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Prompt: Familly Life/Marriage 💍

Carefully dark eyes would lock upon the door handle to her apartment, Natsu swallowing back a lump in his throat before reaching out for said door handle. This was it, the big moment he had been planning for weeks, months even. He had practiced on Gray, which had led to some interesting conversations with guild mates of course. But he wanted this to go…perfect.

Turning the handle he walked in, glancing around the room in search of the blonde. Only to spot her at her desk, no doubt working on her story–whatever that was about, she still hadn’t told him. But he could learn about that eventually, it wouldn’t be fun to be spoiled about.

Lucy turned around and smiled brightly at him before pushing herself out of her chair. “Mission took longer than expected huh…” she spoke, Natsu noticing the hint of worry in her eyes. She hated when he didn’t come back in time and he only learned recently that it was because of that whole year long departure of his.

He could understand that.

“Yea sorry, I sent Happy back t’ tell ya all…” he mumbled, hand resting in his pocket around a certain box. “Listen Lucy I have something important t’ talk ‘bout so…well ya can punch me if ya need to…”

A blonde brow arched on her face, curiosity shining in her brown hues, “…Go on…?”

Natsu nodded his head, glancing up to her one final time before kneeling down on one knee. Watching as her face turned into one of total shock. Great she already didn’t like this. Clearing his throat he took the ring box out of his pocket and held it out. This was an awkward position really–though less awkward than it was with Gray.

“We’ve known each other for a long time, an’ we’ve been…’together together’ for ‘bout a year now. An’ there’s no one else ‘ve ever felt this way about anyone else…didn’t really have an interest in this whole datin’ thing either…”

Which was true, no one really caught his eye enough that he thought ‘hey it would be fun to kiss and hold them.’ Well until her that is. Though it had taken him a long while to come to that conclusion, and longer yet to tell her how he felt. But he had to continue on with his speech.

“But I think we’re too young for marriage–”

“Wait…what…”she interrupted, eyes wide as she stared.

“So I talked to Levy and came up with this promise ring idea.”

Sort of like a pre-proposal really. He beamed up at her, “The ladies at the shop told me to ‘woman up’ and just propose,” also called him stupid for buying an actual engagement ring for a ‘simple’ promise ring, but he decided to leave that part out. “It’s a promise that someday, when we’re older, I’ll marry you!”

Lucy simply stared at him, gawking before her eyes started to fill with tears. Of course to this Natsu stood back up, eyes wide and face panicked. “O-Oi I didn’t mean t’ make you cry! Here punch me it’ll make you feel better–”

“N-No, that’s n-not it,” she stuttered out, “I-I don’t know what to say.”

Didn’t know what to say…That made his stomach drop and his heart seem to skip a beat. What if this was a bad idea and she said no…and then all this time together would be spent in vain…No he couldn’t think that about this. This relationship and dating Lucy had been the best time of his life since he was a kid with Igneel!

“Oh…uh that’s fine you can just forget ‘bout it if ya think ‘s lame,” he mumbled out with a half hearted laugh. All this planning, all those jewel’s…Gaze diverted away as he closed the ring box, fighting back the urge to simply walk out.

“I do.”

Now that caught his attention, round eyes going right back to her, “You do?”

“Yes, I do…I mean I accept the…promise ring,” she replied with a smile. Though she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a teensy bit disappointed this wasn’t an ‘actual’ proposal.

It was like Natsu had been sprung to life, happy smile splayed on his face before wrapping his arms around her, effectively picking her up and spinning her around a few times. “That’s awesome!” he’d practically shout.

The smile on her face said all she had to say about it, lips pressing a quick peck to his cheek with a laugh. An offended look crossed Natsu’s face, “Hey, that’s all I get,” he whined, pout forming on his face as he tried to make puppy dog eyes.

She rolled her eyes, cupping his face into her pale hands before molding her lips over his. Natsu of course smiling and moving his hands to run through her hair. “I love you weirdo.”

“Your weirdo,” she’d reply with a wink, “I love you too.”

“Natsu why are people saying they saw you propose to Gray?”
“Well I–”

French Mistake

Sam x Reader

Requested by: Anon.

Warnings: Language, Some Fluff?

Word Count: 3,139

A/N: Not gonna lie, I had a lot of trouble with this.  Since I didn’t know exactly what you wanted, I just did a rewrite with the things you wanted. And let me tell ya, that’s hard. No more rewrites for me. I’m leaving that to @torn-and-frayed​.

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You, Sam, and Dean burst through a glass pane as Balthazar shouted ‘run’ and you all landed on a blue mattress that happened to the on the flip side of the window.

You hurried to stand, ready to fight off angelic offenders with Sasquatch and Yeti on either side of you.

“Cut.” A growly voice said. In front of you, in a semi-circle, stood ten to fifteen people with headsets and equipment and chairs where there should’ve been Baby and a wet road. Confusing was not a strong enough word for what you were experiencing. Claps erupted from the men and you look everywhere, searching for a clue as to where you were.

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