tail smack

There’s a dog on her balcony.

No, that can’t be right. Her office is on the 33rd floor, and the dog would have had to travel up all those floors past 18 different layers of security, walk right past her, and somehow unlock open close and then relock her balcony door without anyone noticing. So no, that high pitch bark that just sounded behind her must be something else. There is no actual way that there’s a dog on her balcony right now.

A loud yip followed by claws scrambling against the glass wall behind her suggests otherwise.

Slowly, Lena allows herself to turn around annnnddd yep. There is definitely a dog. Her first thought - after realizing the impossible has once again happened to her - is that that is one tiny sounding bark for such a huge animal. And it is huge, standing on its hind legs nearly as tall as her, it’s paws and drooping tongue pressed to the glass. As if sensing her thoughts the dog barks again, high pitched and excited. It obviously wants to come in.

Lena can see the muscles flexing in its limbs and figures an animal that size could get in with or without her help, so she might as well be proactive about it. The balcony shakes from the force of the dog’s tail smacking the ground faster and faster, its excitement growing with every step towards it Lena takes. The entire floor is shaking now as she reaches the door, pausing for a moment to stare at what may be about to kill her. The dog just presses its face to the glass, as if it’s trying to get as close as it can, and Lena unlatches the lock just as tiny cracks begin to snake out from where the dog’s nails dig in.

All the air is forcefully head-butted out of her lungs as the dog tackles her, knocking her to the ground. She feels it’s massive jaw opening against her own and she clenches up in anticipation of the bite. Imagine her surprise, then, when she’s instead treated to the absolute slimiest tongue imaginable roughly dragging across her face. It gets a solid four swipes in before she can fully get her arms up between them, trying to shield herself from the goop that’s dribbling excitedly onto her face. She’s pretty sure a puddle is forming around her.

The dog opts then to push its head again at her, pressing it into her hands and chest and face with a desperate sort of enthusiasm. Hesitantly, she scratches behind its ear.

“Good boy,” she says, and is met with another yip and sloppy tongue. A few more careful pets end with the dog sprawled out completely on top of her, pressing its face into the curve of her neck, unmoving if not for the continuous room-shaking thump of its tail.

Lena’s not sure how long she lays like that, a monster of fur and muscles pressing her down with its enthusiastic affection into an ever growing puddle of sloop. She does know when Kara arrives, though, because the dog finally moves. His head perks up and before she can even think to say something the dog is bounding towards the now open door and tackling Kara.

Lena scrambles up then with a shout of warning, but Kara is fine. In fact, the beast has jumped up on its hind legs to lick at her face with abandon, and Kara’s just laughing!

“Krypto,” she says, “there you are!”

Kara’s glasses are practically ripped from her face by the force of licks raining down on her.

“Lena, where did you find him? This is that dog I was telling you about, my new rescue!”

Lena has to forcefully pry her clothes from the floor, the saliva puddle sticking like duct tape. Kara looks so beautiful when she’s happy.

“I found him in the park,” she says, after watching their reunited love fest for a moment more. Krypto - seemingly remembering her now - turns to lunge back at her but is yanked back by Kara’s firm grip. The dog’s claws scramble against the floor as he fights her grip but Kara holds firm like there’s barely any resistance at all. Lena’s arms ache from their harsh collision with the floor.

So many things are beginning to make sense now.

“Lena, I can’t believe it. I’ve been so worried about him. Thank you so much for bringing him here.”

There are happy tears in her eyes and Lena really can’t do anything but sigh in defeat.

“Of course, Kara. You know I’d do anything for you.”


A peek into one of their mornings. This was when Kyouno was about 9 months old. Mashirao was attempting to get Nisemi’s hair all brushed (he has eternally messy hair like Hitoshi) for kindergarten. Hitoshi and Kyouno (mostly Hitoshi) decide to mess with him.

Someone got tail smacked off the bed the next morning as punishment.

Shinsou’s mug says “cat daddy” btw.

Fluffy Dominance

I really wanted to get something written with Dark!Chica. Just because I absolutely adore the thought of her. Also, because she doesn’t have a name, (or one that I’m aware of) I’m just gonna call her Diva because I’m not creative enough to come up with something clever.

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The two of them have been playing the same game for about two hours now. What amazed you more about the goings-on, was the sheer amount of patience Darkiplier and his dog seemed to have. 
The man stared down at the floof ball of fur with a stern gaze.
While the pup returned the stare with just as much passive hostility. 
She stood with her head high, ears perked and tail still. Diva was so much different than Chica, it amazed you that they were once one creature. 
“Sit.” Dark ordered, for what seemed the hundredth time. 
Diva in fact, did not sit, but lifted her paw in a handshake motion. 
Dark’s layers were beginning to show. Sharpening around the edges when he heard you laugh. 
“This isn’t a comedy show,” Dark growled and you shrugged your shoulders. Seated on the couch with your laptop beside you, you had a clear view of everything the two were doing. 
This had been going on for longer than it should have. When Dark gave one command, Diva did another. 
She was a smart pup. It was overwhelming sometimes just how much the dog seemed to understand what was going on. 
“No, but she is beginning to make a clown out of you.” You stated and Dark turned his icy gaze you on. To which you smiled innocently. Unfazed by the glare that could curdle milk. 

Diva placed her paw back on the floor when Dark turned back to her. 
Her eyes were set on the treat in his hand, but the amount of defiance in her gaze suggested she wasn’t done disobeying. 
“Sit.” Dark tried again. 
Diva’s tail dipped, and for a second, you thought Diva was going to do it. But as her butt touched the ground, her front paws slid out from under her, and she settled down on her stomach. 
You erupted with laughter as the pup huffed impatiently. Tail smacking the ground lazily as she stared up at Dark.
Dark snarled and shoved the treat into your hands. “You try then. See if it’s so humorous when you’re part of the act.” 
Still snickering, you stood from the couch and replaced Dark in front of Diva. 
The pup was on her feet again. The same twinkle of defiance glittering in her eyes, dispersed as you offered the treat. 
“For being an annoyance.” You whispered to her. 
Diva for her part, wagged her tail with more enthusiasm and carefully took the treat from your fingers. The first time you had hand-fed Diva, she had torn off a fair bit of skin with her teeth. 
It was all by accident but Dark wasn’t exactly impressed, and Diva didn’t enjoy being stuck outside in the rain for three days. 

Dark glared at you. Crossing his arms over his chest and handed you another treat from the pouch in his pocket. 
You turned to Diva and held the treat out, just high enough she could see it, but just out of her reach. 
“Diva, sit.” You said softly. To which the dog instead sneezed and licked her jaws with a rather grey tongue. You frowned and the dog regarded you coldly.
“Not so easy is it,” Dark commented and you rolled your eyes. 
Returning your gaze to Diva, the two of you regarded each other. 
Ever since Dark brought Diva home, the two of you had danced around one another. You spent more time with Diva than Dark did. Since he was always working, and you came home earlier than he did. 
Diva had resented you for the first month of her stay in your home. Unsure of what to make of you. She could tell the difference between Dark and yourself. 
You were mortal. A human. Where Dark was something else entirely. 
But unlike Dark, you were kind and thoughtful. 
When Dark had kicked Diva out of the house for biting you, you had brought extra blankets for her in the dog house under the porch roof. Even after trying to argue that it was an accident, Dark refused to let the pup back in until the punishment was dealt.
You found this a little unfair, and thought it would be better if Diva understood you at least tried.
You even sneaked bits of cut up meat in her food. A way of forgiving and apologizing for what happened.
The two of you were still learning about one another, but Diva understood you weren’t like Dark. 

You smiled kindly and lowered the treat to Diva’s height. 
“Diva, can you please sit for me?” You asked, no longer using a soft tone. But speaking as if you would to Dark. 
Diva blinked once, waited for a moment, and then lowered her rump to the floor. 
You smiled broadly and opened your palm for Diva to take the treat.
Turning to Dark, who looked furious, you shrugged your shoulders. 
“She’s a little more than a dog, Dark. She’s family now. Maybe you should treat her like one.” 
Dark narrowed his gaze down at the pup as she stood and nosed your hand. Allowing you to briefly scratch her nose before she trotted over to her bed.

  • Slytherin: *spots Ravenclaw behind them, walks up to them, and hits their arm* You! Tell me why you're tailing me or I'll smack you again. This time for real.
  • Ravenclaw: *looks up, eyes wide and stops rubbing arm* Wait, that wasn't for real?
  • Ravenclaw:
  • Slytherin:
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, look, no, I was not following you.
  • I mean, yeah, I was following you, but - I tried to call you.
  • Slytherin: I lost my phone. Go on.
  • Ravenclaw: So, I spotted you, and I thought, "Hey, follow her! That'll be really funny." And, you know, it obviously was not cause you hit me.

I found some interesting things on the internet and put it together… Not quite horror though.

• All the Autobots, Decepticons, and the humans friends end up in some place where this monster is (M.E.C.H. has a Death Labyrinth™ somewhere in Canada). Optimus and Megatron come to an agreement to work together to get out.

• Weird shit starts happening as the monster is coming after them

• Knockout and Breakdown break off from the group. Starscream tags along

• Cliff and Miko have disappeared (oh look he’s alive…Maybe)

• Wheeljack finds a good hiding place for he and Bulkhead. Wheeljack starts MacGyvering the shit out of anything he can find to make traps and bombs.

• Optimus and Bee are trying to keep everyone together. They comfort the others.

• Ultra Magnus and Dreadwing continuously bitch at each other because they have contradicting orders for everyone’s survival. It doesn’t help that Fowler yacks at them too. Megs eventually becomes done with their shit and asserts himself

• Something crashes

• “Who’s there?!” - Arcee

• “It’s the monster!” - Smokescreen

• “There. Is. No. Monster!” - Jack

• The noises stop.

• Meanwhile in another part of the maze, Breakdown is being dragged off by the monster. Starscream and Knockout try to help him, but ultimately fail. The monster drags Breakdown away to Primus knows where. A fight between Screamer and KO happens involving whether they should find Breakdown or find a way out.

• Back to everyone else!

• Panic and hysteria! People are beginning to suspect that SHOCKWAVE created the monster.

• Predaking, who decided to keep a look our for the monster, gets a little offended by this remark to his ‘creator’, but keeps it to himself.

• Suddenly the monster appears from the ceiling! *Terrified shrieking* OP+UM guides the Autobots away, Megs orders the cons to do the same. Fowler gets Jack and Raf.

• Megatron turns to face the monster with his sword out. Almost immediately he’s pinned down by it. June notices this and shouts for Optimus’ help.

• The monsters tail smacks OP HARD into the wall, knocking him out temporarily.

• “Nooo!” - June

• June picks up a crowbar and begins running towards the monster. She throws the crowbar at it, gaining it’s attention. The monster takes notice and grabs her with it’s tail. It then proceeds to headbutt Megs and drag him away while Dreading, Arcee, and Optimus shoot at it.

• “Holy fragging scrap it just took on Megatron without breaking a SWEAT!” - Wheeljack

• “Yeah, but did you notice it was licking his faceplates? I think it was trying to be friendly.” - Smokescreen

• “Smokescreen?” - “Yeah?” - “That’s bullshit.” - “Just voicing my thoughts, Agent Fowler.”

• Ratchet believes that Smokey might actually be right, as it is a common trait among Earth life to do this. (I’m thinking in terms of cats and dogs)

• Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Arcee, Predaking, Jack, Ultra Magnus, AND Soundwave don’t believe that this is the case.

• Optimus does sort of believe him tho because they’re besties

• Jack is distressed and wants to go find his mom. Dreadwing and Predaking also wish to find Megatron.

• They attempt to find the exit. They move around by using the hand on the wall technique. They walk in a single file line with Optimus in the front, and Predaking in the back. Smokescreen manages strikes up a conversation with Shockwave, who surprisingly talks with him.

• Smokescreen sets Raf on his shoulder and he listens to Smoke and Shock.

• Every once in a while Raf says something to make it more interesting.

• Arcee, Jack, and Predaking are in the back. Arcee comforts Jack. Predaking asks what Jack’s relationship is to June and learns about human families. Predaking makes a connection between June and Shockwave. He decides that he’ll take more interest in Shockwave’s health in the future

• Soundwave decides to be near Optimus and Ratchet.

• They start noticing a very foul smell. Raf throws up, but not before Smokescreen takes him off his shoulder armor. Shockwave notes it’s nastiness and asks Raf why it happens.

• Before Raf can explain, Cliffjumper appears out of the shadows and runs straight towards Optimus. Arcee immediately jumps out of line and asks him where he was and where is Miko.

• “Oh she’s with Lucy and the others! They’re fine.” - Cliffjumper

• “Who is ‘Lucy’?” - Optimus

• “Sweetest thing to ever live down here.” - Cliffjumper

• Cliff leads them into the center of the maze, telling them about how M.E.C.H.s ancestor dealt with bioweaponry and creating mutants. Lucy was one of the first things that they created, and threw away.

• Lucy was just one of many mutants that had been made. There were at 13 other mutants, all of which except one. The last one turned on them and began to eat his creators, and then his brothers.

• Lucy had been the only one who survived the massacre. She could evade the rouge mutant but she could not escape the maze.

• “Why not?” - Raf, who is a little horrified by the tale.

• Cliffjumper doesn’t answer, instead he stops walking. The others see that they’ve come to a large door. Cliff turns around and whispers to them that they must move slowly and stay quiet.

• Cliff opens the door slowly to reveal a large dome shaped hanger. In the center sits a furry beast larger than both Optimus and Megatron put together. The bots immediately recognized it as the thing that had attacked them earlier.

• The beast turned towards their entourage and stares at them intently. June and Miko both run out from under the beast to the bots. June ran to her son and Miko ran for Wheeljack and Bulkhead.

• Cliff explains that the beast in the center of the room was Lucy and she dragged them here to the safest place in the maze.

• Lucy is covered in dark brown fur that almost looked black in their current lighting. Two ebony horns emerged from her head and arched over her neck. The claws on her hands were over three feet long and we’re as black as her horns. She had a long tail that stretched over 70 feet long. Overall Lucy was shaped like a human, but she walked on all fours like a gorilla.

• When Cliff and Miko wandered off from the pack they found Lucy roaming the halls. Cliff was intrigued but a bit tense about her whereas Miko immediately thought she was awesome. Apparently she approached Lucy only somewhat cautiously. Lucy was a bit startled by Miko’s enthusiastic greeting but learned to like her pretty quickly.

• It wasn’t too long before Lucy had sensed danger. She picked up Miko and grunted at Cliff. He had no clue as to why until an armor rattling shriek came from the darker end on the hallway.

To be continued… Maybe

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omg so when feral and abyss are together and tai is the third wheel he can use his tail to smack ferals butt and when feral will think that abyss did it because tais at the back.

yes. that’s a slap mark

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Um, are you taking asks/ working on the monster au, cuz if you are, then i kinda would like to hear about the new dynamics btwn the monsters and sam, or maybe a tony gets sick and the monsters panic, but um if not just ignore the shit outta me.

Steve thinks Sam is great. Clint’s always been surly but there’s a… lightness to him now that Sam bullies him into cuddling. One time he even heard Clint telling Sam about the circus! It was horrifying and Sam cried of course but Clint never opens up so he hopes that maybe Clint will start to heal a little bit. He thinks perhaps Clint has been a little broken this entire time and hadn’t realized it until companionship was forced upon him (because usually everyone let him be unless he was hurting himself, except for Tony, who Clint had kind of imprinted on and cuddled aggressively whether Tony wanted it or not (Tony always wanted it though)). Also Sam likes to race and the first time he gets to cackle “ON YOUR RIGHT” Steve laughs so hard he trips and lands face-first on the ground. Sam cackles harder until Steve’s tail whips around and smacks him into a mud puddle. (Both of them are shame-faced when Tony screeches about how filthy they are and STEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE WHY DO YOU MONSTERS DO THIS TO ME.)

Bucky likes Sam but he could take or leave him. Sam tries to bully him into hanging out and when that doesn’t work Sam lands on top of him and holds him on the ground so he can preen him. Bucky hates it and always ends up with a mouthful of feathers from snapping at him until Sam springs off him in terror. “One of these days you’re going to actually get him and everyone will be mad,” Bruce tells him over a cup of tea. Bucky continues to pick his teeth with a big red feather and absolutely doesn’t give a shit. (When push comes to shove, though, they’ll protect each other. They don’t hate each other, they just… have clashing personalities.)

Natasha is ambivalent in the beginning. Tony is still her favorite but Clint is her second favorite because he is so desperate to always make sure Tony is safe, no matter how fucked up his thought processes are. She does, of course, threaten Sam that if he hurts Clint, she will eat him, no holding back. Sam puffs up all offended and says “How do you know I won’t eat you first? Huh? Ever think of that? I’m a bird. You’re a bug. I’ll peck your eyes out. You wanna go? You wanna–” “For the love of God, Sam, she will actually eat you,” Clint snaps, grabbing him and dragging him away. “Wait she’s not just messing with me? …WELL I WON’T BE AN EASY MEAL.” Natasha likes him.

Clint is flip-floppy on the matter. On one wing, he’s been solitary so long that having someone always up in his business is grating. Even Tony will leave him alone when others insist, and Clint appreciates that, because he knows that he’s dangerous and sometimes his brain just doesn’t work right because of the abuse he suffered. On the other wing, something in him settles that first time Sam leans on him. His kind… really aren’t solitary. They travel in pairs or small groups. A part of him that he’d thought had withered and died that first decade in the circus has apparently just been dormant this entire time, and it’s starting to grow. He’s terrified when he realizes he loves Sam and Sam loves him back–he’d heard Steve and Bucky going at it long before they finally got Tony–and he knows that the thing between Loki, Natasha, and Hulk and Bruce is weird but sometimes they smell satisfied, so clearly Sam will have… needs that need to be taken care of as well. “I had a mate,” Sam tells him quietly one night, when Clint is stiff and anxious because what if tonight is The Night that he disappoints Sam. “Riley was wonderful. We’d been discussing a clutch.” Something in Clint’s chest tightens painfully. A clutch. They were going to have nestlings. “You’re not Riley,” Sam says after a minute, and Clint hurts. “Riley was… one of a kind. And I think the way you love me is different, too. I don’t… I don’t think I could be intimate with you when I was so close to having a clutch.” He leans against Clint a little, and the tight, painful thing in his chest loosens, because Sam’s said all this but he’s not leaving, so–so things must be okay, right? “We’re companions,” Sam says gently. “We can be mates without physically mating. What do you think?” Clint can’t talk around the lump in his throat, so he tucks his wing around Sam and pulls him up against his soft feathers. Sam smiles. Clint thinks Sam understands. And it’s been so long since someone has that Clint weeps a little.

Loki is amused by Sam in the way that he’s amused by all the younger monsters. Still, he can sense that something in Clint is healing, the part of him that Loki can feel like a poisonous miasma when he’s sending feelers across the Stark property to check for danger. He’d never been afraid of Clint–Clint wouldn’t have been able to hurt him, an old monster, with millennia behind him as opposed to Clint’s centuries. Still, he might have been… afraid for him. Clint has had something broken in him from the moment he arrived and it will probably never be fixed completely but it is starting to mend under Sam’s care. Loki hadn’t thought that possible. He’d known avian monsters flocked but he’d had no idea how much they needed it. And he… likes, Clint. So he will protect Sam. Because Sam is doing a lot for Clint and is asking for nothing in return except cuddles. It’s disgusting but charming at the same time. ( “Would it kill you to admit you like him?” Natasha asks blandly. “Perhaps,” Loki answers seriously, and Natasha stares at him for a long time to figure out if he’s joking or not. She’s never really sure.)

Bruce likes Sam. Sam likes Bruce, but the fact that Bruce and Hulk exist freaks him out, especially because sometimes they share memories and thoughts and sometimes they don’t. He prefers Hulk because monsters are what he’s used to, but sometimes he and Clint will just roost next to Bruce and share space quietly. Clint likes that Bruce doesn’t talk but is a solid presence. Sam can appreciate that for his mate. Hulk will sometimes scoop them up and carry them around just because and the first time Sam is terrified because Clint is big enough that he’d be a challenge but Hulk could so easily crush him in his fist. But Clint just crows delightedly and chants “RUN RUN RUN RUN” and Sam screeches in terror as Hulk leaves the mansion and obeys, tearing across the lawn at frightening speed oh God Sam thinks he’s gonna be sick–and then Hulk just–pitches them. Sam flails to get upright, screeching again, but Clint lets out a whoop and does a flip before flying back to Hulk and screeching, “Again!” Sam would like to be left out of these play times please and thank you. Hulk respects this. Mostly.

Thor thinks Sam is a delight when he shows up. “Samuel!” Thor booms and pulls him into an embrace that leaves him achy and prickly with static for hours. How the hell did old monsters know his full fucking name old monsters were creepy as hell. Still, Sam is reluctantly amused by Thor, who greets everyone boisterously and happily, even Loki, who sneers when he’s pulled into a hug but still clings back to him when he thinks no one’s looking. Sam doesn’t really know Thor because he comes and goes so often, but he thinks that, for an old monster, Thor is really cool. “Much better than Loki,” he tells Clint, and doesn’t see Loki’s eyes go big and hurt before they go cold. “Solid. Like a rock. I’m always a little afraid you’re gonna snap Loki’s neck when you perch on him to be honest. ALSO HE’S SAID NO STOP PERCHING WITHOUT CONSENT.” “He’s stronger than he looks,” Clint insists, ignoring the rest of what Sam said completely, and Loki relaxes because oh, oh, they just meant physically, and–well–he can see that Thor looks more solidly built than he does, even though he and Thor both know that Loki is quite strong despite his lithe body. Clint’s not that heavy.

(Tony is pleased with this development. Sam has already dealt with the violent death of a loved one and turned out alright. He’ll… he’ll be able to help the other monsters, Tony thinks, as he presses his palm to the arc reactor.)

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Fall Prompt: Wayhaught (or maybe with the whole team??), trick or treating with a young Alice

Alice is almost two when they break the curse. Wynonna goes full helicopter mom. Waverly gets it—she hasn’t seen her kid since she freakin’ gave birth, it makes sense that she basically doesn’t want to let Alice out of her sight now that she’s got the chance. It’s just that Waverly kind of wants to go helicopter aunt, but getting Wynonna to take a break, go out for dinner, leave Nicole and Waverly in charge of the kid? It’s not easy.

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First fic I’m posting. It’s from mobile so I can’t exactly add a “read more” so um… sorry.

Hanzo is an anxious new dad but Werecree is there to calm him down.

The dragon lay in his nest, which was built on top of their large bed surrounded by pillows and many blankets, something he himself had to fluff up and put together when he felt their little one coming. It was what kept him in his dragon body until now, not wanting to lay such a thing in his smaller, human-like form. It ended up being a good idea, seeing as the egg he was currently cradling was about the size of his torso, maybe even bigger.

Hanzo rubbed his scruffy cheek against the smooth outer shell of his egg, enjoying the how nice it felt against his skin. This wasn’t his first egg, no. He’s laid ova before, mostly in small clutches. But this is his first fertilized egg, his first baby. And he didn’t regret it; he loved his mate, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be as anxious as he is right now.

“Come now, Hanners. At least lemme touch ‘em.” Came his mate’s voice from his place just a few feet away.

Hanzo turned his head to hiss at him, causing the werewolf to whine and tuck his ears down flat. “Not with those claws of yours. And they are still fresh,” he grumbled, referring to his egg, “probably fragile. I am not taking any risks.”

Jesse pouted, scooting a bit closer to his mate and their egg. Hanzo’s eyes narrowed at him, but he stayed still, cautious. “Sweetheart, yer a big, strong dragon. I’m sure yer egg is just as tough as you are.” He said, his tail smacking against the blankets once. Hanzo frowned, seeming to think over the pros and cons of letting his mate pet their egg.

He grumbled quietly to himself and shuffled a bit, still holding onto his baby, “Alright, fine-” Jesse’s ears perked up and his tail smacked against the blankets again. “-but under one condition.”

Jesse was honestly surprised that Hanzo was considering letting him touch it. His dragon was stubborn, usually able to stand his ground for a while before softening up. It has only been a couple hours. “Sure, buttercup, anything! What is it?” His tail was wagging obnoxiously behind him by now, making it hard to hide his excitement.

Hanzo’s sharp ears gave a twitch, his lips pursed as he came up with the words. “You must wear oven mitts. I do not want you to scratch our egg.” He said sternly, fixing Jesse with a hard gaze. This was not up for discussion.

Jesse cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his paws, clenching and unclenching his fists. He kept his nails trimmed for reasons kept between him and his mate, so he figured that wasn’t the real problem Hanzo had with him touching their egg. The werewolf pouted at him but sighed when he saw Hanzo wasn’t in the mood to argue. “Alright, fine, I’ll wear some mitts. But it’s a promise!” he announced as he stood up, carefully stepping out of the dragon’s nest, “Imma touch our little angel ‘cuz guess what? That’s my pup, too!” Jesse sang on his way out of their room. Hanzo rolled his eyes but couldn’t stop his lips from curving up into a small smile.

He watched his wolf exit the room before looking back down at his egg. He ran his hand along the smooth surface, thumb rubbing over the freckles that decorated the shell.

Of course Hanzo would be anxious. He was already extremely protective whenever he laid his unfertilized batches of eggs, only letting Jesse help him with the laying process, maybe even allowing him to hold the smaller eggs in his paws sometimes. It depended on how he felt that day. Now was different. Now they had a responsibility to keep this egg safe and warm. It was their pup, after all. Hanzo was just afraid of the egg cracking or becoming too cold or maybe it wasn’t even Jess- no, it was definitely Jesse’s. Now the dragon was over thinking, his tail flicking in irritation.

The dragon takes in a deep breath, repeating the lines in his head-

The egg won’t crack if they’re careful.

The egg won’t become too cold if he continues to hug it.

The egg is 100% Jesse’s.

-He exhales and feels his nerves finally relax, his cheeks flushing a light pink in embarrassment. It’s ridiculous how he keeps having to tell himself these things, reassure himself that everything’s going to be okay. In reality, he’s just terrified of screwing this up. He trusts his mate, loves him very much, but he just doesn’t trust himself.

Hanzo jumps when Jesse appears at their door, a big smile on his face with equally huge oven mitts covering his paws. “Found ‘em!” He called out as he walked back over to their nest. Hanzo naturally hugged the egg closer, but he couldn’t help the way his cold heart fluttered at how thoughtful and caring his mate has been. Most of his demons seem to fade away as he watches Jesse position himself near him, mittened paws out and ready.

The dragon let out a small, impressed huff and slowly pulled away from the egg. “I’m surprised you really went in search for some mitts. I figured you would have started to whine.” Hanzo teased, reaching forward to scratch right underneath the werewolf’s scruffy chin. Jesse’s tail wagged at the attention, pounding heavily against their sheets.

“Well, I know better than to argue with ya when yer actin’ all momma bear with yer babies.” He crooned, nuzzling the palm of Hanzo’s hand when it was offered to him.

Hanzo let out a snort, “I am nothing like a mother bear.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.” The wolf teased, grabbing hold of Hanzo’s wrist with his ridiculous mitt-covered paw to press small kisses to his fingertips, “Ya get all protective and stubborn and ya always look like yer goin’ ta bite me…” Hanzo blushed as he continued to plant kisses up his arm, “But then you turn around and take such good care of yer eggs. It’s damn cute, darlin’.” Jesse’s unoccupied hand had wandered over towards the egg, making sure it was in line of sight of Hanzo. He didn’t want to piss off his dragon, afterall.

He looked up at Hanzo, his gloved hand hovering over the top of their egg. A silent question.

Hanzo bit his lip and hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Jesse’s tail flopped heavily and his ears perked up, finally dropping his hand to pet the egg his mate refused to abandon. He whined happily, feeling something almost big and natural blossom in his chest. He felt the need to protect it, and Jesse figured this was what Hanzo must be feeling.

Jesse dropped Hanzo’s wrist in favor to carefully wrap his arm around his waist, pulling them close together. His dragon didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Hanzo hummed and rested his head against his shoulder, letting his eyes flutter shut.

The wolf nuzzled against Hanzo’s hair, mindful of the horns jutting out from his forehead. He breathed in the scent of him and pulled him closer, carefully rubbing the egg between them. Everything was pleasant. Jesse was with his soulmate, with his pup, and all he wanted to do was to protect them both. It was his natural instinct to do so, despite knowing Hanzo could take care of himself. But he knew Hanzo wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

He looked down at him and found him completely relaxed, eyes closed and probably drifting off to sleep against his shoulder. The wolf was a natural heater, and Hanzo, being the cold-blooded dragon he was, tended to use him for his body heat. Not that Jesse minded.

The werewolf looked back at the gloved paw resting on his egg and he hesitated for a moment before slowly attempting to wiggle his hand free while the other stayed comfortably on Hanzo’s hip. Suddenly, the dragon grabbed his wrist and growled, without opening his eyes,

“If you touch our pup with your damned claws I will have your arm ripped off and tossed into a meat grinder.”

Jesse gulped and whined, ears falling flat. But Hanzo continued, leaning up to press a kiss to his snout,

“I am kidding, I love you. But I swear to God, Jesse. If you so much as think of pulling those oven mitts off, you are sleeping on the couch for a month.” His eyes fluttered open just to frown at him.

Jesse was both terrified and impressed by how quickly Hanzo could change from loving to intimidating. He only smiled wide, pressing their foreheads together, “You’ve got it, sugar plum. Ain’t no way I’m sleepin’ on the couch. It’s too darn comfy here.”

Hanzo scoffed and kissed his snout again before laying his head back against Jesse’s shoulder, releasing his wrist to instead rest his hand on Jesse’s atop their pup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

seunghoon; sweet nothings

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

sidenote: dancer!AU where in which Seunghoon falls for a dancer who happens to be Minho’s best friend. 

Fluff, scenario of 2k words. 

The first time he met her, she was spontaneous.

Laughing breathlessly as she chased Minho through hallways that looped around the building’s practice rooms. He stood by the far right, startled as the two of them burst into the dance room, with her cackling on the floor when Minho collapsed into his embarrassing lack of stamina.

Seunghoon had long forgotten about the track he was contemplating on while he observed the odd pair wrestling over a phone that was presumably hers. He couldn’t help but be a little entertained at how oblivious she was, pulling Minho into a playful headlock making the fellow rapper whined in defeat. For someone her size the victory was quite impressive, that, or Minho was just being careful.

She wobbled as she got to her feet, brushing the disheveled locks off her flushed face in a hurry.

“Must you be so violent?!” Minho groaned into his hands and rolled onto his back.

“You could’ve just deleted the photo, Minho!”

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An Ideal Sister Chapter 1

Altertale version fanfiction by @arstudios2000

Original comic, An Ideal Brother, by VanGold (link to cover page): http://vangold.deviantart.com/art/An-Ideal-Brother-Cover-647300614

Chapter 1: Eureka

“Can you keep a promise?” 

Toriel looked up at Sans. She was sitting on his lap, with a ham and cheese hotpocket in her hand. Sans himself was holding a pepperoni hotpocket. He still had that smile on his a face, that smile which Toriel liked to see. But the expression of his eyes were sad.

“Keep a promise?” Toriel repeated, looking at the skeleton’s face. “Of course I keep all my promises! My word is worth its weight in my brother’s tea! Which would be something if it weigh anything, instead of being an abstract concept….” She mumbled.

It had happened just this morning, without warning, that Toriel and the one behind the big door to the Ruins were once again passing jokes between each other, when the voice on the other side had grown silent. Toriel got curious as to what happened, when the door opened on it’s own, and she was beheld the sight of a tall, 6 foot 9 inches skeleton, dressed in dark robes, staring down at her. Toriel was momentarily fazed to her spot at his intimidating height, when the skeleton suddenly said, “Pepperoni or ham and cheese?”

After a while, the two were now here, with Toriel sitting on his lap, eating hot pockets, passing more jokes, and laughing more than they had in a while, when Sans suddenly asked her if she could keep a promise.

“But can you keep it?” Sans asked again. He kept look into Toriel’s eyes, looking for one thing: reliance.

“Well….” Toriel said, deep in thought, “I’m really picky about my promises. Though any gentleman who likes knock-knock jokes has good chances. After all, that really makes you….a –door-able.”

Sans chuckled, causing Toriel to shake in her seat on his lap, and said, “Well, Tori, then I guess I can trust you with this promise….”

In Alterswap…

“Can you keep a promise?” King Sans asked. Toriel was sitting close to him on the bench that was placed within the walls of the castle. Toriel looked up at the Skeleton King’s eyes, her own shining brightly with glee, and said, “KEEPING A PROMISE? OFF COURSE, YOUR MAJESTY! I, THE TERRIFIC TORI, AM, AFTER ALL, THE GREATEST MASTER OF PROMISE KEEPING THERE IS IN THE UNDERGROUND! THAT….THAT IS OF COURSE….AS LONG AS…IT…DOESN’T ENDANGER PEOPLE. I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVIL STUFF…..”

King Sans gave a deep sigh.

It had just happened this morning that Toriel had gone training once again, leaving her brother at his sentry post (asleep. What a lazy goat!) when she reached Alphys. Alphys, however, had a message for her.

“Guess what, twerp?!” She yelled excitedly, “The king has requested your presence in his castle! Looks like somebody’s noticed your talent!”
Toriel was excited, but then got a little confused.


“To be honest, I really have no idea…” Alphys explained, while her tail smacked the ground, and then she buffed her speech, “BUT WHO CARES?! THE KING HIMSELF REQUESTS YOUR PRESENCE!! WHAT ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR?!”

Toriel was caught off guard by this burst, saluted her captain, and ran off, and then hid behind some bushes. She looked around. No one in sight.

Weeks ago, she had seen her brother ‘use one of his shortcuts’….and disappear. After he came home, she had immediately burst upon him and demanded an explanation as to how his shortcuts work. Totally busted, Asgore knew he had to explain what his shortcuts actually were; teleportation. Toriel had been amazed by learning this, and asked her brother if he could teach her how to ‘shortcut.’

Now, Toriel would finally see the effects of her shortcut training. She pictured the castle entrance, and with all her will, wanting herself to be there, she snapped her fingers.

And found herself there. She could teleport. Her excitement had never been higher. And now here she was, in the presence of His Majesty, King Sans, right next to him on a bench.

“Well….you see…this isn’t easy on me either….” King Sans said, “….but in these past few months, after I….met you at Snowdin…(Toriel remembered the day she met the tall skeleton wearing a cloak to conceal himself. She had immediately been interested in the stranger) and these meetings we’ve had ever since…I’m sorry if this is too much for you…” he said sadly, bowing his head.

“Well…in that case….listen carefully…”

In Alterfell

“Could you keep a promise?”

Toriel looked at the door. Did this guy actually just ask for a promise?
“A promise, eh? Yeah,” she said, “I can definitely keep my promises. I even  have kept this other one lately, see? I’ve had for a long time, and I still do today. And I hate myself for that.”

“Gee, that’s rough.” The voice behind the door said. (Unlike Altertale and Alterswap Toriels, Alterfell Toriel was unfortunate enough as to not have met the one behind the door yet…)

“Hmph. Keeping promises is probably the worst habit I have. Way worse than that ‘rabbit’ I still have to show to you.”

A chuckle came from behind the door. Toriel giggled. That was a good (bad) one.

“Sooo…yeah. Count yer sweet arse on me to keep yer promise, buddy. So spit it out. And this is the only time I’ll allow you, by the way, heh….”

There was a moment of silence, and then the voice said, “All right, listen…”

I’m all ears, dear…”

End of Chapter 1

Hope you like it! And be sure to read the original ‘An Ideal Brother.’

Heith Week - “Touch Aversion“

Day 3: Fighting/Touch

Because touch-averse Keith is still one of my favorite headcanons and I don’t explore it often enough.

[Read on AO3]

Keith didn’t like to be touched.

He’d never been able to describe it: the way a stranger brushing up against him in a crowd left a residue on his skin he couldn’t wash away. The way his foster parents’ hugs had smothered him, left him feeling trapped. The way a friendly jab or a slap on the arm or a hand ruffling his hair hit him like an electric shock, hot and sharp and just this side of painful.

He’d never figured out how to explain that to people, as he’d never been able to explain to his own satisfaction why some touches were different. Saying it, saying it was different with certain people, in certain contexts, on certain days, made it all feel like a lie he’d built up to shut people out. But it was different. It didn’t bother him when Shiro put a hand on his shoulder. It didn’t hurt. Didn’t chafe. Shiro was safe, and his touch was grounding, and Keith didn’t know why, but that changed things.

He thought, maybe, things had changed where the other paladins were concerned, too.

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anonymous asked:

Prince Geno finds a witch who can turn Sidney into a human for a week (she can do longer but it's just a test run) and Geno wants to show Sid around the kingdom first and Sidney's like nope bedroom right now we've been courting for months and I no longer have a tail let's bone

“I find witch!” Geno says excitedly. “She give me potion, give you legs–”

“Geno!” Sidney scolds, propping himself up on his favorite rock. “What did I say about witches?”



“It’s okay. Knew you say that, so I make sure I get discount. Besides, she really like my pocketwatch, so I trade with her.” Geno hums. “It was old watch. Had dent in it. Not sure why she like so much.”

“Oh.” Sidney blinks. “I guess that’s okay. What was that about legs?”

“Potion give you legs for one hour! I show you around kingdom, take you to favorite sweetshop for cheesecake!”

Sidney rolls his eyes in sudden realization. “No wonder she charged you so cheaply! Geno, I have legs.”

What?” Geno stares at Sidney’s tail, still gleaming a beautiful blue-green under the sunlight. “Where?”

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AY I finally finished day 4 of vld whump week hecc. This is a lot longer than I thought it would be, totaled 5 pages in google docs. So, the prompt for today was torture, and I think I have more emotional torture than physical. Have fun reading this.

Lance was pacing in the Castle’s control room. Everyone else was in the room. They were much more contained than he was. But really, everyone wasn’t here. Keith wasn’t with them. He wasn’t anywhere in the Castle. He was trapped on Lotor’s ship with his four lady generals.

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Chapter 2 of my fic “The Dragon’s Nest”. Dragon Hanzo x Werecree. Huge thanks to @squelchsquelch for being my beta :’)


“Do you know what it’s gonna be?”

“Well, it’s either going to be a dragon or a wolf, if that wasn’t obvious enough.”

“Oh! What if it’s some sort of dragon-werewolf hybrid! Wouldn’t that be awesome?”

Hanzo rolled his eyes at his younger brother’s foolishness and took another sip from his mug of tea. The brothers currently sat at a small table in one of the less active rooms on base, Hanzo having his own handmade egg-carrier slung over his shoulder and around his torso. The egg did make it difficult for Hanzo to maneuver, but Hanzo was willing to suffer through it if it meant the egg would be under his supervision at all times. “It is highly unlikely that I have given birth to a hybrid. We probably would have figured out by now, were it a mutation,” he mumbled, running his free hand over the smooth outer surface of the shell.

Genji gave a playful huff and leaned forward, planting his elbows on the table and resting his chin in his hands. “I’d like to at least imagine it to be possible. Maybe they’ll have your horns with Jesse’s ears, your tail and his muzzle?” He listed off, his own tail flicking against the seat beside him.

“I’m sure it wouldn’t be fifty-fifty anyway. It’s already hard to birth a dragon, and werewolves are usually born in clusters, are they not?” Hanzo asked as he hoisted the large egg closer to himself when it started to slip. “Maybe this one is a dragon, I don’t know. I’ve only birthed the one.”

Genji hummed an acknowledgement, watching the way the older dragon dusted imaginary filth off his egg. He always knew his brother was a stubborn perfectionist, wanting everything to go smoothly, his child no exception, and he honestly couldn’t blame him.  Genji was just happy to see his brother starting a family.

“Maybe it is a dragon. We wouldn’t be the only ones on base anymore.” The younger brother chuckled, “And they’d be easier to raise. I’d imagine a pup would make a mess.”

“It is not what species they are that’d make them reckless. Besides, you are no pup and yet I had to clean up after you. I always had to be on your damn tail.” Hanzo smirked, thinking back on fond memories between them. Genji only stuck his tongue out, crossing his arms over his chest. He did have a point.

“All right, that’s true, fine. I’m still hoping my little nibling will be some sort of badass dragon-wolf,” Genji said and crossed his legs, opening up a bag of cheese puffs to munch on. He popped one in his mouth before continuing, “Have you and Jesse thought of names?”

Hanzo pursed his lips and rubbed the scruff of his stubble against his egg, just scenting it out of habit. “We’ve thought of a few… though I do have a favorite. Do you know what he said?” His lips curved up into a small smile, voice light and filled with a soft fondness. Genji couldn’t help but grin at the sight.

“What did he say?”

“He suggested ‘Jun’ for our child and he suddenly got excited and said ‘I can call them “Jun-Bug” and I’ll be the ultimate pops’.” Hanzo replied, letting out a small chuckle when Genji responded with a snort. “He is ridiculous, really. The poor wolf doesn’t know how to care for an egg and yet he goes so far to help.” He sighed and brought his tea back up to his lips to take a sip.

Genji was smiling wide, feeling just incredibly happy for his older brother. “Aw, it’s almost as if he loves you,” he teased, tossing a cheeseball at Hanzo’s face. The older brother scoffed and threw the ball back immediately, Hanzo barking a laugh as it hit his younger brother smack right between the eyes, earning a small yelp from him.

“Oh really? I never noticed.” He hummed sarcastically, watching as Genji snickered and rubbed his forehead.

“I’m serious though, I’m happy for you. I knew Jesse was a perfect match for you, and here you are-” he gestured to the egg sling with a large grin, “carrying his egg. Man, I’ve never seen your stomach so huge-”

“I’d rather not talk about that.” Hanzo cut him off, cheeks flushing a light pink. Genji chuckled and waved his hand.

“All right, all right, I apologize.” He hummed, tail twitching slightly behind him. “I’m just… god, I can’t believe I’m going to be an uncle!” Genji cooed at the egg, looking down at his future niece or nephew. “I’m totally up to babysit whenever you and Jesse want to go out or whatever. I’m sure Zenyatta and Angela are down, too.”

“Thank you, Genji. I’ll keep that in mind.” Hanzo gave a small smile, trying to calm his flushed cheeks. He adjusted the carrier and finally stood up, taking his empty mug with him. “I should probably go. Thanks for your time.”

“Damn, you’re so formal, anija. I’ll make sure your child doesn’t pick up on that and become as lame as you.” Genji jabbed with a smug smile, crossing his arms. Hanzo just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, you ass.” Hanzo replied lightly and Genji laughed and waved him off, immediately going back on his phone. Hanzo was glad his relationship with his brother had returned to normal. Or as normal as it could be, nothing like they were before when they were constantly monitored by their elders, but then again, their lives were never “normal”. Genji’s broken horn and the scars littering his face was a result of their old way of living.

Hanzo shoved those thoughts out of his mind as he felt a small shuffle from inside the egg currently in his arms. It wasn’t enough to worry him, as he knew it meant that his child was growing properly with no complications. He just pressed a kiss to the top of the shell and went on his way, heading back to his room. A nice, warm bath sounded great right about now. Hanzo decided that was the right way to end his day.


Hanzo slowly lowered himself into the warm water with a moan, feeling the stress of the day melt away. He got comfortable and rested his arms on both sides of the tub, tilting his head back against the tile wall for a moment.

His mate sat beside the tub, his heavy tail smacking lightly against the floor as he nuzzled and sniffed the egg in his lap. He stared lovingly at what was -or will be- his child. Jesse’s fatherly instinct caused him to whine quietly and rub his face against the shell, already wanting to nuzzle and lick his baby clean.

“So sweetheart,” Jesse started, turning to face Hanzo while he still rubbed against their egg, “how did that meetin’ with Genji go?”

Hanzo let out a soft breath and glanced over at his mate, his heart fluttering at how careful Jesse was with their baby, oven mitts and all. “It was refreshing. He tends to be busy with his mates most of the time…” He hesitated to continue, feeling self-conscious over sounding too sad. “But I am happy for him. He told me about his dates with them.”

Jesse’s ears twitched as he caught on to the change in his dragon’s tone, knowing full well he didn’t really want to talk about his brother’s partners. “Aw, sugar… are you feelin’ left out?” He teased, though his voice was soft and comforting. “Y’know just ‘cause Genji’s got two mates doesn’t mean he’s tryin’ ta avoid you.”

Hanzo’s cheeks flushed lightly and he gave a stubborn huff, his own tail flicking underneath the water. His mate knew him too well after all these years they’ve known each other. Their bond not only assisted them in the middle of battle, but also helped them communicate better during intimate such as this.

“I don’t feel left out.” he insisted, though Jesse saw right through it. “I’m just… it’s difficult to explain. Don’t make me talk about it.” Hanzo whined and rested his cheek against his own shoulder, pouting in Jesse’s direction.

The werewolf’s ears fell flat against his head and he leaned forward to nuzzle Hanzo’s temple. “All right baby, I won’t press it.” He sighed and slipped one paw out of its mitt, raising it palm-up for his mate to take. Hanzo lifted his own hand from the water to rest on Jesse’s. He even took the opportunity to squish his little paw beans. The werewolf growled low in response, a comforting sound for Hanzo to relax to. “Just know that you’re an amazing brother, the best mate ever, and a damn good shot.”

Hanzo chuckled softly, his fingers still playing with the small beans offered to him. “You flatter me, my love.”

“Yeah, well it’s all true. And it don’t hurt that yer also very handsome, beautiful, the sexiest man alive.” Jesse cooed, his thumb stroking over the back of Hanzo’s hand. The blush across his mate’s cheeks only grew darker, and the werewolf thoroughly enjoyed the way he shivered when his muzzle pressed up under his pointed ear, nuzzling at the warm skin there. “And I can tell you that yer brother loves you very much. Stop bein’ so hard on yourself, sug.”

“I am… not trying to.” said Hanzo, letting out a small sigh.

“I know ya ain’t, darlin’.” He squeezed his mate’s hand gently, “It’s all right, I’m right here and I’m always gonna be by your side. And hey, our little pup’s gonna pop out and love you, too,” Jesse added, running his mitt-protected paw over the smooth shell. Hanzo could feel his heart throb in his chest and he tried not to get too flustered, tucking a strand of inky black hair behind his ear with his free hand.

“Yes, I guess you’re right. I’ll make sure not to have Jun hate me.”

“Oh sweetheart, Jun ain’t gonna-” Jesse paused. Hanzo smiled as his werewolf’s eyes brightened and his tail smacked against the side of the tub. “Jun? Wait, are we really goin’ with Jun?”

“I suppose it’s a cute unisex name…” Hanzo snickered when Jesse’s heavy tail pounded against the ceramic of the tub again. “I like the name. Jun McCree-Shimada.”

“Has a nice ring to it!” Jesse perked up and leaned over to press his face against Hanzo’s again. “I love it. My lil Jun-Bug…” He whined, and Hanzo was sure he’d excitedly jump into the tub if there wasn’t an egg currently in his lap. “I love you so much, Han.”

Hanzo couldn’t help but snort, reaching up to scratch underneath his furry jaw. “I love you too. Now help me out, I’m awfully tired.” Jesse smiled and carefully slipped the egg onto the towel underneath him before moving to assist his mate.

“You got it, sug. So…” He hummed, wrapping a large towel over Hanzo’s shoulders as he twisted the water out of his greying hair. “Are hybrid species a thing? Like… y’think Jun’s gonna be a dragon-werewolf?”

Hanzo gave a light chuckle, shaking his head. “It is highly unrealistic, Jesse. But..” he sighed, leaning up to press a kiss to his muzzle, “But I’ll let you have your fun. Just don’t get your hopes up.”

anonymous asked:

What's your take on the speculation that the driver in Charlottesville who crashed into the protestors did it because he got hit first and panicked or was trying to defend himself from the protestors?



The videos from independent and twitter show the driver driving at a high speed with all intentions to mow down the counter-protesters ahead of him. If you watch the video you’ll see that nobody was attacking him until ONE protester saw that he was coming at them quickly so he smacked the tail-light of his car. Right after that the driver then mowed through protesters ahead of him and that was when all the others started beating his car with bats. And then he sped backwards.

And this video here shows TWO cars were slowly driving ahead of Fields and in between the counter protesters who gave them space. Which I’m sure they would have done if he drove slowly as they did. His car then came out of nowhere (again at a really fast speed) and crashed into the two in front of him as well as the protesters.

There’s been many cases where protesters have blocked traffic and instigated violence against drivers but this is not one of them.

Either way this guy has a history of violent behavior and he’s not someone you want to defend, if his views aren’t enough. There were three cases where his paraplegic mother had to call 911 from 2010-2011 because her son was physically violent towards her.

In one call, according to dispatcher reports, Bloom told police that Fields “smacked [her] in the head” and “put his hands over her mouth.”

In another call, according to dispatcher reports, Fields allegedly stood behind Bloom with a 12-inch knife and “scared mom to death not knowing if he was going to do something.”

Surprises - Part 2

Summary: You received your surprise from Crowley, your very own Hellhound. Hunting with a Hellhound has been interesting, but things get complicated when some unexpected guests stop by. 
Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley
Word Count: 3725 (whoops, kind of went crazy)
Warnings: Some minor angst, a few curse words
A/N: Second and (probably) last part of this series. It was fun to write and I hope you enjoyed this story! Just in case anyone was wondering, the Hellhound’s name (Onchú) is pronounced “Un-Choo”. As always, I’m still a newbie and would appreciate any feedback you all can give!

Originally posted by mockingbbird

Over the next six months, you adjusted to the life of having a Hellhound as a pet; although you didn’t really view Onchú as a pet. He was more of a partner that would show up and help whenever the shit hit the fan. All you had to do was say his name and he appeared at your side. He saved your life several times, including when you were almost killed by a nasty shapeshifter who had an interesting fetish for women with Y/H/C hair. You couldn’t help but shudder as you remembered him braiding your hair and whispering to you.

You doubled up on the amount of cases you were working due to the efficiency of having Hellhound assistance, but you had to be careful. Last month, you ran into another hunter on a job in a one-stoplight town in Southeast Oregon. He offered for you to help him with the small nest of vamps, but you couldn’t risk having to call Onchú in case the job went sideways. Judging by how many scars this guy had on his body, you knew he wasn’t a new hunter, so you bowed out and let him tackle the nest.

You were able to buy a new pickup truck thanks to the money Crowley had given you for the museum job, which was a welcome upgrade to the clunker you had before. Although Onchú didn’t need to ride with you (his whole teleportation thing was still pretty interesting), he did enjoy lounging in the bed of the truck while you cruised down the highway.

You were walking back from the grocery store when you got a news alert on your phone. You smiled at the prospect of another job and tapped the notification to read what it was. A body was found in the woods of a town about fifty miles from where you were, heart missing and torn to shreds. Werewolf, you thought as you reached your driveway and walked up the steps to your front door. The news article was from at least a day ago, making you question why it had just popped up now. The news algorithm must be having some issues again, causing you to sigh as you shifted the grocery bags in your arm and unlocked your door.

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ficklerecluse  asked:

Werewolf wanting to avoid their s/o cause they don't wanna hurt them, but their s/o is like 'you're a big baby in wolf form, why are you freaking out?'

“Oh come on! It’s not like you actually DO anything!”

This was the third time this WEEK that they refused to hang out with you. Why? Because they have a tendency to go on a ‘homicidal rampage’ around the full moon. Except for one thing.

They’re a fucking baby. Like- you’ve BEEN around them before when they were in full moon-fever! They’re like a PUPPY. You don’t care! Why can’t they see that?

“It’s because I don’t KNOW when I’ll snap, okay? I don’t want to wake up and find you ripped to shreds- okay?!”

“You ALWAYS say that, and it NEVER happens. You’re like a little baby- the most you’ve done is nibble my fingers after I give you a piece of chicken!”

“See- I DO bite you! Can’t-”

“No- the most damage you’ve DONE is pee inside my house!”

The tail smacking your face as they walk off tells you you may have crossed a line.