although you had no memories of it whatsoever. To be honest this wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to you, but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship. You knew Ubbe had been drinking a lot as well and if he’d regret whatever happened last night, it would definitely make things awkward. But then, maybe he also had no memory at all. Then you could just sneak out and with some luck he’d never find out who had shared the bed with him.

Very carefully you rolled out from under his arm. You stood and searched the room with your gaze, hoping to find your dress somewhere. You spotted  at least you underdress lying in a pile of clothes on the other side of the bed. Ignoring the nagging pain in your head, you tiptoed over and bend down to pick it up.

You startled when you heard a low growl behind you.

“What a nice ass.”

You slowly rose and turned around, holding your underdress in front of you to cover your nakedness.

“Are you trying to sneak out on me?” Ubbe asked, looking at you from sleepy eyes.

You blushed and shrugged. “I do not want things to become awkward between us.”

“To me last night did not feel awkward at all.” He said with a grin.

You just stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say.

His eyes grew wide. “Oh Y/N, you don’t remember, do you?”

You slowly shook you head.

“Nothing at all?”

You were surprised to hear some disappointment in his voice. “Do you?”

“Well, only most of it.” He admitted. “But I do remember the important part.”

“Then maybe you also remember where the rest of my clothes are.”

He thought about that for a moment, then looked up to you with a grin. “They’re probably still in the great hall.”

You felt your jaw drop. “What? How….?”

Ubbe’s grin only grew wider. “You were pretty eager last night. We almost didn’t make it here before things got really intense.”

You sighed and covered your eyes with one hand.

“Common Y/N, it’s not that bad, no one got hurt.” He said, reaching out for your hand. “I wish you could remember.” He added with a smirk.

You reluctantly took his hand and sat down at the edge of the bed. You still didn’t know how to feel about the fact that you had slept with your best friend, but it made you feel better that Ubbe was so chilled about it.

“How did this happen?” You wanted to know.

“I have no idea. We were talking and having a good time and the next thing I know we’re making out. And from then on I guess one thing led to another.”

“Do you regret it?” You asked looking at your hands. You had to know.

He brought his hand to your chin and gently turned your face towards his. “No, not at all. Why would I? I mean you are beautiful and it’s not like I’ve never thought about it. I just didn’t knew if you liked me that way and didn’t want to risk our friendship.”

It took you a moment to comprehend what he had just said.

“Y/N? Say something.”

Your faces were only inches apart. You looked into his eyes while you slowly bridged the gap and connected your lips with his. He was right, it didn’t feel awkward. It felt good, it felt right. The kiss  was slow and gentle at first but soon got more and more eager, your breathing coming fast and heavy. The underdress you had covered yourself with dropped to the ground as Ubbe wrapped his arms around you to pull you closer to him.

“Since you don’t remember last night, we have to repeat every second of it.” He whispered into your ear.

Demon Angel  Chapter 1

“Before Satan fell to hell he had intercourse with another angel. Their offspring was you.”

You woke up, eyes wide open. Every night for the past few weeks you had been hearing that voice in your dreams. It wasn’t that mysterious to you. You knew what it meant. You had angel wings and a black tail with a spade tip. Half devil, half angel. 

But that wasn’t all you could do. You could sing the most beautiful melodies, hit every note perfectly, but when you did you would put your listeners under a trance. Doing whatever you want them to do. It was dangerous. One wrong move or should I say note could end in the person’s death. 

The wings you could live with. They weren’t the worst thing in the world, but you couldn’t stand you tail. You wore baggy pants so you could hide your tail in them. Who would except a demon with angel wings?

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters apparently. They excepted everyone.

Even demon angels like you.

“I know you will fit in here quite fine, (Y/N).” Professor Xavier says. You nod, “I hope so.” “No need to worry. I’m sure you’ve already been shown your room yes?” “Y-yeah. Jubilee showed me around.” Professor Xavier smiles, “You better get to bed. Tomorrow is your first day.” “Right! Right. Uh, goodnight Professor.” Professor chuckles, “Goodnight (Y/N).” 

The first night in the mansion was nerve racking. You had the dream again, but this time it was different.

“Before Satan fell to hell he had intercourse with another angel. Their offspring was you.”

“(Y/N),” A  boy called out your name.  He reached his hand out to touch you, but before he could he vanished.

Everything vanished.

Then you woke up. “Who was that guy in my dream?” You got out of bed and changed into different clothes “Maybe he goes to the school,” You tell yourself. “Or maybe I’m crazy.” You shrug and head out to find Jubilee. (She was your only friend so far.)

You saw Jubilee talking to a group of people. One kid had on sunglasses, another had red hair, one had wings like you, and one was blue. ‘Maybe one of them’s the guy from your dream…’

“(Y/N), come join us!” You walk towards the group. “So you’re (Y/N)? Jubilee won’t shut up about you.” It had to be Warren. Jubilee took one glance at your wings and she was all like ‘I am so getting you on a date with Warren!’ “Crap. What did she tell you?” Warren laughs, “Nothing too bad sweetheart.” ‘So he’s a cocky little bastard…’ “She’s not vour sweetheart,” The blue boy cut in. “Is that so Kurt?” “Y-yeah.” He mutters. Warren scoffs a little, “Whatever we gotta get to class.”  

As Kurt was walking to class you stopped him. “Kurt!” “Va? Vhat is it?” “I just wanted to say thank you for telling Warren off like that.” He blushed, “Oh. It vas n-nothing.” “Thank you.” You quickly pecked his cheek and ran off to class.

I am such a nerd for Lucy’s keys, and now I have some but 3 more to have all 12 keys….

( Õ uÕ )

  • Natsu: Although he did send us this thank you card.
  • Lucy: (reads aloud) Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet. Natsu, this doesn’t have your name and Happy on it.
  • (Natsu snatches the card and looks at it. His eyes are narrowed in rage as ominous music plays in background. Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza look quite frightened.)
  • Natsu: (in deep yet monotonous tone) You people, would you step outside for a second?
  • Lucy and co. run out of the Fairy Tail guild.
  • Natsu: (stands up, takes a deep breath, then shouts) F**K!!!!!
  • (Natsu’s profanity is obscured by a loud organ note, scaring the passing bystanders near the guild, even the entire Magnolia. Shocked bystanders look at Fairy Tail guild.)
  • Gray: Dear Lord, that’s the loudest profanity I ever heard!