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You had your arms around Kurt’s shoulders, his hands on your waist, as the two of you swayed in time to the music. Xavier had agreed to put on a school dance at the mansion, so obviously your date was your boyfriend, Kurt Wagner.

“And now we have the fun,” Kurt said as the song that had been playing was replaced with a slow song.

“Most people would say the fun songs are the fast ones,” you pointed out.

“Well, this is my first dance,” Kurt stated, his tail wrapping around your hips and curling around your leg, though not tight enough to trip you up. It tickled a little on your bare leg, since you had decided on wearing a shorter dress with no tights. He leaned down, pulling you into a kiss. You closed your eyes, melting into him.

However, as the two of you kissed and danced, you noticed Kurt’s tail start to slide upwards on your leg. You broke from the kiss. “Really?” you whispered, more amused than anything.

“What?” Kurt asked innocently, the spade of his tail an inch from your underwear.

You just rolled your eyes and laughed, which Kurt took as permission to keep going. You rested your head on his shoulders, gasping a little as the tip of his tail poked on your underwear right where your opening was.

“And here I thought you were a good little Christian boy,” you teased Kurt while his tail rubbed the crotch of your panties.

“Catholic, actually,” Kurt stated. “Doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun.” His tail moved to the side slightly so he could slip it under your panties, now rubbing against your bare slit. The tip flicked against your clit, sending pleasure shooting through your body.

“Fuck, Kurt,” you whispered in the mutant’s ear. It took all your willpower to not grind your hips on his, still vaguely aware you were surrounded by teenagers and teachers.

“I think we should find some privacy,” Kurt whispered back. You nodded quickly, though pouted a little when Kurt’s tail slid back out from under your dress. He led you to a secluded corner, his arm around your shoulders and tail around your hips, before teleporting the two of you to his room.

You immediately wrapped your arms around Kurt and kissed him, closing your eyes. Kurt’s arms wrapped around you, pulling you up to him. His tail again wrapped around your leg and ventured up your dress, though instead of teasing you, he hooked the spade of his tail on the side of your underwear, pulling them down. Once they got to your knees, you kicked them off to the side, not breaking the kiss.

Kurt guided you back to the bed, picking you up and laying you down on the bedding. He positioned himself over you, propping himself up on his elbows. “If you think my tail’s fun,” he commented, bringing one hand down to lift up your skirt. He slid a finger into you, making your back arch.

“Oh god,” you breathed. His finger felt huge in you. You moaned as he slowly slid his finger in and out, and you started reaching for his trousers. You unbuttoned and unzipped them, reaching in to stroke his hard member.

You were on the verge of cumming when Kurt slid his finger out of you. “Ready?” he asked, voice breathy.

“Oh fuck yes,” you replied.

“You want to be on top, or-”

“Just fuck me,” you said, pulling Kurt closer. Kurt smirked, before slowly sliding into you.

“I guess we got the full high school dance experience,” Kurt commented as he moved in and out, slowly picking up speed.

You were about to reply, but it was cut off with a gasp when you felt his tail start to rub your clit. You threw your head back, which Kurt took as an invitation to kiss the side of your neck. You soon felt fangs as he lightly nibbled on the sensitive skin.

It didn’t take long before your walls clenched around Kurt in a climax, shouting his name.

this was adorable to write, thank you @jointed-custody


Splinter was beginning to worry about one of his sons. Donatello was just so quiet compared to his brothers. He was concerned his small, thin son had something… wrong with him.

Splinter brushed that thought aside and told himself that it was a terrible thing to think. His son, no matter how he grew up, was perfect as he was. Quiet or no.

But, Donatello was just different though. From his much rowdier, much louder siblings. Endless words were always pouring from the other three, muddled and nonsensical as they were. But they talked, constantly, and Donatello… didn’t.

Splinter’s son had talked plenty as a smaller turtle, as a true baby, but the words had all been simple sounds. Not Japanese or English, not even close. Even Michelangelo, as distractible as he was, had begun to pick up larger and larger words the last few months. Donatello would simply watch everything, and make gestures when he wanted something.

Splinter wished they had a more permanent home, so he might settle down long enough to see if he could figure out why Donatello wasn’t speaking.

As they prepared their latest hiding spot for the night, and old service tunnel, wide enough to play in and unused for years and years, Splinter sighed deeply as another shrieking match began.

Leonardo and Michelangelo and Raphael were screaming at each other again, fighting over something that Splinter hadn’t caught as he set up their sleeping piles. Donatello was watching them fight, as he usually did, and simply avoided Raphael and Leonardo tackled each other into a roll. Michelangelo started wailing where he stood, and Splinter wished for the hundredth time that ear plugs came in ‘giant rodent’ format.

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Summary: Hi could I have a prompt for Derek Hale numbers 31 and 51? Of course that is if you’re writing them.

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, McCall Pack

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 578

Requested: Anon

31: “You love me, but I don’t love you. I’m sorry.”

51: “I fucking love you.”

AN: She jumps of the ledge of the loft, no she doesn’t die but I should put this out there for reasons unknown…. 

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The Songbird (Thorin x female reader)

Title: The Songbird
The Hobbit
Genre: Smut. Kinda PWP.
Rating: R
Summary:  Imagine Thorin tying a ponytail before going down on you, because his hair gets in the way. (Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit and Admin Kim’s request for a drabble.)
Warnings/Notes: Every time I write something based on imaginexhobbit, I try to keep it under 1k words so I can just submit it to the blog instead of sending in a link, but I never manage it. I’m just a wordy person, I guess. I hope y’all like this!

You thought you were alone. You were sitting at the table, working on a very important, very intricate little bead, and, because you thought you were alone, you had allowed yourself to sing. You’d started out humming to yourself: first a jaunty little nonsense melody that made you smile to yourself, which then transformed into a cheerful song you remembered from your childhood, which finally turned into full-on singing complete with lyrics made up as you went along. Of course, you were careful not to let yourself get too carried away–this was delicate work, after all, and much more important than amusing yourself in song.

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Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1056

Warnings: language, kissing, mild touching, light fluff.

A/N: This is a request from @abootfuckingshit1 :) DISCLAIMER: I know next to nothing about snakes. I’ve worked with them a little bit when I volunteered for a zoo in high school, but that’s about it. As some of you know, I do work for an emergency animal hospital, but we do not treat reptiles. Sad face. They are beautiful creatures. But, if anything I say is incorrect, I apologize. Enjoy!

Request-Hey im not sure if your doing requests and if you do any for lucifer in spn but i thought i could give you an idea for a one shot c: lucifer finds out about the readers love for snakes and how she has a couple she secretly takes care of from the brothers seeing as dean is terrified of them xp i would Wright it but you’re such an amazing wrighter that i thought you would do it justice! I love your work! C:”

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“Here you are, Scarlet,” you whispered into the large terrarium as you changed your sweet baby’s heat lamp. “That should be perfect.” You smiled as you stared at the little beady eyes of your newest child, a Red-Tail Boa. Then, you slid the terrarium back onto the custom-built shelf in your closet. You had designed the whole enclosure in your spare time. You pulled the other glass container out, the home of your Ball Python, Kory. “Hey there, sweetie.” You picked up a few shavings that had fallen from his perch before gently stroking his smooth scales. “Everything okay in here?”

“Y/N? Do you need anything from the store? Dean and I are going to grab a few things!” Sam shouted through your door. You quickly placed the terrarium back in its spot before rushing to the door. You cracked it open, greeting the younger Winchester.

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hello can i get a “i thought id never see you again” for ladynoir please

This is from the awesome seasonofthegeek’s prompt list here. Feel free to send me a prompt and a pairing.

“I thought I’d never see you again!” Chat cheered, picking up Ladybug and twirling her in the air.

She laughed excitedly as she spun. “I missed you too, Kitten,” she said warmly.

He grinned as he caught her. “I love you so much you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Oh? And how much is that?” she asked as he pulled her close.

“This much,” he whispered before pressing his lips to hers.

Her eyes slipped closed as his arms wrapped tightly around her middle and lower back. His tail slid around her leg and she did her best to reciprocate by wrapper her arms around his neck. The feeling of warmth she got from being so wrapped up in him reminded her of why she’d missed him so much. The kiss would have been an afterthought if it wasn’t warm and soft and so Chat that she wanted nothing more than it to go on forever.

Unfortunately for her, forever was until they ran out of breath and pulled away.

There was no sound except their breaths as they stared into each other’s eyes. Chat Noir chuckled softly after a couple of seconds.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” he murmured, pulling her even closer so that her head rested under his chin.

“Silly kitty,” her breath tickled, making him smile softly though she could not see it. “It’s only been a week.”

“Mhmm,” he purred. “A week is forever where you’re concerned.”

She didn’t say anything for a moment, causing him to wonder what she was thinking. “That’s true of me as well, Kitten,” she said quietly. “I adore you so much you wouldn’t believe me,” she added, a hint of mirth in her tone.

“How much do you-?”

She pulled him down so that they were close enough that their breaths intermingled. “This much.”

I love him/her so much, they both thought, losing themselves in their short waited reunion.

... Out of the Dark


But I just got so inspired and wanted to finish it- so here it is. The end of the end. Orrrrr is it? Blegh I don’t like the ending…

People who want to be tagged: @x-x-owrooh-x-x

Part 1: “The Start of Something…

Part 2: “… Dark

Part 3: “But Even When You’re Boxed In…

Part 4: “… There’s Always A Way…

… Out of the Dark

“Ohhh… I know how to get Mark back~“ 

Dark would’ve slapped the cocky bastard, if he currently wasn’t trembling in contained laughter. Don’t move, don’t move-

Jack let himself grin, eyeing the little bump shifting under Dark’s shirt, knowing Anti must be putting that tail to good use. Cautiously, Jack lifted his arm and started prodding the alter’s other underarm, the one exposed as he kept his arm out and against the wall next to him. 

The creature shuttered, face turning red as he squeezed his eyes tight, fighting to keep still. If he didn’t move, it wouldn’t tickl-


He immediately collapsed, slamming his arms down in booming laughter as Jack shoved his fingers into his pit, wiggling like mad. The irishman followed him down, hurrying to grab his wrists and wrestle his arms above his head, hoping Anti wasn’t squished. Yeah, he had taken over his body, but he also saved his life… plus he reminded him too much of Sam.

"AHAHAHAANTI- J-JAHAHAACK FAHAHAHCK!!” he cried, shaking as he snarled like a caged dog, snapping his eyes open to glare at Jack, starting to push back against him.

Damn he was strong… “Ngh- s-shit!!” Jack groaned, trying to fight to keep his arms down… those red eyes burning into him. Just as he thought he’d lose control, Anti came shooting out, a little dizzy and grossed out, but he noticed the struggle. He eyed Dark, then Jack, then Dark… 

“A-Anti, y-yh… you need t…o… h-help me…” Jack whimpered, looking at the trapped alter, now struggling a lot more since Dark wasn’t being tickled.

The little eye chirped, then glared at Dark. He didn’t even say thank you before…

Zipping back down, the creature slid his tail against Dark’s ears, starting to tickle. 

The alter went berserk. “N-NGHAHAHHA- FAHAHAC-” was all he managed to scream before he went silent, head thrown back in silent laughter, shaking and beet red.

The irishman grinned, breathing out, “T-Thank you Anti…” he grunted as he pinned Dark once more, gaping as the alter began sparking. Red bits of electricity came shooting out him, making the male wince and jump away a little.

“FUHUHUCKING EYE-” came a growl, and suddenly, Dark glowed beet red. His skin was burning and Anti flew away, hissing and sputtering. Jack couldn’t hold on much either, soon yelping and jumping off, rubbing his burning hands.
Dark took a second to pant before crawling up, eyes and body beaming red as he snarled, like a wild dog, clawing towards the dizzy and pained Anti in the corner. 

The little eye chittered in terror as Dark snatched his tail, raising his other arm to beat the eye to a pulp, his body dripping in anxious tears.

“B̺̘͖̘̟ͦ͊ͬ̌ͬ́a̹̙̍ͭ͐ͯc͎̳̝͖̥̱͕͓̒͒̒ͮ̆͋k̰̩͙̠̼̟̗̪͓̉̈́s͓̯̩̮͙̩̭̩̭͊̀ͪt̜͓̝̎̍̏͆̋̎̾ͬͤa̺̰̲̱͎͎͈̍ͤ͆̾ͩ̈b͓̹͍͙̬͆̇͛ͫ̂̐̏ͣͧͅḃ̤̰̩̩̈̄ͧi͚̻̘͎̰̹̞̬ͯͤ̉̔̀n̗͖̎̽̒̂ğ̹̜͍̟͔̒̋͆̂͆̓͂ ͚̙̗͈̹̘͋l͙̜̈͒͛̂̋͗̚i̭̳͌ͦt̤̞͖̣̍̂͛ͅt̯̖̎̉ͨͨͯ̿̌̉l̯̩̒̇̽͌̂͛̾̐ͪẹ̲͌ͭͧ ̞̩͆͊̈́s͓̬̼̈̅ͬͯh̖̳͎̟̪͕̭͎͔ͦͤͧͮ̓ỉ͓͕̯͓̫̘͈̠̒ͅt̜͖̲ͥ-” he hissed, and swung his arm down, slamming the eyeball into the wall. 

Anti spiraled and shrieked, only to hit the wall with a smack and fall unconscious, dripping some green ooze…

No sooner than he had, Jack was back onto Dark, snarling in anger, “HOW DARE YOU-” and he latched onto his back, heaving him against the wall, slamming him with his arm twisted behind his back. 

The alter snapped and growled, his hands clawing for the irishman. 

“P̳͐̓͗̓́ͮͅA͓͈̮͓ͪ̀̔ͣ̃T͓̩̲̩͇̓͆͗ͪ͑̿ͨͤͅH͙͈͚̞̗̲̝̅ͬ́ͯ̄̄Ȇ͉͖̻̐͛͒͋̎T͍̬̝̬͈͚̩̈̈́̓ͫ̎͂̚Ḯ͓̤̘͇̯̠͓ͯͥ̂ͯ̎ͮ̈Ć̣̣͚̯͈̥̯̼ͩ̾ ͚͕̹̰̘̬̙̽ͭ͊́ͭͅH̤̣̰̑ͩͫ̿ͬͩͮͅȖ̖͓̩̜͈̰͊̀̔M̺̰̜̓̀ͮͨͬ́̽A̼͙̰͉͈̲͒ͫͩͭ̑̊Ṇ͔͍̖͇͓̒̄S̹̋̈́̒̆ ̮̣̺̩̣͚͉̽̐ͭ̄͂̈́Ä̼̰̺̩̝̻̩͒Ṉ͖͕ͪ̅͊̍̋̔D̬̟̭̰̥͇̳ͭ͌͛͊̈́ ̘͕̜̰͇̀ͫ̑̊ͭ̌P̙̟͖͖͊Ȧͫ̍̉̏͒̐̚ͅͅT̳͖̫͚͉͎̻̅͐̌̉Ḫ̬̾̂͋̓ͬ̓ͤE̩̱̲̗ͨ̓͆͊͗ͣ̽͑T̹̣͕̻̅ͯ͆̑ͥ̑͌͆ͣỊ̭̦̦̘̥̟͕̆̋̄ͯC̮̺̤̪̓̓ͭͩ̽ͨ̊ ̹̻͖̮͔̣̈́͂F͇̥͙͚̼̼̄͒͐ͣ͂U̟̮͇ͭ̉́͐ͭͮͭ͐C̲̥̲̥̉͊̊K̙̺̰̭͇̘̖̱ͩͯ̀̿ͥͤ̃I͖̗̟͇̒ͤ͋ͦN̰̺͔̣͎͇̆ͦͧG̤̬̲̗̬͉ͨ̉ ̱̜̮̬̪̼̟̿ͮE̪̤̐ͤ̓̈ͤ͑M͇̠͇̣̩̩̭̯̄ͮ͌ͤ̅̀̆ͧO̖̺̭ͥ͋̽T̜͉̻̥̦̣̱̪̄̎ͨ͌Ī̥͓̪̲̹̪̠̟͗ͤ̂̔̎O̞̲̗͒̑̽͐N͙͉̺͕̲̻̯͔͊ͪͤ̽ͧ̌̇̍ͧS̯̜̭̪̍̅ͪͫͦ̈ͥ͒̊!͈̯̫̮̗̮́ͤ” his horrid voice rang through the house.

Jack winced, fighting to pin him, his eyes building with tears, “I can’t fight you! I can’t fight Mark… PLEASE GIVE ME HIM BACK!!” he pleaded, feeling himself start to sob, his grip weak.

The monster took the opportunity, throwing him over his shoulder so he plowed into the wall, yelling in pain as he fell next to the stirring septiceye.

Anti chirred, slowly waking as he saw Jack covering him, in protection against the enraged Dark.

Why was he being so nice to him? He… he was crying…?

“I just want my boyfriend back…” Jack croaked, his voice catching as tears slipped from his eyes, which were soon shut as Dark rose to finish them off.
Anti looked up at Dark, weak and shaky as he rose to float up, staring death in the eyes.

Practically exploding with heat and sparks, his eyes throbbing and twitching, the alter standing before them snapped, “Y̸o͘u̕ t̀ẃo̡ hav̨e҉ n͞o̵ p͝uŕp̧os͜e, ҉you'r̶e bot̕h͘ PAT͢HE͜T̷I͞C ̴AŃḐ U͜ŚĘL̸ES̡Ś T͞O͠ TH̸IS͢ ̕W͠ORL̀D!! YOU'L̀L̷ ͏N͠EV̸E̸R ͡HA̴V̵E̵ ͘MA͝RK͟ ͠BA̢CK͟ ͝A͢GA҉I̡N!!”

Jack was curled in on himself, face pressed to his knees as he cried, babbling apologizes and pleading for his friend back…

Anti just stared at him.

Dark finally turned his attention to the eye, “And what do you want, you disgusting creature!?" 

It was suddenly very silent. Even Dark hesitated as the eye began to glow. His pupil buzzed, and he began dripping green once more. Then, out of it’s pupil came a hoarse, "An… ͜e..͘ye.̶.̶.̀ f̴-f̀o.҉.r…̸ ̷a͝n͞.̛.͜. ͠eye͘.͝..̀.”

And the little creature shot into Dark’s twitching eye. 

“Anti!!” Jack called out in terror, seeing the monster in front of him scream and cover his eye, the room filling with light as it recoiled, shrieking and hissing, clawing desperately at its face.

“D̼͕͙̲̃̇ͩA̦̳͇͖̗̭ͬͧ̑́͗́̿M̦̮͚̩ͨ̈́̿N͖͓͇̬̾̒̿̆̂ͅ ̩̮̝̆̂ͅC̚R͚̦ͤͮ̿Ȇ̗̤͙̃̋A͓͍̤͉̠͐ͨT̮͉̗̼̱͚̀͋U̲͓͔̹̙̰͑̂R̘̫̟̰̖̺ͤͨͦͣ͗̉͑E̥̻̩̤̭̓̋͗̎ͨͨ̈́ͅͅ-̘͐ͬ͂ͩ̀͋ ̹̗͓̆ͨ͊ͥͭD̪ ͇͙͚͉̒͆̏̿ͥ̊̂A̙̭͚̐̔̈́̌ ̻͔̻̋ͨͧ͌ͨ̎̌M͒̾ ̟̱͇̝̘͍͙ͦ̑ͤ̌̈̔͑N̪̤̮̍ ̭͙̦̱̯͎͎ ̹͍̰̮͔͊͌̏̇̅̆̃ͅ ͣͭ̎͐̔̉C̪̻̭̤̳̏́̈ ̲̼̝̼̮̇ͅR̜̭̽ ̤͉̦̞̆ͧ́̔̈ͥEͮͫ̐̓ͮ ̘A̬̖̯͂̔ͦͯ ͕̰̜̏̀ͣ͑̈ͅT͈̭͔̖̣͓̣͆̀̏̚ ̙̘̟̠͉̾́̆U̗̳̭̼̝̇ͧ̋͋ͤ͊ͅ ̪͚̳̥̥̥͉͂̍͑̇̐R̬̘̝̲̙̂̎̉̿̓̀ ̝ͥE͇̫̬̫̖̓͋̂ͤ!̣̜͚̬ͅ!͚͔̫̐̒̉!̰ͫ̒ͩ̑̔̇” The beast roared, curling up and starting to gag.

A large lump shot up its throat as it hurled up some red ooze… too thick to be blood. And out came a familiar wooden friend. Right after came a shot of a red ball, covered in the ooze. Then Dark collapsed, on his side, unconscious. 

Jack stared, trembling like mad as he stared at the mess and the fainted body. He didn’t want to move… what happened?

Soon, the ball of red slime began twitching, and a chirping and sickly looking septiceye came floating out, panting and dripping with red and tears. He took a look around, blinking and humming, then spotted Jack. He zipped over and rammed into his chest, nuzzling him and sobbing in relief.

“A-Anti?” the irishman asked quietly, and the eye nodded, purring. Jack immediately hugged the little creature, sniffling, “T-Thank you… oh god thank you-" 

Now brave and confident, he rose, knees shaking as he approached the body. "M-Mark? D-D-Dark? Hello?” He fell to his knees, tears falling as he scooped up the male and hugged him to his chest, sobbing as there was no response.
Anti fell quiet, bowing his head. The room fell silent besides Jack’s whimpers and sobs. It seemed to be the end…


“Ngf… uhg-” came a quite groan from Jack’s chest. The irishman froze, eyes wide as he stared down at the shifting body in his arms. 

“O-Oh god, M-Mark??” he beamed, gasping as Mark sparked a little, hacking out a little more red slime. 

“F-Fuck- agh… J-Jack?” the man croaked, looking up in confusion, before a rush of relief ran over his features. He shot his arms around him, hugging him close and starting to cry. “Oh my god, Jack! You’re okay! Oh fuck…” he just cried, and the two cried together, hugging so tightly they’d never be apart.
Anti tittered and purred in joy, zipping over and joining the nuzzle, much to Mark’s delight. 

“S-Sam! You made it!” he grinned, holding the eye and kissing it’s “head”.

Jack couldn’t help but grin, too relieved and overjoyed. “T-That’s actually Anti-”

Mark instantly recoiled, eyes wide, shoving the eye away. “W-Wait, what? That beast that-”

“I̝̰-̮̪̪̘͌̎̋̀̉͗I̟͔̦͙̙ͮ̽ͯT͙̟͉̊ͬͯͯ ͚͍̮̖̠̬͊͆̎̏͐ͪ̚ͅC̲̪̥̖͂̈̓͒ͤ̾Ä̖̹̙͍͈͕͇̀̆ͨͯ͋̆N̤͖̉ͪ̈ͅ'͔̫̞̰͍̝͌̃͑̈́̒̚T̺͖͕͉͎ͅ ̙̙̜͓͓̣̅ͬ͋̓ͤB̪̝̞͇͓̻̠̅Ë̗̙́̒͛ͅ” suddenly interrupted the accusation, and a slimy Tiny Box Tim was wiping himself clean. His voice, while awkward, was too shrill for them to be scared.

Until it turned and shrieked at the two males. “Y̤̫̖̗͔̰̲O͊̆ͩ͂ͯͫŮ͉̪͈̩̏ͫ̏̇̽̚ ̞̜B̙͔̣̻͈Ḁ͚̓͒̓̉͊̎ͫS̞̗̖̣̫̼ͫ͌͑̀͗T̳̤ͣȂ̮͇͔͈͍ͨ̆ͮ̇ͨR͔̙̝͉͙̜ͩ͒͂̉̓͗D͚͉͈̩͈́S̠̱̥̫̤̈̒ͅ ͖̦T̗̘̹͎̣̱͂̽͊̈́͒ͭͅO̮͓̪͖̲̭ͤ̄͛͊̇̅O̮͇̜͙̞̮̤͊̊ͩ̊̾̚K̹̬̹̖̼͍̀̉̄ͧ͒ ͔ͣ͛̈́̉̃̃M͕̬̝͕̰̯̉̎ͮͥY̤͓̹̟̔ͣ́̔ ̹̞ͬ̽ͮ̓Ḇ̺̂O͚̠̼̟͗̔͗ͮ͊͒̽D̙̯̥̖͍ͭ̎̐̓Y̼͎̠̺͔̬̏͋ͭ!!” And bounced towards them, pissed and fuming.

Anti instantly flew in front of the two to protect them, chirping in anger, eye glowing green. Mark gaped at him, then shifted behind Jack a little. “D-Dark?”

The box hissed, “O̟̪͛̃͋U͔͙̯ͮ̐̾̀̈́̚T̘͍̖̳ͤͧ̒̈́ ͕̞͎͓̺̔ͣ̊͆O̟̱̙̫ͩF̣̱͖ͥ͂̄̃ͣ͊͌ ͍͈͎͕͈̘Ḿ̹͙̺̳̳̅͒ͧͤͣͩY͕ͫ ̲̞ͣ̂̀ͫ̂ͮWͮ̉̚A̰̜͉̖͔̽́ͣ͋ͧY̋ ̗͖̼͐ͫͪͪ̂͊̂B̩̟̲ͪ̔Aͯ͋̌̌̑̄C͈̺̘̘̫͐̎̓ͮK̥͂ͫ͛͊͋̾S̙̻̤ͦ̋̆͐̄͋̀T̤̣̩̟͒̾̐̃A̺̬̱̽ͣ̅̾̈͗͂B̫̩̱͙̼̻ͫ̂͑B̟͈͔͍̪͇̲ͮI̜͖̙̙̣ͬ̇ͦ̊ͅͅN̠̲͈̞ͩͫͤ̀ͅG̬͓ ̯̏͑̉ͭẼ̫Y̪̘̝̥͚̪E̬̜̤ͪB̲̹̰ͣ̄̑̓̇̏̍A̳͂̋̿ͩ̉̾ͅL͙̿̂ͨ͂̃̓͆L̟̟̣̳͉̭͖̈́̓ͫ̋!!”

But the alter shook, standing its ground. Dark was having none of it, and charged towards them-

Only to have Jack grab him.

“Ẇ͈ͧ̉̏-̻̱̦̯͈͇̙ͦ̂ͧ̒ͦW̝͉͓̯̲̜̬͗͗̔̒͆̈̒H͓̓A̯͐̏́̈͒T̂ͤ͐ͤͨ̂ͣ?̣̗̇̾̅̉̑̈́?̯̟̫̫̅̅̄ ͕̪͚ͥ͋ͭ̄ͅP͉̟͙̝͊̒̿ͨA̟͓͖͖̼͇̰T̗̯̓ͫͪ͗͒ͭͅH̖͓̝̥̻̬̊͌͂̋̓É̼̑͗͊ͪ͗̚T̹̜͙̝̪̽ͭͬͥ̍ͪ̊Î͎̮̥̟̂ͩ̆̍͗͊C̞ͨ̑ͨͦ̈ ̝̼̩̳̞͓̊M͕̖̲͚̳͌̽O͉ͦ̔̎̂͌̅́R̯̗̮͉̩͖͈̽ͧT͔̘̣̘̙̗̲ͪ͊͆ͣ̇͋ͩA̝̹̪͆̐̆L̮̤̺̎̂̓ͮ͂ͫ̉-̩͕̝̼͎͍̺̍̿̑̋ ̲͖̻̦̅̋ͮ̎ͩͪ̓P̩Ụ͕̣̦͉͉͆T̹̤̬̱͍ͪ̔ ͈͚̗̱̟͓ͫͬ̽̿͗M̦̗͈͙̳͓̣Ë̩̳̼͈̖̠ ̱̬D͔̗̰̅͆ͥ̐͛̓Ȏ̞̮̃ͪ͛W̃ͨ̍̏ͧN̯͎̖̟͓̮̞̏̿̊!̠̥͓̤̮̼̙̇ͣ!̻̼̻̰̎ͫ̑ͤ̿ͣ He shrieked, swinging his tiny arms wildly as he was lifted.

"Little shit-” the irishman sighed, looking around for something to put him in. He spotted a larger box in the corner from his old gift unwrappings, and walked over, dropping the smaller box inside. Tiny and angry shouts came from inside, but otherwise, he couldn’t jump or climb out.

Jack smiled and went back to his boyfriend, helping him stand. The other male bit his lip, glancing at Anti. “… T-Thank you…”

The eye chirped, going and pecking him on the cheek, beaming proudly. Jack grinned, kissing the eye in thanks. “He can be part of the family… he saved me AND you…”

Anti looked at him in shock. Him? Part of the family? After all he did-

“Yeah, you took me over… but from what I heard and felt, you only did it because Dark made you… you never once really hurt one of us… And… you saved us… of course you’re one of us now!” The irishman smirked at his new buddy, scooping him into a nuzzle. 

Anti was already leaking tears… he never had anyone besides Sam and Dark… and now… he had a family…?

Mark added to the cuddle, smiling proudly. “And, if Dark wants to get the stick out of his ass, he can be… something-” he glanced awkwardly at the box, which had gone silent.

“C'mon, we have to clean up… and find a way to keep Dark somewhere safe… plus- I bet we could find some nice stuff for you at a pet store, Anti,” Jack grinned, looking at the eye, then at Mark.

The septiceye beamed for a moment, and shuttered as he stared at them. They both gaped as they gazed into his large pupil. They could’ve sworn they saw a little Anti inside, smiling up at them with tears in his eyes… and a little voice murmured out:

“C҉-Ça̶l̶l ̢m̷e S̕a͝m̨..̨”

Thank you all so much for supporting the story!! I can promise you Anti-eye and Tiny Dark Tim will be making returns! If you’d like to see more with them, please let me know!!

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I really liked the mermaid and genji Drabble! Could you maybe do pirate reader x mermaid D.Va maybe?

Genji one here.

You took a quick look over your shoulder at your shipmates, eagerly drinking the rum that the port town had to offer. You slipped out of the tavern, making your way to the ocean.

You gently sat on a rock and looked out to the moonlit sea, waiting.

“You been waiting long?” you heard and you eagerly looked at the ocean between your knees.

Hana squeezed the sea water out of her hair and whipped it over her shoulder. She slid her tail in front of her, settling back on her butt.

“Not that long,” you responded and she giggled, you watching her mesmerised.

She grabbed your knees, lips tantalizingly close to yours. A smirk crossed her face and she pulled you in, a large splash preceding you. You floated into the sea for a moment, Hana swimming to you and pulling you close.

Her hair floated around her like a halo and she kissed you, a bit of salt water entering your mouth. The two of you drifted up, popping out of the ocean and still kissing. Your hands wrapped around her waist and she giggled at the touch.

Water dripped from your eyelashes as you stared at her with open eyes, burning the kiss into memory. You only got to see her when you went to port, as there was no way for you to get to the water on a ship. Getting caught in the shipboat would lead to you being executed as a deserter.

“You could just come with me,” Hana said, her forehead pressing against yours, “There are rumours in the current that there’s a sorcerer north of here, he could enchant you to live underwater.”

“If we go there,” you said, “I’ll ask, but I might not be able to.”

You crawled out of the water, knowing that if you spent more time out here they’d get suspicious. She waved as you made your way to the town, getting ready to follow your ship.

That of Which Cannot Be Undone

Written for @2momsmakearight The X Files Revisited challenge.  

This is set during Season 7.

The green leather pinched beneath her as she lowered herself on to the couch carefully.  The living room was unusually bright for a room that had seen and housed so much darkness in the past.  Gone were the shadows that lay dormant in the corners, waiting like a cancer to spread, bleeding its deathly toxicity into the innocent and unexpecting.  She looked to her right, to see that even the fish tank seemed to shine a bit brighter.

Her eyes dipped to her lap as he crossed from the doorway to the far end of the couch, perching himself against the armrest.  She couldn’t bear to look at him, to see the look of confusion she was sure he still wore. It was late into the night, and the thought that he might not be alone didn’t cross her mind until she’d already tapped three times on his door.  Hearing one set of shuffled footsteps sent relief flooding through her, only to be replaced with instant regret upon his clear disappointment in seeing that it was her across the threshold.  

He’d stared at her for a moment, before stepping back and wordlessly gesturing for her to come in.  

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Hey :). For the chubby obiwan thing: how about melodieobiwan gaining weight now that hes (temporarily?) changed and at least his body thinks itll stay this way (quiet muttering about seals or whales or whatever). Maybe him feeling selfconscious and Mace having none of it

2: Hey again :) addition to chubby melodieobiwan: now that i think about it - fuck him feeling selfconscious,  i love reading about insecure obiwan as much as the rest of us but there are never enough fics out there with chubby/fat characters that arent just about them thinking noone will ever love them / find them pretty or sexy or whatever - how about just some Maceobiwan loving without anyone giving a fuck            

“Well I see you’ve gotten some good meals.” Anakin grinned, sitting down and pulling his boots of as he did. Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows and then eyed himself.

It was true since he gotten into the moon pool after he lost his legs, he had gone a bit more plush around the middle but he hadn’t thought it was notable.

The blond stuck his bare feet into the water, wiggling his toes happily. “Hey, its good, means Mace has been taking care of you and you of yourself.” He leaned back on his hands, watching the other.

“I wasn’t about to complain Anakin.” Obi-Wan chuckled then he smirked at him. “I am plushy and warm and that’s good and Mace certainly has no complaints.” He teased his old padawan.

“…There are some things I don’t need to know Obi-Wan. That? That is some of the information I don’t need to know.” Anakin snorted.

The master snorted and swam over to him to rest his chin on the others knees, smirking up at him. “Your own fault. At least you learned to knock on my door eventually.”

“And the bathroom. Honestly, the amount of time I walked in on you two.” The other grumbled.

“Knocking is essential Anakin.” The melodies teased.

“Yes well, seeing your master’s bum when he’s riding your pseudo master’s dick is not something I wanted to see or remember but I unfortunately can’t get it out of my mind.” Anakin offered dryly before looking around. “Also, how can you two be intimate here, everyone can see you.”

“Mace can hold his breath pretty good.” Obi-Wan tried to ignore the blush on his face. “He also likes the plush.”

Like was an understatement with how eager Mace hands had been, gently touching and stroking.

“…You’re broadcasting.”

“Apologies Anakin.” Obi-Wan chuckled then hummed when the other petted his hair.

“You growing your hair out?”

“I just haven’t had the time to cut it, I may do it once I get out of here though. How goes the war?”

“It…goes. The 212 has been with me while you’ve been here. Cody and Rex works well together and fill each others gaps. I also think Helix has gotten into a relationship with someone in the 501 but I can’t quite catch who.” Anakin grinned, the two gossiping together about their men and about the war, Obi-Wan getting filled in with information.

Anakin’s toes meanwhile prodded at his midsection and the copper haired Jedi snorted a bit, wiggling a bit. “Hey, leave my love handles alone.”

“Why? They’re nice.” Anakin grinned in return. “You kind of remind me of those seal things we saw on Elgost.”

“Well, logically speaking, my species comes from the tundra, its cold and once they get underwater they develop a layer of blubber for protection. Its only natural that I do the same now, especially since I also head out through the pipes to the colder sections of the waters.” Obi-Wan hummed while lifting his head of the others knee. “And those seal things you’re talking about do the same, they live in cold waters.” He smiled up at his former padawan.

“You always have an explanation.” Anakin shook his head then grinned. “Did you know I have a padawan?”

“Indeed! Ashoka Tano, Mace told me the council was considering sending her your way. How is she?” Obi-Wan asked curiously.

Anakin pouted at not being the one to tell Obi-Wan then shrugged it of and started telling Obi-Wan about his grandpadawan, being in pride as he did.

“She’s a bit reckless but that can be tempered.” He added, wiggling a bit. “I’m sure you’ll help me once you’re back.”

“Of course, I’m here if you need advice Anakin.” Obi-Wan smiled softly. “Bring her along one of these days you’re in the temple, no? I’d love to meet my grandpadawan.”

“Or you can come meet her yourself.” Mace offered as he and a healer made their way to them, Anakin getting up to bow in greeting to them. “We may have a way to turn you back Obi-Wan.” He gestured to the healer who had a hypospray. Obi-Wan absently noting Mace had a blanket over one arm.

“The blood samples we had has been tested with this chemical mix. It should do the job but it may also be…very painful.” She cautioned even as Obi-Wan pulled himself out of the pool to sit on the grass.

“Well, its better then nothing. I want to be back on the field.” Obi-Wan offered firmly. The healer shot Mace a look, who nodded in return before she knelt down beside him and swabbed Obi-Wan’s arm. “A warning Master Kenobi, this may hurt a lot. Honestly we should be in the halls to do this but we aren’t sure it will work and being far from the water is a bad idea too.”

“Is that why you’re hiding that group of healers behind that tree over there?” Obi-Wan asked dryly.

“…I guess I should have expected that you knew.” She sighed then nodded for them to step out. “Yes. They have emergency supplies just in case.”

“Just in case?” Anakin’s worry was right underneath his skin, itching against the bond he had to Obi-Wan but Mace placed a calming hand on the others shoulder.

His own bond betrayed him to Obi-Wan though, the Korun was worried too.

“If this does not work as we hope or think, he may need medical aid. We can’t be sure it will work as wanted. If you are ready Master Kenobi?” She kept her attention on him.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath and nodded, letting her inject him.

And then she sat back, watching him closely, both with her eyes and the Force.

Obi-Wan eyed her back. After the five minute mark his shoulders slumped. “Its not working, is it?”

“It…perhaps not Master Kenobi, it may be taking time but it should have started working by the moment.” She sighed and sat back on her heels.

Obi-Wan looked up at Mace and Anakin and tried to smile at them only to receive a sympathetic smile back from Mace and a worried grin from Anakin. It wasn’t that he hadn’t enjoyed his tail but he wished to be back on his feet, moving around. Helping the war effort.

He sighed and shifted only to gasp when a sharp shot of pain went up his stomach and back, causing him to hunch up and wrap his arms around himself. “Force!” He hissed as the pain migrated downwards.


“Master Kenobi, please try to keep breathing deeply.” The healer put an assuring hand on him. Obi-Wan hissed again and coiled up more, tears pressing the edges of his eyes as the pain expanded and he felt like he was splitting apart.

Or rather his legs were splitting apart.

The scales seem to fall out as Obi-Wan cried out loudly, peeling away as the tail slid apart, his skin looked like it was bubbling pink until finally only Obi-Wan’s skin and legs were back. The healer was instantly checking on him even as Mace knelt down and wrapped the blanket around Obi-Wan, whispering comfort into his ear.

“Oh sweet Force…” Obi-Wan rasped out as the healer continued examining him.

“Master Kenobi, can you move your feet?” She questioned tightly.

The copper haired master swallowed before focusing down on his toes and slowly twitching his legs, grunting at the discomfort but steadily getting them mobile and shifting. “They…they feel like I’ve been laid up in bed for a month.”

“We expected that, you may need a few days to recover full mobility. If Master Windu would help, we can see if you can stand.” She didn’t think Master Kenobi was the kind to accept help from healers, he was a stubborn soul who seemed to escape the halls as often as he could.

Mace shifted closer and slowly wrapped the blanket around Obi-Wan’s waist until it could preserve his modesty before offering him his arms. “Easy does it Obi-Wan, if its to much, I’ll carry you.”He murmured as Obi-Wan started to slowly push up, only using Mace arms as support.

Anakin hovered around in the meantime, hands pressed together in worry until Obi-Wan was standing, panting ever so slightly as he leaned against Mace shoulder.

“Karking little Force gods.” He swore and then he let out the foulest huttese curse he knew, learned from Anakin himself.

“Obi-Wan!” Anakin choked out in surprise.

“Oh like you haven’t used it, I learned it from you Anakin.” Obi-Wan got out between gritted teeth, leaning on Mace as his legs shook.

“Yeah but I’m not used to it coming from your highly accented lips.” The blond grinned, more amused then anything now that Obi-Wan was standing if on shaking legs.

“Yes, it seems your legs will need to adjust to carrying your weight again, this might take everything from a few days to perhaps two weeks Master Kenobi, it would rely on you and your strength honestly to recover.” The healer offered in satisfaction.

“Can I walk to my own quarters?” The copper haired Jedi asked.

“If you can manage with support, yes. If not, you may need a hoverchair.”

“I’ll handle anything he needs.” Mace offered securely, warm and steady.

“And I’m here too.” Anakin piped in, smiling at his former master.

Mermaid AU 15

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

“You really expect me to believe that you troublemakers weren’t up to something?” Fury stared down his nose at the mer-teens, his frown hard as stone.

Bucky glanced shyly at Tony, who held his hands behind his back. He had his head raised high and his expression blank as he listened to Fury lecture Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and himself. He’d almost pull off looking brave if his hands didn’t tremble every time Fury looked at him too long.

“You didn’t even catch us doing something wrong!” Sam protested. He gestured to Natasha and himself. “We were just messing with Steve.”

Maria–an elder of the pod, who had been with Fury when he found the teens–snorted in disbelief. “From what I saw before Fury interrupted, it was more than just messing around.”

Sam flushed, looking worriedly at Steve.

Steve shrugged. “So we got a little rough.”

“A little?” Maria deadpanned.

Steve’s cheeks mirrored Sam’s with a pink flush.

Natasha huffed and looked away, her expression one of annoyance and exasperation.

“And let’s not forget you two,” Fury’s attention landed on Bucky and Tony.

Tony stiffened, but kept up his calm facade.

“What have we told all of you about disturbing Loki?”

“Thor does it all the time,” Bucky argued.

“Thor is his brother.”

“Yeah, and the one who annoys him the most.”

Fury eyeballed Bucky and Bucky smirked, not caring if he drew Fury’s ire.

“And you,” Fury turned on Tony. “Where do you come?” The question was laced with accusation.

Tony’s calm mask faltered for two seconds, and in that time Bucky was tempted to jump in front of Tony to steal back Fury’s attention, but he forced himself still.

“Around,” Tony answered.

“His pod sends him out on his own to educate himself,” Natasha reported.

“Really?” Fury reexamined Tony. His dubious tone spoke to what he thought about Natasha’s information.

Tony nodded. “My pod is small and not like most pods.”

“The females wear bras!” Sam supplied with a lot more enthusiasm than when he’d first learned what a bra was.

Steve nodded in agreement. “Completely different from us. Tony couldn’t even tell that Bucky was courting him.”

“Steve!” Bucky and Tony cried in unison.

“Courting?” Maria and Fury chimed together.

“Why would you court Tony when you have Steve?” Maria asked.

“How long have you been courting?” Fury demanded to know.

“Uh…” Bucky and Tony turned to each other.

Bucky didn’t know whether to curse Steve or not. At least Fury and Maria had stopped asking about Tony’s origins, but things were going to get more awkward.

“Bucky and I aren’t interested in each other!” Steve swished his tail in anger. His shoulders bunched up near his ears. “And all of you call me stubborn.”

“Well, obviously you two aren’t interested in each other,” Fury said.

Everyone looked surprised at Fury’s statement. Fury sent everyone annoyed yet curious glances. “What? They are old enough now that if they were interested in each other they would have shown much more aggressive courting by now.”

“Thank you!” Steve sighed in relief.

Fury folded his arms across his chest. “I’m still waiting for an answer to my question.”

“It’s…” Bucky flicked his gaze to Tony. “… been a while.”


“Maybe… two months?”

Fury’s was not amused. “And this is our first time meeting… Tony, was it?”

Tony nodded.

“He’s shy,” Bucky said.

“Not shy,” Tony grumbled.

Fury raised an eyebrow at Tony’s claim.

Tony looked away. “I can be charismatic when I want to, I just don’t want to be right now.”

“Uh-huh.” Fury nodded. “I’m sure.” Fury rubbed his head as if he had a headache then turned to Maria. “What do you want to do about them?”

Maria’s gaze was sharp as she took in the five mer-teens. She pointed at Steve, Sam, and Natasha. “You three get a warning. Watch it with the rough play. We don’t want anyone ending up with a broken arm or fin.” She turned her focus on Bucky and Tony. “As for you two… I think it’s best if you stay close to the pod for the next few days.”

Bucky groaned. “You mean stay where the rest of the elders can see us so we don’t go swimming off to Loki’s again.”

Tony frowned. His tail swished as he bit down on the inside of his cheek. “That’s nice, but you aren’t my pod.”

Maria and Fury straightened.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Tony tacked on.

Crap, Bucky thought.

Fury loomed over Tony. “Is your pod nearby?” Fury demanded to know.

Tony blinked. “No.” He swam back a pace.

Fury followed. “Do you have any adult supervision of any kind at all?”

“I think I just answered that?” Tony kept swimming backward and Fury kept right on him.

“Do you intend to become Bucky’s mate?”

Tony stopped swimming away. Tony’s face turned as red as his tail. His eyes slid to Bucky. “If he wants me to be…”

“Then that means you will become a part of our pod, so you will listen to us until either your pod comes to get you or you leave to return to your pod. Do I make myself clear?”

“Are you always this intimidating or am I just lucky?” Tony asked.

Fury huffed. He turned and swam away to give Tony some space. “Follow us back to the pod or not, but I’ll be taking these four.” Fury gestured at the others.

Fury shot up through the water, pausing at a height quite a distance from the group. “Now all of you get moving before I decided you all need stronger punishments.”

Sam, Steve, and Natasha grumbled, but swam toward Fury. Maria cast a glance at Bucky and Tony then followed the three teens.

Tony hugged himself and scowled at nothing in particular.

Bucky didn’t like that look on Tony’s face, so when he swam up to human-turned-merman, Bucky cupped Tony’s cheek and used his thumb to massage the angry expression away.

The scowled morphed into a pout. Tony’s tail brushed shyly against Bucky’s, and against his better judgement, Bucky wrapped his tail around Tony’s.

Bucky rested his forehead against Tony’s and sucked in deep. “We’ll figure this out.”

Tony nodded. He sank lower in the water so their foreheads no longer touched and slipped his tail out from Bucky’s.

Tony followed the group, leaving Bucky behind.

The water felt a little colder just then.

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Catalyst - Chapter Six

Little Discoveries

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

It was a dull itch that pulled Toshinori from his deep sleep. It flared along his spine, tingling and making his back twitch in irritation. Groggily rolling onto his back, he huffed and thumped his tail in discomfort when his spikes pressed into the mattress, keeping him from lying flat. He groaned sleepily as he stretched his legs and, wiggling his shoulders, scratched his spikes against the bed.

“Ah! All Might, you shouldn’t do that!” he heard Isamu whisper urgently.

Toshinori stilled and sat up with a grunt. Yawning widely, he reached up and scratched at the back of his neck. He frowned. The muted sensation of the velvet was numbed and the itch only worsened as he scratched.

“All Might,” Isamu called softly.

“Hm?” Toshinori blinked sleepily.

The room was lit by the soft light of early morning. A slight chill in the air made Toshinori’s hackles raise and goosebumps spread down his arms. He rubbed at his forearms and looked over to Isamu.  

The young nurse sat cross-legged on his bed, and an open book rested on his lap. He smiled and raised a finger to his lips, pointing to the side of the retired hero’s bed.

Toshinori’s ears perked, and he glanced downward. A small smile lit up his face, and he chuckled softly. Recovery Girl sat in her chair at his side, laying her head and arms against the bed in sleep. Toshinori collected his blanket up and gently draped it over her shoulders. He smiled and gave the bed a satisfied tap with his tail as he tucked the blanket corners under her arms.

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The Kitten and the Beast Pt 1

Warning: IDK there is some fluff, Hank being adorable, maybe angst, again IDK

Pairing: Hank McCoy/Beast x reader, Charles Xavier

A/n: I thought of this yesterday, it may be a two parter or even longer depending on what you guys think. Please tell me what you guys think of this. If I didn’t write Hank right please don’t yell at me, PLEASE! this is set between DOFP and XMA

Tag list: @a-lonely-string @fandoms-writer @nea90sweetie @mysaria @captainamericasbeautifulbutt

Originally posted by summersalex


               You sat outside on your front porch, listening to the birds chirped all around your cabin. The breeze felt great as it was late fall. This was where you felt most comfortable letting your tail swing freely while your skin had golden brown spots littered everywhere. Today had started out normal, you took your morning run through the woods then did some reading. Your bookshelf littered with a wide variety of books ranging from DNA structure to some fantasy stories that weren’t really false. Your copy of advanced physics on your coffee table still open to the page you were reading last night. What made today different was you heard the sound of a jet a few miles away, when you knew the closest town was a good two hour drive away.

               You shifted back to what you would call normal, your tail and spots vanishing, as you heard footsteps coming up the gravel path you laid yourself back in spring. You looked up at a couple of men who the footsteps came from. You could sense that they weren’t like anyone from town, they were like you. A mutant.

               “If you’re here to recruit me to be a part of some group to advance technology, I’m not interested.” You looked away from them. You remembered a couple months ago when a man named Howard Stark came asking you to join his team. You didn’t do it because you didn’t feel comfortable with everyone knowing what you were.

               “We are not here about that, we are here because we know what you are.” This made you look at the man who was talking. He looked about 5’7, bright blue eyes and nice hair. He has an accent sounded foreign. Then there was the other guy. He looked about 6’2 6’3, amazing blue eyes, short brown hair, and wore glasses. You could tell there was something different about him, the way he looked wasn’t what he truly looked like.

               “Why are you here? I’ve been out here for years, how did you find me?” You looked back at the shorted of the two men. Your eyes conveyed a range of emotions, ranging from anger to fear.

               “We are here to recruit you for a different team. A team that will help save people like us.” Your expression changed to confusion. You knew there were other mutants in the world, your mother and father were mutants. With your mutation, you could easily sense if someone was a mutant that was in about a three mile radius.

               You stood up from your seat and looked down at the men. “That doesn’t explain how you found me.” You crossed your arms and you could feel yourself getting pissed. You spent too much time and effort in hiding your location from everyone, you didn’t need to be tested on. Before you could attempt to calm yourself down, both men looked at you shocked. Your spots became visible as well as your tail which was now swaying side to side.

               “My name is Charles Xavier and this is my friend Hank McCoy. We found you by using my telepathic abilities and a piece technology we call Cerebro. It helps us find others like us to help protect our own kind.” The shorter male said, who was now identified as Charles and the other man who is now Hank. Your eyes narrowed as you looked at Charles. “We were hoping that you would be willing to help us.”

               “I know of many threats to our kind, Charles. I have spent years out here keeping myself hidden from these threats. Now you want me to help you. Do you even have any idea what my mutation is, what I can do to?” You dropped your hands to your sides, you felt your nails grow sharper as you stood there. You didn’t take your eyes off Charles, you felt something special for Hank which is why you refused to look at him right now. If you looked at him, you would cave instantly. Of course you’ve dated a few people in your life but none felt like this, you didn’t even know the man.

               “(Y/n) you need to calm down. We are not here to hurt you.” Charles held up his hands. You saw out of the corner of your eye Hank stepping closer.

               “(Y/n) we need your help. You can help us teach and help others control their own abilities like you have control over yours.” Hank’s voice was soothing to your ears. He took notice that your whole demeanor started to soften, the spots on your skin started to fade. He smiled at you, which caused you to smile softly. Your nails dulled as your tail curled around your wrist.

               “UGH, fine. I’ll help. If you stick me in any labs or anything, I won’t be afraid to scratch someone.” You turned to walk towards your door. “You both are welcome inside while I gather everything I need.” You walked inside and left the door open for both men could walk in. The scent that came off of them smelt like they came from upstate New York and decided to pack all of your clothes. You had three large suitcases full of clothes and one more full of shoes and miscellaneous things from around your large room. You couldn’t stop thinking about Hank. He looked like the sweetest person in the world and there was something about him that made you want to get to know but at the same time it made you slightly shy.

               Once you packed everything from your room, you walked out and found that Charles was sitting on the couch as Hank was over at your bookshelf. His hand ran over some of the titles of the books on one of the shelves and smiled. You couldn’t help but smile at him as you walked over to him. The tip of your tail slid across his shoulders, making him jump at the sensation.

               “This an impressive collection of books.” His face was tainted pink a little which you thought was adorable.

               “Th, thank you. Most were my parents before I moved out here. All the science ones are new and most recent.” You blushed a little as he looked down at you, he smirked a little. All the confidence you had vanished as if it was never there.

               “Are you all packed up?” Charles asked from the couch. He turned himself and looked at the both of you, smirking at the scene he saw.

               “Yeah for the most part.” You took a step towards Charles, noticing that he wasn’t trying to stand. You sensed that something was different about him. “You took something that changed you, why?”

               “I wanted to come meet you myself. Your mutation is something I wanted to see and witness it for myself without someone else’s input. Not that I don’t trust Hank, I wanted to see for myself.”

               “I understand. Whatever you took is effecting Hank as well just his lasts longer, I guess.” You looked back at Hank and softy smiled.

               “Yes. Hank has his reasons for his.” Your smile fell, you wondered why he didn’t like what he was. “Your mutation is truly fascinating (Y/n) and your ability to control it without it controlling you.”

               “Both of my parents were mutants so I was taught at a young age to control my abilities and to even look like everyone else without the spots and tail.” Your voice wavered a little, you missed your parents dearly. You knew they died protecting you from people like Trask and even HYDRA, all because you were a mutant.

               “That is truly remarkable. I truly think you would fit perfectly amongst everyone at the mansion. Hank can you help me out to the jet then help (Y/n) with her bags.” Hank walked over and helped Charles up and out of the cabin before he walked back inside.

               Your face grew red as he took a couple of the bags from your hands. His fingers grazed softly over yours he did so. You felt the slight callused pads of his fingers, probably from hours of working in a lab or something. Even though you knew you could carry all your bags and most of your books by yourself, Hank had insisted on helping. You had never met anyone as sweet as Hank before, mutant or non. You sat in the jet as you left your truck there, knowing you would be able to come back from time to time if you were feeling overwhelmed especially after living alone for over five years and not really dealing with other people.

               A few hours later you landed at what looked like the mansion that Charles was talking about. Everything about your life started to change drastically as the back of the jet opened and Charles wheeled out. Hank gave you a soft smile as he helped grab your things to lead you to your new room. You followed close behind him, keeping your ears open as well as your senses. You started to feel more and more uncomfortable as you followed Hank down one of the halls. Dodging glances from some of the other people who lived there, more than likely the people you were going to help with their own abilities.

               “And here we are.” Hank opened up the door to your room. It seemed better than the one you had back at your cabin. “If you need anything, I’m right across the hall.” He looked a little flushed as he spoke but you were unaware because you were looking around the room.

               “Thank you, Hank.” You smiled softly as you placed your bags on your bed and walked over to the window. You could see acres of trees, you had a thought of going for a late night run. Hank placed the bags he carried down and without a word he was gone, leaving you to settle in. It was getting late as it was and you still had to put your clothes away.

               Once everything was put up, you took off your shoes and walked barefoot down to the back door. You were always able to find your way through any place and Hank nor Charles gave you a tour yet, probably doing it in the morning when there was better and natural light. You made your way to the back door, opened it quietly and stepped out. You made your way down the steps and across the hard cement path to the grass. Relishing in the feeling of grass instead of twigs under your feet. Shifting into your feline form and took off towards the trees. Little did you know that Hank was watching you from the back door, smiling at how beautiful you looked as you shifted forms.

               You ran for what felt like forever. You slowed your pace down to a walk as you made you way back to the mansion. You hoped that no one would be up this late, you didn’t want to freak anyone out by a large jaguar walking through the mansion or even a naked female. That was one of the things you hated about shifting, you ruined clothes. You silently made your way up the stone steps and saw that there was what looked like a lab coat sitting on the wall of the stairs with a note. You saw that is was from Hank, you were shocked that anyone saw you let alone Hank. You slipped on the coat and made your way back towards your room. You pulled on your blue silk night gown and walked over to Hanks door, knocking for a second. You smiled as it opened.

               “Thank you Hank. I didn’t know that anyone saw me.” Your face turned red. You handed the coat back to him.

               “It’s no problem. Keep it, I’ll show you around tomorrow and from the books I saw earlier at your place I think you’ll like the lab.” His face blushed a bit. He smiled softly down at you. You leaned up and placed a soft kiss to his cheek.

               “Good night, Hank. I’ll see you in the morning.” You turned around and walked back to your room, shutting your door softly after waved at him. You collapsed on your bed with a sigh, thinking about what could possibly happen tomorrow with Hank.


You hated this, you hated this so much.

You hated seeing Jackson like this; covered in scales, his beautiful straight teeth now razor sharp and green eyes now yellow-orange and snake-like.

You hated how Jackson had no control over himself and how some crazy old man was making him act like this.

Most of all you hated right now, watching as Lydia said any and everything she can to snap Jackson out of it.

You and Jackson were best friends and you didn’t realize it until you saw him with Lydia that you loved him, but it was too late. So now when everyone was in some random warehouse with a monsterized Jackson you had to let Lydia be the one talk to Jackson.

Lydia talked, she cried and when that didn’t work she tried to give him back the house key only for him to slash at her and knock it down. 

He was about to attack her when you panicked and just yelled


 Surprisingly enough, he actually did freeze with his leaking clawed hand in the air.

Now that you had his attention you had to snap him out of this, or at least get his attention off Lydia.

‘Your name is Jackson Taylor Whittemore, your life revolves around how you look and lacrosse.’ you started, deciding that maybe reminding him who he is will change him back.

He had lowered his hand and turned to you and moved his head in confusion, but he wasn’t slicing at you yet so that’s a good start.

‘You love eating apples before and after a workout, but you wont eat the yellow ones ever. When we were twelve you broke your trying to do a cartwheel and told everyone at school it was soccer injury.’ you continued.

Jackson lowered himself to all fours and slithered closer to you, stopping by your feet. He didn’t slash at you or try to swipe your feet from under you with his tail so again you spoke.

‘And you would do anything for your real friends. Remember when that dickweed wrote “FAGGOT” on Danny’s locker when he first came out? You and me terrorized that guy for two weeks until he apologized. And when my dog died you came over everyday to see how I was.’ you said.

Jackson’s tail wrapped around your leg and nuzzled your thigh while quietly hissing in what you think is content.You placed your hand on the top of his scaly bald head and pet him soothingly.

‘Jackson, look at me.’ you instructed, and surprisingly again he listened.

‘Change back, please. I want to see the Jackson I know and love.

Jackson backed up and began to twist and shake and hiss uncomfortably an in a way that no human ever could.

You watched as the scales slowly vanished leaving smooth skin behind, and his tail slowly slid back into his spin.

Finally all that remained was a very human, and very naked Jackson.

‘(Y/N)’ Jackson gasped before you ran and hugged him.

‘You idiot, never turn into a monster again.’ you said into his shoulder.

‘I won’t.’ Jackson said just before he hunched over in sudden pain.

‘Jackson!’ you yelled in concern before you watched as again he transformed, this time no scales though.

Instead it was glowing blue eyes, sharp teeth, pointy ears and furry cheeks.

‘Oh come on! A werewolf seriously!’ you groaned.

‘Why are the good ones monsters?’ you sighed.

Requested by this lovely  beyonddthestars

Hara drabble


You spun around in the water, shooting back and forth from end of the pool to beginning. The heat was driving you crazy so the water was a cool relief. You rolled onto your back and began to float mindlessly with a smile. 

This is so relaxing, you thought then flipped over backwards. 

A rush of air from the bottom of the pool shocked you into opening your eyes. A yell of shock escaped your mouth in a clot of bubbles. 

A large tail slid by just inches from your face. That wasn’t any tail either. There was a great white shark in your pool. 

Ridiculous! you thought, panicking, that’s c-completely impossible!

You tried to swim away but one flip of the massive tail propelled you backwards at a remarkable speed. Your head hit the siding of the pool, but you didn’t think about that as you shot up to the surface, clambering to get a hold on something. 

There seemed to be no disturbance of the water from here and you heaved a sigh of relief. “I was just imagining it-” a flash of red caught your attention on the floor of the pool. 

You scanned the surface once more before diving under to get a look at the thing scuttling along. 

A crab? That makes no sense how could it- a hand reached from behind you and picked the crab up from the top, being careful of it’s pincers. It seemed to explode into bubbles at the touch. 

You gulped, swallowing a mouthful of water as you pushed off the bottom to get back to the surface. Though not before a hand circled around an ankle and jerked you back. 

This wasn’t happening, the chlorine was just messing with your vision. That must be it because what you saw was just impossible. The hand holding you under was attached to a human arm, connected to a human torso with a human head. But just below the navel the human was no longer. The body of a shark was latched onto his hips replacing his legs. 

He was going to kill you. Just like the crab. 

You began to feel your lungs aching for air but the…thing wasn’t conscious of that. Instead he found himself fascinated with you. Well more in your legs than you. One hand was still latched around your ankle and the other was running lightly along your calf. 

“Amazing…” He murmured 

Your head was pounding and you wondered if that was just the lack of oxygen. Come to think of it you had hit your head…. Come to think of it the water was tinted slightly pink, and the cloud was moving towards the creature. The gills lined along his neck twitched and his head jerked towards you. 

If you could see his eyes you were sure he would be staring at you in hunger. His expression changed though, and he grabbed your wrist. He reached towards your head and you tried to fight back but you were running out of oxygen.

His fingers lightly skimmed the sore spot on your head and he cocked his head. 

“Are you okay?" 

You weren’t sure how he was speaking underwater. You weren’t sure of anything really, not why something like him exists or why he was in your pool. But you did see this as a chance to communicate you were in trouble. 

You shook your head and held your hand over your neck. He ran the back of his hand over your throat and seemed to notice you were missing gills. He let go of you and you shot back to the surface. 

You scrambled for the ledge and pulled yourself out, gasping for air and trying to scramble as far from the pool as you could. 

Once you’d regained your breath you glanced back over, hoping you’d imagined it. Though with him leaning out of the water on his elbows staring at you with what might be concern you knew you hadn’t. 

His purple-ish hair was clinging to his face, covering his eyes. But there was something holding his hair down. A blue gem dangled from a silver chain, adorned like a crown over his head. There were spears on his back held in place by a strap that didn’t look like it had come from the sea but was definitely weathered by it. 

The scariest thing though was the scars covering him. One was a gash out of his chin. Another went across his chest over his shoulder and down his back. And the last, well lasts, were a collection of torn scars that looked terrifyingly close to a shark bite. 

He saw your gaze lingering on his spears and he reached up to pull them off his back. You tensed and tried to crawl farther away but he held them out over the water and let them drop into the pool. 

"You don’t need to be afraid of me. I’m not my father.”

His voice underwater had been smooth and bubbly (quite literally). But above water, it was deeper, a bit scratchy, and tentative, as though he wasn’t sure he was speaking right. 

“Are you alright?" 

You nodded and sat up straight, leaning a little closer. He smiled and used his forearms to pull himself farther out of the water. He made it so his entire torso was out of the water and his tail was still emerged. 

You couldn’t take your eyes off of the gigantic tail that began at the very surface and still swished across the bottom of the deepest part of the pool. 

"I wasn’t sure you….people were really real.” He said and moved his arm to touch your leg again. “My father told me that you were terrible. Monsters even. Several of our kind have disappeared because of you. He thinks a war is brewing. But you don’t seem so bad." 

"T-that crab…did you kill it?” You weren’t sure why you asked that. You had so many questions but of course you had to ask about the crab. 

He frowned a bit. “I sent it back. It must’ve got caught up in my get away and came with me.”


He nodded and slid back into the water so only his head was sticking out. “I got into it with a shark. Last time I didn’t get a clean break. Guy took a chunk of me with him." 

"But how did you end up here?" 

He smiled and dove under the water. A moment later the only remnants of him were a cloud of bubbles rushing to the surface. You moved back to the water to look around, your legs dangling in. He was…gone…

Not for long though, a second later something brushed against your leg and there he was. He rested his chin on your knee and wrapped his arms around your leg. From this angle you could see his back and you took a sharp breath. Along his spine there were sharp looking fins that made him even more menacing. 

Though he wasn’t exactly scary clinging gently to your leg. 

"So you’re, uh…” You weren’t sure what exactly he was. The tales of mermaids you’d heard never had shark tails. 

“So you didn’t know about us either? Or that we were real? We’re just merfolk." 

"And your father? It doesn’t seem like he likes us much.”

“No I don’t think he likes you at all. He’s killed anyone who wanders into his kingdom. Since I was born I think that’s twelve.”

His kingdom?”

He nodded, looking bitter and let go of your leg. “Can’t imagine how mad he would be knowing the prince is talking to a human." 

He shook the angry look from his face and smiled. "Doesn’t matter, he has two other sons he can make king!”

“So, may I ask your name? Or should I just call you Your Highness?”

“I’m no prince to you, call me Kazuya. And you are?”


“That’s pretty.” He smiled but then flinched in pain, seeming to tense. 

“Kazuya, what’s wrong?” You slipped into the water, mindful to stay away from the spikes on his back as you grabbed his shoulder. 

“What is this water?” He groaned. 

“It’s chlorine. Is that not…?”

He shook his head. “I have to go, I shouldn’t breathe this for too long." 

And in that moment you were no longer in the pool. His arms circled your waist before you could notice the cold wet dark surroundings and propelled you towards the surface. You hadn’t even needed to hold your breath because you weren’t underwater more than a few seconds when you broke the water and he helped you out. It was still dark but the air was warm in the small cave. 

You couldn’t see much besides the shimmering of the water, not even Kazuya. Did he just leave me?

No, something was moving under the water. He was spinning around and around even when he broke the surface and arced gracefully into the air. 

Once he’d gotten the chlorine washed off he slid himself onto the cave floor beside you. "What do you think?”

You looked around. The only light was coming from the cave entrance underwater, illuminating it from beneath. “It’s amazing!”

“So, _______.” You felt strangely happy with the way he said your name. “What’s it like? Where you come from?”

“On land?” He nodded. You didn’t know what to say, you’d never described land to someone before “hmm well it’s pretty nice, there’s the sun and the sky-" 

"No I mean where you live, your home." 

You were a bit taken aback but began to describe your home and family. Once you were done you asked the same "What’s your kingdom like?”

“Well it’s quite a maze, it was carved by the currents into a much larger cave than this. The rooms are all large, and are lit by wild jelly fish. They love it there. My room has an outlook on the grounds, there are always fish hiding in the coral reefs and there’s always light because of the squid.” He went on and you couldn’t help but marvel at how amazing it sounded. 

“Oh I wish I could see i-” you stopped and bit your tongue. Idiot! No way I could go. I heard what his dad did…

He grabbed your hands leaning into close to your face. “Do you really want to?”

You nodded. “It sounds so amazing but-”

“I can do it! I’ll become king, no one would lay a hand on you if I brought you with me!”

You felt your face heat up. He was willing to become king just so you could see his home. If that wasn’t romantic you didn’t know what was. 

“So Kazuya, does everyone have tails like yours? In movies with mermaids they always have fish like tails.”

He shook his head. “There are many types, almost everyone is different, my brothers’ are both whale-like. Some even have two tails. That’s even more rare than me though.”

“Are you one of a kind?" 

"In our kingdom I am.” He grabbed your hand and set it on his fin. You trailed your fingers along and skimmed the shark bite. “Oh that’s a fun story!” He grinned. 

After nearly an hour of talking you felt your stomach rumble. “I’ll catch you something.” He reached towards his back but instead of the spear he was expecting to grab his fingers hit nothing but air. 

“You left them in my pool. It’s okay I’m not going to eat anything raw… I hate to say this but I think I have to go.”

He frowned and glared at his hands. 

“I don’t want to say goodbye.” He grumbled, slapping the water with his tail. 

“We’re not saying good bye! Just see you later alligator.” You thought a sea pun might be funny in this situation but you just felt stupid. However he grinned and pulled you back into the water. You tried to keep your eyes open while he took you home but the pressure was too much. 

“I’ll come back tonight. I can’t stay long in that water but when the sun sets I’ll be back.” He said while grabbing his spears. 

You nodded with a smile and he disappeared. 

True to his word, the moment the sun had disappeared his head bobbed to the surface. This time without the spears. Only a shell hung around his neck. 

He was smiling brightly but it dimmed a bit. “That’s not your swim suit.” He motioned to your pajamas and you shook your head. 

“I can’t get in, it’s too cold.” You tried to dip your toe in but yanked it back up. The temperature had gone down a lot since earlier. 

So you sat cross legged by the edge of the pool. He pulled himself out to sit by you, his shoulder against yours. He shook his head to dry his hair and you sighed. You still ended up cold and wet. 

“My older brother smelled the chlorine on me, but he was the only one who noticed. I just said I had a run in with one of the squids in the garden. He didn’t believe me but I don’t think he’ll tell father. It’s a bit risky to keep coming here.”

You felt your heart drop when he said that but the conversation didn’t go as you expected. “So take this.” He folded something into your hand.

You looked at the shell in your palm, then back to him. “Put it around your neck.” You pulled the silver chain over your head. He blew into his and no sound came directly from his but the noise sounded from the shell dangling near your heart. “They’re twin shells, I’ll hear it whenever you signal. I’ve been working on a code. One time means I want to see you, two is an emergency, three is don’t come, in case someone is over or something.”

You smiled down at the shell and looked towards him. “Thank you Kazuya.” You leaned over and kissed his cheek. He ducked his head and a furious blush spread over his cheek. 

Very quietly he continued, “if I need to see you I’ll blow once, don’t return the signal until you’re in the pool, chlorine is too recognizable as a human smell, so I can’t be in this water for long at all. Once again, twice is an emergency. But yeah.” He flicked his tail. “That’s the plan. I’m gonna go, I have to get back before the smell sticks. I’ll see you soon.”

He slid into the water and you thought he’d gone but he resurfaced. He reached up and placed his hand on the back of your neck, pulling you down so he could kiss you. On the lips. 

He dove back down and you pulled your legs up to your chest grinning ear to ear. 

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Rika slid her hair up into a pony tail and slid on her gear, and grabbing her ninja headband and tied it around her waist. She walked to the door and smiled as she took her sword and walked outside. She closed her eyes, taking in the sun for a moment before heading back towards the school. The exams were today, and she was sure she was gonna pass.

Feral!Hiccup: The Downed Dragon

Feral!Hiccup AU


Gasping, crunching, wincing.

“H-hold up!”

He moved at a swift crouch. Knuckles and palms scraping along bark and dirt and leaves. He was running blind.  Unfamiliar forest. Unfamiliar night… with screams–human screams–and unnatural fires to fill the air, standing tall on gargantuan torches.

Human eyes.  He was born with human eyes.  He couldn’t help it–but the wails were easy to follow.

“Wait!” Hiccup called again, chasing after the crashing and veering shadow ahead.

No one followed. No one but the galloping Windwalker at his back.  It was his only comfort in raising his voice.

Something was wrong.  The dragon ahead was fast–A Night Fury!  An actual Night Fury!–but not taking off.  It’s movements were sporadic.  Trackable.  Warped.  Banging from tree to tree.

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A very slightly belated birthday gift for the fantastic anamateurexpert. I hope today was everything you wanted it to be. I am so lucky to know you.

Why was there never enough ketchup? Abbie swirled her fries across the waxed paper, trying to sop up the last bits of tomato-y goodness.

“Any progress?” Crane fussed into the room with a pile of books that stacked up to just beneath his chin.

“The most successful part of my day was lunch.” She licked salt from her fingers. “Otherwise, this research has all been a bust. Still no good info on the Grimoire or what it might be used for.”

“Perhaps the answer is within one of these tomes. Would you…?” He jerked his head at the remnants of her meal that littered the archive table, tossing the books into the air to adjust his grip.

Abbie gathered up cup and hamburger wrapper and fry container and headed for the trash can. Crane slammed the books onto the table with a sigh of relief; the table groaned as it accepted the burden. “You’ve missed a bit of rubbish, Lieutenant–“ He frowned down at a napkin. “Beg pardon. Not rubbish at all.”

Oh. Well. Fuck. “No, it’s trash.” She crumpled the ink-stained scrap into her fist. Dumb. She’d let her mind wander just for a minute, hummed under her breath, tried to get the music out of her head for just a second. And now he was looking at her like an owl, all bright eyes and tilted head and too-close-for-comfort curiosity.

She’d fucked up.

“Why didn’t you tell me you composed?”

“I don’t.”

“There was music on that serviette. I clearly saw a staff.”

“Doodles. Let’s get to work.”

Crane sniffed. “Doodles. You realize I could reproduce the entire line of music?” His fucking memory, man. “That while I am no musician, I can distinguish between random drawings and a purposeful composition?”

“Good for you. You want a cookie or something?” Confusion puckered his brow. He scanned the table and she couldn’t help but smile. “There’s no actual cookie.”

“Oh. More’s the pity.” He flung his coat tails out and slid into a chair. “If you do not wish to discuss it, we shall not. But do not show me a lie when the truth is laid plain.”

The truth was always plain with him, wasn’t it? Didn’t matter what she did, it was always there in front of him. And part of her hated that so fucking much. Hated feeling naked and exposed all the time. But part of her was so relieved that when he was around, she was freed from the burden of having to say how she was feeling. He just got her on some cellular level.

Crane could see through her silence the way she could see through his bluster. And that was the best thing about them. Also the worst.

Abbie unclenched her palm to reveal the napkin. It lay in her palm like a squashed bug. “It’s really not a thing. I just…there was this little melody in my head. So I just jotted it down while I was eating. Just to get it out. Make it real.”

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